This fic contains an endless amount of lemons.

Like endless.

...not really...

But really! (this warning is a bit late, isn't it?)

His Eyes

by: Scarlet Mist

Kaname Kuran, a pureblood vampire whose lineage was inimitable, having inherited the powers of the ancient vampires, reigned at Cross Academy as the President of the Night class and the Moon dormitory. He was revered by the vampires of the Night class who gathered solely to be graced by his presence. He garnered respect from all students, both in the day and night classes, even the Headmaster of the academy showed him homage. But there was one . . .

One person who continued to disrespect and spit upon the floor that Kaname walked upon. He has an audacity that begs for death at the hands of those vampires who strongly worship Kaname-sama. And yet, fearless or thickheaded, he continues to show his impudence. To Kaname, Zero Kiryu was a diversion, a pastime. Someone who caught his interest. Though Kaname had, on several occasions, stared him down, Zero Kiryu showed little fear and had equally returned the favor, his eyes flaring with his overwhelming distrust of vampires. Kaname, as much as he'd hate to compliment a vampire hunter, had to admit that he respected Zero's boldness and his tenacity; his strength of will in resisting the powerful vampire instincts for four years.


Kaname glanced up at Takuma Ichijou silently, his chin resting on the back of his hand, a beautiful fountain pen held forgotten between his slender fingers. His mind had wandered off again in the middle of his paper work. It was happening quite frequently.

"Kaname," Ichijou began, moving away from the window in Kaname's study. "Is there something bothering you?"

Kaname's auburn eyes lowered back to the persistent paperwork the senate continued pushing onto him; he didn't respond. Ichijou wasn't surprised. If Kaname had actually told him what was on his mind, then he'd be a little startled. He grinned brightly. "Maybe you should take a break? You work so hard and you hardly rest."

"I have to finish writing these reports." Though he honestly didn't understand how he could possibly do so. Kaname couldn't focus. Not when that face, with those fearless eyes, bore into his head.

"I don't see how," Ichijou mumbled glancing down at the paper in front of Kaname where his pen had left behind an incriminating ink blot, proof of Kaname's inability to concentrate on his work. "You've been working on this report for hours, but you haven't written anything."

Kaname's eyes narrowed slightly. Ichijou laughed nervously. "Whatever you're musing about must be important. You should take a walk to clear your head. Or, if you want, I can lend you one of my manga!" Ichijo beamed enthusiastically, his mind racing with titles that would interest his friend. "They're great for getting your mind off of things. Perhaps you'd enjoy some shonen? Then again, maybe something more like shojo? They're quite romantic! Oh! I got it! Yaoi!"

"Hm?" Ichijou blinked as he realized, during his spouting, Kaname had taken the opportunity to disappear and leave him completely alone in the study. He smiled quietly. He had no doubt that after his walk, Kaname would feel better. "Ah . . ." Stretching, Ichijou left the study, heading towards Hanabusa's room. There was a new manga he wanted him to read.

Filthy vampires! Zero groaned as he leaned against the wall in the alley where he had last seen the Level E vampire whom he'd been ordered to slain. He had been warned that there were two, but he hadn't expected them to be so strong. He grabbed his left arm, wincing as his elbow screamed pain up his shoulder. There was anger in his eyes as he glanced around the alley, making sure there was no chance of being taken by surprise again. Without a doubt, he knew he had killed the first one, the one who devoured the little girl seconds before he could stop him. He'd shot him in the head as the two ran off after they'd attacked him from behind. As for the other one . . .

Zero blinked as he caught sight of blood just outside a door way, it led straight into the bell tower. His eyes narrowed as he straightened himself away from the wall. He knew he was being baited but Zero had always thought it was a waste of time not to take it. After all, the vampire was being kind enough to save him the trouble of looking for him. Without hesitation, Zero was inside, taking the stairs that led up to the bell tower where the shuffling sounds of the beast echoed down the staircase.

At the wooden door, Zero readied his Bloody Rose in hand and pushed the door open slowly. He knew the other vampire was injured so it was hardly a surprise to see the once human beast sitting against the wall, his chest heaving heavily with his final breaths. With blood flowing down the side of his head, the Level E stared at Zero, his eyes half-opened. "Have you . . . come to finish me off?"

He knew by now to just shoot. The silver shone as he raised the weapon in his hand, his finger began to squeeze the trigger. There was nothing left of him, he was just a beast. A beast who killed for blood. No mercy could be spared for monsters like these. . . monsters like him. Zero's eyes narrowed. The beast before him, his eyes slowly fading, was dying. "I have. . . to purge you of your sins."

"Yes . . ." The vampire shut his eyes, a small, resigned smile on his lips. "Then maybe it can finally be over."

Zero flinched from those words. The level E lurched, Zero jumped back, completely taken off guard as the beast drew his fangs and attacked. His bloody rose was knocked out of his hand as he lost his balance, succumbing to the demons weight. The vampire hunter's neck slammed against the opening in the ground under the large golden bell. Had it not been for the vampire who was straddling him threatening to devour him, he would have fallen through. "Foolish boy, I'll make you my meal!"

Blood exploded in the air, covering him with the vile red liquid that painted the large bell in the center of the room and as the vampire disintegrated into thin air his weight was heaved off of Zero.

"You should be more careful, Kiryu Zero."

That voice!Zero stood up, glancing towards the small balcony outside the bell tower. To his horror, there he stood: Kaname Kuran. That contemptible pureblood. "What the hell are you doing here, Kuran?" he demanded, sparing any gratitude.

"Saving your life apparently," replied Kaname, seizing to be amazed at how impudent the vampire hunter was. It irritated him.

The bloody rose beckoned for Zero and he lifted it from the floor, dismissing Kaname as he slipped it back inside it's holster. "I didn't need your help."

Kaname's fist bawled as he watched Zero walk away. However, when he spoke, his voice remained calm. "You were hesitating. Did you sympathize with it . . . because you're the same?"

In a blur of movements, Zero whirled around and fired an unhesitating silver bullet that would have hit it's mark had Kaname not vanished from his spot to slam Zero against the wall. With his hand around Zero's throat and his other griping Zero's wrist, making sure he didn't get the chance to fire at him again, Kaname's eyes narrowed dangerously. "I admire you're audacity. Subsequently, had you actually shot me, you would be hunted down and killed mercilessly."

There was no answer to his threat. Nothing but those damned eyes that pierce into him, glaring spitefully, boldly declaring that Zero would shoot without hesitation if Kaname just slackened his hold on his wrist. "Why is it . . ." Kaname whispered starring intently at Zero as though his answer could be found on his face. "That I can't get you off my mind?"

What . . .?Zero blinked, wondering what the hell he meant by that. The hand around his throat loosened only to grab hold of his jaw. Kaname lowered his face slowly towards his before his intentions were made clear to Zero, but it didn't matter, his lips were already locking to the stunned vampire hunter's. It was a gentle kiss, soft lips over pliant ones, and it was over quickly. Though, even as Kuran backed away, Zero couldn't comprehend what had just happened.

"What? No death threats?" Kaname teased without real humor as he watched those clear eyes for once stare at him without that anger- no, the hatred- that boiled within them. "If that's the case, then perhaps you enjoyed it?"

That thought seemed to snap Zero back to his senses as he tried to free his wrist, which Kaname wasn't allowing. "What are you trying to do?" he demanded, attempting to pull Kaname's hand away from his face. Panic was setting in.

"What am I doing?" Kaname asked, wondering about it himself. He lowered his eyes to Zero's lips once again, recalling the sensation of their lips pressing against each other. "I'm getting an answer."

Zero struggled against the kiss, doing what he could to shove Kaname away, but the damned pureblood was too powerful for him to move. He felt Kaname's lips moving against his, trying to pry open his lips, but Zero stubbornly kept them locked tightly. What the hell was that bastard doing? Had he lost his mind?

"Why do you always defy me?" Kaname whispered pulling back enough to grab Zero's annoying hand and pin it against the wall. When Kaname saw the murderous intent in Zero's eyes he decided it would be better not to give the brat a chance to harm him, so in a fluid motion he yanked the weapon from Zero's grasp, ripping the chain attached to it, and tossed it far from reach.

"I despise everything you are. I will never do what you want, I swear I'll kill all of you vampires!" Zero declared, glowering with disgust.

Kaname simply stared at him for a moment before smiling. "There's the death threats. Unfortunately for you, they don't frighten me. But I am curious about something . . ." Kaname lifted Zero's hands over his head to lock them both with only one of his hands. "It took you four years to finally capitulate to the desires of vampires, but how long will it take for you to surrender to your human desires?"

"What?" Zero's eyes shot open as Kaname's hand pulled loose his belt and swiftly undid the button on his slacks. "No, stop it! What the hell are you-"

"Shut up." Kaname pressed his hand against Zero's crotch, intent on discovering whether or not this was the reason why Kaname continued thinking about the impudent fool. He began to stroke Zero as he struggled effortlessly, cussing and threatening Kaname the entire time. But it was futile. His rebellion was enforcing Kaname's will to continue with Zero's punishment. "I give you too much lenience as it is."

"Bastard!" Zero gasped. To his utter dismay he was growing hard in that monsters hand as his slim fingers squeezed and massaged, dancing up and down his shaft as he teased him sadistically. "Let go!"

Kaname chuckled as he captured Zero's mouth, seizing the opportunity of slipping his tongue into his mouth. He was enjoying the strangled noises emitting from the reluctant hunter as he ran his tongue over his, sweeping over the side of his cheek and the roof of his mouth. Before he knew it, Kaname was nibbling Zero's lower lip, his fangs teasing their wet surface while his tongue traced over those furious lips with dark pleasure. He had lost himself again. There was no awareness outside of the kiss and when Zero groaned, fighting his pleasure, and began pumping his hips, Kaname was surprised.

He pulled back to glance at Zero, watching the expressions of pleasurable torment as his fingers squeezed, curling around his tip and tightening as they lowered towards the base. The sight was undoing Kaname. The intense gaze in his eyes locked onto Zero's, watching as the hatred was glossed over with desire. There was a victorious smirk on his face as Zero growled in frustration.

"You bastard! Stop- ngh!oh god . . . let go. . ." Zero slammed his head back against the wall hoping that the pain would stop this disgusting pleasure he was feeling at the hands ( quite literally ) of that damned pureblood. He found it sick how Kaname was watching him, his eyes growing heavy with lust while he jerked him off in a forsaken bell tower!

"You're the one who needs to let go," Kaname suggested as he freed Zero's hands.

Immediately, Zero grabbed Kaname's arms, intending to shove him back and kick his ass! But . . . "Damn it . . .!"Zero fell forward from the pleasure, tightening his grip on the vampire's arms to hold himself up as he leaned against him, groaning as he spurted forth into his enemies pulsing hands. Zero panted against Kaname's chest, feeling Kaname's hands slip out of his pants. He was suppose to be disgusted by it, but . . . He shut his eyes as he regained his breath. Stupid vampires.

Kaname shoved Zero back against the wall, pleased with Zero's painful grunt and lifted his wet hand to his lips, his tongue flicking over the liquid that belied Zero's desires. With wide eyes, Zero watched Kaname lick his hand clean, his eyes beginning to burn red. Kaname finally had his answer: "I want you."

Zero gasped as Kaname crushed his lips to his, his teeth nipping at him unintentionally. Desperately trying to free himself, the hunter tugged at Kaname's jacket, yanking it's sleeves in hopes of dragging his hands away, but the attempts only helped to get rid of that perfectly white jacket the demon enjoyed to wear over his black soul.

His blood was beginning to boil and Kaname felt a thirst unlike any he'd ever felt before. Eagerly, his hands nimbly slid under Zero's shirt, then frustrated with it's limited access, tore it open. He ran his hands over his pale skin like a brush painting over a white canvass. His fingers toyed with his nipples as his tongue traced the creases of Zero's ears, avoiding his silver piercings. This was madness.

Zero whimpered as Kaname's fangs poked at his earlobes. He hated this! If he had the choice of being killed by the vampire earlier, he would have taken it without thinking twice about it! And yet, his hands weren't shoving Kaname anymore. They weren't dangled helplessly in surrender or reaching for something to help . . . they were fisted tightly in Kaname's long, brown hair, holding tightly as he went insane.

When Kaname's lips returned to Zero's, there was no resistance and he felt a thrill of accomplishment when Zero eagerly complied with his tongue. Kaname pressed his body tightly against Zero's, wantonly rubbing his erection against Zero's thigh to assuage the burning sensation in his groin. The air seemed to become thin as his lungs strained for breath. He was growing thirsty . . .

Zero tensed as he felt Kaname's hot breath against his neck. His shoulders were rising and falling with his pants, like a thirsty beast . . . His clear eyes widened as the pureblood scrapped his fangs over the black tattoo on the left side of his neck. Did he plan to-? There was no time to stop him and Zero gasped in surprise when Kaname slid his tongue along the chords of his neck and down to his collar bone instead. Kuran didn't . . .

The vampire seemed to be enjoying the use of his tongue as he flicked it over Zero's hard nipple, his hands raked harshly down his back. Zero cried out as he felt his back open up, blood trickling down over his skin, but even though it was painful, the pleasure was just too high. He found his hips grinding against Kaname's. For once, the two agreed on something. With trembling hands, Kaname pushed Zero back against the blanket that hid a stack of crates piled up near the corner of the door.

Impatiently, Kaname got rid of their pants and moved towards Zero, who sat atop the crates, his eyes thick with lust. A smirk pulled at his lips as Kaname leaned in, his hands holding him up against the crates as he lustily ran his tongue up Zero's chin and over his lips. He wrapped an arm around Zero's thigh, hinting for him to wrap his legs around his waist. He obeyed.

"You might want to lay back," Kaname suggested as he slid his tongue over his slender fingers, watching the way Zero's eyes flared red for a brief moment. When Zero failed to do so, Kaname gently pushed him back and began to prepare him. On the crates, Zero shifted biting his lower lip to hide his discomfort. It was during this time that his mind was released from the binds of mindless pleasure and he began to protest. "Stop . . .Kuran."

There was a sharp intake of breath as Kaname brushed his deft finger against Zero's prostate watching with satisfaction as Zero jolted against him. "Do you really want me to stop. . . Kiryu?"

Zero groaned, shutting his eyes tightly to the pleasure that shot through him like electricity. What the hell was he. . .? "Kuran!"

Kaname chuckled. "I never imagined you would speak my name so gloriously."

Zero blinked glancing up at Kaname wearily. He knew it was his voice, but it was thick and ladened with desire it almost didn't sound like him. Behind Kaname, Zero could see the sun had already gone down and the room was slowly beginning to darken with shadows. He noticed it without really being aware of it. He couldn't think anymore, all he could do was feel and see. As though he was floating in water. Kaname hauled him up by an arm and locked his arms around him. Zero clutched at the back of his white shirt and clenched his eyes shut as Kaname poised himself at his entrance then began to ease himself into Zero.

The reluctant vampire groaned but bit his lips fiercely, unaware that his fangs had appeared and he drew his own blood on his lips. He whimpered as he felt Kaname stretching him from the inside and the pain which he thought couldn't possibly overshadow the pleasure, did just that. But he didn't cry out. He wouldn't.

Once Kaname was fully sheathed inside Zero, he felt a shiver race down his spine. Zero's forehead pressed heavily against his shoulder. His breath exploded as he had held it during the time Kaname entered him. Kaname glanced at him quietly, worried. Zero leaned his head back, aware that Kaname was watching him, but his eyes were glowing red when they met the confident vampire's auburn orbs.

"You're bleeding . . ." Kaname noted leaning forward to lap at Zero's blood, tricking down over his lip. "You shouldn't waste your blood." Speaking of which, Kaname recalled the wounds he'd slashed against Zero's back and grimaced as he trailed his hands over Zero's blood soaked shirt. "You're bleeding profusely."

"It's you're fault, you bastard," Zero pointed out through strained breaths.

Kaname smiled. "You're still conscious."

Zero groaned lowly aware of the straining need coursing wildly through him. For all his strength of will, Zero couldn't deny either one of his desires and he bucked his hips for Kaname to get on with it. That was the only begging that bastard would get from him if that's what he was waiting for.

Kaname was kind enough not to deny Zero his hunger, he slid his hands through Zero's silvery mane and began moving inside of him. He drove himself forward, finding it difficult to slow down and take his time. It didn't help any that Zero was no longer strong enough to control his responses and was moaning hungrily against Kaname's ear, his hands clutching the back of his shirt tightly as he drove deeply into his tight confines.

Zero cried out as Kaname began to thrust fiercely into him, his nails piercing into his shoulder and back. There was no resisting the urge Zero felt tugging, the scent of him . . . his nearness . . . . Zero whimpered, trying valiantly to reject this need, though his body had already begun moving on it's own, lifting his hips to Kaname's. He could feel a burning desire coiling in his stomach, tightening his muscles. His tongue rang along the side of Kaname's beautifully slender neck and Zero's fangs pierce down sharply over the satin smooth skin.

The pureblood groaned as Zero began sucking desperately, drinking freely from his neck without remorse and came against him, shaking turbulently as he drank to quell his thirst. It was just like him to do something so impatient and rude. He had absolutely no respect towards Kaname Kuran as a pureblood. Kaname smiled, tightening his fist in Zero's hair and allowed his head to roll back from the pleasure, giving Zero more room to devour him sensually as he moved towards his own release. 'I absolutely hate it . . .'

'. . . how I fell in love with the eyes of a vampire hunter.'