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The Froggy & Prince Chronicles: Tales from a Bucket of Popcorn

Hayato you should take off your hat."

The black haired young man laughed nervously, letting the silver haired one go before him.

The Italian turned and faced the taller boy, "You! Shut up." He glared, "And who the hell gave you permission to call me that!"

"Well I thought-"

"Stop!" Gokudera interrupted harshly. "Don't 'think'! Because whatever you 'think' is wrong. Got it?"

"Um, okay," Yamamoto smiled seemingly amused.

Gokudera turned and swiftly continued down the aisle of theater seats. The other follows happily.

"Why did we have to come so early? The movie doesn't start for another half hour." He asks curiously as they sit down.

But Gokudera doesn't do curious and replies bluntly.

"Because if we came when people were around, they would see us."

"Is that why your wearing the hat?" Yamamoto grins.

"Yeah. That's why." He answers truthfully eying the other. "What are you smiling at freak?"

"Oh nothing."

"Stop staring then!"

"Why does it bother you?" Yamamoto leans in to provoke him.

"No!" He denies but jerking back slightly, "And don't get too close!"

"But there's no one here."

"Yeah and?"

"You're a touchy person Gokudera." Yamamoto says leaning back in his seat.

"I am not." Gokudera frowns. "I just don't like you."

"You don't?"

"No I don't."

"But Ha-Gokudera doesn't hate me right?"

"No I hate you."

"But I like Hayato." He smiles.

Gokudera's eye twitches, he can't tell if the baseball player is being sincere or not.

"I told you not to call me that!" He snaps.


"Shhhhhhhh!" Gokudera ducks suddenly, pulling the baseball player down by the collar. "Someone's coming."


"Don't you think it's a little early?" The mafioso speaks in a hushed tone.

"Well we-"


The begin to crawl further into the darkness of the empty theater.

"Vrooiii... it's empty!" A voice familiar to the swordsman spoke. A voice that the Italian found even more irritating than the baseball idiot's laugh.

"F*ck. I f*king told you it didn't start till three." Another voice grumbles.

"You said 2:30!"

"Trash. This was your idea."

"You're blaming me now?"

"You're so loud..."

"Vroi! Let's leave then!"

"Hell no trash." Xanxus says pulling the man's hair back into the room, "You dragged me here to watch a f*cking movie, we're going to watch a f*cking movie!"

"What! We're going to wait half an hour?"

"Trash I never said anything about waiting."

Commotion was heard.

"Hey what the f*ck are are you going!"

"You going to entertain me scum."

"Here! Wait-"

Shuffling, shuffling.

Commotion, commotion.


Gokudera looks at Yamamoto questioningly. "Did they leave?"

He shrugged and Gokudera let out a frustrated sigh.

He slowly sat up and looked over the row of seats.

"OH GOD! !$%#!" Flustered, the silver haired one ducked back down.

"What?" The baseball player asks smiling at the reaction.


"Haha your face is red!"


"Wait." Squalo's voice echos in the empty movie theater. "Someone's here."

"Yeah and what?" Xanxus says in an 'I-don'-give-a-crap' tone.

"No, wait Xanxus stop."


"Oi. Whoever's there get lost."

"That's it?"

"Shut the f*ck up scum."


Commotion, commotion.

The younger two behind the seats had begun to crawl away.

"Hey wait Gokudera your shirt is caught on-"



Fumble fumble, commotion, KaBam! Yamamoto stumbles into sight.

"Ouch." Only Yamamoto would smile stupidly in this situation.

"Wargh! No! Idiot get back here-!" Gokudera glares from behind the seats.

"What the?" Xanxus says in a not seemingly surprised look.

"Vroi, what the hell are you doing here!"

Squalo has his sword drawn out, while Xanxus seems to have been in the middle of ripping his hair out of the man's skull.

"Me and Hayato came to see a movie." Yamamoto say simply being himself and pointing in the direction of the seats.

"Ek." The Storm guardian protested.

"Oh yeah I meant Gokudera."

A moment of silence…

"Seriously?" Xanxus raises an eyebrow both in interest and disturbance, but who was he to judge?

"Half an hour early?" Squalo in plain interest.

"Gokudera wanted to make sure no one saw him."

Xanxus laughs loudly.

"Well that worked out well." Squalo smirks at the silver-haired teen's glare.

"What about you guys? What are you doing here?" He shoots back.

"Well this piece of scum here-"


"What the hell what? I didn't do anything trash."

"THEN WHAT IS THIS?" Squalo lifted the object that had hit him on the head.

It was a frog hat.

The four stared at it questioningly since it gave off an aura of familiarity.

"Stupid Sempai, look what you did." The toneless voice said lifting the illusion that hid their presence.

"Ushishishi, what did I say about taking off the hat?" A stab to the shoulder blade.

"What did I say about taking my popcorn?" The boy replies.


"Oh hey there Bel, and kid I've never met before." Yamamoto greets host-like. Gokudera rolls his eyes, in a 'great there's more' way.

"What are you guys doing here?" The shark asks.

"We're on a date duh-" Bel explains before being silenced by a bucket of popcorn to the face.

"Never mind Sempai, you can have the rest of my popcorn." The boy adds in monotone. "We came to see a movie. But watching you guys goof around was much more entertaining."

"But you're half an hour early? Why?" Squalo asks the duo.

"For the same reason you all are, we didn't want to be sEEN." Fran exaggerates the last part in Bel's direction.

Bel plops the hat on Fran's head once more, "But I guess there was no point in that huh?" He says.

"Well," Gokudera begins as a thought forms in his head, "We could make... like you know, a pact or something..."

"A pact?" Xanxus being in favor of the idea.

"Yeah I guess that could work." Fran sighs.

Yamamoto shrugs.

Bel grins.

"Well it's all set then." Squalo grins. "We all saw nothing."

They agree. "Nothing it is."

Well... except for what the bucket of popcorn knows.