QueenVamp-Hello this story was inspired by my new favorite couple. Bella x Paul.

Bella is going to be a bit OCC so just bare with me.


I stumbled up the stairs the next morning.

Tired. Hungry. In need of a serious shower.

The dirt under my long nails felt grimy and my hair was knotted with leaves and other symbols of the forest. Charlie walked out of his room and took in the sight of me. On all fours, crawling up the stairs, in sweat pants and an over-sized T-shirt.

He laughed. "Rough nice Bells?"

"Yes. Victoria isn't respecting the boarders and I swear if she continues to hang out near the house I will decapitate her." I said sweetly.

"Coffee? Box of donuts and Aspirin?" Charlie asked.

"Could you?" I asked. Charlie walked over to the stairs and was about to ruffle my hair but stopped.

"Yes, but take a shower Bells, you look like something the cat drug in."

"Ha-ha." I said dryly.

About two months after Edward and the Cullen's left, I started to feel more anger than sadness. Then one day, the day Jacob said we couldn't be friends anymore, I had got so mad I phased; into a beautiful white wolf.

Charlie, oddly, had taken the news well and I, already, went through the family trees until I saw my ties with the Quiltues and the legends of my wolf ancestors. Charlie was proud and said we should tell Billy and maybe they knew why. I said no and that I wanted to deal with this myself.

But sooner or later I ran into the wolf pack in La Push and that had been one hell of a week. They chased me down, through the mountains, forest, and then finally half way through Canada I lost them.

I had stayed in human form for a few weeks and then my worst nightmare, Victoria, caught up with me. I had phased and chased her off my land, then she started going to Charlie. I'd half killed her when I found her near the house this morning.

Warm water of the shower pelted down on my skin. Washing away dirt, making my ivory skin look less brown. I sighed.

Also this was my summer vacation.


Jake was, yet again, taking his time trying to get a hold of his human BFF, Isabella Swan.

"Jake if she had called you back for a week, do you think she'll call you back now?" Jacob shot me a glare then I heard a 'Hello' on the other line.

"Charlie! Can I speak to Bella please!?...She's sleeping? Well wake her up....No she won't...She did...She is?....Oh, sorry. Tell her I called."

"What was that?" Jared asked. Jacob frowned.

"Charlie said she was sleeping, that she punched Charlie in the gut if her tried to wake her up and she did that once, she's mad at me and she'll call when she's ready."

I rolled my eyes and attacked the muffins that Emily put on the table for us. "Thank you, Emily!" The pack said in union. Emily put a hand on Jacob's shoulder.

"Emily why are girls so difficult?" He whined. Emily smiled, but the one side of her scared face stayed in a permanent frown.

"Girls don't get mad, we get even. She'll make you suffer until she's satisfied." She said sweetly, aside from the vengeful subject she was talking about. Sam laughed and kissed her cheek.

"Alright guys let's go we still have that rove wolf to deal with." He said before starting outside. I followed.

There has been another wolf nearby. He was pure white and a fast runner. We all assumed it was Quil at first –little did we know Quil would phase a week later-, so we ran after him. Then he had crossed the border into vampire territory and we knew he was an outsider.

I tied my jeans to my leg and phased. Sam, Jared and Embry followed and we went our separate ways. My silvery-gray fur reflected the early morning light as I ran through the forest. Calming the ground underneath my paws.

I caught a scent, a mix of wolf and vampire. I followed it until I found a clearing. It looked like a battle field. Trees were broken. Blood, wolf blood, scented the ground. Muffs of white fur and red hair patched the ground.

Guys you've got to see this. I called out to them.

Then I was on the ground tackled by a red haired woman that smelled distinctly of leech.

"You little witch! You ripped out my hair!" She cried as she went at me again. I saw the newly cut hair that fell just to shoulder length. Obviously that leech had tangled with the white wolf.

Wait did she say witch? Call me crazy but isn't a girl called that? So the white wolf was female.

She stopped short when she saw me, really saw me. "Oh, would you look at that. My little toy has friends." She growled in frustration and darted out of the clearing.

Just then the pack came through.

What the hell happened? Sam asked, taking in the sight.

Well the white wolf we thought was a he is a she and she has made enemies with leeches. I said.

Jared barked a wolf laugh and then smiled. Cool. We have a little girlie on our hands… Paws.

Jacob smelled the air again and before he took off we heard one thought pulse through his mind. Bella.

We were after him in a second. I reared up to him and Sam did the same, we both slammed into him and were able to stop him long enough to pin him down.

What do you mean? Sam asked in a very alpha tone. Jacob winced and started to block his thoughts. Jacob. Tell me now. Same growled. Submissively his thoughts and memories pour out in front of us. Most of them were about the girl named Bella, that he'd being trying to get a hold of. The others were of the white, she wolf.

I think the wolf is Bella. He allowed that to hang in the air.

I let go of Jacob and he sat up. She was dating vampires. That probably triggered the wolf gene in her.

Wolf gene? She's not even a Quilture! Embry barked.

An old conversation unfolded from Jacob's memory. Bella and him were talking. They were flipping through an old tribe's dairy and then they found Bella's great-grandfather's name next to a descendant.


My cell phone was what woke me up. I looked around my dark room and saw the empty coffee mug and large box of docnuts that I had polished off. My TV was still on and then I spotted my cell phone, vibrating madly on my nightstand.

"Hello?" I yawned into the phone.

"Bella? Are you still asleep?" Jessica's voice filled my ears.

"Yes." I answered.

"Well get up. It's almost six. Remember the party at the beach?" I bolted upward.

"Oh, sorry. I'll be there in an hour."

Jessica laughed and I hung up. I went to my closet and pulled out a pair of blue jean shorts and a green tank top. The weather was abnormally warm in Forks this summer and I wasn't going to waste it.

I ran a brush through my thicker, longer brown hair and grabbed my cord belt and wrapped it around my waist. In becoming a wolf a lot more of me has changed besides me turning into an over grown animal when I'm mad. I had curves, sleek ones and I was a little tan, but not much.

I shot one last glance in the mirror before running down stairs. Charlie was there, lying in his chair watching the game.

"Hey dad I'm going to a party."

"Okay." He said. "I'll call for pizza." I narrowed my eyes.

"I made tuna sandwiches before I took my nap." Charlie was out of his chair and into the kitchen.

"Thanks Bells!"

"Bye!" I ran put to my beat up old truck and pulled out of the driveway in record time. I looked in my review mirror to see a shiny red, Rabbit pull into the drive and Jacob stepped out, along with friends.

Damn. It was the pack. I put the pedal to the metal and tour down the street.


"Sorry Jake, Bella went to a party. She took off when you pulled in." Charlie said tuna sandwich in hand.

We could smell werewolf everywhere in the house and in the woods surrounding it. Also a vampire that Bella has been fighting alone. Sam stepped forward and tried to be the authority figure.

"Where is this party?"

"Oh, a beach I think." Charlie said, he read our faces and scowled. "She's with friends." He added before shutting the door.

"Wait can I have a sandwich?!" Seth called; obviously he wasn't the only one who was starving.

"No! Bella made them for me." Charlie said. I heard the door lock and we retreated back to the car.

"So what now?" I asked.

"Where going to crash the party." Sam said.


I wanted Bella to be a werewolf and I like the pairing of Paul and Bella so thank you for reading