Albia. The ancient disk world. Its surface wore the scars of many handish years. Of course time measurement was a debatable theory! There was Nornish and Handish! Many years ago, after albia had been created by the great hand, the shee were created. In turn these shee created Norns and grendels. The shee and the upper class Norns lived in prosperous surroundings in the nornir settlement, while the shunned grendels live in their jungle. The lower class Norns, who were less intelligent than upper, live in various locations across albia. The mythical hand creatures have not been sighted for generations and remain largely forgotton! The languages spoken varied from nornish, bibble, and handish. The handish language was adopted by the shee while all other creatures spoke either nornish or bibble. Of course some upper class Norns speak handish! Life is peaceful until it appears the grendels are becoming more daring! What are they plotting and can everyone be trusted?