Candy Canes and Mistletoe

Chapter 46

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House closed the door of the master suite behind him to see his new wife stare at him with a silver twinkle in her eye as she hung coyly from her hands on one of the tall posts of the antique bed. She spun to and fro like a little kid, slowly giving him a playful smile. He grinned back at her and began to unknot his already loosened tie. He unbuttoned his collar another button and slowly started to walk toward her. Since she had come down the aisle in that fabulous dress a few hours ago, all House could think about was getting her out of it. He had waited all day for this moment to be alone with her.

The room was dark except for the soft glow of about twenty candles placed strategically around the area to cast a dim romantic light. Their vanilla scent lingered subtly filing the air with a fragrant and mellow, sexy aroma. They had done their job because he had nothing but seduction on his mind.

When he reached her, she let go of the post and brought her hands to his vest. While her fingers worked the buttons, she smiled bewitchingly at him. He loved it when she smiled at him like that. It made him feel like he was invincible. His lips moved into a smile and House lifted his knuckles to caress the soft skin of her shoulders and down her slender arms. He closed his eyes and just enjoyed the sensations because she felt like expensive silk.

Finishing with his vest, she slid her hands up the front of his shirt, smoothing her palms over his chest and then onto his shoulders pushing his jacket and vest off of his arms. He let the rented clothing fall to the floor and brought his hand up to cup the back of her head. He pulled out the pins that held her hair in place setting it free. The long, warm chocolate tresses fell over his wrist and onto his arm tickling him with their ends. Drawing her to him, he brushed his lips against hers and kissed her with a need that had been brewing all day. When they felt the insistence to surface for air, they pulled back slightly and just gazed into each other's eyes. She was so beautiful that she continually took his breath away.

His knuckles traced the edge of her collarbone and then skimmed the tops of her breasts at the edge of her dress. He dipped his fingers in teasing one of her nipples beneath the delicate silk. When she inhaled a swift breath, he grinned at her.

"I love this dress," he said. "But it's coming off."

On a slow exhale, she bit her lip between her teeth and went to turn around so he could unzip her.

"Ok my little sex fiends, all is set. You have candles, music and plenty of sexual lube in the bathroom…"

Startled by the unwanted presence in the room, House instantly pulled away from her. He placed his body in front of her, instinctively protecting her from their intruder.

J. Terrance.

Was he fucking serious?

Remy let out a little giggle behind his back and then stepped to the side when she realized who it was.

House stared at the prissy little man in anger. "What the fuck are you doing here?"

J. Terrance looked at him incredulously. "I'm making your little love nest sexy and obscenely prefect for your first night of connubial bliss. What did you think?" When House arched a dubious eyebrow at him, J. Terrance put his hands on his hips and then lifted his hooded eyes to him with a little glint. "Well… I could join you if that's what you'd like? I mean, I'm always game."

Remy laughed and touched her hand to House's arm staying him when he went to step forward and strangle the presumptuous little wedding planner.

"J.T. I think we're good on our own tonight," she told him.

"No, really?" House looked at her. "And that's sooo not the kind of threesome I was talking about."

J. Terrance threw his hands up in the air. "Oh, Sumptuous Sam, you are so missing out on a good time. But, alas…" he paused and shook his head. "I understand."

House limped to the door and opened it. "Get out."

"Ok, fine. I'm going," the diminutive man looked thoroughly offended and then turned to Remy melodiously. "You sure you have everything you need? You've got your sexy lingerie on… you've got champagne and strawberries right here on the coffee table." He gestured flamboyantly to the gold ice bucket and two champagne flutes. "And don't forget the lube, darlings, we don't want chaffing. There's vanilla and cherry. Oh and scented bath oil for that luxurious fuck tub." He bit the edge of his nail and rolled his eyes fancifully. "Oh the dirty things we could wash off in that tub…"

"Keep dreaming," House grumbled. "Thanks. You're fabulous, now seriously, get out."

The little man paused at the threshold of the door and then peered at him. "I ain't too proud to beg…" he said in a hushed voice.

"I'll kill you… and no one will be able to figure out how you died." House advanced on him and he scurried out of the door.

"Ok, love, love, love you, my beautiful princess…" he was blowing a stream of kisses when House slammed the door in his face.

House sighed and looked at Remy. She, of course, was amused by the whole situation and was laughing merrily as she slipped off her high heels. House was hot and bothered now but gazing at her in the golden candlelight took the fire right out of his irritation and he immediately stood down from being on the offensive.

"Thank god, he's gone. I was going to have to find something to sedate him with and then tie him up the out by the barn."

"He means well," she said.

There was a swift knock at the door. House dropped his head in exasperated defeat. Who the hell was it now? At this rate, he was never going to get to touch his wife properly. Since he hadn't gotten but a single step from the door, he reached back and pulled it open.

J. Terrance looked at him with expectant, albeit slightly terrified, eyes. His finger was up begging for yet another second of their time. "Can I just… I just need one of those lubes…"

House stared at him open mouthed. He couldn't believe it, but then again he could. J. Terrance was a man with a mission. Always. Gesturing for him to come in a retrieve his object of desire, the little many hurried in on his tiptoes scampering into the bathroom. "There's this really hunky catering guy I'm gonna work my magic on, his name is Stefano. He's from Portugal…mmm-mmm hot damn! …. Which one do you guys want to keep, vanilla or cherry?" he poked from the bathroom.

House looked at Remy and screwed his face up into a contemplative frown. "Cherry?"

Her eyes grew big, as did her smile. "Definitely cherry."

"Take the vanilla," he motioned to him and shook his head in disbelief that they were even having this conversation. A second later, J. Terrance came hurriedly out of the bathroom. "Thanks bunches… now commence the hot sweaty naked marriage sex. Toodles!" He paused for two seconds as an after thought. "Car is coming for the airport at 8:30AM. Your bags are all packed and ready to do in the foyer… Ahh Tuscany," he trilled. "So viciously jealous, Ciao Bellissimos!"

And with that he practically ran out of the door.

House closed the door. And locked it.

"I don't care if the house is on fire, no one is coming in this room and we're not leaving, until I get me some hot sweaty naked marriage sex. At least twice."

Chuckling, she came over to him then and ran her hands up the front of his shirt again. Her hands slipped around his neck raking her fingers lightly against the back of his head in his hair. She pressed her lips to his and kissed him heatedly reigniting the desire that was so rudely interrupted.

"Hot sweaty naked marriage sex, Take Two," she whispered against his lips before trailing sizzling kisses down the side of his neck.

House laughed deep in his chest and took possession of her mouth again. His tongue swept deeply into her mouth, tasting her sweetness. She was so warm, so inviting. He could always lose himself in her every time he kissed her. Touching her was like finally coming home.

Slowly, he pushed her backwards until she was close to the bed. She turned around for him and he smoothed his hands over the curve of her back before finding the small tug on the zipper. The top of the dress dipped below her shoulder blades and he pressed soft kisses to each one before pulling the catch down bit by bit until the opening fell to the sides. Gently he slipped his hands inside her dress and flattened his palms against her ribcage, pulling her against his chest. His thumbs brushed the underside of her breasts in her stiff bra. Taking one hand, he flicked the clasps open and removed the garment setting her breasts free. She sighed and dropped her head back against his shoulder in relief. Her hand came up to touch the back of his head as he brought both hands back to cup her breasts in his palms. Always a boob man, he liked the perky fullness of her breasts and the way they filled his palms. He tweaked her nipples lightly between his fingers bringing them to hard little buds. She moaned softly under his touch and he breathed in the lingering scent of her vanilla perfume on her neck.

The dress began to slip down to her waist so he held her hand as she carefully stepped out of the garment and tossed it aside onto the bench that was in front of the bed. She had on those sexy stockings that clipped to a lacy belt and he felt his groin tighten further from the sheer visual of it.

"My god," he grumbled into her ear. "If I had known you had those on while you were rubbing your ass on my crotch all night, I think I might have taken you behind a bush and had my way with you much earlier."

She responded with a giggle and rubbed her pert little ass against his hips. "I knew you'd like them."

"Oh I do," he said running his hand over her hip to the juncture of her thighs and covered her heat. "I like them a lot."

"Good," she cooed and proceeded to rub harder against his erection. Her hands pulled his hips closer. "Do you want me in them or out of them?"

House let out a low growl as he dragged his tongue down the column of her throat. "In them." Oh god, what her ass was doing to him as she ground her hips into him.

"Well then you need to get out of these," she said and she turned around in the circle of his arms. Her fingers began unbuttoning his shirt, making fast work of them. She had his shirt undone and sliding off his arms quickly before moving eagerly onto the hook of his pants. The light fabric collapsed down his legs and he stepped out them pulling off his socks and boxers as he went.

Once he was completely naked, House took her lithe body into his arms again and kissed her hungrily, their hands roaming over every surface, touching, feeling, and kneading. The feel of her bare skin against his was so erotic. He brushed kisses along her shoulders, neck, and jaw line. Her teeth nipped at the skin over his collarbone and her polished fingernails drew rough marks along his back and waist as she came around to his stomach. Her hand slid lower and gripped him tightly. He let out a hiss of satisfaction, feeling her fingers on him, stroking him to a higher state of desire.

Not so gently, he pushed her back against the turned down sheets on the bed making the springs of the mattress rattle a little with the weight of both of them. She let out a squeal of delight and laughed as she inched herself backwards giving him room to place himself in between her thighs. Positioning himself over her, he took one of her pert nipples into his mouth causing her to arch her back and moan out in pleasure. Her fingers raked through his hair as she tilted her head to observe what he was doing. Eyeing her as she watched, he gave her a devilish smile and moved his attention to her other breast. He took a detour and kissed a freckle that she had on the soft swell of her breast before circling his tongue around its peak. She cried out in pleasure and then dragged her ankle up the side of his hip bringing her leg around his waist. The feel of her silky stocking against his skin drove him wild.

He slid his hand down the sweep of her waist to the beautiful curve of her hip following the path with his lips. Her eyelids hung low and a slow smile burned on her lips as the watched him. She was so exquisite that he wanted to savor every moment of this. There was only one chance to make love to his wife for first time. He wanted them both to remember this as special as the first time he made love to her, that incredible night when he knew that he would never be the same after touching her.

She hooked her leg around his middle and rolled him over so that his back was flat against the cool cotton of the bedcovers taking control. With the way she made love to him, he was more than willing to let her drive. Straddling his hips, she leaned forward and kissed a path down his chest to his stomach and then back up again, her hair tickling him as she went. Lacing her fingers in his, she pulled him to sitting so that they were face to face in the middle of the large bed, eyes locked on one another. Her deep endless eyes stared longingly at him as she wrapped her fingers around his shaft, pushing her panties to the side and guiding him into her. They both let out a sigh of contentment, neither of them moving, only holding onto each other as they adjusted to the feel of being united in the most primal way possible. She wanted no pretense, only to be connected to him as lovers should.

House's hands splayed against her smooth delicate back as her arms draped over his shoulders bringing her lips to his. She kissed him slowly, passionately caressing him with her tongue. When they kissed like this, it was as if the whole world stood still. Like they were the only two people on Earth. She moaned softly in the back of her throat and began to move taking him out of her before sliding back deeply, her feet anchored against the mattress for leverage. House exhaled and let his head tip back on the sensation of being sheathed fully inside her. She felt slick and hot and his pulse began to quicken.

Gripping his fingers into her hips, he guided her and set the pace, nice and slow. Long strokes fully in and then out, feeling every inch of her along the way. Once she was moving languidly, he spread his fingers along her back and pulled her close to him so he could kiss the elegant ridge of her collarbone. He followed the scent of her perfume with his nose down into the valley of her breasts all the while feeling the coil tighten deep in his core. She was fantastic. Everything about her filled him with such a sense of completion.

A light sheen of sweat began to mist on her skin as she continued to move over him. Her breaths came in quiet moans and she was purring against him as she threw her head back giving him access to the slick arc of her throat. He dragged his lips down her neck, breathing in her scent, the heady mixture of cinnamon vanilla haze and feral woman. His heart began to pound in his chest and his breathing sped up rapidly as she accelerated her pace, pushing faster and deeper. The apex of her core rubbed against him heightening her sensations. Slipping his hand in between them, he rubbed her with his thumb stimulating her to a feverish pitch. Soon neither one of them could hold back any longer, as she bucked her hips against him, stroking him long and full. Arching her back, she cried out as her slick muscles tightened convulsively and pulsed around him taking him with her as she tumbled into orgasmic ecstasy.

They stilled finally, breathing each other in. His eyes grew serious and his brow furrowed as his mood changed from wild hot desire to everlasting reverence for the woman in his arms. He swallowed his heart as it hammered in his throat, his breath coming heavily through his nose. His eyes felt hot and his hands shook against her back. "I love you, so much."

She touched her hand to his face and kissed him gently on the lips, dipping her tongue in sweetly to taste him. "And I love you more than I ever thought I could."

He took her hand in his and pressed his lips to the back if her knuckles looking at her two rings on her finger. "You are my world, my beautiful, sexy wife."

"Mmm," she purred touching her lips to his damp neck. "Say it again."

"What?" he chuckled against her cheek. "Beautiful or sexy?"

"No, silly, wife." She laughed airily against him and lightly smacked his shoulder.

"Ah," he smiled. "My wife. My wife. My wife."

"I love the sound of that coming from your lips," she said touching her fingers that part of his anatomy and then placed a kiss there.

House sighed contentedly, and kissed her. He didn't want to let her go just yet, but he felt himself slowly beginning to slip out of her. Quickly, he laid her down on her side and snuggled up against her, brushing an errant strand of hair out of her face. He looked into her eyes and knew that this was the last woman he would ever be with. No one could replace her in his heart, because in simple terms, she had become his heart. She was his missing puzzle piece, the final solution to the mystery. She was his joyful love, his carnal addiction and his saving grace.

The song he had picked for her was perfect…

She was indeed his Everything.

The End