I sighed and gazed out of me red Dodge pickup truck's windshield out at the wet road that led to La Push in front of me. I still couldn't wrap my head around the fact that I'd been living on my own for two weeks.

My mother had decid3ed that the lack of sun in Washington was to depressing. Since my wonderful step-father hated my guts and my mom was naïve enough to believe that I could fend for my self and my six Quarter Horses so she packed up with the step-loser and headed for New England. Considering that as a family we had only lived here for three weeks our old house was still up for sale. I just decided that was the last time I was letting my mothers life changing mistakes ruin my life…again.

I didn't blame her (because John was a brain-washing control freak) I just turned seventeen and was fully capable to care for myself. As I had been doing for the past two weeks I clambered up the front porch steps into the house checked the messages on the answering machine and went out side to care for my horses. My Olympic mountaintop home was very secluded and very spacious. It consisted of a four bedroom cozy log cabin, a stable for my six Quarter Horses.

I got out one of my best barrel horses named Barry just to let him loosen up and stretch his legs. After I was through with him I got out my black Quarter Horse, Prince out. He I was usually a handful so when he acted badly I didn't think anything of it but when my best behaved mare, Gracie started misbehaving I knew something was wrong.

Once I got her calmed down enough that I could see what in the heck she was carrying on about. That's when I heard the crashing and cracking of bramble and underbrush and then I saw a sliver-grey streak of fur. I shuddered and shakily put Gracie back into her stall. I left them in. There was no way I was letting them out with god knows what.

I went into the house and started watching TV when a thought hit me, I needed a job. John wasn't going to allow my mother to send me money to pay for the horses and the bills. Tomorrow is Saturday, I thought tiredly, I'll go into town and look for a job.

I drove into town completely wracked up on nerves by the time I got down the mountain and into town I had chewed the nails down to mere stubs. I entered the small community store and looked around. They sold everything from groceries to Quileute artifacts. A mother hurried to the only cash register screaming baby in tow. Once the beautiful lady with tan skin and the darkened color of hair that people try to achieve by dying their hair multiple shades of black was finished with the flustered mother I slowly walked up to the counter.

"Can I help you?" She asked smiling.

I tried to make my eyes less pitiful and smiled in replied, "Yeah I'd like to apply for a job."

The woman smiled, "Well the tourist rush hasn't come yet but they should be here by next week. How does starting on Saturday sound?"

"That's great!" I said enthusiastically.

I wandered outside slowly trying to put off going to my lonely home on Kerr Ridge for as long as possible when I noticed a group of shirtless boys arguing loudly around the side of the store. One of them shoved another.

I fought my way to the middle of the group, "Hey guys, why you want knock it off." It wasn't a question.

One of them stretched up and I realized how incredibly massive these guys actually were but I straightened myself up to seem more tall. "Beat it tourist!" The one that shoved the other snarled.

I don't mind being asked to do something but when I get told what I was going to do I get mad, "Don't. Tell. Me. What to do." I said slowly anger causing me to clench my jaw stubbornly.

"I think you should leave before you get hurt." The guy threatened starting to shake he was so mad.

"Yeah, you wanna know what I think?" I didn't give him time to reply, "I think you are a big bully who uses his massive size to bully others. I don't take lightly about being told what to do."

"You want to fight?" He shouted.

The one who stood aside during the fight spoke up, "No, she doesn't want to fight." He shook his head.

"Paul calm down. Its okay miss really, - we just got into an argument." Said the one who got shoved.

"Yeah," Said the other, "Sam's going to be pissed if you do anything stupid."

A large man strode forward out of the blue, "Paul, Embry cut it out, Paul calm yourself down." He looked to me, "You might want to go home."

I stomped off to my truck, "The nerve of some people." I muttered furious

When I logged onto my cyber-school account a pop up said that I was no longer in the curriculum. I groaned in frustration and looked around frantically for the nearest clock. It was almost eight o 'clock!

I jumped into my truck and sped down the mountain cursing John and my idiotic gullible mother while trying to keep my truck in control on top of the mud.

It wasn't until I was down the ridge and on pavement I realized I had no idea where the high school in La Push was. I pulled over at the nearest house I saw and hurried to the door practically running.

I knocked on the door rapidly. A man in a wheelchair opened the door skillfully maneuvering his chair out of the way from the door, "Can I help you?" He asked his black eyes boring into my indigo ones.

Something in his tone caused my breath to hitch in my throat. It wasn't mean and irritated like I had expected it was kind and slightly amused, "Yeah, I'm looking for the school."

The man opened his mouth to reply but was cut off, "Dad, there is no way I can get there on time now! I have to ride my bike there remember?" A larger version of the decrepit man in the wheelchair arrived in the doorway behind his father.

"My son Jacob is late for school. He can show you where it is."

Jacob was very nice to me he chattered light heartedly until we had to go our separate ways for our classes but we had lunch together with his friends Quil Atera and Embry.