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Notes: This story takes place during Super Street Fighter II Turbo, which for this story I'm considering a separate tournament from Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers. My story uses elements from Cammy's HD Remix ending (which is close to her original Japanese ending) for SSFIIT, as well as Cammy's ending from Street Fighter Alpha III, and a few other players' endings as well. If this doesn't jive with your version of SF canon, you can consider this an alternate universe. I don't really care. I must admit some influence in this fic from Shaking Where I Stand's fanfic, "Shattered Confessions."

Super Street Fighter II Turbo:

Cammy and Chun-Li – Memories

Chapter 1

"Time over!" the announcer shouted over the loud speakers. The announcement reverberated through a section of the Tiger Balm Gardens, a popular tourist destination in Hong Kong. The fight that was being referred to had just taken place on a large stone balcony in the park that overlooked a rock crevice. The crevice was decorated by a number of animatronic dragons that would occasionally move and emit high pitched cries reminiscent of those made by monsters in Godzilla movies.

Hearing that the fight's time limit had lapsed, the three old Asian men assigned to judge the fight huddled together and whispered quietly amongst themselves. After finishing their discussion several moments later, one of the judges placed two fingers on his forehead to signal their decision to the announcer. "Draw game!"

The gathered crowd of spectators seemed astonished. Both of the fighters that the crowd had gathered there to watch looked absolutely exasperated, not believing what they had just heard, both breathing in heavily, still reeling from the last round of furious fighting.

Among the two fighters was the gorgeous and very athletic Cammy White. She wore a red beret on her head, signaling her position in the elite Delta Red task force within Great Britain's Secret Intelligence Service. Under her beret, one large lock of blonde hair poked out above a cute and pale face that was perfect save for a large scar on her right cheek. Most of the rest of her beautiful blonde hair existed as two long braids that stretched all the way down her back.

She wore black boots and long, open-fingered red gloves that stretched down from her forearms. However, undoubtedly, the most distinguishing characteristic of her uniform was the green leotard like body-suit that tightly clung to her skin, displaying under its elastic fabric every slight curve and crevice of her enticing female form and very well toned muscles. It only covered her torso and neck, freeing her strong arms and long legs, which were adorned with splotches of green body-paint to add some currently unnecessary camouflage to her body. Also quite free was her muscular, yet still quite round and plump, ass that was bare for all to see save for the tiny thong of her body-suit that was wedged tightly between her two cheeks.

Her competitor was Fei Long. The brown haired and bushy eyebrowed fighter's perfectly chiseled chest was bare for all the salivating females in the audience to gawk at. Unlike Cammy, though, his lower half was dressed more conservatively in loose black slacks and black slippers of a traditional Chinese style.

Fei Long was a fighter who had become world famous for his strong fighting techniques, but even more so for a series of successful Kung Fu action films produced in the location of this very match-up, Hong Kong. Although his athletic prowess and lightning-fast fighting maneuvers certainly had helped propel him to stardom, his strong similarities to the fallen Bruce Lee both in his appearance and mannerisms had been exploited to the fullest degree in his films.

A moderate distance away a sports commentator was excitedly transcribing the events that has just transpired for the millions watching the match-up on tv and listening to it on the radio, "This is a first in World Warrior Tournament history, ladies and gentlemen! For three long grueling rounds, the master of Hitenryu Kung Fu and international film star, Fei Long, from his home town right here in Hong Kong and the quick, lovely, yet deadly Cammy White hailing from the United Kingdom have fought tooth and nail. During each round, both fighters have endured attack after attack, yet neither has been able to secure a knock-out from their opponent. What's even more astonishing is that the World Warrior Tournament judges have yet been able to determine which fighter has inflicted more damage, producing a series of three draws. However, this spectacular spectacle of a street fight must now come to an exciting conclusion in one more final round!"

Not sitting too far away from the commentator's broadcasting table was a very interested spectator. She had a pale, beautiful face and lovely brown hair braided in two Chinese style "ox-horns" on either side of her head. Her very muscular, yet still feminine and quite alluring, curvaceous body was covered by a small, oriental, purple silk dress embroidered with a silver floral design. Stretching out from under her short dress were two very strong and powerful yet still tantalizing legs, both covered in her trade-mark brown panty-hose. She wasn't wearing her trade-mark white laced boots though, instead opting for a pair of stylish high-heel pumps.

She was of course Chun-Li, famous Chinese street fighter and the self-proclaimed and undisputed strongest woman in the world. Unbeknownst to many of her fans, she was also an undercover ICPO police officer. Her goal in entering the World Warrior Tournament had not been only to prove her superiority as a fighter, but also to bring down the criminal empire of M. Bison, the sponsor of the tournament and former world champion.

Truthfully, her main motivation was not simply enforcing the law. It was a personal quest of vengeance against M. Bison, the man she was certain was personally responsible for the death of her father who had been investigating Bison's Shadaloo organization at the time of his murder. Although the Japanese fighter Ryu had defeated Bison in the previous year's tournament, Bison still managed to escape right from under Chun-Li's grasp. This time, however, she was certain things would be different. She had ascended her way up this year's tournament, viciously defeating several highly skilled fighters. Only one week from now she would face Bison in the tournament finals. Her revenge was so close she could almost taste it.

Her thoughts, however, were currently not on her revenge. During each round between Cammy and Fei Long, her interest had remained piqued. One reason was perhaps that the she had been dating Fei for a year since they had met during last year's tournament. After having been impressed by his fighting ethic, humble gentlemanly qualities, and his status as a fine physical specimen, she had deemed him worthy of her affections. It was shortly afterwards that Fei had been approached by a producer from Hong Kong's film industry, wishing to make him a star in the quite profitable Kung Fu genre after having witnessed one of his matches. Although he initially turned him down, he had changed his mind the very next day.

Also during that same tournament, Chun-Li had befriended Cammy White. Although Chun-Li had recalled seeing the woman during an ICPO raid of one of Bison's facilities years earlier, Cammy appeared to have no memory of the incident.

The two women fought each other in a quarter-finals matchup. Despite a courageous showing by Cammy in the fight, Chun-Li was absolutely merciless and had defeated her by inflicting as much bodily harm as possible in order to secure her victory and her path to Bison in the championship match. Despite the brutal beating Chun-Li had inflicted upon her, after the match Cammy still extended her trembling hand to Chun-Li in congratulations and thanked her for such a good fight. Such a showing of sportsmanship had moved Chun-Li deeply, and the two women quickly became close friends.

Despite her relationship with Fei Long, Chun-Li had spent the previous three rounds cheering on Cammy. She couldn't help but do so, appreciating Cammy's innumerous acts of friendship more so than any shallow gestures of "love" she had received from Fei Long in recent months. Since the last tournament, Fei had starred in three hit films released in short succession, "Enter the Fist," "Dragon of Fury," and "Game of Death III," which had made him an international celebrity. Fame had certainly changed him, and Chun-Li was slowly beginning to despise what he had allowed it to do to him.

During the same period, Chun-Li's friendship with Cammy only appeared to have grown stronger despite both women being apart from each other much of the time due to their lines of the work. Their friendship was so strong that it had managed to survive the revelation earlier that year that Cammy was an amnesiac who prior to her memory loss had worked for M. Bison's Shadaloo organization.

Chun-Li was in disbelief until she had learned that Cammy had been completely brain-washed to a robot-like level of servitude and had been groomed for the role since her birth as a genetically engineered slave created from a sample of Bison's DNA. Cammy didn't understand why Chun-Li still wanted to associate with her after that, but she was grateful for it none the less.

After the brief resting period between rounds, the announcer again called out over the loud speakers, "Final round! Fight!"

"No offense, but I'm ending this fight now!" Cammy cried out in her British accent. She suddenly charged at Fei Long and then shot up into the air. As she sailed down, she extended one of her long legs with her boot aimed for Fei's head.

Fei immediately raised his forearms, blocking the kick instantly. Cammy landed back on the ground. Only a fraction of a second later, one of Fei's own lightning fast kicks whizzed right towards her head.

Thankfully, Cammy was able to duck out of the way of his foot, the blindingly fast kick whizzing a centimeter away from her skull only hitting the blonde patch of hair sticking out from under her beret.

Cammy didn't waste another second and kicked again, this time low from her crouching position. Amazingly, Fei Long was able to hop up out of the way just as her kick sliced through where his legs were standing a fraction of a second before.

Cammy stood up, and Fei Long took the opportunity to jab forward with his hand, his fingers extended in a blow that could be deadly if applied to a number of different pressure points on the human body. Cammy was able to raise her arm up just in time to block the jab with the back of her wrist a millisecond before it would've impacted the temple on her head.

Cammy then struck hard for the lower part of his abdomen. Fei lowered his arm to block the strike.

Cammy used the time wasted by Fei Long in performing the low block and got in close before she flipped her body backwards up into the air and wrapped her thighs around Fei's head. She spent a second tightening the strong grip on his head, his face squarely pressing into her crotch, before pulling down hard with her body weight and powerful thighs, flipping Fei Long's body up into the air and then back down towards the ground in a perfectly executed Frankensteiner.

Amazingly, instead of being thrown back first into the hard stone floor, Fei Long was able to flip his body around in the air mid-descent and land back on his feet like a cat. "If you want to end this fight, you're going to have to do a lot better than that," Fei said before emitting a high pitch laugh.

"You know, you're one cocky bloke. If you weren't Chun-Li's boyfriend, I don't think I would like you very much."

"That's funny, I don't think I like you at all, Shadaloo scum."

"I am not Shadaloo anymore! Take it back!"

"Only if you come and take it from me."

"Fine, have it your way!" Cammy dashed forward and yelled, "Cannon Drill!" She again shot into the air this time feet first and began spinning, drilling through the air towards Fei Long.

"Waaaaachuuu!" Fei screamed out as his foot too leapt off the ground, spinning in a circle around the position he had been standing in. As his foot began to rise in the air, whirling in that circle, it ignited on fire due to the ki he had been storing up while Cammy was distracted by his insult. As Cammy spun forward with her twisting feet, she connected the circle of flame produced by Fei Long's own spinning kick. She screamed as her boots ignited on fire and she was blown back several feet, landing on the ground.

Cammy had to beat the flames out on her boots with her hand. "Hot! Hot! Hot!" she yelled, burning herself.

"You are hardly a worthy opponent," Fei Long sneered before he again cried out, "Waaaaaaaaaachuuuuuuuu!" He then hopped into the air, stretched out his legs in both directions, and flipped forwards in a long reaching flying kick.

Cammy shot up from the ground and blocked his first leg with her arm. As his second leg flipped around to hit her again, she jumped and kicked her own leg upward yelling, "Thrust Kick!" Her foot impacted Fei's mid-section. He flew backwards as Cammy still airborne flipped backwards one hundred and eighty degrees before she landed safely back on her feet some distance away.

"Did anyone tell you, you sound like a chicken?"

"I do not sound like a chicken!" Fei shouted from the ground.

"Bu-caak! Bu-caak! Buuuuuuuuuu-caaaaaak!" she said perfectly imitating what a chicken would sound like performing Fei's battle cries.

"How dare you mock me!" Fei jumped up, charged for Cammy, and threw a lightning fast punch. However, she saw the movement in his arm coming, and was able to side step the strike just in time. Fei had extended his arm too far with the strike, and the amount of motion he had used gave Cammy an opening. In a fraction of a second, she moved from his side to his back where she wrapped her arms around his waist from behind. She then bent backwards, performing a perfect Hooligan Suplex, smashing Fei's head and back into the hard cut stone. Fei laid motionless, eyes closed.

Cammy stood over him on the ground. "Bu-caaaak!" she cried out again before laughing hardily. Fei then suddenly sprang up from the ground, only having pretended to be knocked out, and his fist traveled upwards at a furious speed in a vicious uppercut, hitting Cammy in the chin. He followed it up with an equally nasty kick to the stomach, knocking her back several feet.

Cammy spat out the blood in her mouth. "I'm not losing this fight!"

"Prove it!"

Cammy ran forward again and thrust her leg up, aiming for his midsection. Fei Long hopped right over the kick and Cammy to land on her other side. What he didn't know was that she had been waiting for a perfect opportunity such as this one. Just as he was turning around, she shot forward into the air feet first and again started twisting though the air. "Canon Drill!" This time the maneuver connected and Cammy's boots drilled into Fei Long for a number of direct hits. The second the spiraling kicked ended, she cried out, "Thrust Kick!" and thrust her legs up into the air again, hitting Fei Long in the chest. As Cammy flipped around and landed on the ground safely, Fei smashed into the ground hard, the deadly combination obviously inflicting much damage.

The crowd roared at the maneuver, and Cammy flashed a bright smile and stretched two fingers up in a victory sign back at the crowd. However, a hushed silence over took the audience, and Cammy looked down to see a trembling Fei Long rising to his feet. "You're still Shadaloo scum, and you'll always be Shadaloo scum."

"Shut up!" Enraged Cammy sprinted for Fei Long. However, her anger had clouded her judgment, and before she could even raise her fist or foot in a strike, Fei Long lunged forward in a series of incredibly fierce punches first connecting with his right fist, then his left, then his right, then his left, and his right again. "Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Wu!" he cried.

Cammy hit the stone floor like a brick. Again the crowd cheered, elated that the film star had managed to pull off such a sudden reversal. Fei then pulled a pair of nunchucks out of the back of his pants and started slinging them around, playing up to the crowd who immediately started chanting, "Fei Long! Fei Long! Fei Long!"

However, despite Fei's posturing, the judges had still not called the match. They had observed Cammy was still struggling to move on the ground.

Slowly, a quivering Cammy lifted herself with her terribly shaking arms off the ground. They gave way, and she fell chin first back into the stone floor. However, she dug deep for some inner strength, again pushed up off of the ground with her trembling arms, and very slowly rose to her feet. "Not… done… yet…" she barely was able to utter.

Fei-Long cried out again, "Waaaaaaaaaaa…"

However, just as he was about to attack, he was cut off by the announcer, "Time Over!" The two fighters and the crowd then waited silently until they got the signal from the judges, calling the match. "Draw game!"

The crowd booed loudly at this result and then continued their chants of, "Fei Long! Fei Long! Fei Long!" strongly disagreeing with the verdict.

"Muh…must… be joking…," Cammy let out between very deep breaths.

"Then who wins the match?" the confused announcer asked over the intercom, forgetting protocol. The judges deliberated amongst themselves for half a minute before one of them wrote something down on a piece of paper and then slipped it to a young Asian boy. The boy ran the note over to the announcer, and he proceeded to read it over the loud speakers, "After four rounds of draw games, this match has been decided to be a draw! However, that's not all! A rematch between Cammy White and Fei Long has been scheduled immediately following next week's World Warriors Tournament semi-finals match-up between M. Bison and Chun-Li in Bangkok, Thailand." The crowd booed even louder and again continued chanting Fei Long's name.

"Bloody hell," Cammy muttered, completely frustrated she wasn't able to finish the job.

She then tried to walk forward, but her knees started wobbling. The intense battle was definitely showing its wear on her bruise covered body. She staggered forward a few steps, but it was no use. She almost collapsed straight to the floor, but as she began to fall she felt something lifting her back up from under her shoulder.

"Hey, there," a feminine and thickly Chinese-accented voice said warmly.

Cammy turned her head and was surprised to see the head of Chun-Li, the one who now hoisting her up. "Chun-Li," Cammy said a bit surprised.

"I watched the fight. I must say it was one of the best I've ever seen. Your determination and grit cannot be matched," Chun-Li said as she helped Cammy walk away from the balcony.

"Thanks, love. That means a lot, but don't you think you should be helping your boyfriend instead?" she asked politely despite what he had said to her during the match.

"He can handle himself," Chun-Li said coldly.

As they made their way through the crowd of gathered spectators, both women spotted Fei Long. His back was turned towards them, and he was surrounded by a large swarm of young teenage school-girls lavishing him with praise and flattery for his fight.

Chun-Li stopped walking and so did Cammy. Cammy peered over at Chun-Li, whose head was still right next to her under her shoulder. She could see Chun-Li's lower lip quivering and a look of icy contempt in her eyes.

One of the school girls, certainly younger than sixteen years of age, placed her hand holding a strip of paper provocatively on one of his bulging pecs. "I just love your movies. And that fight, you were so cool and courageous, it really turned me on. Why don't you call me some time like say tonight?" She then ran her hand with the note down his chest and chiseled abs and into his pants, where she deposited the note between the waistband and his crotch.

"Why certainly young lady, anything for a fan," he said, grinning coolly.

"Excuse me for a moment," Chun-Li said in a creepy emotionless voice. She then left from under Cammy's arm and walked up behind him. Chun-Li tapped her finger on his shoulder.

Fei turned around and saw the stern face of Chun-Li, burning a hole through his being with her fierce brown eyes.

The usually cool and confident martial artist slash actor suddenly looked like he had seen a ghost. "Ch..Chun-Li… I can explain. I was only humoring a fan. Where would we be without our f…"

"Liúmáng!" she cried. One of her muscular, nylon-covered legs then shot forward like a canon, the high-heel of her foot hitting Fei in the crotch while her other leg stayed perched on the ground. It was instantly followed a flurry of ninety nine more kicks from the same leg so fast they became a blur as her foot impacted Fei ninety nine more times, forty-nine of which went to his skull while the other fifty went directly into his testicles.

The kicks then ceased and Chun-Li placed her leg back on the ground. "Waaaaaa!" was all that escaped his lips before he collapsed on the ground.

"Mr. Long, we're finished. Is that understood?"

"Yes, mam," Fei uttered before he lost consciousness.

The girls who had been circling Fei Long then screamed and ran away as Chun-Li quietly walked back to Cammy whose mouth was wide open in shock. Chun-Li slipped her head back under Cammy's shoulder. "Let's go to the locker room," the scary Chinese woman said.

Cammy didn't say a word, and the two women silently began walking, scrunched up together. On their way, they had to ignore the glare of the flashing cameras of half a dozen paparazzi who had come out of their hiding places to document the break up that would shortly be the cover story on tabloids everywhere.

Eventually, they made it back to the women's locker room on the other side of the park that was usually reserved for stage performers. They entered through the door of the locker room, and Chun-Li helped sit Cammy down on the bench there. Finally, Cammy broke the silence. "Thanks, love, for carrying me."

"What are friends for?" Chun-Li smiled at her.

Cammy smiled back and then frowned uncomfortably. "I'm just really sorry about what happened to you," she said, sounding very concerned.

"Don't be. It's not your fault. I should've learned my lesson the first time this happened. I had already grown sick of him anyways. How he dishonors the memory of Bruce Lee by trying to pathetically mimic him sickens me."

"He must be a real bleeding idiot!" Cammy shouted angry. "I don't see how he could even be tempted by those little groupie slags when he had the strongest and most beautiful woman in the world!"

"Well, I am the strongest, I must admit, but most beautiful? Surely you must have been kicked in the head too many times during that match."

"It's the truth!" Cammy said with conviction as if someone had just denied the Earth was round. "I've been on all seven continents now, and I have seen a lot of girls, but I haven't seen one that even comes close to your beauty."

Cammy watched as a bright red blush grew on Chun-Li's pale, white cheeks. Cammy put her hand on her forehead and nervously rubbed it, wondering if she had absent-mindedly said too much. "Well, as long as it's your opinion, I don't see how I can disagree with it. Thank you so much. I don't think I've ever received a nicer compliment," she said before giving her a kind, warm smile.

"You're welcome," Cammy said, who was now blushing as well. She then coughed into her hand. "Well, better take my shower now." Cammy stood up from the bench.

"You sure you can stand in the shower alone? I could help you."

Cammy turned and looked at Chun-Li, her cheeks growing even redder than before. "No, that's all right. I think I'm ok now," she said as she walked to her locker and grabbed her towel out of her gym bag, shaking a bit at the knees as she did so.

"You're so strong, Cammy. I think my position as the world's strongest woman may be in jeopardy."

Cammy laughed. "Yeah, right. I could never come close to you, love. We already had that arm wrestling match."

Chun-Li then looked over Cammy from her cute face and pretty blonde hair to all the way down her thin and very well toned, yet still curvaceous, body, "Maybe most beautiful too."

"Now you're just off your trolley." Chun-Li kept taking her body in, her eyes coming to rest on the sight of the thong of Cammy's skin-tight uniform that was wedged between her two firm but supple butt cheeks. Chun-Li kept watching as Cammy reached down to the crotch of her uniform and undid the snap, separating the thong into two pieces and freeing Cammy's ass cheeks of the tiny strip of fabric. Cammy then noticed Chun-Li watching. "Hey, no peeking!"

Chun-Li giggled loudly. "Sorry, your uniform is just interesting."

"It's a standard issue Delta Red body-suit designed for maximum maneuverability. There's nothing interesting about it!" Cammy said, beet red with one hand over her crotch and the other over her ass as if it wasn't completely revealed beforehand.

"Says you," Chun-Li said, sticking out her tongue and not looking away.

Cammy's face just kept getting redder and redder. "Ummm… some privacy please."

"Oh, all right," Chun-Li said playfully as she put a hand over her eyes. "You certainly are shy for wearing such a revealing costume."

"It's for maneuverability!" Cammy whined.

"Right. I forgot." It wasn't long before Chun-Li spread two of her fingers apart to get another peek. She saw Cammy lift the back of the uniform up and over her head. She was taken aback by what she saw. Running down the length of her back were several long scars, deeper even then the scar on her chin. They didn't look to be the result of normal fighting injuries either, which confused Chun-Li.

Now nude, Cammy went and took her shower while Chun-Li waited. When she finished, she returned to her locker and dried off her dripping wet body and her long braids with her towel. Chun-Li politely looked in the other direction. Cammy continued to get dressed, pulling on a pair of black panties and then a pair or tight jeans up her strong legs and over her tight ass. She then fastened a bra over her muscular but slightly buxom chest before pulling a green t-shirt over her head.

Chun-Li looked back at Cammy and gave her a sad look.

"Something wrong, love?"

"Well, sorry to tell you, but I peeked," Cammy blushed again, "but I saw the scars on your back, and I'm just curious about them."

"Oh, those," Cammy said, averting eye-contact with Chun-Li. "Hideous right?"

"No, of course not," Chun-Li said, standing up and putting a hand on her shoulder. "Nothing on you could ever be hideous. Your body is perfect. Every inch of it. I'm just curious about how you got them. I don't remember seeing those scars when you were in your other uniform. The light blue one that was open in the back. I saw you in it at Bison's Psycho Drive facility."

"You remember that much? That was a long time ago."

"It was hard to forget you."

"Well, after that, Bison re-captured me. I guess I had been acting up, disobeying orders or something, and he thought whipping me would be a good way to get me back in line."

Chun-Li looked shocked. "That evil son of a bitch! I swear to god I will kill him next week," she said, her voice quivering with hatred, "But how can you even remember that? Wasn't that before your amnesia?"

"The doc says there was a chance my memory could slowly come back to me, maybe only fragments at first. It's been happening lately… I wish I could say that's the worst thing I've remembered so far," she said, staring at the ground.

Chun-Li walked up and wrapped her arms around Cammy, pulling her close and holding her tight. "I didn't know you were going though this. If you want someone to talk about it with, I'm here. All right?"

"Thanks, Chun, but right now I just want to ask one question."

Chun-Li let go of her. "What is it?"

"Chun-Li, why are you my friend? I was Shadaloo. You said they killed your father."

"Cammy, you were brain-washed. You were under Bison's complete control. You had no free will. How could I possibly hold that against you?"


"Still, nothing. I know you, Cammy, and you're definitely not someone who would work for that bastard if you had a choice. You were victimized by him."

"Well, all right. Let's just stop talking about this depressing junk. How about I take you out for a nice meal? My treat."

"That sounds nice. Maybe I should call and reserve a new hotel room first though. Tā māde niǎo, I'm never sleeping in the same room with Fei Long again unless I kill him first." Chun-Li frowned. The mere thought of the lecherous Bruce Lee knock-off infuriated her.

"Well, you could, but I have a suite up at the Intercontinental Hotel. Why don't you just come stay with me instead of paying for another room? Place is so spacious, I was getting kinda lonely in there anyways."

Life returned to Chun-Li's face, and her frown bent up into a pleased smile. "Why, Cammy, that's so very kind of you," she said placing her palm on Cammy's cheek and running her fingers across her soft skin, producing another blush. "But if I accept your generous offer, I'm paying for dinner."

"If you insist, love."

The two women then left and took a cab, first stopping at Chun-Li's hotel so she could pick up her luggage from the room she had been sharing with Fei Long. Fei was nowhere to be seen. On the way to the Intercontinental Hotel, though, they heard a news report on the cabby's radio reporting that the famous Kung-Fu film star, Fei Long, had been rushed to the hospital for "emergency testicular reconstruction surgery."

Cammy looked over at Chun-Li during the news announcement and could see a pleased and slightly evil grin on her face. Cammy loved having Chun-Li as a friend immensely, but suddenly felt glad she had yet to get on her bad side.

After dropping off Chun-Li's stuff in Cammy's luxurious and spacious suite, the two went to a Japanese steak house Cammy had heard about from E. Honda. Indeed, the jolly sumo wrestler was there to greet them along with Ryu.

Ryu had in fact fought E. Honda in a scheduled fight earlier that day, defeating him. However, the fight had only increased his camaraderie with E. Honda, his fellow Japanese street fighter, and E. Honda as jovial as ever had invited him to dinner.

Delighted to see the two female fighters, E. Honda generously offered to pay for their drinks. Ryu, however, citing his duty as the winner of their bout, insisted on paying for everyone's drinks instead. E. Honda reluctantly agreed. Cammy and Chun-Li spent the next few hours dining on tempura, sushi, sashimi, and steak while drinking plenty of saké, chatting with Ryu, and listening to E. Honda's entertaining yet obviously exaggerated tales of past brawls.

Finally, late in the evening, the two women returned to the Cammy's suite which was on the top floor of an impressive looking sky-scraper. Cammy swiped her key card in the door and politely held it open for Chun-Li.

"I hate Japanese food let alone in Hong Kong of all places," Chun-Li complained as she walked inside. "If that country thinks they have anything on my home town's Szechuan style, they have another thing coming," she said before plopping down on the elegant and comfortable couch. It sat in the suite's luscious living room in front of a large LCD television and a faux fireplace, irradiating artificial heat. To one side of the living room was one king sized, four-post bed, covered with a pretty, white see-though canopy. On the other side was a full service kitchen and a small but swanky dining room with a gold chandelier hanging above a mahogany dining table. Cammy had certainly acquired some money during her career as a street fighter and wasn't afraid to spend some of it now that she finally had the means to pay for nice things.

Cammy closed the door and came to sit next to Chun-Li. "You liked the saké though, right? You kept asking for more shots."

Chun-Li smiled, her cheeks still a little rosy from the alcohol. "That I admit was good."

"And that was awfully nice of Ryu to pay for all our drinks."

Chun-Li raised her eye-brow slightly, getting an idea. "Ryu is certainly a fine gentleman, not to mention a great and honorable fighter. He's quite the hunk don't you think?"

"I guess he's ok, I suppose," Cammy answered, sounding quite uninterested.

Chun-Li raised her eye-brow even higher and then smirked as if she had just seen an opening of some kind. "Just not your type?"

"Guess not."

"And what about Fei Long?"

"After what that creep did to you, have you gone batty?"

"Well, let's just say he wasn't a lecherous swine. What if he was a gentleman like Ryu."

"Still wouldn't like the bloke. I really never saw what all the fuss was about with all those groupies that follow him around," she then softened her voice a bit, "or what you saw in him."

"He has a good body though, right?"

"Ehhh… I dunno. Just not my type either, I guess."

"So you don't like Ryu or Fei Long. Are Asians not your type?"

Cammy put her hand on the back of her head. "Well, I wouldn't quite say that," she said, sounding embarrassed.

"Oh, and what could that possibly mean?" Chun-Li gave her a Cheshire grin and stared deeply into her soft blue eyes. Cammy stared back into Chun-Li's alluring brown orbs as if she was hypnotized. "Oh, I know," Chun-Li could hear Cammy swallowing her breath, "You must like E. Honda."

Both women cracked up into uproarious laughter. "Oh yeah, he's hot!" Cammy exclaimed sarcastically.

"But I'm still curious. You never talk about your love-life. Do you have a boyfriend back in the U.K.?"

Cammy got up from the couch and ignored her question. "Would you like a cup of tea? I snuck in some Yorkshire from home. Probably not the kind you usually drink, but it's still quite good."

"Yes, please," Chun-Li answered. "But you're still answering my question."

"You're an incessant little thing aren't you?" she said as she went and removed two tea bags from her stash in her luggage. "No, I don't have a boyfriend," she answered simply. She then went to the kitchen, poured some water into a kettle, and set it to boil on one of the burners on the stove.

"Anyone else special back home, perhaps?"

"Just my Delta Red team-mates," Cammy said as she sat back down next to Chun-Li to wait for the water to boil.

"Are you dating any of them?"

"No, they're more like family then anything."

"Are they the only family you've known? I know I threw myself into my work after my father died."

"Well, yeah, they are, but I really love my team-mates. They accept me for who I am even though where I came from. I really appreciate them for that."

"They sound nice. I'd like to meet them sometime."

"That's funny. They say the same thing about you."

"Oh, so you talk about me? Only good things I hope."

"Of coruse. I couldn't think of anything bad to say about you anyways."

Chun-Li smiled. "That's a good girl. You must consider me a close friend, huh?"

"Yeah, I really do. Isn't it funny a Chinese girl like you and a Brit like me could become such good friends?"

"Maybe it's a little funny, but maybe that's why I like you so much too. We're not the same."

"Hmm. Maybe, but I was thinking maybe there's another reason too."

"Oh, really? What is that reason if I may ask?"

"Well, this memory came back to me recently. Something from before my amnesia I couldn't remember before. I remember when I was really young I had this China doll. I don't remember where I got it. Maybe I stole it. But what I do remember is that it looked just like you."

Chun-Li's eyes became wide in interest. "Really?"

"Yeah. It had this cute porcelain face, its hair in ox horns just like yours, and a silk blue dress, not exactly like the one you fight in, but it was close. It looked just like you."

"That's amazing."

"Yeah, I guess it is. I really loved that doll."

"Do you still have it? I'd love to see it."

"No, it's gone."

"That's too bad you lost it. I would've liked to have seen it since you say it looks so much like me and everything."

"Well, I didn't lose it," Cammy explained, sounding sad. "One day, Bison found it, and he ripped its head off right in front of me."

"That's terrible! Even for Bison. To do such a thing to a child," Chun-Li said, wiping a tear from the corner of her eye with her finger.

"I remember him saying, 'A doll has no need for a doll.'"

Chun-Li shook her head. "I swear next week I will avenge what he did to you, to you and my father," Chun-Li took Cammy's hand and gripped it tightly, "I swear it to you."

"Thanks, Chun. Still… having that doll is the only good thing I can remember from before so far. Everything else… well, I'll just leave it at that." Cammy looked down at the ground uncomfortably.

They sat silently for a few moments, Chun-Li still holding her hand tight in an effort to comfort her. Chun-Li then spoke up, "Well, I have an idea. Since you no longer have your old one, how about from now on I be your life-sized China doll?"

Cammy looked up at Chun-Li and smiled ear to ear before a few giggles escaped from her lips. "What, really?"

Chun-Li gave her a loving yet sneaky smile back. "Yeah, you can hold me, do my hair, dress me, do whatever you want with me just like a real doll. What do you say?"

Cammy giggled some more. "Well, that sounds downright lovely."

Chun-Li giggled back, "Then come hold your China doll." Chun-Li got up from her seat and then plopped back down on Cammy's lap. With her round butt and muscular yet feminine thighs on Cammy's thighs, she stretched her legs out the rest of the length of the couch while simultaneously wrapping her arms around Cammy's back. Cammy responded by putting her arms around Chun-Li's waist and holding her close.

"So do you like your new doll?"

Cammy smiled sweetly, but somewhat awkwardly. "Yeah, she's real nice. Much nicer than my old one I must admit."

Chun-Li giggled again. "Is that so?" She then looked deeply again into Cammy's soft blue eyes and moved her head forward until her forehead and nose were pressing against Cammy's forehead and nose. "So what do you want to do with your doll now?" she asked, blowing her warm breath onto Cammy's lips.

"I… I…"

"Yes, Cammy?" Chun-Li could feel Cammy's heart pounding as she squeezed against her chest.

"I think I…"

"Yes, go ahead, it's all right." Her heart started pounding even faster.

"I want to…"

"Skreeeeeeee!" the tea kettle hissed.

"Oh, tea's ready!" Cammy pushed Chun-Li off her lap and went to attend to the hissing kettle.

"Stupid tea," Chun-Li muttered.

After stirring the hot water and the tea bags together in two mugs for a little while, Cammy returned to the couch and handed Chun-Li a mug. Chun-Li took a sip and so did Cammy.

"So what do you think?" Cammy asked curiously. "Is my Yorkshire tea up to your standards?"

"Well, it's not quite my Oolong tea, but I think I like this a lot too, just like I like you," she said placing her free hand on Cammy's shoulder and rubbing it a bit.

Cammy seemed very pleased. "Thanks, love. Glad ya like it."

The two women sat quietly sipping their tea for some time. They didn't say any words, but from time to time Chun-Li or Cammy would take a glance at the other, causing both women to smile.

"Thank you, Chun-Li," Cammy suddenly said, breaking the calm silence.

"Thank me for what, Cammy?"

"Well, with some of my memories coming back to me, these past few weeks have been really rough. But being with you today, things seemed a lot better somehow."

"Sorry this is happening to you. I can only imagine what you're going through, remembering these horrible things. I'm glad I made you feel better today. If you want, I can be here for you from now on."

"Wow, you really mean that?"

"Of course. You shouldn't have to face these things alone. Would you like me to stay with you?"

"Yes, I'd love that!" The two hugged again, this time Cammy initiating it. The two women held onto each other for quite a long while, sharing each other's warmth for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally, the embrace ended, and Chun-Li stood up from the couch. "Well, it's kinda late. Usually, I like to take a shower before bed. It helps relax me."

"Ok, love, I'll be right here."

Chun-Li's lips then edged up into a devious smirk. "Well, you can join me if you want."

Chun-Li watched as Cammy's pale, cute face quickly became chili-pepper red. "Well... I… Uh… Umm…"

Chun-Li smirked even wider. "Yes?"

"Uh, I think I'm still ok since my last shower," she answered before laughing a bit nervously.

"That's too bad. I think a nice, relaxing, hot shower would be really good for your body. Maybe next time," she said before giving her a big wink and leaving for the bathroom.

Cammy heard the water start running in the shower. The door was left half open. She felt tempted to look inside, but decided against it.

Some time later, the door to the shower opened all the way, and out walked Chun-Li with her hair wrapped up in a towel and another small towel barely covering her buxom chest and her curvy, athletic body. Cammy couldn't help but stare, the sight of her wet body like that was too much for her. Chun-Li winked back at her. Cammy, embarrassed, turned and looked the other way, and Chun-Li snickered.

The nearly naked and half dripping wet Asian woman then came and sat next to Cammy on the couch. She crossed her legs, and used the towel to continue drying her hair. "Don't you always feel so good after a shower?" she asked in a seductive tone.

"Yeah, guess so," she barely let out.

Cammy slowly built up the courage to look over at her and got an eye-full of Chun-Li's silky, muscular thighs and legs, as well as her cleavage which was almost completely exposed due to how low the towel was hanging off her chest. Cammy got in a very good look, her heart pounding faster every second.

Finally, Chun-Li stopped drying her hair and removed the towel from her head. Cammy saw that Chun-Li had undone her ox-horns in the shower, and the full length of her rich brown hair now stretched down her back. While Cammy had always thought Chun-Li's ox-horns were the cutest thing she had have ever seen, she was taken aback by how gorgeous she looked like this as well.

"Ok, gonna get dressed for bed now." Chun-Li stood up and just let the towel slide off her back, revealing her nude body in its all its glory.

Cammy almost had a heart-attack and fell off the couch. "Me too," she said from the ground.

Chun-Li let out a loud giggle as she walked naked over to her luggage. Cammy went over to the dresser where she had placed her clothes. She frantically stripped out of her jeans and t-shirt and pulled on her pajamas, all while taking long glances at Chun-Li whose tight ass was up in the air as she bent over searching through her clothes in her luggage.

"I thought you didn't like peeking," she said suddenly.

"Oh, sorry!" Cammy said, shocked that Chun-Li could notice her staring while seemingly looking in the opposite direction.

"Was I complaining?"

Finally, Chun-Li found what she was looking for, a small pink nighty made out of finest Chinese silk. She slipped it over her head, and it slinked down her bare chest and back, the garment stopping to barely cover her entire bottom. She walked back over towards Cammy who was now wearing loose long-sleeved cotton pajamas that had a green, brown, and black camouflage design. Chun-Li started snickering loudly, seeing Cammy in this get-up.

"What?" Cammy asked, confused.

"Are those the pajamas you wear when you're sleeping in the jungle and need camouflage?" she asked sarcastically, not able to stop snickering at the ridiculous sight.

"Yes, actually, I have worn these in the jungle before. In fact, I wore them on a Delta Red mission in the Congo a couple weeks ago. Funny thing was I woke up in the middle of the night and this wart-hog was trying to have his way with me! I kicked that nasty bugger so hard in the head, I killed him. So next morning, I roasted him and had ham for breakfast," she nervously finished her story, still quite flustered from seeing Chun-Li in such revealing clothing.

Chun-Li cracked up into hysterical laughter. "You're so weird, Cammy."

Cammy blinked. "I am?"

"Yes, but that's ok because you're really cute too," she said as she put a hand on her blonde head and rubbed it playfully. She then grabbed one of her blonde braids and started twirling it around. "And you look especially cute in these pajamas as ridiculous as they are."

"Thanks." Cammy said smiling and blushing a bit. "And you look really good in that nighty thing of yours," she let out, not believing the words that had just come out of her mouth.

Chun-Li flushed a bit and smiled devilishly. She looked down at the tiny fragment of pink silk clinging tightly to the contours of her voluptuous chest. "Oh, this little thing?" She then stared back into Cammy's eyes with those deep, brown orbs. "Do you really think I look good?" she asked, batting her eyelashes.

"Yeah," Cammy said before coughing into her hand. She then yawned loudly. "After that grueling fight with Bruce Lee boy, I'm exhausted. I think I'm going to get some shuteye if you don't mind, love."

"Awww, already?" Chun-Li asked in seductively exaggerated disappointment. Cammy glanced back at her shyly and didn't immediately say anything. Chun-Li was pleased to see her tactic had caused the blush on Cammy's cheeks to become several times more crimson then it already was.

"Well, you can stay up if you want to. If you want to watch the telly, the remote is on the table next to the couch."

"Nah, that's ok. I don't want you to get lonely under the covers all by yourself."

"Well, I'll let you have the bed then. I can sleep on the couch.

"That's very generous of you, dear, but after that grueling fight you definitely should be sleeping on a mattress."

"But you're my guest. It wouldn't be right for me to let you to sleep on the couch."

"Well, I am, but we are friends, aren't we?"

"Yeah, we certainly are," Cammy answered, sounding happy.

"Don't friends share things?"

"Yeah, they do."

"Well, why don't we share the bed then?"

"Well, if you put it like that, I guess we can," Cammy said, rubbing the back of her head again, "Let's go to bed then." Cammy walked over, went through the canopy, slipped under the covers, and laid her head down on one of the pillows. Chun-Li got in the opposite side. Not satisfied she was close enough to Cammy in the very large bed, she moved her pillow over and scooted over under the sheets so she was right next to her.

"This feels natural, don't you think? You and me in bed together like this," Chun-Li asked.

"Yeah, it does," Cammy said, sounding pleased. She then quickly added, embarrassed, "Um, maybe like a sleep over."

Chun-Li giggled. "I don't' think I've been in a sleep over since I was twelve. How about you?"

Cammy thought for a second. "I don't think I've ever had one," she said with the disappointment of someone who hadn't had the opportunity to experience much in life.

"That's ok," Chun-Li then reached under the covers and placed a few fingers on Cammy's muscular arm and started running them up and down, "There always has to be a first time, am I right?" As she caressed her arm, Chun-Li could feel the goose bumps pop up on Cammy's skin under her touch even through the fabric of her pajamas.

"Yeah, you're right... Well, thanks for my first sleep over, love. Good night, Chun-Li," she said before turning over in bed to face away from her.

"Pleasant dreams, my sweet Cammy."

A few minutes later Chun-Li could hear little snores escaping from Cammy's lips. She giggled at how cute they sounded. Chun-Li wondered how such a strong fighter could be so shy and absent-mindedly adorable, but she admitted she definitely liked her that way. Developing a close bond with Cammy during the last tournament had been one of the more pleasant things to come out of something that had started as a solemn quest for revenge against the man who was undoubtedly responsible for the murder of her father. After listening to the cute blonde snoring for a few minutes, she too was able to comfortably drift off into sleep.

Some hours later, a freakish scream echoed throughout the room. "I didn't want to do it! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! God forgive me, I didn't want to!" a British accented voice yelled out.

Chun-Li opened her eyes wide, and switched on the lamp on the wall above the headboard. She saw Cammy laying there, eyes closed, breathing heavily with beads of sweat furiously running down her face. "What have I done?" Cammy yelled again.

Chun-Li put her arms on Cammy's shoulders and shook her a bit. "Cammy! Cammy! Wake up! Wake up!"

Finally, the blonde woman opened her eyes and stared back at a very concerned Chun-Li next to her in bed. She panted for a moment and then half winded asked, "Chun-Li? Where am I?"

"You're in bed with me, dear. Everything is ok. You were just having a nightmare."

"It wasn't a nightmare," Cammy said, sounding very disturbed.

Chun-Li took her palm and cleared some of the sweat from Cammy's forehead. "Then what was it?"

"I think I was remembering more from before I got amnesia... I did some terrible things. Truly awful, evil things." Cammy then broke down and started sobbing terribly. "I think if you knew what I did, you'd hate me."

Chun-Li scooted over in the bed. She got right next to Cammy, then slid a hand under her waist, and draped her other arm on top. She then pulled her close and held her tight. "Listen, all the doctors said you were brain-washed by Bison. No matter what you did or how bad it was, it wasn't your fault. I'm never going to hate you for something you weren't responsible for. Ok?"

"But I was raised by the Shadaloo since I was a baby. That was all I was before my amnesia. I even have Bison's DNA. He created me in a lab for Christ's sake," she said before sobbing into Chun-Li's shoulder.

"It doesn't matter," Chun-Li said a bit sternly. "Your genes don't make you who you are. I would never hold that against you. And the Cammy I know is a great fighter, but she's also one of the kindest, sweetest, and most honorable people I know. I know down in my heart that's the real Cammy, and she isn't capable of doing those evil things you're remembering from when you were brain-washed. That was Bison's evil. That's all."

"Ok, maybe you're right," she said, finally breathing more normally. "Thank you so much. I never had someone to talk to like this before. You really are a saint."

"It's nothing. I'm glad to be here for you. I am your close friend right?"

"Yes, yes you are. Best friend I've ever had."

"Same goes for you," Chun-Li said before she planted a tender, wet kiss on her forehead. "Now, try to get some sleep, dear, and forget these things you were remembering." Chun-Li let go of her and turned back over in the bed.

"Ok, but ummm uh…" Cammy said nervously.

"What is it, Cammy?"

"Can you umm… maybe hold me like you were for a bit longer?… It just felt really good… sorry."

"Don't be. Of course I can." Chun-Li rolled back over, took Cammy back into her arms, snuggled into her even closer than before, and nuzzled her cheek against Cammy's cheek. "This better?"

"Yeah," Cammy said dreamily.

"I'll hold you like this until you fall asleep, ok?"

"Ok. Thank you. Good night, Chun-Li."

"You're very welcome. Good night, Cammy."

To Be Continued