"Don't Tell Anyone"

Chapter one: Abusing

"Alright, I have a joke. You want to hear it?"Odd asked. "Yes? Good!" Odd immediately stopped everyone before they could say their answer.

"Looks like we have no choice." Ulrich said, rubbing his temples in annoyance.

"Ok, What did the blonde think of the new computer?" Odd asked, with a full mouth from eating ravioli in the cafeteria.

"What, Odd?" Aelita questioned with a grin. She said it to just get it over with.

"She didn't like it cause she couldn't get MTV!" Odd laughed along with everyone else who was bursting out laughing.

William walked into the cafeteria with what appeared to be a killer smile on his face.

"Hey Yumi, can I talk to you for a sec?" William asked as he leaned onto the cafeteria table.

"Sure. Sorry guys, I'll talk to you later." Yumi said as she stood from her chair. She then followed William outside of the cafeteria and towards the trees by the school. No one really goes over there, and Yumi thought it was strange for him to go in that direction, but she followed him anyway.

Back at the cafeteria everyone watched as they left.

"I wonder what they're talking about?"Odd questioned with curiosity in his voice.

"I wonder also." Ulrich said curiously.

"Maybe he's confessing." Odd suggested as he wagged his eyebrows.

"So William, what did you need to talk to me about?" Yumi asked curiously twisting her hair with her finger.

"Yumi, this is very important. Will you listen and not run off?" William asked as he stepped closer to Yumi.

"I'll listen, but I can't promise if I'll run off." Yumi said trying to back up, but her back was already against a tree.

William took a deep breath. "Yumi, I love you, will you go out with me?" William said releasing all of his breath.

Yumi stared at him with wide eyes."I-I'm sorry, William, but I-I can't accept. I-I love someone else." Yumi stuttered.

William narrowed his eyes into a glare. "Is it Ulrich? Is that why you can't go out with me? I'm better than him, you know that; go out with me!" William said, forcing Yumi to stay pinned to the tree.

Yumi couldn't move, he pinned her hands to the tree. His sudden outburst of violence towards Yumi scared her. She flinched when he touched her.

"No, William, you aren't better than Ulrich! He will always be better than you!" Yumi said, struggling in his grip.

"Why is it always him? I'm so much better!" William shrieked his face inches away from Yumi's.

"No, you are not! I will never love you! He is the only one that understands me... Please, why can't you understand? I thought you of all people would!" Yumi shrieked back. She was still trying to get out of his grip, but he was to strong.

"I really didn't want to do this, but I will prove to you that I love you more. Yumi, understand this is for your own good." William said, forcing his lips on hers.

"You can't do this, William! Please, stop abusing me!" Yumi screamed, pulling away from his dark kisses. Then he started to kiss her neck, causing a hickey to appear.

'This doesn't feel right. It feels like a ugly dog licking me. This shouldn't be the way that I feel. I should feel happy but I'm not cause It's Williamand not Ulrich.' Yumi thought as the feeling of fear shot through her body. She had no idea what was coming next but she braced herself for anything.

"Don't you see, Yumi? I am not abusing you. I am showing my love." William said in a cocky tone. He started to move his hand up and down her leg.

"No, William!" Yumi slapped William across the face.

"You dare do this to me? You're going to pay for that." William said as he slapped Yumi back. The force of the slap caused Yumi to fall to the ground.

"Ow! William, you will so not get away with this! My friends will teach you a lesson!" Yumi cried as she ran away from the abusive boy. She knew she had to go back, but she didn't want her friends to see her.

"If you dare tell anyone, you'll get worse then a hickey and a slap on the face. It'll be much worse!" William called after her.

'Damn you William, I can't tell anyone. Now I'll be scared of everyone who touches me.' she hesitatingly looked behind her, 'especially him.' Yumi thought as she walked back to her dorm to find her pink haired roommate asleep in her bed.

"Good, she's asleep, but now what do I do? I have a hickey and a bruise that's slowly appearing on my face."Yumi thought panicking. " I'm going to have to make up a lie to my friends." Yumi said,falling onto her bed and passing out.

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