Pre Tournament: Shadow Channelers enjoying a nice meal…um,… or drink … of …. something in a Makai bar.

Jin, who was sitting closest to the door, remarked to Toya: "I think those girls are checking us out…"

Toya, sitting to Jin's left, turned and looked in the direction indicated. Sure enough, two female youkai – a blonde with green scales, and a brunette with tan cat ears – were turning to the group, then turning back towards each other and conversing.

Gama, to Toya's left, paid no attention but simply laid into his 'meal'. Bakken, on his left, leaned over and looked at the girls.

"They're getting up!" hissed Bakken, smacking Risho into attention. He looked up from his drink at the far end of the group and craned his head in the females' direction. Sure enough, both were slipping out of their seats and heading over to the group.

"Look sharp…" muttered Risho, trademark smirk on his face. Bakken's expression was openly lustful, Jin's cheerily hopeful, Toya's sedate but expecting.

Both girls went straight to Gama.

"Gama-kuuuuun," squealed the feline, leaning in on his left and tapping her whiskers against his check, "I THOUGHT that was you…I haven't seen you in a cat's age…"

"Yeah," murmured the taller blonde, leaning in on the opposite side, her voice and eyes smoky, "you never come to play any more…"

The incredulous males began to realize that both girls had distinct double-helix stain marks on wrists, ankles, and…various other parts. It was easy to tell because the feline wore nothing but a short haori* and obi*, while the dragon hybrid was decked in a black sports bra and bike shorts.

"Sorry," mumbled full-mouthed Gama, "been training." He indicated his teammates with a wave of the fork, then dug back into the green mess.

The blonde sighed dramatically, setting her rather nice hips and rear against his. "Ain't that always the way. One would think you didn't care anymore," she teased, leaning in further and allowing her …lack of aerodynamics to rub against his shoulder, a talon gently poking his cheek.

The feline nodded. "The Dark Tournament, right? You always let fighting take precedence…but that's why we love you so," she joked, rubbing her cheek into the opposite shoulder. Her tail began to methodically swish, like a metronome.

He grinned. "Some other time, Chanchi. Naka," he added, nodding at the winged, fanged, taloned women currently monopolizing his right side. She sighed, letting her weight shift back, rocking on her heels.

"I'll hold you to that. And if you ever get bored of training, please…"



"…up!" Chanchi finished, following her friend's example and giving Gama more space to finish his meal. Naka took her hand, leading her towards the door. Before exiting, both turned, with a swish of tails, smiled, and then giggled (or chuckled) together before walking out.

At the bar, there was absolute silence save the clink of a second plate against the wood. The Risho got some feeling back into his jaw. "What…the…." He strangled, unable to finish.

Jin leaned across Toya. "What's your secret?!"

Gama just smiled and took another bite.

As Jin said to Toya, "You think Gama ever uses his paint-chains for kinky stuff?" – A deviation by Samy's Paintbrush : .com/art/Kinky-talk-144046891

Own nothing but the girls and story. Chanchi and Naka MIGHT be talking about, oh, play-fighting or something…but you'll always wonder. Some of my old characters brought back for a new fic.


Japanese help:

Haori – sort of a jacket that guys were. If you know Inuyasha, it's that thing he's always throwing to Kagome. An Obi is a belt. Basically she's covered just a bit past the hips.