A Primeval General/Romance Fanfic

It's in the little things they take for granted, that neither pays attention to.

Rated K for only acceptable content.

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Primeval's owner, which I hear is Impossible TV. Yes?

A/N: I've been recently plagued with the desire to write just the romance bit of one of those typical romances that comes from the best types of Sci Fi and Fantasy stories – the ones you don't look for but find anyway. That prompted me to write this drabble, which was originally vague but I love Connor and Abby too much, not to mention have been blasting too much Primeval at my subconscious while I'm sleeping recently, to create my own characters for it.

It is really just a general nothingness on these types of relationships in general that just happens to be channelled through the two of them.

(100 words)

It's in the way she reaches for his hand when she stumbles on the rocks.

It's in the way he looks to her for proof of a job well done.

It's in the way she knows more about him than she does of Rex.

It's in the way he'd dive straight into a needle-stack looking for the piece of hay he knows isn't there, for her, without a second thought.

It's in the way she'd rather betray direct orders than leave him.

It's in the way he turns to her for reassurance that what they're doing is right.