A/N: A really short little drabble on my favourite Terminator pairing, Sarah/Cameron. Please review if you like it, or if you have any tips on my writing. Thank you.

Her thoughts were jumbled up inside her head. They were scattered into the far corners of her processors somewhere which Cameron could not access any more. It was a strange feeling for the Terminator not to be able to think clearly. She stared at the flesh being revealed to her slowly as Sarah peeled her tank top off her body and was sure that was what was happening.

Inside her mind she saw the information leaving her sensors, but then she lost track of it before it managed to reach her processors. She knew that she should be afraid of the way that her thoughts were not managing to stay together. Instead all she could concentrate on was the way that Sarah's heartbeat was making her own thump hard in her chest.

When the raven haired woman came and straddled her waist the Terminator could no longer manage to think about the fact that she couldn't think. All she saw was the beautiful expanse of the woman's body, the soft skin she was about to worship with kisses and caresses, and the smile that was etched onto her lover's lips.

"I love you." The words spilled from her lips before she was able to stop them. At the widening of the smile from her lover, and the soft look that was brought to her eyes Cameron decided that she was going to have to say the words more often.

"I love you too."