Red Eyes and Tears

Tears splashed down his front. They soaked into the fabric of his robes and melted into his rough skin. They left tracks on his soot covered and dirty cheeks. In other circumstances he would have been embarrassed to be crying. But he couldn't care less anymore. It didn't even factor into what he was thinking or feeling at the moment. He sniffed gruffly and pulled his rough hand over his face, catching the tears that still settled on his skin. It didn't matter how many times he did this, tears still fell continuously onto his cheeks.

The crowd around him was thick and loud. Many people were talking and hugging people. Searching for loved ones and making sure all their friends and family were still alive. He could see and hear joyful voices as relief washed over them. He stumbled towards the tables that had appeared back in the Great Hall. It occurred to him as he slumped against the table that he was sitting at the Slytherin table. If he had had the energy, he would've snorted at the irony.

His vision was blurred with tears and tiredness but through his red eyes he could still see his family across the room. A gaggle of redheads. He could see them comfort each other. His weeping mother and his grieving father. He sniffed again as his stomach clenched. He wanted to help, but he didn't know how. He didn't even know how to be comforted himself. The only person who could comfort him wasn't here anymore. He didn't exist in real life, only in memories now.

The tears ran slower. But they never stopped.