Vacant sky: re-write

All through life as this young man grew up he could always see the work of God.

It was in the love of his family, the flowers blooming, the sun rising and setting.

He doesn't know exactly when it began, but one day he looked up and saw nothing.

He remembers that slowly the world started to lose its color, lose its life, but still he always found something to remind him of the higher power he prayed to.

He used to look around him and see the intricate patterns of life, the beauty of color in everything that lived.

But the day that everything changed was the day he doubted his faith.

As death and destruction continued to grow around him and in him the colors started to fade.

He didn't understand why, and he didn't know who to look to for answers.

Trees were no longer green, and the sky was no longer blue.

The flowers blooming was no longer magical, and the sun rising and setting was no longer something to be thankful about.

Colors dulled, and death was always present, no matter where he went or what he did.

The day he lost his color and life was the day he was condemned by the very things he believed in, the day he was left alone.

It was the day he lost his faith, and saw nothing.

No longer could he see color, or life.

The work of God was gone.

The sky had become vacant, just as life had become meaningless.