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You could say that John Connor was intelligent, and by saying that you would be right. He was not and nor would he ever be stupid, however that was in terms of computers and technology. With people the definition of John Connor's abilities was non-existent so you would be very right to say that he was challenged when it came to people. The fact that even he was able to pick up on the tension between his mother and the Terminator sent back to protect him was an indication of just how high it was.

Sarah Connor stood with her back to the Terminator female, holding a mug of coffee in one of her hands. She cradled it as if it were a precious baby. Every few moments the stiff muscles of her arms were forced to raise her hand and mug to her lips so that a small sip could be taken of the boiling liquid.

The female Terminator stood in a far more relaxed looking posture, leaning back against the kitchen counter as she sipped on her own mug of tea. It was a human behaviour she was becoming attached to doing. She enjoyed it not only because it tasted nice, but because the more human mannerisms she picked up the more Derek seemed to hate her. That was something she enjoyed because it meant that she could torment him all the better.

John paused in the doorway to the kitchen when he realized the tension and where it was directed. Internally he debated whether or not he wanted to walk inside that kitchen for breakfast. He wondered whether he should find out what was going on, or whether to skip breakfast entirely and make a quick exit for school. All his rational side was telling him to leave before the weapons came out, but the part of him that was the caring son made him walk into the room and sit at the table. "Hey Mom, any pancakes today?"

"No." Was the terse reply he got from the woman, the glare that she had focused on the wall not even diminishing as she spoke to him.

"Want to tell me what is wrong then?" He asked even though he knew it would most likely lead to his early demise (and humanity's with it as well).

"Not really…" Sarah started to speak but she was promptly cut off by the Terminator when the girl realised she was not going to tell John.

"Your mother is angry because I have a date tonight." Cameron replied to John's question with a grin spreading across her cheeks.

The brown haired boy sat confused at the table for a moment watching his mother. He saw the way that her shoulders tensed when Cameron mentioned the word date. He noticed the way that she frowned even more once the girl had stopped speaking. "Are you jealous Mom?"

"Me? Jealous of the tin can? No!" The older woman replied incredulously.

"Not of Cameron…" John trailed off after a second before he found the strength to continue with his sentence, "With Cameron's date."

When the boy saw his mother's shoulder's twitch again and raise up even further he knew that he had struck the nail on the head. He stood slowly, walking towards the older woman, he patted her on the shoulder for a moment not knowing what to do before he stopped and whispered into her ear, "Talk to her about it."