It started quietly, a few accidents here and there; unexplained damage to important facilities, the appearance of strange beings, but soon after, the visitors made an announcement. It wasn't with words, but with actions, attacks to be more precise. Then this world knew they were dealing with an enemy, not a mystery. People came forth, some reputable, like the Plumbers, others not. Information was given, some false, some not. But quickly the adults of the world prepared for war.

People stockpiled everything from food to weapons, even small things of sentimental value, food storage and self-sufficiency became important qualities. The countries chose a council of leaders, some from the realm of politics, others not. They chose their strategies wisely and carefully, for none of them knew with whom or what they were dealing. But then, when the alien weapons stopped, the Fusions came.

They came in waves, and nothing the armies did could stop them. And from the unlikeliest of sources came warriors, from the children. Mature or not, the young ones soon learned of fighting. It seemed that the creativity of their adolescent minds was the perfect defense, and they weren't as 'creeped out' at the sight of the 'green goo' creatures. (Both quotes courtesy of Wallabee Beatles, Numbah 4 Earth KND). They themselves chose a leader, and they soon literally took over the world. Little by little the grownups realized they weren't the ones that should handle this. The adults just seemed to fade into the background. And soon where adults had once met, kids now debated and argued in their stead.

But no matter where you go, no place is more central to the war than Dexlabs. In the past world, it has produced and improved conveniences, such as vehicles, toasters, even shoelaces, and now it constructs deadly null void guns, and containment cubes, to battle these invaders, now called Fusions. These children, once young and innocent, take these weapons and have learned to fight with them, kill with them, all because they were thrust into the position to protect their planet. And in their own new way, these children prepared for war.

This people is young is both mind and body, and yet they fight with an unknown fierceness, but, they need help. They need their universal elders to guide them, to teach them, to help them. Without off-world assistance, I fear these young species will never reach their full potential.

If no one will help out of generosity, just ponder on one point, where will the Fusions go after they are done with Earth? Could it be your home planet?

We've got to stop them sooner or later. Wouldn't everyone rather sooner? Wouldn't everyone rather live in a peace knowing you're planet isn't going to be ransacked and your people killed? Wouldn't everyone rather it ends here and now?

So I send this report to you, their universal elders, but I send this with a question, who will help us?