With a groan and sigh Vegeta shifted himself in his bed. Capsule Corp. was quite and still as he listened to the lulling sound of some random machine somewhere on the compound. Sleep teased the edges of his awareness at times, but never fully took him. He was not finding it any easier to sleep now then when he first arrived. He missed space, something about being planet bound was not suiting him. He was uneasy and restless, even when training, which was a first for him as far as he knew. He closed his eyes as another sigh escaped his body.

Bulma entered the kitchen earlier then most mornings that day. Humming to herself she walked over the the counter and clicked on the coffee maker. She knew he was there, in the corner of the room, watching her, but then again, he watched everyone. She was glad that they had seemed to reach an agreement about putting up with each other. He left her alone and she did the same, it was a match made in heaven. Sure the arguments still happened, but to them that was just the way they had conversations.

"Vegeta I am going into town today, is there anything you need?" She asked pouring her coffee into the mug. He watched her carefully fascinated by the methodical motions of her body even though he knew she was not fully awake, how she was able to function half asleep actually impressed him at times.

"Nothing I can think of..." Was grunted as an answer. Bulma walked over and sat at the table slowly sipping the black liquid and letting it warm her body. Her brain as of late was beginning to wonder... and with her, that was never a good thing. She wondered mostly about Vegeta, and what it was that made him the way he was, curiosity slowly overtook her.

"Do you like it here Vegeta?" She asked bluntly, she figured bluntness would probably be the best route with the prince. His face never moved, years of training put to good use he thought. But inside there was a jolt of awareness that overtook him, Where did this come from? His mind pondered.

"It suits my requirements for the moment." He stated with no emotion. She watched him over the rim of the mug.

"And when it stops suiting you? Where will you go?" She inquired knowing that at any moment there would be a backlash.

"Away." He was getting irritable now. Bulma knew this but figured she had already started so why not finish?

"Away where?"

"Why do you want to know?"

"Just wondering."

"Well don't."

"I don't have to do what you tell me to."

"If you know whats good for you, you will."

"Well I've always been a bit of an idiot in that respect."

"You can say that again."

"Care to elaborate or are we just speaking in general here?" By this time the tone of her voice was dangerous. She knew he was hinting at Yamcha and her failed relationship. She had cried for a week when she finally dumped him, and made Vegeta's life a hell in the process, refusing to do ANY maintenance on anything. He thought better then to re-ignite that little ember.

"In general."

"I'm going to town, don't break anything while I'm gone or there will be hell to pay."

"So your telling me there's a chance for me to pay early?" He smirked as she frowned at him. With that she stood up and left the kitchen for her room and clothes. Vegeta got up as well and headed for the gravity chamber. He let her off lightly he knew, but that was becoming more and more the case lately. He wasn't worried though, he knew that he could do so without anyone else finding out. He didn't mind letting her away with insubordination, but the rest of them would not be so lucky.


Bulma had just finished putting away the groceries and was finally able to sit down at her laboratory table for the day. She began her duties carefully picking apart the burnt and charred pieces of a circuit to one of the bots Vegeta spared with.

The sound of the explosion barely fazed her. She knew this one was different though, much much bigger then a bot. She sat upright at her table closing her eyes. That cannot be what I think it is... Her brain droned. She stood and walked over to the window. There it was... smoldering... her gravity chamber.

"If your still alive Vegeta it won't be for long." She went outside to survey the damage, walking methodically around the rubble she guessed there was nothing fixable, it was scrap, the whole thing. Her eyes widened as she noticed the glove sticking up from the mess, a pang, a deep and horrible pang struck her like an arrow. She assumed he was fine, she had thought he probably flew off to avoid the screaming she was going to do. She ran up the pile of ruble and started digging with her bare hands. Her fingers and palms bled from the cuts and scrapes she was gaining in her effort to free him.

"Vegeta! Baka! Asshole!" She screamed getting desperate.

"Who... the hell... do you think you are?" She heard escape the rubble as she neared his head through the debris. Suddenly the ground below her gave a heave pushing her back as the Sayian stood only to fall again to one knee. She scrambled to stand again bending over him.

"Vegeta you scared the shit out of me! What happened? You destroyed my beautiful machine you baka!" She screeched the situation getting the best of her. Vegeta winced at her tone and she quickly stopped the onslaught. The was a long pause of silence as Vegeta assessed his situation. He could not stand he knew that, he was barely conscious in fact. Shit... shit... shit... Was the mantra in his head. The sleeplessness had a lot to do with it he knew that much, he would never normally succumb to this pitiful amount of damage. "Vegeta?" He heard the woman state carefully, containing her volume this time. He was going to have to do something, he couldn't stay there, he was not going to be seen like this by anyone...

"Listen to me woman..." He started but was quickly interrupted.

"You know I won't say a word to anyone baka, now come on and lean on me." She stated as she helped him to his feet. Vegeta said nothing more, for some strange reason he knew he didn't have to. He wasn't sure why but out of all the idiots on this planet, he trusted this one the most. Bulma and the prince slowly made there way across the lawn and into the compound. Once inside it was only a short distance to the Sayian's room. Bulma carefully let Vegeta ease his way onto the bed earning a small groan out of him as he did. The woman stood in front of him and lowed her face to his, he had not opened his eyes the entire time. "Right... Now how bad are we talking here?" She asked making sure to sound very serious so as not the upset him. She knew his pride had to have been killing him at this point.

"I'll live." He grunted. Bulma sighed and rubbed her temples, the beginning of a headache appearing.

"Vegeta, don't do this, not now. Gimme a bit of help here please." She groaned her patience quickly getting spent. Vegeta thought for a moment, it was either her help, or someone else... the thought alone made him shudder.

"I'm fairly sure I've broken six ribs, my arm is defiantly broken, and there is something stuck in my left side." Was the very military report that came in response finally to her question. Bulma stood upright.

"Right then... first things first." She began by slowly helping the man to pull off his armor and top half of his body suit. She started then to clean off the dirt, soot, and blood to locate the intruding object. It wasn't hard to find, it turned out to actually be a part of his armor the had been blasted inward and impaled him. She found to her shock and surprise, that he actually was quite attractive half clothed. She quickly shook the thought from her head as she set to work removing the shared of armor. "Well... once this is out, if I know anything about Sayian's that is, I'll brace your arm and just leave your ribs alone, and you'll heal up after awhile, it's a good thing your not human." She hummed thinking it had been way to long since he spoke. There was no reply. "Vegeta?" She quizzed looking up from her prying. His eyes were still closed and if she didn't know any better he looked asleep. "Vegeta..." She repeated carefully. Still no reply came, she found herself smirking, he was asleep, the great and powerful always on the ready warrior was sound asleep, and she decided to leave him that way.


Vegeta slowly felt awareness seep into him, he woke one sense at a time, taking in the information of the room. He could smell her fist, she had a light sweet fragrance about her that he couldn't quite pinpoint. Next he heard her, the slow lull of her breathing told him she was asleep and close. His eyes flickered open and adjusted to the light of the room gradually reveling the presence of the Onna sleeping in a chair next to his bed, her head resting in her arms on the desk. He watched her for a long time, thinking over his situation. She had to be the only person in existence he didn't mind seeing him in this state. That had to mean something... didn't it? He thought of her as an intellectual equal to him. Someone to verbally spare with and possibly loss to, which intrigued him so much more then someone he always won against, this way, he would always have to be on his toes mentally.

He laid his head back down on the pillow relaxing in the comfort that she was the only one around. A bitter nasty pang hit his heart all at once, he hadn't been this comfortable with someone since he was home... with his family. Sometimes he felt himself missing them, he would quickly shut the thoughts out though. Not because of any pride on his part, but because the grief he was never aloud to work through threatened to consume him if he let it. He knew he was a Sayian, and that to be Sayian was to be impenetrable, even emotionally, but the Sayian's were gone now, and he could do as he liked. He wondered if he could find comfort in this woman then quickly banished the thought from himself as he closed his eyes. There is no one who could love a monster. He told himself. And even if they thought they could, it would never last. He had done so many horribly things in his life, even for a member of a warrior race, warriors at least had valor and dignity. It had been many years since he had had those things.

His head turned again to look at the woman sleeping next to the bed. He had known for some time that he liked her, and felt weak that he allowed the feeling to grow. He let her do pretty much as she pleased in relation to how she treated and spoke to him. He let her get away with most everything he realized, he would of course still have arguments with her, he loved them, they made his blood quicken and his mind buzz every time. How did it get this far? What the hell are you going to do now? Baka...


Bulma hung up the receiver on the phone and smiled. Her parents wouldn't be returning for another week or so and she was very glad for this. The prince wasn't in any mood to have her mother swooning over him. The smile faded as her mind wondered back to Vegeta, he wasn't doing as well as she was expecting him to. She had wanted to call a doctor but he wouldn't hear of it, he just about screamed the house down when she suggested it. But that was the loudest and most active he had been since the accident, other then that outburst he had been... docile... he refused to eat, he barely spoke, and only managed the strength to get up and go to the bathroom. Other then that he just laid there, it had been three days... three days of a Sayian not eating was concerning to say the least.

She walked down the hallway to his bedroom, and he was still there, still in bed.

"Vegeta would you at least consider a nurse?"


"Vegeta can you hear me?" The tone this time challenging she moved to the other side of the bed and the direction he was facing.


"Will you give me an answer then."

"The answer is no."

"I don't know what to do with you Vegeta... would you eat something today then?" She asked growing more angry by the second.



"What!?" He barked as his body jerked at her sudden snap. She was quite again realizing she had startled him... he was sicker then she thought... She knelt down by the bed and placed a hand on his forehead... he was hot.

Vegeta closed his eyes as her hand made contact, it felt cool and soft against his skin. He found himself enjoying the sensation more then he thought was normal.

"Vegeta... your sick... please let me call a doctor." She asked again. The thought was far worse then his body felt.

"No... I... No." Now she was really worried, his composure was beginning to break and she knew it. Bulma sat down on the edge of his bed, she began wiping the sweat off his face carefully with a cloth. She had respect for this man, he was set to keep to his choice, and that took strength in this condition... or idiocy. She wondered why she put up with it? Why did she let this jerk push her around? Insult her? Make her life a living hell? She knew the answer, she didn't want to admit it though, why admit to that? It would never work, he was indifferent to her, and she had already suffered enough with a man who didn't care back. She saw something in him though... something... comforting. She couldn't put her finger on it, but it felt like he was meant to always be in the background, always near to her. She actually worried when he wasn't, lately she had even found herself feeling vulnerable if she looked over her shoulder and he wasn't there, watching over her. She felt herself again, wanting to know more about him, she knew so little, he hid so much from the world. A little voice in her head began to speak, and it told her, although morally wrong... he was rather susceptible at the present moment...

"What would they do Vegeta... if we were on your planet?"


"Did they have hospitals?"

"Of course they did... what the hell do you think of Sayian's?"

"Did you ever go to one... when you were a child?"

"No... Royalty had private doctors... there was no need."

"Wow... Nice... and so these doctors... they would come to your palace when you were sick?"

"They lived there..."

"Couldn't imagine sharing a house with my doctor..."

"Is was a compound... like a minute city in itself, I never really saw them actually..."

"Did you have your own room?"

"Of course you twit... a wing... I shared it with my mother."

"Were you an only child?"


"That must have been lonely."

"I had a lot of cousins." With this she decided to leave it, she figured if she left it on a good note he might be more open to starting it again... at least she hoped.


"Ring... Ring... Ring... Hello?"

"Chi Chi it's Bulma... are you alone?"

"Hi Bulma, why are you whispering? Are you okay?"

"Yeah yeah I'm fine, are you alone?"

"Umm... yes... whats wrong?"

"Chi chi, you have to swear on your life you will never repeat anything I am about to tell you."

"Okay Bulma yes I swear now tell me whats the matter?"

"Your the only one who might be able to help me with this... Vegeta's gone and hurt himself and although it's not that bad he's not getting any better. He won't eat, won't train, he won't even get out of his bed!"

"Oh... Well how hurt?"

"A few broken bones and a cut in his side, he has a temperature but nothing seems to be infected... I just don't know what to do Chi chi..."

"Okay, you see Bulma it's a Sayian thing. When there out there in battle their the big tough never suffering men everyone usually see's. But when they are safe, like at home, they seem to just shut down and rest to do their healing, don't worry about the fever and not eating, he'll come out of that after awhile, mine always does. Rest is what I would prescribe."

"Oh thank god... I was beginning to wonder... phew! Thanks Chi chi your a life saver!"

"No problem! Call me anytime, I'm pretty much an expert on this stuff now!"

"Okay talk to ya latter!"

"Bye Bulma!"


Bulma let out a sigh she felt like she had been holding for days. She sat there on the couch for a moment enjoying the lifting feeling from her shoulders and thinking over what her friend had told her. Vegeta must feel safe here... He must be comfortable here... I wonder how long it has been since he's been comfortable. She hoisted herself up from the couch, she felt the tiredness in her body now. She hadn't been getting much sleep thinking about Vegeta, and now she felt it. Yawning she walked into his room and he was there, turned with his back to the door. Walking around she discovered he was awake, as he slowly opened his eyes for a moment to look at her, then shut them again.

"Feel any better?" She asked knowing he hated the question, but she was feeling less sympathetic now.

"What the hell do you think?" He grunted eyes closed.

"Well I think you should just try to get some proper sleep, I know that's what I'm going to do." She replied yawning again. He opened his eyes again to look at her.

"You look like shit." He stated bluntly. Bulma stood shocked, was he initiating a conversation?

"Yeah... I feel like it too." She said sitting down in the chair, wondering if he would continue.

"Women are such frail weak beings... it's a wonder your sex didn't die out eons ago."

"This coming from the man who hasn't gotten out of bed for three days?"


"Your right though... We are rather frail, some of us anyway, but we make up for it in other ways."

"Doesn't it worry you that you can't protect yourself?"

"Sometimes... but... that's what men are for." She said rather too thoughtfully.

"Like I said, if your worried you should arm yourself at least."

"I didn't say I was worried."

"You have no man." He stated coldly. Bulma felt the sudden urge to just say what was on her mind, she had no idea why, she just felt like it, and then it popped out.

"I have you... until you leave that is... and that's protection enough for anyone" She whispered and stood leaving the room. Vegeta lay there half stunned half confused. Did she just say she has me? A frown formed on his brow. This has to stop...