The clicking of the knife on the chopping board was so rhythmic it nearly lulled her to sleep as she chopped. She was sure she would get carpal tunnel from feeding the Saiyan. Somehow though this was better then the alternative of him trying to make something himself. She knew she shouldn't complain though, he had only been home a week anyway. He had spent months in space training off in some distant place. She would have minded but he had agreed to come back before the baby was born, and he did. She rubbed her tummy absent minded as she hummed to herself. He had given her that much, and she was glad for it, for him to yield to a request like this was a shock to her but she knew she could never tell anyone about the reason for his early return. The androids weren't due for several months.

Vegeta sat in a meditative pose on the roof of CC. He could hear the Onna's kitchen noises as she tromped around cooking. It was incredible how large she sounded for someone so small. Partly it was her way he knew, but additionally it was also the condition she was in. He hadn't been surprised when she told him nearly nine months ago. Yet the fact he knew something of the sort was amiss it still was disturbing to have it confirmed. Silly woman actually insisted he was back for the birthing... like he would ever be absent from such a thing. This was his child... his Onna... now his family. He had accepted this some time back, but she still insisted upon him verbally agreeing to the obvious. Why humans liked to talk so much was beyond him, they could leave nothing unsaid apparently.

"VEGEEEEEEEEEETA!" Her voice boomed from the kitchen, the sheer volume of which made even the hardened warrior twitch.

Bulma clinked down the last of the platters of food onto the table, looking up just in time to witness the Prince's entrance through the window. Briefly making eye contact she turned again to fetch a drink before sitting. The strong yet gentle grasp of her arm stopped her in her tracts. Looking back with a frown she found the Sayian matching her stare intently.

"Vegeta?..." She asked carefully when he did not speak.

"You know I love you right?" He rumbled. She had to brace her other arm on the counter, this was the first he had ever said anything of the sort to her consciously.

"...Y...Yes... I love you too."

"And not just because of this." He said letting his eyes drop to her bulging abdomen. "I loved you before this, and I'll love you more for this... and ever after... you know that right?" Bulma stood mouth ajar, holding her breath for fear of the noise that might burble out. He watched intently as her eyes welled up and her features began to tremble lightly. In a flash she buried her face into his chest quietly sobbing into the taller man.

She never did reply, the first time Vegeta noted, she had deemed no words necessary.

AN: Thank you to everyone for reading this, it was my first real attempt at this story I love so much. I hope I didn't screw it up too badly for some people, and I hope most of you enjoyed it. CC