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"Dickie, this is fabulous. I am so proud of you and Lizzie for writing this all by yourselves!" Olivia said handing the stack of stapled papers back to the young Stabler boy.

"Well, thank you! Thank you!" He said bowing twice.

"Oh, please. You came up with the names and the gave me ideas for the love scene. I wrote the dialogue, storyline, stage directions, setting, persona..."

"Okay, Speilberg. We get it!" Dickie looked back at Olivia. "We want you to be in it, Liv. We need to film it tonight while you and Dad are both off so..."

"Woah, hold on. Me and your father?" Olivia looked at the two children, who were looking at her with pleading eyes. "Who, exactly, would we be playing?" She drummed her fingers along her desk and narrowed her eyes at the twins.

Lizzie cleared her throat. "Well, Olivia, you would be portraying the character of Amelia. And Daddy would be playing Aaron."

"Yeah," Dickie added. "You guys wouldn't have to do much acting. You're already cops. You're already best friends. See how perfect this is?"

Elliot came over with two cups of coffee and put one down by Olivia's tapping fingers. "Yeah, perfect, until page ninety when Aaron gets shot!"

"Daddy! Cops get shot all the time! Amelia is right there, and she runs to your side and it's the most beautiful moment," Lizzie said holding the script to her chest and staring off dreamily.

Dickie scoffed and rolled his eyes. "I can not believe my sister and I wrote a chick flick for our English final." He then looked sternly at his dad, leaned in and bared his teeth. "If I fail because you two can't kiss like you mean it, I'm signing you up for every career day, field trip and bake sale from now until the twelfth grade." Dickie and Lizze ran out of the bullpen giggling and planning their little shoot.

Olivia spit out the coffee she had just started to drink. "Woah, Kiss? What? Lizzie! Dickie!"

"Okay, when I yell action, you need to start," Dickie said.

"Really?" Elliot asked sarcastically. "I did not know that. Thank you!"

Dickie laughed and ran to get the camera. "Anytime, Dad. Okay. Remember, this is the last scene! When you fall, Aaron, you know you're not going to die, but Amelia doesn't know you've got your vest on so...oh just ...you know it."

Olivia and Elliot smirked at each other and rolled their eyes, and waited for their cue. They had their guns poised, as if they were in a shootout, and were hiding behind a car on Elliot's street.

"Action!" Dickie yelled.

"Oh, fiddlesticks! Aaron, I seem to be out of bullets!" Olivia said in her lighter, "Amelia" voice.

Elliot, stepping out further from behind the car, said, in a really macho "Aaron" voice, "That's okay Amelia, I have one left, and I have perfect aim."

Elliot, as Aaron, stepped to his feet aimed and fired, but not before he was "hit" and dropped limply to the ground! "Oh, that hurts very badly."

Olivia, suddenly forgetting they were acting because she'd seen him fall like that so many times, ran over and cradled him in her arms. She saw him wink at her and she relaxed. "Hey! Hey, stay with me, do you understand me? You do not get to die on me." She ran her hands over his face and his head, and looked into his eyes.

Lizzie, crying as she watched, mouthed the words as Olivia said them. "Oh, my God. I can't believe, all this time, I've never told you...and now it might be too late, but you have to know. I love you. I've always loved you. I'm in love with you, and you can not leave me here, because I don't know how to function without you, El, uh, Aaron. Please, hold on."

Olivia ran her soft fingers down his chest as real tears ran down her cheeks, and she leaned in closer to Elliot. "If you must leave, my darling, please know. You are my best friend, my whole world, the only one there's ever been for me, and because we might never get the chance again..." She pressed her lips to his and felt him snake his hand up her back, caressing its way to her neck. He held her, pushing her closer to his lips and ran his tongue along her bottom lip and deepened the kiss when she allowed that exploring tongue the entrance to her mouth it sought so badly. Then, still kissing her, he pushed himself up to a sitting position, and pulled away, slowly.

Breathless, and quite unsure of just how, exactly, that was acting, she tried to force her brain to command her mouth to move. "Eh...Aaron? You're...you're..."

"I'm okay, baby!" He ripped open his shirt to reveal a bulletproof vest. "Amelia" leaped into "Aaron's" arms, and they kissed passionately, one more time.

"Aaaaaaand, cut!" Dickie yelled.

Olivia and Elliot pulled away from each other, the looks on their faces unreadable, and the nervous laughter started. "Well, uh, that was, um," Elliot said as he rose from the ground and helped Olivia up as well.

"Yeah," Olivia agreed. "I'm going to go...get...something...at home. I hope you two get an A because, just...wow." She hugged the kids and waved awkwardly to Elliot before walking away, quickly, to find the nearest bar.

She stepped into the smoky room and rolled her eyes when she heard the song blaring from the jukebox. Sure, it was the middle of the song, but she knew what it was. Lizzie listened to it all the time. It was just perfect.

I'll be actin' through my tears

Guess you'll never know

That I should win

An Oscar for this scene I'm in

If we were a movie

You'd be the right guy

And I'd be the best friend

That you'd fall in love with

In the end

God knew. And he was now laughing at her. Putting her through hell. She didn't know she was going to end up meaning every word of that silly speech Lizzie wrote for Amelia. "Rum and coke. More rum, less coke. No ice."

"Ouch, someone's trying to forget something."

Olivia snickered. "You have no idea, Charlie." He shuffled down the bar and came back with her drink just as Olivia felt a hand on her shoulder.

"I thought I'd find you here," Elliot said, sitting on the stool next to her. "Wow, um, kind of a dogmatic song, huh?"

Wish I could tell you there's a twist

Some kind of hero in disguise

When we're together

It's for real

No playin'

Wish I could tell you there's a kiss

Like somethin' more than in my mind

I see it

Could be amazing

"Tell me about it," she said sipping her very strong drink. "Listen, El, that kiss was..."

He cut her off, afraid of what she was going to say. "Amazing. Fantastic. Best kiss of my life. Both kisses, actually. Liv, I...wasn't...acting."

"No?" She looked up at him, hope in her eyes. "Because everything Amelia was saying, El..."

"I know, Liv. I know, because, I would have said the same things. I also know because, you called me 'El' once, instead of 'Aaron' and you were gonna do it again, too."

She laughed. "What are you, a detective or something?" She took another sip from her drink.

He took the glass from her and took a gulp himself. "Yeah, I am. Which is why I think we might have been set up, Liv."

"What are you talking about?" She turned to face him, and was surprised when he pulled her a little closer and took her hand in his, stroking her palm with his thumb. "Liv, baby, your middle name's 'Amelia'."

"Yeah, and yours is 'Aar-" she squeezed his hand. He took the opportunity to pull her onto his lap and wrap his arms around her. "Yep. And Liv, I also called their school. I talked to their English teacher. Their final project was to write a five page paper on the themes and symbols found in 'The Giver'. They both handed it in days ago."

She turned her head to look at him, the shock and awe on her face was priceless. "I love your children," she declared. "But, I love their father even more." They both smiled, and as Elliot leaned in for their first real, un-orchestrated kiss, they laughed as they heard the apropos ending to the song that had been playing on the jukebox.

In the end

We'd be laughin'

Watchin' the sunset

Fade to black

Show the names

Play that happy song

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