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They fight, eyes locked and never touching each other. Each knowing that losing this means losing everything. Dying, losing this war, losing their people, and losing their very beings. One fights for people not her own, and the other fights for the resources of this tiny little childlike planet. He lunges and the she backs, just quick enough to miss the end of his weapon.

She knows everything he'll do, and he knows everything she'll do, making it nearly and even match, save for the fact that she is bound by rules that he is not, and he knows that if he dies now, or ever, he will rot in Hell for the rest of eternity.

She fights to keep her urges back, biting her lip to keep the pain alive that keeps the memories bound. She knows that if she were to let herself be ruled by her instincts that she would end everything she worked so hard to protect.

Ur Dexter's mind works in haste to read her emotions, still looking for a motivation. She's one of them, and always will be, yet here she is, looking human and fighting for them. Ben and Sector V rush over, mistaking her for a human, and aid her. Ben strikes that last blow, and they all stare at this girl, holding her own against Fusion Dexter, and a thought strikes the brunette.

"Don't I know you?" He stares at her, clearly recognizing her, but asking for an explanation. She looks at him, her eyes pleading, and runs off. She mentally kicks herself, how could she let Ben recognize her?

As soon as Ben's mind kicks back into gear, he calls Buttercup, figuring she would be able to catch his runaway schoolmate. The super-powered girl answers in her usual annoyed tone.

"What Ben?" A few punches are heard, and she looks at the screen.

"I need you to catch up with someone."

"Which fusion?" the girl asks, assuming it's an enemy.

"It's not a fusion-" "I am not chasing down Ship again."

"She's human, at least she seems to be, she tall, blonde hair, brown eyes and her name is Jaden." Buttercup nodded, choosing to ignore Ben's comment on Jaden's being human.

She runs, the young traitor, towards solitude and safety. She shoves those bothersome emotions into the back reaches of her mind and wonders why her psyche had to change with her form; it wasn't like this was her base form or anything. As if I would make myself human, there are much better species to take upon me. She shakes her head, trying to clear her thoughts, and it sinks in, what she'd done. She'd fought the commander sent to retrieve her, so she could give her report the Council. And she had fought-nearly killing him. I've screwed it up big time now. Now Max will know who I am and what I was sent her for. A flash of green passes overhead, and Buttercup, halting right above the young off-wordler.

"Jaden? Ben wants you back, now."

"Go tell Benjamin, that he has no command over me, because I'm not in your forces. And go tell Max, I need to talk to him though, and he needs to contact me the normal way." She ends this statement, ducking under the Powerpuff, and striding away.