Chapter 30: Epilogue

Synopsis: . . . . It's is now the end as everyone must now go on with their lives, and that is simply all there is to say . . . .

So what has now become of everyone?

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It was mid-afternoon as a pink haired woman took a quiet and pleasant stroll through the forest.

In was at this time she stopped to stare at a particular tree. The horned woman smiled fondly as she looked up to see sunlight penetrate through the leaves.

Kaede felt at peace now as she felt the warm radiant glow from above as the cool wind blew by her. "How long has it been since I've been back here?" A memory of her playing with Nyu crossed her mind as ghost like figures of their child selves laughed and played around the tree.

It has been ten years since the tower incident and the existence of her kind were now made internationally known.

"Time sure does fly by fast, doesn't it?"

In the initial years of psychics being introduced to the world, there were many responses to this. Many were intrigued by the idea of a new race. While others were downright afraid of them at the potential they were capable of which was either stemmed from jealously or fear.

Within the first few years, there were many violent acts between both kinds as neither could find even grounds to get along with each other. However, governments all around the world had decided to segregate the 'plague' within communities within each country they were present in. Although this was only a quick fix, tensions still existed between humans and dicloniuses.

"But I wonder how everyone is doing now?" then thought Kaede as she reflected on the people who she loved and cared for.

Mayu in ten years had blossomed into a beautiful young woman of twenty-four. After graduating from high school, she moved out of Maple Inn to make her way in the world as she wanted to pursue a college degree in law in Tokyo. But more specifically child law in reflection to her own past as she wanted to protect children from the experiences she had when she was young. "But I never thought she would end up living with him" as Kaede gave a grin.

It was not initially planned, but Bando ended up following after her as they lived with each other for the time Mayu pursued her career. It was never quite clear why the thuggish man went after her as she couldn't discern what his feelings were for her. But whatever the case he ended up opening his own private security firm which seems to be doing well for itself as Bando practically did all the jobs himself with much enjoyment on his part.

Kaede then cringed as she finally got around to facing him. "Man that was scary". In their encounter Bando wasted no time in trying to blow her head off.

"I thought they said she was dead! But it doesn't matter, that just gives me the pleasure on blowing her brains out myself" as Bando reached for his gun.

"Bando-san, please calm down" pleaded Mayu. "She's not who you think she is!"


After much debate, Mayu managed to calm him down enough so that she and Bando could sit and talk. Eventually they made peace with each other as she then repaired his eyes and arms from a donor as a form of peace offering of no more hostilities between them. Although there still existed a bit of tension, that was still better than out right aggression.

Nana and Mariko eventually moved out and were now with living with Kurama as a family. But because of the diclonius persecutions, both of them had to be extra careful when venturing around in their everyday lives.

Thinking ahead for the future, Kurama created something extraordinary for helping his daughters. Using the diclonius vaccine as a template, he reengineered the formula to create a genetic patch to fix Nana and Mariko's D.N.A. so that they would age normally and in time if they choose to, to make a family of their own. But with the persecutions going on it was not safe to be living in an urban society. So scrounging up his 'savior' status for what it was worth, he took what money he could and is now living peacefully in the countryside with his daughters. Up to recent news . . . .

"What's wrong Nana? Why are you crying?" asked Kaede as this was a phone call a week ago.

"I was dumped again!" balled Nana. "I don't know what I'm doing wrong. How does Mariko-chan always have her boyfriends eating out of her hand?"

The pink diclonius sighed at this comment. "Unlike her, she can get away with dating in her own age group".

"But I'm only seventeen!"

"In the body of a twenty-four year old woman so of course you were going to run into problems". Kaede then sighed again. "So how goes your shop?"

"We've been doing well selling groceries and other commodities".

"Not messing up the register right?"

"No, everything has been OK over here. I've been helping out papa restock everyday while Mariko-chan attends the local school here".

"That's nice, and it's good to hear no one in the countryside is causing you guys any trouble".

Nana smiled on her end. "We were worried at first. But it's good to see that humans were not as all bad as we thought they were".

Kaede smiled at this too. "Well that can happen when you stop a flood from destroying the town. But it's nice to hear from you again. We'll visit when we can OK?"

"OK! I'll tell papa and I'll prepare tea this time when everyone comes over".

The pink diclonius then thought about Nozomi and her situation with her father. "But it's good that things worked out between them". After a strong confrontation with him, it came to light he didn't want her to sing as he didn't want her to die. Like her mother, Nozomi shared the same quality of being able to project a voice unlike any other. However it was an unnatural formation due to a genetic mutation which afforded their vocal cords to produce such a sound. But the problem was it wasn't meant to last. Nozomi's mother was a very proud woman who held great pride over her voice. During her time, she was a big opera star known to many by name alone. But the day she lost her voice was the day she lost her life. Shortly after learning her vocal cords were unfixable she committed suicide in despair.

Her mother who was a proud woman could not bear the loss, than how could his weak will daughter?

"I want to sing!" Nozomi screamed out.

The elder was surprised to see his daughter stand up to him like that. "What nonsense is this? Do you dare speak back to me?"

The shy girl stepped back in fear, but then stepped forward again to reassert her hold. "I want to follow what I love. I know you're scared after what happened to mother. But this is the path I want to choose".

Nozomi's father gritted his teeth at his daughter's defiance. It's true he wanted his daughter to be happy, but not at the cost of dying for it. "I refuse to accept this! If you decide to go down this path then you're on your own from now on!"

Nozomi felt her very core shake at that threat. She loved singing, but she loved family just as much. This was a choice she didn't want to make.

"If that is how you feel then that is how it's going to be" said Kaede as she made her presence known in the room. She then took the brunette's hand as she proceeded to leave the house.

"Wait! What do you think you're doing?"

The horned girl stopped momentarily to look back. "When you're ready to talk again, we'll talk". After leaving the house it became apparent Nozomi was now crying.

"I don't want to leave him like this. Not on terms like that . . . ."

Kaede then hugged her to calm her down. "Don't worry, it's was only an act. Your father really does care for you. He just doesn't want you to go the same way your mother did'.

". . . . But what do I do now sempai?"

"Just listen to where your heart wants to guide you and everyone at Maple Inn will support you a hundred percent of the way".

Now at their current time, Nozomi was making quite a career for herself as she was becoming a fast rising star who will soon take her performance national as everyone would know her name. Concerning her voice problem, it was now a moot point as Nozomi would visit her personally once every mouth to get her vocal cords retuned to prevent breakdown. But in relation to her father . . . . well . . . . Kaede laughed to herself at remembering seeing the man trying to discreetly buy a ticket to one of her concerts. But in time he eventually came around as he accepted her path and was overjoyed to learn that she would not share her mother's fate due to her 'special' monthly treatments. Although he was a uncomfortable with the idea of a diclonius treating her. However, if his daughter trusted her then there was not really much room to speak as she was the one keeping her dream alive.

Aiko was currently living her dream as she traveled all around Europe painting the beauty of the world. Although it's been a bit difficult to maintain contact with her seeing as she didn't carry a cell phone and her mail took next to forever to get back to her. But the last she heard, she was going to visit Japan soon in aiding her mother with the opening of her exhibit. However on this particular day . . . .

Kaede found a mail in her box as she was ecstatic to see it was from Aiko. She quickly opened it to read its content. "Dear Kaede-chan, I'm sorry for making conversations this difficult with mailing. But I'm pleased to tell you that I've been doing well and I can't wait to see you again. Let's meet at our usual place OK?"

The horned girl smiled fondly to this, but that was until she read the last part. "P.S. I want to paint another one of 'those' portraits with Kohta-san again. You know what I mean".

Kaede blushed deeply to this as she crumpled the paper, dumped it in the trash, and then set fire to the entire bin as it roared in a blazing inferno. She then heaved as she couldn't have done this process fast enough. She then sighed letting out a bit of a blush as she pinched the rim of her nose. "Note to self, I need to burn 'that' painting as soon as I find it".

Now Yuka after graduating immediately found work as a teacher at a private school back at Yokohama. Things have been going well for her as she enjoyed her job very much. But also it was there that she found a good friend turned boyfriend turned husband after six years of their union. Things have been good for her from everything she has heard thus far.

It was a few days ago that the two sat down at a café to have a chat with each other.

"So how have you been Yuka?"

"I've been well. We just recently came back from our trip at Morocco".

Kaede leaned in as she gave a bit of a smirk. "So did you do anything . . . . fun?"

The brunette blushed to this as she waved her hands in defense. "You can't ask something like that Kaede-chan! That's just too embarrassing for me to say!"

"I see" as she giggled to herself. "So how is that Mono . . . . Mino . . . . Mano . . . ."

Yuka sighed at this. "You never could remember his name could you?"

"Sorry, it's just his name is so hard to recall since it's so hard to pronounce". She then took a sip of her tea. "So how are the kids doing? Driving you crazy?"

The brunette shook her head. "Teaching isn't so bad. Although there are a few troublemakers, the greatest reward is knowing you enlightened the mind of a youth to a grander world out there".

"Heh, quite the optimist I see." They soon came to a conclusion of their talks as they both got up to leave. "It's nice to see you again Yuka. You should visit us more often".

"It's not like I can up and leave work just to visit you two in Hokkaido".

"Yeah that's true, but visit when you can. It would be nice to talk more like this again".

"Well, see you later then" as they hugged and parted ways with each other.

Just like that everyone left in that order as the only two occupants left at Maple Inn were herself and Kohta. Although they had each other, it was a bit lonely as everyone had already parted ways to pursue their own lives. Like birds, they all had spread their wings and had flown off now leaving just the two of them at the nest known as Maple Inn.

But soon came the day when they too had to fly off on their own. As they finished cleaning up the residence they both stood outside bag in one hand with the other holding each other as they looked to see as Maple Inn was soon going back to sleep.

"It was fun while it lasted wasn't it?" asked Kohta.

"Yeah" replied Kaede and with that the building once known as home fell into slumber as the pair then entered the next chapter of their lives.

In her past existence, she had spent a lifetime taking life. So it was only fair that she spent this one saving it.

So entering medical school was an obvious choice for her as Kohta not wanting to be apart did the same as they both studied hard to achieve their goals. With the use of vectors, the most obvious field for her to choose was surgery as she could do a lot of good in that career. But knowing the complications in the surgical room and what was necessary for the process, she couldn't do it alone. So wanting to support her decision, Kohta studied to become an anesthesiologist.

After graduating and finishing their residency, the pair would then go off to be well known in the medical world as 'doctors with the hands of god'. Every surgery the pair has ever done has never failed as their patients always made a full recovery afterwards. It was a mystery amongst many doctors how they managed to perform their impossible miracles as it usually took a team of five just to do any complicated surgical procedure. Although during their early residency some colleagues came to learn Kaede's secret, but respected her origin after seeing her ability save lives.

When you have psychic hands that could effectively multi-task while having the ability to cut more accurately then a scalpel on the cellular level with the addition of piecing things back together in the same fashion, why stop a person who could get the job done better?

Due to her renowned surgical abilities, she and Kohta were usually called upon when needed to perform an impossible task as deemed by modern medical techniques. Seeing that money was no longer an issue for either of them, they both tended to devote their time to charity to help those who could not afford to pay for medical treatment.

Now back in the present time and place, a grim look appeared on the horned woman as she recalled recent events.

Unknowingly, Kurama had opened Pandora's Box with the invention of his genetic patch for silpelits. In a generation or two the diclonius race would have practically become extinct only filling a small page within humanities history. But knowing human greed and wariness with each other, what country in the world could resist the idea of psychic soldiers? After seeing the disaster that occurred in Japan, it was quickly apparent how much more effective a diclonius was in comparison to any modern weaponry known to man. So in the public's eye, they were a race that was controllable and soon to disappear. But to a diclonius, they were well aware at how their race was still thriving as countries all around the world gathered them, breed them, and improved them to become weapons to protect their country of origin.

Kaede frowned at this as she along with many support groups tried to build a bridge of understanding between the two races as there were still many boundaries that needed to be removed. But with people in seats of power using dicloniuses like this, it was going to be a difficult journey.

But even with all these hardships she was at least happy to know some other things.

"Okaasan! Okaasan! We found a blue butterfly! Come see!" exclaimed the overly ecstatic five year old who ran up to her.

Kaede smiled to the child as she was a spitting image of her sister when she was that young. "Of course Nyu, let's go see it".

The small child smiled as she held her mother's hand to guide her there. Upon arrival, she then saw a five year old version of herself as the butterfly rested calmly in her hands.

"Look mother, isn't it beautiful?"

Kaede petted her daughter on the head as she smiled to her. "Yes Yuki, it is very beautiful indeed".

Yuki blushed a bit at receiving her mother's attention.

Nyu giggled as she went to her twin leading her to a flock of butterflies as they began to dance around them.

The pink diclonius watched happily as her twin daughters were as happy as they could be. In absolute secrecy along with the aid of a close medical friend she gave birth to twins of her own much to her great surprise since the ultrasound only showed one. Regardless, it didn't really matter as she was still happy to have them both.

Kaede then placed her hand to her cheek as she was deep in thought about something. After the tower incident when her three parts became one again she found herself capable of doing things she wasn't initially able to do. Examples of this were her sister's ability to sing or Lucy's expert usage over vectors. But the day she found out she was pregnant, she seemed to have lost those abilities as she was no longer able to do them as well as she used too. But at this thought, "Are they Nyu and Lucy's reincarnations?" Such a thing was simply too silly to contemplate as it was just too ridiculous. But she would be foolish to completely disregard it as she has experienced weirder stuff before. Not to mention it would explain why she lost some of her talents.

But looking to her daughters now it didn't really seem to be the case as they didn't seem to recall anything from their previous counterparts. Trying to rationalize this, she could have simply been getting rusty to why her talents were getting sloppy.

Regardless if it was one of these two reasons, she and Kohta named them as such. If Yuki was truly the reincarnation of Lucy then it would be appropriate to give her this name as this would be a new beginning for her.

Yuki meant two things. The first was courage as she refused to allow the world to cave in on her no matter how tough things got, and the second meaning was snow as she now had a clean slate to begin a new from.

"Mother, I think it's about time to go now".

Kaede looked to her watch as she then nodded. So taking her daughters hands respectfully one on each side they began to descend the hillside.

"Okaasan, what was so special about this place?" asked Nyu.

"I would like to know that as well too" then said Yuki.

The pink diclonius smiled to them as they continued to descend. "This is a special place where I used to play with your aunt, and it's also a place where I met your father for the first time".


"That's nice, but is that all there is to this place?"

"Well it's a place I like to visit as a memorial to your aunt. Sorry for dragging you two along like this".

Yuki shook her head. "No, it's fine. I can see why you and auntie liked this place".

"Yeah!" chimed Nyu. "Perhaps we may even find our own prince charming here someday".

Kaede chuckled at this. "Just make sure not to fall in love with the same man as it became complicated between your father, your auntie, and I".

The twins then looked to each other in confusion.

The elder woman chuckled again. "I'll explain when you're old enough to understand" and with that they made their return trip home to Kohta, the husband and father they all loved.

Along the way, Kaede could sense her children's future as it will not be easy for them growing in a world that despised there kind. In a world filled with misunderstanding, peace was going to take a while to build between the species. But she and Kohta was proof that it could happen someday.

Unfortunately she would not live long enough to see it occur as it would take over a century for the barriers between humans and diclonius to crumble. With her ability to perceive the future, she saw as the world entered a cold war of psychics as it was only a pinprick away from entering world war 3. But before that could happen, she saw as a lone child stood in the epicenter of the world with only their willpower and strength holding them up. In this child's bravery, they turned the world's madness into a revolution that would forever change humanity bringing about a peace never thought possible to anyone.

Kaede then looked down to Yuki as smile began to appear.

"What is it mother?"

"Nothing, just a thought I was having".

And with that came the conclusion of her story as her world began turning once more.

In her final thought as she looked ahead towards the future, ". . . . Everything was going to be alright" as they were now returning home.

Das Ende

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