The Butterfly Effect

Alright this will be my second fic and I hope you all will enjoy what you see.

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I would also like to point out that Lucy/Nyu real name is Kaede. This fact was only revealed in the manga in the very last chapter of the series.

The setting of this story will take place near the end of the manga as she is dying.

Summary: The butterfly effect is a phenomenon in which by changing one small detail such as the flapping of a butterflies wings it can radically change a chain of events that were either suppose to or not even occur. In this story before a certain Disclonius met her end she makes a promise that if she were to be reborn she would be a good girl this time around. From above a higher power heard her promise and decided to give her that chance.



As the military closed on her position ready to destroy all life within the area, Kaede with the last of her strength flexed her vectors in all directions killing all that threatened her position. Although at this point in time it didn't really matter anymore. She was dying because of the increased entropy building up in her body from overuse of her powers. As a side effect this was causing her to fall apart. Even though she still had a chance to save herself she wanted to protect Kohta even more. As she continued to swat down the enemies that approached the tower the more her body turned to goop. Until finally no more enemies came in which all was quiet now.

"It's . . . . so painful" thought Kaede as all that was left of her was her hair, skull, one of her eyes, most of her spine, and some of her internal organs including some goopy skin everywhere.

With a little help from her vectors she lifted a gun nearby and gave it to Kohta.

"Please Kohta . . . . end my pain" Kaede barely managed to word out. It was then that Kohta took hold of the weapon and pointed it at her. Although it was quite visible that he was shaking and hesitating about his actions.

"No! I can't do it!" Kohta cried out struggling with the ethical dilemma before him.

"It's . . . . . . OK now . . . . I'm ready to go" Kaede whispered out

As she closed her eyes waiting for the end she made a promise upon her soul as well as for god to hear that if she were to be reborn she would come back as a good girl and live a good life that time around. Just as darkness enveloped the last of her mind a bright light appeared to which swallowed her entire existence. After a moment later a loud voice could be heard. Although it was overwhelming there was a sense of warmth and compassion behind it.

"I have heard you"

Instantly wary of who the voice belonged too Kaede said the one thing most people would usually say during that kind of situation. "Who are you?"

"I am an ancient being who has watched over all existences since the beginning of creation".

After ingesting that information the pink diclonius gathered enough courage to say what she was thinking next. "Are you god?"

The voice chuckled at her response. "By certain perception, some have seen my existence as god while to others I was just a far more advanced state of being".

She was not really satisfied with that answer but chose not press on with it. "What do you want with me?"

"As I said before I heard you and I'm willing to grant your wish".

"What?" she said not entirely sure what the entity was talking about.

"But to be more precise I'll start your life over to the point where it all began" it explained.

Kaede was getting even more confused by the minute because she wasn't sure what the voice meant, but she did know through her life experience that everything came at a price. "What's the catch?"

The voice chuckled again. "The price that needs to be paid is something most dear. In your case the memories and feelings you had for that one person you've held onto for all these years".

A heavy feeling could then be felt at what she must pay. She did not want to sacrifice the one thing she had left of Kohta. Through it all, she can survive harsh words, beatings, torture, or any cruel act humanity could throw at her. However, the thing she could not survive was living without the bonds that had allowed her to survive for so long. But the deal that this entity was offering was just too good to pass up.

"Why must I pay such a price?" she then asked, but more so pleading.

"Because you have nothing else to pay with" the voice simply said to which Kaede was then taken back. "And furthermore with this final act of suffering you shall be reborn again"

The horned girl thought about the offer carefully as she weighed out the costs and benefits.

"Will I . . . . Will I be able to meet Kohta again?"

"What I'm offering is that I will change certain key events in your life which will basically revolutionize your existence as a whole. For this new timeline will restart at the point where these series of events began in your life. Of course I will also need to wipe out your memories in order to avoid any possible paradoxes from misaligning the new reality. Furthermore . . . "

"But will I meet Kohta again?" shouted Kaede in a desperate tone while interrupting the all powerful entity.

The voice stayed quiet for a moment before continuing. "I can't make promises, but I will say that if destiny wanted you two to meet. Then it will happen one day."

Kaede thought this through at least a hundred times with hundreds of scenarios playing throughout her mind until she decided on what she wanted to do. "OK, I'll do it" she choked out.

As she thought out each of the possibilities she still held out one single hope. The hope that when she was reborn she could meet Kohta again. Even if destiny wasn't on her side or her memories weren't able to guide her back to him, she held out the hope that her soul would still remember him.

"Very well, it shall be done" said the entity

As fast as that all occurred was as fast as it all ended. Kaede immediately found herself in pain again. For she had just returned to the final moments of her death. As this was occurring she could only think that her conversation from before was all just wishful thinking from a person who was about to die. As the darkness took her she looked before the man in front of her. The man appeared to be holding her while crying and shaking still calling out one of her names, but the only thought that came to her mind was . . . .

"Who is this man in front of me? And why am I crying? . . . ." and a moment later the woman that Kohta knew as Nyu had died in his arms.

"Nyu!" screamed Kohta as fresh new tears came falling out, and soon Yuka, Mayu, and Nana joined in to the event that had just transpired.

In the crack of dawn a young pink haired girl with horns awoke within her bed. She thought about the weird dream she had that night with so many people trying to kill her and the people she was trying to protect as this was happening. She then shrugged it off since it was only a dream and it was far to surreal to be anything else. So then she sat up on her bed to look outside her window. Outside the window of the orphanage she lived in there was a vast forest that could be seen for miles. The facility was stationed on hill practically in the middle of nowhere in relation to an urban area. As she stared at the dawning sun she was preparing herself for the course of the day.

Kaede sighed, "well let's get this crappy day over with"

To be continued . . . .

Authors' notes: I hope everyone understood this chapter. If you didn't then the last chapter of the manga series plus a few chapters near the end of the manga series should clear everything up. Anyways I hope you all had an OK time thus far.

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