Breaking Even
By: Manna


The Microfic/Drabble Meme
:Christmas Requests:
For: Nico-chan

Prompt: "How she wanted to crush that delicate smile under her heel."
Flower: Aconite


How she wanted to crush that delicate smile under her heel.

The girl was smart, but that wasn't a good thing. She'd rather have a stupid daughter, one that blindly obeyed her and refrained from asking questions. No matter how many times she'd pushed Nino away, the girl kept coming back for more. Her eyes begged for love, a love that Sonia knew she could never give.

Perhaps, in another world, in another place and time, she would have the capacity to feel human emotions.

Love and hope and trust and faith. They were all things she could not familiarize herself with. Perhaps her desire to know them provided her with their opposites.

The little girl smiled at her as she watched her practice spells and incantations. No good would come of that child learning magic. No good at all. She was too tender-hearted, too sweet, too innocent, and it all made Sonia feel sick to her stomach.

No matter how often she smiled, it looked far from innocent. She would never experience childhood or the innocence that came with it.

Angry at the thought of that child becoming something she could never be, she fired a spell in her direction. The thought of singed hair and flaky, charred skin made her lips curl into a smile, but the spell missed, and Nino's wide eyes stared at her in disbelief from where she had fallen to the floor.

"Out of the way, Girl!" she snapped, masking her anger with annoyance. "You could have been killed!"

"I-I'm sorry, Mother," she stammered, her eight-year-old body trembling slightly.

It brought Sonia some measure of satisfaction to see her frightened. It would keep Nino in her place. She would never become as important, as perfect, as the woman she looked to and called her mother.

Not if she could help it.


Author Notes:

Nothing to say here, really. Poor Nino.