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Ziva David woke up the day before Christmas an hour later then she usually did and was thankful for the holiday. Unless there was an emergency case, the entire team had the rest of the week off. She arched her back, stretching her abdominal muscles, then climbed out of bed. She heard a knock on the door and slowly made her way over to it. As usual, the apartment hallway was poorly heated, and a blast of cold hit her.

"Hey Ziva," Tony said, his hair still had bits of snow in it. "Abby invited us to go play in the winter wonderland." Ziva looked at him in confusion.

"The weather report said there would be only a dusting of snow.." she said, remembering that Abby only said winter wonderland when there was 'good snow'.

"Look outside." said Tony enthusiastically. She carefully walked to the window, opened the blinds...

"Oh.." She said quietly. "So?" said Tony from the door, "Are you coming?" She nodded slowly, her eyes never leaving the glistening white rooftops. "I must get dressed."

"I'll wait outside." he said happily.


The thing that Ziva loved the most about snow was the silence it created. As she neared the door, she wondered if Tony was plotting something evil. She couldn't see him, it was just too perfect. Ziva opened the door and pulled her coat further up her neck. She took a few steps from the sheltered opening, the first flake falling onto her eyelash. Then she whirled around suddenly, catching the frozen projectile in mid air, and throwing it back at Tony.

"Hey! That's not fair! You used your crazy ninja powers!" She smiled innocently at him and followed him to his car.

"Where are we going?" she asked as he went to the other side of the car.

"You know that park about half a mile away from here? Well Abby wants to go there." he replied.

"We can walk from here." she said. "That is, if you have brought the appropriate footwear." Tony nodded. "Thats a good idea." Ziva looked at him suspiciously.

"What? Can't a guy just say he'd like to go for a walk?"

"Not you."

He smiled and they headed for the freshly cleared sidewalk. A snow plow drove by, pushing with it the gray colored slush and snow that had accumulated all over the street. It was pushed into an ugly gray pile, and then the truck drove away. Ziva shivered a little. It wasn't that she was really cold, it was just that her body took a long time to adjust, no matter what she was wearing.

"Cold?" Tony asked. She shook her head, but Tony knew she was. He didn't have the courage to wrap his arm around her. Both of them drifted into their own thoughts, about each other, until Ziva saw a flash of brown to her left. She turned, and saw a doe slowly emerging from behind snow covered brush a little ways into the stretch of forest they were passing. No matter how many times she saw the animals, she was always amazed to see one.

"Tony." she said quietly, tugging lightly on his arm

"Hmm?" She followed he gaze to the doe, and they stopped walking to watch her. From behind the doe, a buck also appeared, and sent its piercing gaze directly towards them. They both looked fairly young, but not too young. As the doe searched for food, the buck watched them, unmoving. A short time later, what seemed to be the rest of the herd joined them, including a wizened old buck with tall antlers. All the deer followed him back into the depths of the forest, their hooves kicking up snow as they went. Tony then turned to Ziva, taking her hand in his, and they continued walking. They had almost reached the park as they passed an elderly couple. They noticed that the lady appeared to want to talk to them.

She walked up to them, her husband trailing behind almost embarrassedly, and waited a little ways behind.

" I'm sorry to be nosy but I just couldn't help to ask. When did you two get married?" Ziva's eyes widened and Tony managed to stutter out a, "W-what?"

"We are not together." said Ziva, her cheeks turning redder then the cold had made them. The older lady looked at them both.

"Well why not? Anyone could see you were in love." They cast each other a shocked glance and then back at the lady. She nodded solemnly and then rejoined her husband.

"So not true." said Tony quickly.

"Absolutely not." Agreed Ziva, and even though she really didn't want to, she dropped his hand. Just then they heard a joyful scream from the open expanse of land to their right.

"McGee! They're here!" Abby was running towards them, while McGee was still crouched in the snow, Packing snow around the bottom of a snowman. Abby plowed over to them in the snow and wrapped her arms around them both at the same time.

"Come on! We're building snowmen!" They followed Abby back through the track she had made in the snow, all awkwardness forgotten. It was the deepest snow there had been for a long time. McGee greeted them, put the finishing touches on his snowman. Then he picked up a green plastic sled and started to pull it up the hill.

"McGee! Not again!" Abby said through a smile.

"Oh come on! It's so fun!" He went up a flat path in the snow with the sled. Then he climbed onto it, called for everyone to move, and hurtled down the hill. Tony, who hadn't been paying attention to any of this, continued to walk around McGee's snowman, poking it with a gloved hand.

"Tony! Watch-" but it was too late. As the sled crashed into the snowman all the snow fell all over him. McGee had just managed to steer the sled away from hitting Tony.

"Ag!" Tony picked up a handful of snow and through it in Tim's direction. He returned it. And then they were all throwing snowballs. Ziva dodged one of Tony's and hit McGee square in the back as he turned around to throw one at Abby. Then one hit Ziva from behind and she turned around to see Gibbs standing there, an old wooden sled with red runners being pulled along behind him.

"Who's going first?" he said. Ziva had never actually been sledding. Both she and Tony raised their hands at the same time.

McGee and Abby took his sled, while Tony and Ziva used Gibbs sled. They both climbed up the hill, and boarded the sleds, Abby excitedly screamed,"Race!"

"1...2....3...GO!" They pushed off, gliding down the hill, laughing like maniacs, and Gibbs watched in amusement.

"Tony! Watch out for the-" It was too late though. The sled hit the rock and flung him sharply forwards. He and Ziva rolled all the way down the hill and she landed on top of him.

"AG! Hey Ziva, are you okay?" He asked. Hysterical laughter came from somewhere near his chest.

"Hey! Not funny!" She hit his shoulder lightly as she laughed.

"You..Your face..was..exactly like..." she lifted her face up and twisted into a shocked face, "When..you...went down the hill." She broke into another fit of laughter at Tony's annoyed face.

"It wasn't funny!" he said again. When she continued laughing he rolled over so there positions were reversed. "See this isn't funny!" But she she was still laughing.

"Yes it is." she said. Gibbs saw this from the top of the hill and opened his mouth to say something when Abby jumped in front of him.

"No, Gibbs! They're not doing anything against your rules! Look how happy they are." He gave her a glare, which she returned a puppy dog look to. He didn't even have to look to know they were happy. He could hear them laughing. He knew it was a bad idea, but ever since his father had come he had been feeling in a better mood, so in a totally un-Gibbs like way, he let them.

The laughter died from Ziva and was replaced by giggles. Which Tony was sure he'd never heard before.

And he liked it.

He had to get Ziva to giggle more often. He started laughing again too. Neither of them seemed to notice as the sound died away. Is it just me or is her face getting closer? I hope Gibbs isn't watching...

"Tony..." Ziva spoke softly, her eyes fixed on his, and something in them made him keep going. He tilted his head and started leaning down the rest of the way....

"DiNozzo! David! Stop playing grab-ass and get up here with those sleds!" They heard Abby's faint protest from the top of the hill. Tony looked up to her eyes again, and suddenly felt ashamed.

"Tony?" He could feel her breath on his lips. He got up and started taking both sleds up the hill. The lady from the street's words echoed in his ears. Yeah right...I'm the only one of us who's in love with the other..and now Ziva's probably going to avoid me. Nice going DiNozzo... Just as he got up the hill, Gibbs phone rang.

"Yeah Gibbs.....okay they'll be there." He waited until Ziva got up the hill too before speaking.

"The holiday party at NCIS tonight just turned mandatory. Vance wants everyone to get to know each other. Start heading home." He said, grabbing his sled and moving towards the parking lot.

"Oh, and you need a date."

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