Challenge WOW: Belt

Word Count: 170

Summary: You don't mess with Sammy. Wee!Chesters

Beat It

The belt was wrapped around his hand. He struck the man over and over again, the buckle cutting into his face.

He was so angry. The edges of his vision were red. The man's face flew sideways with each blow, blood flying from his mouth. He grunted and swayed where he kneeled. Dean wanted more. He wanted him to hurt more. Hate bubbled in his stomach and over the edge. He doubted he'd ever been more angry in his life.

"Don't you fuckin' touch my brother again!" He roared, sending one last throw to the man's jaw. There was a satisfying crack and the man fell in a heap, out cold. The bloodied belt clattered to the floor.

He turned, all signs of previous anger gone. He walked over to the corner and scooped up his beaten little brother.

"Dean..?" A small voice filled with tears. He hugged him closer, swiftly taking off his jacket and wrapping it around him.

"I've got you, Sammy. It's okay. Shh…"