Ha ha... sorry my friend gave me the idea, so I had to write it down XD! Bel x Fran, (hint's of Xanxus x Squalo,and 8059), one-shot or maybe if I feel like I'll make it into a series of short stories;)


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The Froggy & Prince Chronicles

"VROI..." Squalo yawned, walking into the Varia kitchen. It was breakfast time, and Lussuria had made pancakes.

Xanxus, Lussuria, and Levi sat down at the table already eating, as Squalo came in to sit down.

"Good morning my beau!" Lussuria squealed, "Come and sit!" he waved over-dramatically.

"I'm comin, I'm comin," Squalo grumbled.

As he walked into view, you notice that he was wearing bows in his hair, and wait a minute, were those braids?!

"Squalo..." Xanxus with an annoyed tone in his voice, "Seriously, WHAT THE HELL?!" He said this, but he was thinking, damn! He looks so hot!

"WHAT NOW?!" It was to early for Squalo to put up with what ever the f****n boss was yelling about.

"Oh!!!" Lussuria squealed again, was he always this energetic in the morning? "He must be talking about this fabulousness!!!" He ran up to Squalo shoving a pocket mirror in his face, so he could see his reflection.

"No need to thank me of course! You know I'll always have your back!" Lussuria continued, taking credit for the braids in the silver hair of Squalo's. He waves walking back to his seat, the mirror in his hand slips and bounces off an angry Squalo's head.

"VOII!!!! LUSSURIA!!!" He yelled as pulled a sword out of nowhere and prepared to stab the life out of the gay freak.

"Zohmigosh! Look at the time!" Lussuria put a hand to his cheek, "Gotta go!" He said smiling and running as Squalo chased after him.

Levi and Xanxus are left alone in silence.

"Shi shi shi, pancakes." Bel comes in smiling and still in pajamas, followed by a yawning Fran, also in PJ's and holding a vampire teddy bear (a/n if you don't know what that is, go watch the Nightmare before Christmas).

"What took you guys?" Xanxus glared (a/n when isn't he glaring? XP)

"Sorry," Fran explain nonchalantly, "it's just that yesterday, Bel-sempi and I went out with Vongola tenth's friends, (Xanxus eye twitches) Yamamoto and Gokudara I think, and we stayed out pretty late..."

"What were you guys doing out so late with those two?" Xanxus glared some more.

"On a double- (stab stab stab)" Fran started to answer.

"-KILLING SPREE." Bel finished grinning madly, "Yes... a double killing spree..."

"I'm sure it was..." Xanxus smirked, his brain: *cough cough* BULL CRAP!

"I thought thought he was gonna say double da-(stab stab stab)" Poor Levi didn't get to finish his sentence.

"My bad!" Bel grinned, "I slipped."

"Of course you did Sempi." Fran said sarcastically.


Ha ha okay so the reason I had them go on a date with Yamamoto and Gokudara, was because me friend kept saying that she wished that Bel and Gokudara would be friends. And I said "Yeah then Fran and Bel could double date with Yama and Goku!" And then the rusty light bulb in my head went on (which doesn't happen often!) and came up with this XD I hope ya didn't hate it! And sorry it was so short!

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lmao double killing spree!

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