The Prolouge

"Hi-Tech, get in here!" Duke called sharply. Hi-Tech scrambled into the central command room of the C-Titan where Duke and Scarlett were, tripping over several cords and his own feet a couple times on his way.

"H-yeah!?" He asked, casting a guilty glance up from where he had spilt Mountain Dew on the floor in his efforts to enter the room quickly.

"Clean that up first." Duke instructed, rolling his eyes and smiling at the techie. Hi-Tech ran to get a wet paper towel. Duke turned to Scarlett.

"He's a mess." She stated. "A clumsy, hurried, technological mess." She added, a disgusted look on her face.

"Aw, c'mon. Loosen up, Scarlett. It isn't that bad. Extremely intelligent people are like that. Hi-Tech could tell you where every cord attaches and why on HOUND, but he has no idea how to make coffee or when he last took a shower. It isn't terrible."

"Easy for you to say. You've lived with him for twenty years. I've only dealt with the man for one."

"You'll learn to like him. At least he isn't infatuated with you any more." Duke answered, just as Hi-Tech came in and bent down to clean up the spilt soft drink. There was a very clear, deep blush on his face.

"Don't be so sure. I just dumped him, that's all." Scarlett retorted, ignoring the blushing techie altogether.

"Ah, Hi-Tech? You finished with that?" Duke asked over his shoulder.

"Uhhh, yeah, I am. What did you want?" Hi-Tech asked, trotting over.

"It's a dangerous matter concerning COBRA." Duke answered. Hi-Tech's face turned serious.

"What about them?" He questioned. Duke began typing something on a computer in front of him.

"We believe there is a possibility they have a new agent working for them. Another ninja, to be exact."

"How on earth? Where did you-?"

"We've been investigating the last base that we chased them out of. There was one important data disc left. Normally, Cobra would never make such a great mistake, but this time, the mistake was purposeful. I'm sure of it."

"What did the disc contain?" Hi-Tech sat down at another computer, but instead of being drawn into the screen and the miles of new information to be read, he turned the swivel chair around to look up at Duke and Scarlett.

"This." Duke answered. "I'm sending the data to your central computer in your room. You won't believe it Hi-Tech...the disc contained scanty profiles for each of us. The passwords were simple to crack. Even I could get them." Duke reached into a drawer beside where he sat at the computer. "There was one note on the disc."

Hi-Tech looked puzzled after reading the note Duke handed him.

"As far as I can see, it's a girl posing as Kamakura's sister, or really is his sister. But according to the research I've made, she could pass for basically non-existent. She's been missing for six years. She hasn't used a credit card or signed up for any jobs. Disappeared just like her father did. Poof! Gone."

"That all you have to say?" Scarlett asked sarcastically. Hi-Tech cast her a hard glare.

"The real Heather Collins, if not dead, would be sixteen right now. Does this sound like a sixteen year old girl to you guys? I'm not buying it." Hi-Tech answered.

"Me neither." Scarlett stated.

"This could be a trap. For Kamakura more than any of us. He's told Hi-Tech a lot about this sister of his, and how much he misses her." Duke began sorting the facts out loud.

"Hey! What the heck?" Hi-Tech spouted up from where he was. "This data bank's most extensive amount of information is in Jinx', mine, and Kamakura's column! They've been gathering info about..." He trailed off, absorbed in reading the information on the computer.

"How much information!? Tell me, Hi-Tech!" Duke shouted. " I don't want Cobra killing you in your sleep tonight!"

"They won't kill me in my sleep,'s just our code names, outdated ages, and several videos of us in action, taken by the monitors on BAT's. Then they have my home state...and a rough idea of my height and weight. That's about all it is for the three of us. It's totally off, Duke. I am NOT six foot one! I'm five ten!" Hi-Tech answered.

"This is serious, Hi-Tech." Duke stated.

"By the way, Kamakura made a credit card slip."

"WHAT?!?!?! When, where?!" Duke shouted.

"Five years ago, it's no problem. Gosh, you're excitable today."

"Hi-Tech, I don't think you realize the full extent of this situation-"

"Yeah, but I've looked over the information and it seems pretty harmless to me. I think we should alert the team during the next mission briefing, not giving any names, but just telling them that there is a possibility of a new Cobra ninja and to keep their guard up. Hi-Tech should continue to research about this Heather Collins and we should just be more careful. That's my two cents." Scarlett declared, looking to Duke.

"I like it. It's a good plan. Keep researching her, bro. But not a word to Kamakura, got it?"

"Sure thing, Duke." Hi-Tech answered, leaving the command center and heading for his room.


Hope you enjoy my little, slightly rambling, story. I'll be posting more 'chapters' today. The reason I call them 'chapters' is because they're really more like parts, not chapters.