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Chapter 2

Tony had to work on this holiday. It was New Years Eve, and, just like every new year, Tony was ringing it in with solving a murder case. Hopefully though, this year would be better than last year. This year, Ziva wouldn't be going anywhere, and she wouldn't hate his guts. And hopefully this year, he would get a romance going. Paretically with a certain ex-assassin. Oh well. Like there was even a smallest of a chance. He glanced at the clock. 11:56. Four more minutes till the new year. Tony was alone in the bull pen. It seemed that this holiday would be lonely. At least Christmas hadn't been a bust. Ziva was right, the whole team celebrated Christmas together. Gibb's dad even made dinner. And the best part was opening Ziva's gift.

He checked the clock again. 11:58, two more minutes till the new year. 2010. Double digits. His thirty-ninth birthday was this year. Where had life gone? The time when he had a diffrent date everyday of the week, every week of the year? He guessed that those times were over. He only wanted one woman, and he doubted she'd love him back.

11:59, one minute till the new year. Goodbye 2009, he thought, and just before 2010 arrived, the team stepped into the bullpen. "Happy New Year!"

"You didn't think we'd let 2010 slip bye, did you?" McGee asked Tony, with a smirk on his face.

"Let's hope this year is better than last year." Ziva commented. Just then, Abby came rushing in, and tackled/hugged Tony. Over her shoulder, he was looking at Ziva. Yes, this year was going to be better. He was going to make sure of that.

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