I am sad. Can you imagine why I am sad? This is the last chapter of this story and I really enjoyed writing it. I don't want it to end her honestly but I need ideas for a good sequel if you want it to continue too. Even after this story is finished I'd like it a lot if y'all still reviewed.

Instantly my throat burned insanely. I nodded afraid to speak because of the pain. It was like having your tonsils taken out without anesthesia.

Jasper, Emmett and Edward jumped out the window. "Your turn." Alice chimed from behind my, trying to usher me towards the window.

"You have got to be kidding me." I muttered shaking my head trying hard not to get distracted by the sound of my voice.

Alice laughed, "It's easy trust me."

I stood on the window sill frozen with fear. I felt a strong push on my back, which threw me off balance and I fell out the window.

I landed easily enough but I was furious. I heard Alice land behind me, I whirled and snarled then felt muscled arms putting me into a choke hold. I went from being mean and angry to being calm and relaxed.

I was appalled that a sound like that could come from me but calm at the same time. It was…weird.

The rest of the hunt went fairly smooth, except the fact that I tore the rose colored dress Alice had the audacity to put me in, to near shreds.

Edward smiled after I finished my last deer, "Somebody wants to see you." He escorted me to where Jacob stood meters away in human form then Edward left to give us privacy.

Jacob and I stood in silence for what seemed to be a long time when I couldn't bear the silence anymore I said, "Hi Jacob."

Jake swallowed hard once and said, "Sarah." His voice sounded rough like he was choking on my name, "I'm sorry." He finally managed.

"For what?" I asked puzzled.

"I didn't get to you fast enough. If I had stayed with you just a little bit longer we could have had a long and happy life together and I screwed it up."

I felt my eyes widen in horror, "Jake, what was meant to happen happened. There was no stopping it."

"We can't be friends anymore Sarah. We're mortal enemies."

I swallowed hard. "Maybe we weren't meant to be together Jacob."

Jacob's face went dark and angry, "How? I imprinted with you!"

"Jacob, I don't know but don't beat yourself up. I love you." I said what I meant. I watched as Jacob phased and ran off leaving me and his torn clothes behind forever.