After watching a few movies, and lots of pizza, Tony changed it to one of the stations broadcasting the New Years Eve celebration in New York.

"Five minutes to midnight Ziva David...Are you excited?"

"It is a new decade..." She sighed, thinking of all the things that had happened the past ten years. The minutes ticked by slowly until the countdown started. When at last it reached zero, there was uproarious noise from the television set. She looked over to Tony, who was looking at her. She had only seen that look a few times.

"Its a new year, Ziva..." He said, trailing off as her eyes locked with his. His eyes flicked from hers to her lips and she felt him leaning forward. She remained motionless until his lips lightly touched hers. It took her a moment to respond, but then she smiled against his lips, leaning backward and wrapping an arm around his neck, bringing him down with her. He deepened the kiss, and it wasn't until they both needed air that they stopped.

"Ziva?" He asked breathlessly.


"Happy new year." She laughed and pulled him back down to her.

There was much New Years celebration done after that.

Short yes...but the end was good wasn't it * wink *...i don't know if this is the last chapter... if you guys want more you have to say so!