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"What d'you want for Christmas, little girl?"

His voice was gruff and throaty, and it came out in a low growl that sent shivers down Alex's spine, making her press herself slightly closer as his hand slid further up her leg, thumbing over the crease of her thigh as his breath teased across her skin. She bit her lip, blushing as he pushed aside the hem of her skirt, tracing his finger lightly across her wet folds.

"Alex?" He murmured, eyes fixed on the curves of her breasts as her chest lifted up and down with anticipatory gasps. He leant forwards, brushing his nose against her neck and feeling her shiver delightedly when the fake beard tickled across her bare flesh. "What you gunna ask Santa for?"

She tightened her arm around his shoulders, still biting down on her lower lip as she took a deep, shuddering breath. It had been all very good, in theory, whispering filthy things into his ears until he threatened to flip her over and do them all right there, but now she was here, practically quivering with lust, heart pounding and dressed in a ridiculously skimpy set of underwear, with Gene's fingers teasing against her centre, it became oddly difficult to vocalise anything except small, rasping breaths that made her sound completely wanton and sex-deprived, as though she hadn't had him five times in the last twenty-four hours.

He looked at her expectantly, his bright blue eyes flickering in the glow of the Christmas lights adorning the nearby tree, looking intensely into her, melting her into a puddle of goo and causing her to push her hips slightly upwards into his questing hand.

"Have you been a good girl, Alex?" He asked, the hand that wasn't between her thighs dancing up her back and the column of her neck. She shivered, and nodded her head.

"Yes, I think so," she said, gasping as he slid one finger into her body, his eyes intense as he met her gaze. "Very good, in fact..."

"Really?" Gene murmured, his fingers trailing down her throat, to the pendant dangling between her breasts. He hummed thoughtfully, tracing the warm flesh gently before he went on. "Do good girls often dress like this, Alex?"

She grinned at the echo of their very first encounter, and then shook her head, shifting so that her face was next to his, her mouth beside his ear, breath hot against his skin. "Only when Santa comes to stay," she assured him, stifling a laugh when he emitted a loud groan, pushing his finger deeper inside of her whilst his other arm darted around her back, tugging her tight against his chest.

"Why's that, then?" He murmured, cursing the fake beard around his mouth as he longed to kiss her, to trace his lips over her neck, and her breasts, and down her stomach, and-

"Because Santa brings presents," she whispered, ignorant of his longing as she stroked the prominent bulge in his red trousers with an assured touch. "And we all want to get a quick peek at Santa's sack," she teased, giving him a quick squeeze, and then giggling when Gene's fingers withdrew from her, his hand suddenly wrapped around her wrist as he tugged it away.

"Good girls tell Santa what they want for Christmas," Gene murmured, eyes glittering darkly. "And they don't go snoopin' in 'is sack, either..."

Alex smirked, pulling back and settling herself in his lap, hands folded innocently on her legs as she did so. "Would you like to know what I want for Christmas?" She asked sweetly, fluttering her eyelashes up at him. Gene felt his lip twitch into a grin as he nodded.

"Yeah, Alex, I reckon I would..." He moved her slightly, perching her firmly on his right thigh and circling his arms around her waist, looking up into her face with a suggestive quirk of the eyebrows.

With a wicked glint in her eye, she sat up slightly straighter, lifting her hand and feigning marking off each item as she spoke. "First, I'd like a teddy bear. Then, I'd like a Barbie doll. After that, I'd like a pony, and a puppy, and a cat, and a nice new dress, and a pair of dolly shoes, and a-"

"Alex..." Gene growled warningly, tightening his fingers on her hips and narrowing his eyes slightly. She smiled, shaking her head.

"I'm not done yet," she mock-scalded him, returning to her list and pausing momentarily as though in thought. "Now, where was I?" She bit her lip for a moment, and then nodded. "Ah yes," she went on, "I remember..."

Gene looked at her expectantly, fingers sliding across her stomach, down her thighs and behind her knees. "What d'you want then?" He asked.

Alex toyed with her lip, eyeing Gene nervously, and then leaning forward to mock-whisper in his ear, "I don't think I can tell you, Santa..."

Gene smirked, twitching slightly within his trousers and tugging her slightly closer. "Sure yer can, love – you can tell Santa anything..."

She laughed lightly, shaking her head as she lifted the beard slightly away from his skin, pressing her lips to the warm flesh of his neck, sucking, nibbling and biting until he let out a loud groan.

"Alex..." he managed, "you still haven't told me..."

"I wouldn't like Santa to think I'd been a bad girl," she said, voice low and sultry. "I'm not sure good girls would ask for it..." Gene groaned, resting his forehead on her shoulder and squeezing slightly tighter on her hips.

"I'm sure he'll understand," he muttered, resisting the urge to itch at his fake beard as her breath tickled against his ear, her hands on his biceps as she gave a soft sigh of despair.

"Oh, I don't know," she said theatrically, shaking her head. "I'm quite certain that little helpers get fired for being so inappropriate..."

"Santa could do with a good firing," Gene assured her, voice gruff and soft, his nose teasing at the sensitive flesh at the base of her ear. "Might even spare the little helper a boner..." His eyes glinted as he drew back, and she smirked.

"I think you mean 'bonus'..." She corrected softly.

"Do I, now?" He murmured, stroking a hand up and down the bare flesh of her lower back. "What sort of 'bonus' would you be after then?" He asked, cursing once again the beard on his face and opting to blow lightly over the skin of her shoulder, feeling her shiver and press closer to him. "Christmas turkey?" He suggested. "Mistletoe? Mince pie?"

Alex laughed softly in his ear, the sound of it warm, rich and seductive; Gene's hand slid up her front, cupping her breast through the small excuse for a bra. "You know what I'd really like, Santa?" She said.

"What's that then?" Gene murmured, thumbing over the curve of her breasts and meeting her glistening hazel gaze.

"I'd love," she whispered, "a good Christmas stuffing..." Her eyes were dancing, and Gene gulped, taking a deep breath.

"A stuffing?" He repeated, licking his lips and cringing as a loose fibre from the fake beard caught in his mouth.

"Mmmm," Alex nodded, rocking slightly on his knee so she brushed against the prominent bulge in his trousers, smirking as she spoke and eyeing the hungry look burning in Gene's gaze, watching as he fought for restraint, feeling his fingers dig into her a little tighter... "I'd really love a good, rich, hard stuffing..."

"Stuffing ain't meant to be hard..." Gene managed throatily, groaning as she pressed slightly harder against him.

"Isn't it?" She asked softly. "I always find it to be much more effective when it's hard..."

Gene shook his head, trying to think less of the straining erection in his trousers, and more about making her wait that little bit longer, about making it better... "Hard means it's overdone," he managed.

"You can't overdo this sort of stuffing, Santa," Alex insisted, sliding her hand down to his crotch and stroking lightly. "It's all about the bird it's going into..."

She thought he whimpered, could have sworn he made a noise like a desperate animal, but she couldn't be sure as, barely a moment later, he'd flipped her onto her back, lying his body over hers and pressing her firmly into the sofa, his forehead pressed against her neck as he attempted to regulate his breathing.

"So, after the stuffing's in the bird," he managed, clenching his eyes shut as she rolled her hips against his, "what'd you want next?"

"Well, until I've sampled the stuffing, Santa, it's difficult to be sure exactly what I'd like..." She was grinning, but he couldn't see. His face was still buried in her neck, his body rigid with restraint as he bit down on the inside of his mouth, resisting the urge to throw the whole thing to the wind and shag her right then and there.

"Don't think you're really in a position to be bargainin', Alex," he murmured, feeling himself cave slightly, rocking his hips against hers and groaning in delight. "So," he grunted, "what d'you fancy?"

Her hands slid beneath the hem of the red costume-jacket, stroking delicately up the warm skin of his back as she whispered into his ear.

"A sleigh ride," she said, sighing when she felt him chuckle, his hot breath teasing over her.

"You wanna ride Santa's sleigh?" He asked, smirking to himself as his hips continued to rock slowly against hers.

"Mmm... yes... I think I'd like that best of all... A nice, fast ride on Santa's sleigh... do you think that's a possibility?"

His fingers slid between them, easing into her body as he lifted his head so that it rested next to her own, speaking in a gruff, dangerous growl as he pumped his digits slowly within her. "D'yer reckon you can 'andle the reigns, Alex? It's a pretty big sleigh... Wouldn' want anythin' slippin' out, would we?"

He twisted his fingers slightly inside her as he drew back to look at her, watching as her whole body went slightly rigid, seeing the pleasure on her face and smirking as she attempted to speak, her first tries coming out as incoherent blabbering, until, finally, she nodded her head, her voice breathy and gasping.

"I'm a fantastic rider," she assured him, biting her lip, her eyes closed, the better to treasure his touch. "And- and if anything were to fall out, I'm sure Santa himself is perfectly capable of picking up the slack..."

Gene gulped, hips pressing hard into her thigh, his free hand squeezing firmly at her breasts as he spoke. "Santa ain't gunna complain if anything falls out, Alex... Reckon he could do with 'lightenin' the load,' so ter speak..."

Laughing breathlessly, Alex pulled his head down to hers, nose barely an inch away. "Why does Santa talk about himself in the third person?" She mused, pushing her hips into his hand as her fingers danced down his cheek and neck.

"Dunno," he chuckled, teasing at her clit briefly. "Probably summit to do with all them bird's gettin' stuffed on his sleigh... Concussion or something..."

Alex bit her lip, nodding slightly as he traced his thumb over her sensitive nub once again. "Yes... it must be most inconvenient for his deliveries..."

Gene made a small noise of assent, plunging his fingers slightly faster into her as he went on. "Pretty sure he still delivers... Lots of experience- could probably do it with his eyes closed..."

She nodded, whimpering quietly as Gene's fingers expertly brought her to orgasm, her body thrashing as she desperately snapped the beard away from his face, ignoring his sharp gasp of surprise and plunging her tongue into his mouth as he continued thrusting them into her, the other hand squeezing at her breast as he grunted his approval, erection pressing firmly into her bare thigh.

"Bedroom," he growled suddenly, tearing his mouth away and jerking her to her feet. He pushed her firmly in the right direction, watching as she stumbled on her way, her limbs still quivering from orgasm... He spared a brief glance to the discarded beard, wondering how much it would cost to replace, then, smirking wryly, he followed Alex into the bedroom.


She stood there at the bottom of the bed, still trembling as Gene entered the room, pausing to stare appreciatively at her arse for a few moments before walking up behind her, arms around her waist, one hand sliding to her thigh, whilst the other moved over her stomach. His mouth covered her neck for a few moments before he spoke, voice throaty and lustful as he held her tight against his body, letting her feel his arousal as he did so.

"Good to see you've hung up yer stockings," he murmured, twanging the aforementioned item of clothing before tickling at the inside of her thighs. "How about we see what Santa's got to fill 'em up?"

He twisted her round quickly, backing her up against the bottom of the bed and pushing her down gently, bending to kiss her knee through the fabric of the stockings, then moving up her legs, to her thighs, parting them slightly with a wicked smirk.

"Looks like you knew I was comin', Alex," he murmured appreciatively, tracing across the small item of clothing that barely covered her modesty, before speaking again. "I ain't a fan of Christmas decorations, but these are bloody gorgeous..." He leaned forward, pressing a kiss to her folds, shivering slightly as she let out a soft moan. "Yer grotto's glistening..." he whispered, kissing her again, and then moving slowly up her stomach as she giggled slightly.

"Now," he murmured, pressing light, breathy kisses to her breasts before moving to her neck, his lips caressing her pulse, "think you said somethin' 'bout a bird needin' stuffing...?" His voice lilted suggestively, and Alex laughed freely, her hands sliding down to his trousers and pushing them eagerly down. He stopped her when she moved to his boxers, his eyes glinting. "Manners, Alex," he reminded her, smirking.

She bit her lip, smiling coyly up at him. "Please, Santa, would you stuff my bird for Christmas?"

Gene chuckled, pushing his underwear down and parting her legs gently as he settled between them. "Nah, Alex," he murmured, still smirking as he slid into her, "but I'll stuff mine."


He moved above her, his body still swathed in his red jacket, the hat that had been on his head falling on the bed as he kissed her. Alex sucked at his lips hungrily, nibbling and biting and twining her tongue with his, just as her fingers worked the jacket buttons free, easing it back so that his chest was touchable, lips falling to his neck as she knocked his elbow from under him and rolled them over, whimpering as he sunk in deep, his head thrown back on the duvet.

Gene's hands found her hips, just as Alex grasped at his shoulders, negating to remove the jacket as she moved over him slowly, stroking his chest, her hips rocking into his own. "How you enjoyin' me sleigh, Alex?" Gene grunted, pulling her down slightly harder, eyes locked with hers.

"Lovely," she whispered, moaning as he lifted his hips higher, urging himself deeper into her heat. "It rides like a dream..."

Gene nodded, gulping and groaning as Alex continued, moving faster now, her body covered in a thin sheen of sweat that glinted in the dim light. Mouth dry, he pushed himself up, wrapping his arms around her and working at the clasp of her bra. "Looks like something's fallin' out, Alex," he managed, loosening the knot around her neck and tossing the flimsy material aside as his mouth fell to her breasts, covering one nipple as his hand teased and flicked at the other. "Two something's, in fact..." he added, grunting as she pushed down on him even harder. "Santa still delivering?" He managed, gasping as her teeth closed around his neck, biting and sucking until he was practically whimpering with lust, his fingers clenching at her hips.

"Yes..." she murmured, licking at the hollow of his throat as she finally pushed the jacket from his shoulders, tossing it away and catching his mouth in a deep, heated kiss.

"Alex..." Gene whispered, eyes closed tight, arms still wrapped around her back as he rolled her onto her side, hand sliding up the back of her leg and over her arse as he thrust into her, mouth whispering against her own. "Alex- I- Jesus, Alex... You feel incredible..." He kissed her again, fingers in her hair, urging himself into her, deep and hard.

"Yes..." she gasped, her head falling back as she tightened her leg around his hip. "Harder... please..."

He groaned, pushing her to her back swiftly, hooking both arms beneath her knees and kissing at her neck as he lifted them over his shoulders. "That an official Christmas wish?" He asked, entering slightly faster, grunting his pleasure as she whimpered beneath him.

"Yes!" She managed, directing his head to her breasts and gasping as his teeth closed around her. "Please... please Gene, need you to- please just... I- I need- need..." She didn't need to finish as Gene's fingers found her clit, stroking her swiftly as he breathed heavily against her neck.

"Alex- I'm... I'm gunna come... Jesus, Bolly..." he trailed off, gasping as she tightened around him, her body rigid as he followed after her, releasing with a long shudder, her name spilling from his lips over and over, collapsing on top of her as she dropped her legs from his shoulders and wrapped her arms around him.

"Christ," he managed, kissing along her shoulder. "That was incredible..."

Alex murmured her agreement, pulling his head to hers, lips finding his as she kissed him softly and tenderly. He rolled off her briefly, kicking the boots, trousers and boxers from his ankles before tucking the two of them beneath the duvet, his mouth at her neck as he curled into her back.

"Alex?" He murmured, his voice soft.

"Yes, Gene," she sighed, rubbing his hand lightly with her own.

He hesitated, and then said, quietly, "I love Christmas..."

She smiled, turning her head to look at him. "Me too," she smiled, linking their fingers together. He nodded, pressing his lips to her forehead.


Alex lay still, Gene's arm wrapped protectively around her waist, remaining quiet for several moments, her eyes fixed on the window.

His mouth moved up her neck, kissing the warm skin, Gene remaining completely oblivious to Alex's distraction until she sat up, frowning. "Is it snowing?" She asked, bewildered. He froze, glancing at the window, nodding briefly, and then tugging her back to the bed.

"Yeah, Bolly, it is..." He kissed her again, trying to turn her towards him, but she was already wriggling out of the bed, the pathetic excuse for underwear flapping around as she moved, frantically digging through her wardrobe and pulling out shirts, jumpers, coats and woollies, all of which she moved to put on as Gene lay there in a state of mixed frustration and bemusement. "Bols, you're not seriously goin' out in it are yer?"

She grinned at him, throwing on a large, thick jumper Gene recognised as his own as she nodded. "It's Christmas, Gene, and it's snowing – do you have any idea how rare that is? A white Christmas, Gene!" She looked at him, noting the disapproving look on his face, and pouting pathetically, pushing her lower lip forward in a pleading gesture. "Will Santa come and play in the snow with me?" She wheedled, her eyelashes fluttering innocently.

Gene was at the bottom of the bed in moments, arms around her waist as he pulled her down onto the mattress and lay himself over her with a smirk. "If yer wanted a white Christmas, Bolly, all yer had to do was ask..." His mouth fell to her ear as he spoke, voice a soft growl, "I can give you something white that's not gunna bloody freeze yer fingers off, Alex... and it tastes better, too!"


The innuendos were abound in this chapter.... And the snow has definite possibilities.... hmmm... hope you liked it :P

Merry Christmas!!

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