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Title: Power Play

Author: Stormy

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Obvious: Inuyasha/Kagome, Yuusuke/Keiko, Hiei/Kurama

Hints of/Mention of: Miroku/Sango, Kuwabara/Yukina, Koenma/Botan

Notes: This is my first attempt at an Inuyasha/Yu Yu Hakusho


- Inuyasha: I tried to keep the timeline up until episode 48; from

there it branches off.

- YYH: Takes place after the series, the team is still together.

Some things to know:

The fic uses a lot of references from the shows, but you can get the

idea of both in the fic. I tried to include enough background to make

it understandable without it being over-powering. If you have the

second YYH movie, you might want to watch it again to get the

references – I used Yakumo and the power sphere as the basis for this

fic. Again, that's only a suggestion - I think I made it clear enough

to be understood without additional research.

Rating: PG-13 for now. Rating is subject to change with future


Warnings: shonen ai alert with Hiei and Kurama, mild language,

mention of wandering hands courtesy of our favourite priest Miroku!

Warnings subject to change with future chapters.

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she had no prior knowledge of Inuyasha. **Hugs Mina** Any mistakes

found from this point on are mine alone.

IY/YYH X-over

Long ago and far away, Japan was a place of beauty, with

rolling hills, lush with vegetation, and pockets of villages

scattered throughout the countryside. Depicted in scrolls and tales

of old, it was a time when anything was possible, a time believed to

have magic and mystery beyond anything one could ever imagine.

Feudal Japan also had its dangers that accompanied the

fanciful dreams, however, for not all magical and spiritual energy

was good. The ancient times were believed to be filled with dangerous

and evil demons, cruel creatures known as youkai that ran rampant,

killing and feasting on human flesh. During that time, a mystical

object appeared on the mortal realm. Believed to be a gift of power

from the gods, it was taken back to a small village, where it resided

in a warded shrine, being served by its priestess, or miko. The miko

was chosen in every generation to guard the object with their lives,

using its power for good, to purify it against those who would

corrupt its power and use it for their own personal gain. They called

it, the Shikon no Tama, and to be chosen as its Guardian was

considered to be the highest honour a young girl could receive.

Until one day, the Shikon no Tama was stolen by a half-

demon. The Shikon's miko was gravely wounded but still managed to

seal away whom she thought was the thief using an arrow, enchanted

with her magic. The Shikon no Tama was then burned with the body of

the miko, who died as a result of her injuries.

Hundreds of years later, the priestess was

reincarnated and she traveled back in time through an ancient well.

Her incarnation brought forth the Shikon no Tama from her body back

to the mortal realm. She freed the demon thief and then, during a

battle with a crow youkai, shattered the Shikon no Tama across the

land in thousands of pieces. Thus, the reincarnated Miko, Kagome,

began her travels across the land with the half-youkai thief Inuyasha

to reclaim the scattered shards. They faced many obstacles, many

demons in their path, and made friends for life who joined them on

their quest to recapture the missing pieces of the legendary orb of


Still, no one really knew much of the orb's mysterious

past, or of what true power lay within it. No one knew – nay, no one

could ever possibly know that granting a heart's desire was the least

of its power. The orb was a symbol of power for the gods and

goddesses of the heavens above, though very few could ever hope to

handle it without corruption. Its destruction by the foreign girl of

the future, woke a sleeping beast that had been thought to be

eradicated from existence.

It was when the Shikon no Tama was nearly complete

once more, that our story takes place.


Blackness surrounded and suffocated him. Floating endlessly

on an empty sea of air and yet not air, the limbo tugged at him,

trying to make him one of their own. His own will and power were too

strong however, and the blackness could not drag him down into

oblivion. Oh no. He was far too strong for that.

He could feel It calling to him. The power he had once

had so briefly in his possession after so many years of separation,

once again called out to him.

It was horrifying, almost nauseatingly pure, but that

couldn't stop him, not forever. What was once corrupt could be so

again. It was injured, not whole, and he snarled at the idea of

someone destroying something that rightfully belonged to him.

Experimentally, he sent a mental bolt of power to It, trying to

establish the link he once had. Instead, he found a barricade and he

seethed with impotent fury. Someone else had created a link with the

power! The power that should have been his - HAD been his for so long!

Deep in the blackness of space, something cracked.

Anger rage, embarrassment, humiliation, the urge for revenge – all of

these emotions swelled up, coalescing into a beam of black light,

crackling with violet streaks of lightning that cut through the

limbo. It had been so long…he could feel the power and the need to

own it once again was more then the limbo could stand.

It was once said fallen gods were those that, for one

reason or another, had lost favour among their kind, and the

punishment was banishment to the farthest reaches of space, into a

timeless void from which they could never escape. It was the harshest

punishment that could ever be bestowed upon an entity, a last resort

that meant the end of an immortal being, since Death could not take

an immortal life.

The void sucked away the personality, the life-fire,

the vigor, the hate, the love, and the light of the fallen one,

turning them into an empty husk. But sometimes there was a fallen

one whose hatred and need for revenge, could keep the darkness from

absorbing it completely. When this happened, if the fallen one could

somehow latch onto their lost power, it was possible for it to breach

the void.

This was a nearly impossible feat, since a god's

powers were usually purified and dispersed among the other gods. But

if a god's power was tangible, and still existed, the connection

could, in theory, be made.

The theory was about to be tested.

The black light streamed out, unfettered, piercing the

darkness of the void like it were made of rice paper and scattering

it enough to allow the breach to be seen. One clawed hand reached

out, and the black light spread out even further. A hoarse scream

echoed across the vastness, soundless in the cold vacuum of space,

yet sent a tremble across the galaxy. Pale lips parted and a guttural

voice, unused to speech after so long, struggled to speak.



It came as no surprise to Koenma that it was raining

outside when the news arrived in the form of a heavy stack of papers,

unceremoniously dropped on to his massive desk by his servant. Dark,

heavy clouds and thundering rain were often the prelude to ominous

tidings. He let the curtain fall back into place from where he had

been holding it back, not wanting to view the dismal weather any

longer, and sat down at his desk. George stood silently before him.

"You're sure, then."

"Yes, my lord." George raised tired eyes to his

master. Exhaustion had turned his normally blue countenance to a

dusky gray. It had been a rough few days. "It has been confirmed. It

has reappeared. And yes, he is after it."

"I see." Koenma lowered his own eyes to his desktop.

Other papers were piled up to one side, in a stack almost taller then

he was. They were the papers of the dead, requiring his stamp of

approval before they could go on to their just rewards. He could

spend a month in his office, doing nothing but putting stamp to paper

and still end up with more then he could ever do. It was his job, his

calling in life.

At this moment, doing his job was the furthest thing

from his mind. He lifted his head with a sigh, resolutely setting his

shoulders back. George watched him carefully, and cleared his throat.

"My Lord. Shall I call Botan?"

Koenma drummed his fingers on the desktop. His

casualness would have made any passer-by think he had not heard the

oni's words, but George knew better. He waited patiently, knowing

Koenma would speak when he had finished formulating his thoughts on

the subject. This was no light matter.

Calling in Yuusuke and the Reikei Tantei would make his

decision to involve them irreversible, and there was a good chance

they could lose their lives. Despite his penchant for throwing the

Tantei to the proverbial wolves in an effort to track down evil

youkai, the young dark lord cared for the team he had assembled. His

decision could not be made lightly.

"How could this happen?" Koenma muttered to himself. "I

thought we were rid of the damn thing. And what has happened in the

past should not be affecting us now. Yet it is, and it is my

responsibility to fix it." He scowled briefly. "Damn time portals.

Had that damn thing never existed, we would not be in danger."

His hands stilled on the desktop and he looked up at his

faithful servant. Despite the fuukuman in his mouth and his tiny

stature, his eyes were ancient, and his small hands shook slightly as

he splayed his fingers against the polished oak of his desk. George


"Summon Botan," he said finally, hating the words as each

left his mouth but knowing he had no other recourse.

"My Lord." George bowed and turned to leave. Koenma's eyes

snapped up as the oni passed through the heavy metal-worked door

leading to his office. He resisted the urge he felt to call the oni

back and tell him to cancel his request, knowing that he had to do

what had to be done. It was part of his job, a legacy passed down to

him from his father, and while he didn't like certain aspects of the

job, it was still his, and his by right to do.

A dull thud resounded as the door swung shut but, Koenma was

already back at the window, pushing the drapes aside with one hand.

Again, he studied the rain, fat cold droplets of water splattering

against the window as thought trying to get to him, and he raised one

hand, tracing the water as it trailed down the glass. The future was

never set in stone, he knew, but the sense of unease sweeping over

him made him edgy. Something wasn't right, and probably would never

be so again.

"Maaa, Inuyasha!" Kagome sighed irritably, wiping her brow

with on hand. "It's so hot and humid here - surely we can take a

small break, ne?"

"Weak humans," the half-demon muttered. At he front of their

small group, picking out the trail for those not endowed with his

senses, he glanced back with a scowl. " Fine. If we must make this

journey longer then it has to be..."

"Oh hush." Kagome grinned at the grumpy demon. " You have to

be thirsty yourself - a short break will do us all good. And it's

not like that demoness we're chasing is that far ahead right? She

won't get away."

Inuyasha shrugged and folded his arms, looking away. It was

hot out, he allowed with some reluctance. Still, he had no intention

of saying that out loud.

Miroku, their young priest of a companion, clapped his hands

together briskly and then reached for one of the bottles of water

that Kagome handed out. She had brought them from her own time, and

felt they were more sanitary then the calfskins and

other...interesting containers they used. Beside him, the demon-

huntress Sango shrugged out of the shoulder harness of her

Hiroikotsu, nodding in thanks as a bottle was passed to her.

Kagome giggled as the kitsune kit Shippo suddenly attached

himself to her arm from the back of her bike rack.

"Thank you, Kagome!"

"You're welcome, Shippo-chan," she smiled fondly at the

kit. "I knew you'd be thirsty too!" She ruffled the fluffy hair on

his head, lightly scratching his ears until the little kit was nearly

purring with pleasure.

Inuyasha sniffed at the obvious affection Kagome bestowed

upon the bothersome little imp. Not that he cared, of course. Not

him at all--


Inuyasha squawked and nearly fell off his precarious perch on

a rotting old tree stump at her sudden appearance. She held out a

water bottle to him with a smile. He accepted it and twisted the top

off with his claws.

"Thanks," he mumbled in a low voice, before taking a drink.

Kagome's smile grew even larger.

"You're welcome, Inuyasha," she replied, before turning to go

back to where the group was sprawled out across the grass.

Inuyasha watched her go with hooded eyes. She was acting more

friendly to him, at last. He sighed - it had been several weeks since

he had last seen Kikyo. Her reanimated body, born of clay thanks to

an old youkai's magic, and brought to life by separating of Kagome's

soul and putting Kikyo's back into the clay, now sworn for revenge on

Inuyasha for a crime he didn't commit. He had loved Kikyo, all those

years ago. Both of them cold and hard, he jaded by life, she by her

duties as a miko - an evil and powerful youkai named Naraku had

caused them to believe the other had betrayed them, and their fragile

trust and love was shattered. Still, Inuyasha felt responsible for

Kikyo, alive in a time not her own, and it was only mere weeks ago

that Kagome had caught him embracing Kiyo, determined to protect her

like he couldn't all those years ago.

It had caused undue stress on their team. Since Kagome had

freed him from his imprisonment on the God-tree, he had come to think

of her not as the reincarnation of Kikyo, but as Kagome, solely

herself and unlike no other. She treated him with kindness even when

he repaid her with cruel words. Her unwavering belief in him and his

ability, and her solid trust that he would never harm her amazed him.

Inuyasha fingered the hilt of his sword - that she had given him his

father's weapon, a sword forged from his father's fang and concealed

in Inuyasha's eye, had been an act of trust that he could scarcely

believe. It had been a turning point in their barely-civil

relationship, the start of what Inuyasha pinpointed as the beginning

of his fledgling feelings for yet another mortal woman.

He had fought it, of course. To give in to his heart and

entrust its care with a human was something he never thought he could

do again. His human mother had died, leaving him alone. Kikyo had

believed him a traitor and sealed him away, choosing to die, rather

then use the Shikon no Tama to save herself and perhaps discover the

truth. If there was one thing Inuyasha had learned in his hard life,

it was that betrayal was only a matter of time.

Somehow though, Kagome had broken past his barriers with

hardly any effort. She didn't expect anything more from him then what

he was willing to give. He...cared for her.

Inuyasha took another sip of water and watched the group

through slit eyes, feigning sleep. Kagome was under his protection -

the very thought of anything happening to her sent panic throughout

him. She knew this, and he knew deep inside, that she knew he cared

for her.

Which was why he didn't blame her for being wary of him, even

after they had come to a kind of understanding during the first few

days after witnessing him in Kikyo's embrace. How could he explain

that he still loved Kikyo, that a part of him always would - but that

he now lo..lo...cared for her, too?

"Life is confusing," he muttered. He had to protect Kikyo -

he owed her that much - but he wanted Kagome. His mind was

screaming "TWO-TIMER! TWO-TIMER!" and he winced, knowing it was

true. "Damn."


Kagome relaxed for a minute, enjoying the sunshine on her

face. The cold water had refreshed her, and from the looks on

everyone's faces, they felt the same way. Shippo scampered up to her,

holding his empty water bottle.

"Kagome! There's a river nearby with fresh cold water. I'm

gonna go refill mine - want me to bring yours?"

"Thank you, Shippo-chan!" Kagome smiled. She glanced back at

the rest of her group. " I'll come with you. Miroku? Sango?"

Miroku tossed his empty bottle at her and made as if to

stand. "I shall accompany you, Kagome-sama--"

"You will do nothing of the kind," Sango said with a mild

glare. "Come on Kagome."

"No trust, no trust whatsoever," Miroku complained good-

naturedly. He ducked the automatic swat Sango aimed at his head as

she passed him. "And me being a priest. How sad."

"Whatever," Inuyasha smirked. "A corrupt priest at that."

"I take great offence at that remark," the young monk

exclaimed. "I am the veritable pentagon of virtue."

"You mean paragon," Kagome threw back over her shoulder as

she and Sango disappeared around the corner. "And I wouldn't say


"Wounded to the quick." Miroku grinned at Inuyasha. "A fiery

one, she is. If I didn't know you'd slice me to shreds, I'd still be

asking her to bear my child."

"You STILL ask her to bear your child!" snarled Inuyasha. "

Her and Sango! Why they don't just knock you over a mountain or

something, I'll never understand."

"Because no matter what, of the two of us, I still have the

better manners," Miroku shrugged. "And ladies like to be made to feel



The two fell into a comfortable silence, another fact that

marvelled Inuyasha whenever he thought about it. After the death of

his mother when he had been very small, he had been alone for a very

long time. The village near where he had grown up had shunned him,

afraid of his demon heritage even though his mother had been a

respected member of their community. He had fled the place of his

birth, fending for himself and growing up to believe that the only

person he could count on was himself. When Kagome had awakened him

from what was supposed to be his eternal slumber, he had entered a

new life, eventually surrounding himself with a group of people he

grudgingly admitted he would defend with his very life.

Beside him, Miroku sat up suddenly, his staff suddenly

gripped by bloodless fingers. With one hand shading his eyes, he

scanned the horizon. Inuyasha leaped to his feet, automatically

trusting the priest's senses. Pervert and corrupt he may be, Miroku

knew enough not to fool around when there was possible danger around.

"What's up, Priest?" Inuyasha growled, sniffing the air. "I

don't smell anything nearby."

"I'm not sure," Miroku said slowly, eyes still roving the

distant skyline. "I just felt a stirring in my blood, a foreshadowing

of some kind."

Inuyasha sniffed as he let his guard relax slowly. "Let me

tell you, the only time you have a stirring in your blood is when you

see the latest batch of village girls."

Miroku scowled. "Hey!"

Before they could begin arguing in earnest, a cry came from

the direction Kagome and Sango had headed. Inuyasha was off like a

shot, bounding up the short hill and flying over the rock that

blocked his view of the river.

Miroku was hot on his heels, staff in one hand and rosary in

the other, prepared to release the fury of his Air Void attack if it

turned out to be dangerous. The cry had been Sango's after all, and

it took a lot to make the demon huntress afraid.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha shouted out as he tore down the other side

of the hill to the river. He could see the two girls near the water,

and the smaller form of Shippo perched beside them. Sango crouched on

the ground, holding Kagome's limp body in her arms, and Inuyasha felt

his heart nearly stop. Sliding the last few feet across damp grass,

he skidded to a halt and dropped down beside the warrior.

"What happened?" he snarled. " You were only gone a minute!"

He lifted anxious eyes off Kagome's still features and stared at

Sango. "Who did this?"

"No one did," Sango replied, worriedly. "We were refilling

the bottles when Kagome suddenly froze. I was going to ask her what

was wrong when she collapsed."

Inuyasha growled and reached out with one hand. He could hear

Kagome's heart beating strongly in her chest, could hear the faint

whistle of air going in and out of her lungs – he could even see the

rising of her chest with each breath. Still, he couldn't help himself

and he checked her pulse carefully, only to pull back with relief,

pausing briefly to brush a stray lock of midnight from her face.

"She seems to be okay," commented Miroku, appearing next to

them. "Lay her down and I'll check her out."

"Watch the hands, priest," Inuyasha muttered half-heartedly,

more out of habit then anything else. Shippo remained perched on the

rocks lining the riverside, his young eyes wide with fear.

"Is Kagome okay?" he asked, staring at the still form of the

one who had been most like a mother to him. Inuyasha looked at him,

saw the fear, and took pity on the young kit.

"Of course she's going to be okay, baka! You're a fox – can

you not smell the life in her? Hear her blood pulse through her

veins? Jeez."

"I sense a vague mystic aura," Miroku said after a minute, as

he sat back from his examination. "But whatever it was, is long since


Inuyasha raised an eyebrow as he thought of something. "This

happened almost the same time you said you sensed something, Miroku.

Do you think it has something to do with it?"

"The possibility is great," admitted the priest as he stood

up. "But I don't think Kagome's in any danger right now. She seems to

be sleeping. I'll just get her settled for the night—"

Sango smacked away the wandering hands of the priest. "Behave


Inuyasha flattened his ears, baring his fangs at the priest

as he gathered Kagome into his arms. Shippo jumped from his seat onto

the dog-demon's shoulder, the latter sighed and accepted the kit's

presence without a fuss. Miroku held up his hands and smiled

winningly at the half-demon.

"Sorry, force of habit you realize."



"What did you lose this time, runt?" Yuusuke sighed, bracing

his forearms on the familiar wooden desk and eyeing the young lord

with a weary frown. It never failed. As soon as the words "summer

vacation" left his mouth after class that day, he had automatically

flinched, cursed, and then started a mental countdown. Sure enough,

along came Botan, swooping down on her magical oar, shrieking his

name at the top of her godly little lungs. Yuusuke sighed again in

irritation. He just couldn't catch a break. And Keiko was probably

going to kill him for taking off without waiting for her. Again.

Koenma looked at him and Yuusuke slowly straightened at the

serious look on the young god's face. Normally, when Koenma needed

them to do something, the godling was rushing around like a chicken

with its head cut off, flapping his arms like little wings. Usually,

he barked out orders at the top of his lungs, practically pushing the

Reikai team out the door in his haste to return whatever was stolen

before his father got back. He did NOT stare at the team with such a

serious expression.

Across the large room, the second member of the team,

Kuwabara, eyed Koenma suspiciously. "What's wrong now?" The orange-

haired boy traded worried looks with Yuusuke, apparently thinking the

same thing.

Koenma drummed his fingers on the desktop, watching the two

of them, giving his options a last minute evaluation. Once he

involved them, they were in for the duration. While it was their job

to do his bidding, they had already faced this particular problem

once before. They had succeeded, but only after nearly being


Yuusuke was running out of patience; he had never been a big

fan of the silent treatment. "Koenma, just tell us! It can't be worse

then anything you've already thrown at us, can it?"

Koenma sent him a level stare. "Oh, yes it can." He looked

away for a moment. "I did not want to bring you into this, you


"Afraid we can't handle it?" Kuwabara blinked in

astonishment. After nearly two years as a Tantei member, he'd figured

the last thing Koenma thought of them was incompetent. "Spill it,


It was a true sign of Koenma's worry that he didn't even

attempt to reprimand Kuwabara for his lack of proper respect. The

young lord watched his two charges standing before him, already eager

to set out on a task they knew nothing about. He had truly chosen

wisely when he'd created his team.

"It involves the Power Sphere."

Yuusuke froze at Koenma's words, memories welling up in his

mind. The power sphere. The same orb of power that had nearly killed

Botan when she tried to hide it within herself. The orb that had

corrupted the spiritual energy of the earth. He swallowed hard. That

same power sphere had taken all of his energy and endurance to hold

on to, and had required his teammates' sacrifice of power to assist


Of all the challenges he had ever engaged in on Koenma's

behalf, the battle over the power sphere remained the chief concern

of his nightmares. The feeling of himself slipping away… And then

there was Yakumo.

He shuddered. Yakumo had been his greatest challenge. Even

now, after Yakumo's apparent destruction, he could still see that

demonic grinning face right in his; the murderous look in his eyes as

he tried to destroy Yuusuke and his friends.

Yuusuke looked at Koenma, his face now a blank mask, devoid

of any emotion. "What about the Power Sphere?" he asked flatly.

Koenma winced at the chilly undertone in his words, but he

had expected it. "It's…back."

Kuwabara came forward, leaning against the desk. "What do

mean it's back? I thought after we purified it, it got reabsorbed

into the spiritual energy of the earth." He avoided looking at his


"I thought so too," Koenma said quietly. " It was reabsorbed…

and then reborn." He cleared his throat. "In the past."

"In the past?" Kuwabara looked up quickly. "So it's here now


"Not exactly." Koenma sighed. " I need to give you two a

little background information." He resumed tapping his fingers

against the desk. Where to even begin? "You are aware of course of

the boundary between the Makai and the Reikai. It's the boundary that

keeps the demon world and the human world separate. The boundary is

thinner in some parts, and it is those parts that we are able to jump

back and forth."

The two boys nodded; this was old news to them.

"Some youkai, like Hiei and Kurama, are able to jump through

those weak points using their powers. It takes a certain amount of

skill and knowledge to pass through – it's the reason Yuusuke can

sometimes go through, but at the same time, you, Kuwabara, need Botan

to open up a gateway to allow you passage." He eyed the two

again. "Still with me?"

"Of course," Yuusuke shrugged. "We've only been doing it for


"Well, what if I told you were not the only humans that are

able to jump through these portals? Or that some of these portals

don't lead to the Makai, but lead back in time?"

That got their attention. Yuusuke and Kuwabara's eyes

suddenly fixed on him with a fierce intensity. "Through time?"

The future God of Death nodded. "Through time."

"So there's a portal somewhere that leads to the past,"

Yuusuke murmured, stroking his chin thoughtfully as he tried to piece

Koenma's story together. "And since you said the power sphere is in

the past, the portal you're thinking of must lead to it. Right?"

Koenma nodded. "However, the power sphere was shattered by a

magical arrow, and its shards scattered all over feudal Japan."

"It was destroyed?" Yuusuke frowned. "That easily? By an


"What about that thing you said about humans going through

time portals?" Kuwabara cut in abruptly. " Any humans in


"Yes," said Koenma. He reached across his desk to a file that

had sat there during the entire exchange, unnoticed. He handed it to

Yuusuke, who raised one eyebrow – usually they were never allowed to

see any of the files on his desk. The files contained a person's

entire life history, current, previous and future. They were not

something to be trifled with. Koenma didn't say anything though, so

Yuusuke took it as a sign of permission, and flipped the cover over.

A picture of a young girl with black hair and bright blue

eyes smiled back at him.

"Kagome Higureshi," he murmured, reading the girls

name. "Cute. So she travels in time?"

"She is the present-day reincarnation of a priestess who

lived in feudal Japan," Koenma told them. "It is she who shattered

the power sphere when she traveled back in time."

"Why'd she do something like that?" Kuwabara asked, peering

over Yuusuke's shoulder.

"The orb had been reborn in her body, possibly drawn to her

by the spiritual power she possessed as a miko. The sphere's power

was detectible by youkai, and they tried to take it from her, to

absorb it and increase their own power. She destroyed a crow demon

that tried to do so, and inadvertently hit the sphere at the same


"Ouch," Yuusuke winced.

"She and her friends of that era have been collecting the

shards to restore the sphere. "Koenma looked at Yuusuke. "When you

battled Yakumo, the sphere's powers were revealed to you. What do you


"That it was an enormous source of energy," he shrugged. "Ya

know? I could feel my own power increasing – I felt that if I had

fired my rei gun the moment the sphere was in my hand, I would have

obliterated half of Tokyo."

Koenma nodded, satisfied. "That's part of it, yes. "

"What's the other part?" Kuwabara asked warily.

"The sphere has the power to grant the heart's desire."

Yuusuke gazed at him with concern as he thought about what

that might entail. After dealing with chaotic, eccentric, and/or

bloodthirsty demons for so long, he was well aware of the fact that

one's heart's desire could be anything from an eight-course meal, to

millions of dollars, to the pure heart of a virgin, to world


Kuwabara folded his arms. "But if this priestess/miko person

has the sphere, isn't that safer than normal or something? Or is she

secretly evil?"

Koenma shook his head. "Kagome isn't the one I'm worried

about." The little god then focused on Yuusuke. "Yakumo is back as

well. And he is after the Sphere."

Once again Yuusuke froze. Kuwabara groaned, slamming his hand

across his face. "Well, if that just doesn't take the cake…"

"I'm sorry, Yuusuke," Koenma said sincerely, ignoring the

orange-haired boy's moaning. "He escaped limbo shortly after the

power sphere was in he beginning stages of being put back together.

From what I can determine, he could sense the power reawakening in

the sphere. The shards themselves are powerful, but nothing like the

whole thing. The closer it comes to being out together, the more

energy is sent out to heal it, and Yakumo's link with his old power

source must have been such that he could feel it struggling." He

shook his head tiredly. "It was enough for him to latch on to."

Yuusuke took a deep breath. "Okay…okay." He looked up, trying

to regain his focus. "So, Yakumo is back. I can deal with this. Where

is he?"

Koenma winced. "Umm….that part, I don't know." The pair gaped

at him in astonishment and he grew a little defensive. "Hey, do you

know how fast this is happening? I'm doing the best I can here."

"Then I guess that means we have to go get that sphere back

before Yakumo does," Kuwabara said, cracking his knuckles. "Right?"

Yuusuke nodded.

"Actually…" Koenma let his voice trail off a bit. Yuusuke

glared at him.

"Now what?"

"You have to help Kagome and her friends put the shards back

into the complete whole. It's nearly done, but one of their enemies

has the rest of the shards. Also, you won't be able to handle it

Yuusuke. Not again."


Koenma pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to stave off

the impending headache he'd had ever since George's fateful

report. "The Sphere had been corrupt with dark energy when you used

your own to purify it. It tied a link to you, and you sent it back

into the earth's energy before it could give you your heart's

desire." He rubbed his temples; pinching wasn't working. "It created

a build up in power that wasn't released like the rest of it. In this

case, the Sphere has a link with Kagome. Only she can purify it this

time around, and let it do what it's supposed to do."

"What if she wishes for something evil?" Kuwabara asked


"I think the one piece of good news we've had all day is that

Kagome cannot be corrupted without a great deal of outside influence

of evil power," Koenma told him. "Her very touch purifies corrupt

shards. And she wants only happiness for her friends." He smiled. "It

was these kinds of wishes that made up the Sphere's true powers from

the start. It was Yakumo who changed everything and made the Sphere a

symbol for darkness."

"So then we help put the Sphere back together, let this

Kagome-chick make her wish, keep Yakumo off her back and then what?"

"Hopefully the Sphere will dissipate completely," Koenma

shrugged. "At any rate, Yakumo needs to be stopped. Permanently." He

eyed them seriously. "Understood?"

"Yeah," Yuusuke acknowledged with a grimace. `If I can.' "So

where's Kurama and Hiei? Aren't they a part of this too?"

"Hiei's in the Makai with Mukuro right now. It's part of the

deal he worked out with her to remain her heir, and still stay in the

Ningenkai with Kurama."

Yuusuke and Kuwabara grinned, as they always did, at the

mention of their teammates relationship. The very first time the

eager kitsune had tackled the moody fire demon in public had been

priceless. "So Kurama's gone to get him?"

"I've given Kurama the directions to the time portal Kagome

uses," Koenma nodded. "They will meet you there."

"Awesome." Kuwabara cracked his knuckles. " Then I'd say it's

time to get this show on the road."

Yuusuke nodded. He gave one last look at Koenma who actually

managed to look apologetic and resolutely pushed his fears down into

the pit of his stomach to handle later.

"Let's do it."



End part 1

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