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His Words

by Scarletmist

Kaname watched the night outside his window quietly. The glass edges of each square in the window frame turning a wispy white from the cold. From where he stood, he could see the cloudy night sky with faded clouds shielding the little diamonds above from those pitiful souls below, seeking a fragile hope from them. He'd long ago stopped wishing on stars like a kid. He was a much more sensible being now. With precision and quick thinking, he'd learned to move around the chess board whenever he was taken aback; always ready to defend or counterattack, never once loosing his footing. He didn't need to wish or hope for anything.

And yet, he still couldn't pull himself away from those glinting diamonds above. It hadn't been long since Yagari left him standing here, leaving Kaname in a less angry, but more exhausted state than he'd been in after Zero had-

"If you've come to lecture me some more, then it's only fair that I warn you I'm not in the best of moods." If the number one hunter was offended that Kaname had his back turned to him, the seasoned hunter did not show it.

Instead of a verbal reply, the sound of another gun being pointed at him caused an uneasy spark to prickle at the back of his neck. Hunters were so damn trigger happy. And then the words came: "Are you simply toying with him?"

There was anger in those words, but it was nothing compared to the irritation that ran through Kaname at the sound of them. He glanced over his shoulder, his eyes dark and narrowed on the hunter. Why was his love always questioned? Perhaps in a rational state, he could bring himself to understand, but at the moment he was a little too pissed off with constantly having his feelings thrown in his face.

Despite the hand tightening its grip on the gun, the hunter seemed unimpressed with the anger Kaname was clearly displaying. "This time I want a straight answer. What are your intentions with Zero?"

It wasn't that Kaname was ashamed of his feelings or that he couldn't look the hunter in the eye, he simply turned around because he knew, when it came to Zero, there was very little Kaname could hide- even in his expression. And the reason for that was very simple: "I'm in love with him."

Zero watched the vampire closely, a little too worked up to properly asses her motives. So he waited. She stood there for a long time, looking him over as though she was coming towards some type of crucial decision in her mind. She took a step down, her eyes pinned him as he watched her elegant descent, her white skirt swaying with her movements and then she stopped abruptly at the bottom of the stairs; Her eyes met his.

"You have a lot of nerve."

If he had to fight his way to Kaname, Zero thought clenching his fists, he'd do it. However, the vampire flipped her hair over her shoulder and walked past him. "Ruining our plans by actually showing up on your own all of a sudden."

Surprised and a bit confused by what she was saying, Zero turned to watch her pass him by and head towards the door she'd just pushed open. She paused and glared back at him. "Don't screw it up again."

And then she was gone.

It wasn't for long, but Zero found himself gaping at the door, unsure of what just happened before shaking it off and heading up the stairs. Though, his strides were more hesitate than his run earlier had been. The second he was outside Kaname's door, he knew the pureblood was waiting on him. His heart was beating frantically. His hands felt a bit clammy; he pushed open the door anyway.

Kaname stood at the window with his back to Zero; moonlight spilled into the room, bathing the pureblood with its luminous magic, as he remained stoic, like some misplaced statue slowly being brought to life by the moon. With the door closed behind him, Zero took a step closer, catching Kaname's reflection on the window's glass. Cold lips parted and the voice that spoke was distant. "Why are you here?"

Despite the lack of anxiety on his face, Zero's heart was beating itself out of his chest with a vengeance. During his instantaneous decision to run off to Kaname, Zero hadn't given thought to why he was suddenly so desperate to get to the pureblood. To see if Yagari was telling the truth about Kaname being okay? To give himself an excuse to see Kaname? Why had he come here? And then Zero suddenly understood. He wanted to prove he wasn't a coward.

"Well?" Kaname turned around to face him properly, the tips of his fingers touching the corner of his desk as he looked at Zero with complete indifference.

"You win."

The distant look in Kaname's eyes darkened; And not pleasantly. "Excuse me?"

"I said," Zero reiterated a bit more firmly. "You win."

Kaname let out a sigh, the hand formerly touching his desk reaching up to mask his weary face for a moment, before it fell to his side and Kaname looked at Zero once again. Afraid that if he put his hand back onto his desk, he might accidentally break it, he kept his hands at his side. "And what exactly did I win, Kiryu?"

"I didn't want to admit it."

Kaname breathed in slowly, he could feel his hands beginning to tremble and he couldn't possibly understand why. All he wanted now was to rest and be alone or else he might revert to anger, but Zero, who really wasn't making much sense at the moment, was making it difficult. "Admit what?"

Again his question went ignored.

"I was hoping it was just a misunderstanding. That when it was over, I'd realize it wasn't true."

Kaname's eyes narrowed. "What exactly are you talking about?"

Zero glared at him. "I'm in love with you."

A heartbeat.

It was probably Zero's because at the moment, everything in Kaname went still.

I don't love you...I can't love you-I wont.

"I tried so hard to keep from falling in love with you." That's fine, so long as you want me even an ounce. "But your words always seemed to wear me down." And you're certain you can keep from falling in love with me? "Your words felt cruel to me..." Does it scare you that much? Are you afraid of falling in love? "I didn't want to bring myself to face what could happen if I lost myself to you."

Are you afraid of being loved by me?

"I was afraid. Afraid of what my master and the chairman would think...I was afraid of what would happen to me. The morning after I realized my feelings...I was so shaken up by it. I didn't want you to know..."

If a person can't say something important, are they cowardly? Even if they feel something, being unable to express it is like it's not even there, right?

"I love you." I don't know why, I simply do. "I understand it now," Zero's voice shook as he wretched his gaze from Kaname to the ground in shame. "It isn't a good feeling. I feel so helpless...being completely ensnared by it, like it's suffocating-"

"Zero-" Kaname moved forward-

"It was worse than the first time."

-but then flinched and stood where he was, frozen by the shadow in Zero's eyes.

"Not the bite, but afterward...I felt so embarrassed, so stupid and pathetic. But I still..." Zero shook his head. "No matter what I do or what I keep telling myself, I can't bring myself to despise you for it! If you really are manipulating me, then I-"

"Zero!" Kaname was there in four strides, catching Zero's wrists even when the prefect halfheartedly tried to move away. His head hung low, unable to bring himself to look Kaname in the eye. The words Kaname had spoken to him earlier when his gun had gone off- 'Forgive me, Kiryu'- were running through his head still. And they somehow felt as if Kaname would disappear if Zero didn't reach out for him- even if Kaname killed him, Zero couldn't let him go. This love and hate feeling was driving him crazy.

"There's no way it'll work out, but I...I can't hold back my feelings anymore..." Zero was trembling, his voice no more than a whisper. "I love you..."

Kaname easily slipped his fingers from around Zero's wrist to his trembling hand, slowly bringing the hunter's cold palm up to his warm face. Auburn eyes closed at the touch. "When?"

Zero frowned, momentarily distracted by the warmth of Kaname's cheek, by the touch he'd longed to feel. By the soft lips so close to the back of his hand- by things he knew he should hate. Slowly, he lifted his gaze and found Kaname's eyes opened, the intensity behind them were focused entirely on him. "Manipulating you?"

"Since when have I ever been in control? From the very beginning I wanted you with a frightening desperation. In the end, I was still unable to control myself and simply took what I wanted," Kaname spoke while Zero was lost in the burning sienna gaze that was drawing him in as they smoldered.

An image flashed before Zero's mind; he swallowed against it. He reached out with his other hand, trapping the pureblood's face between his cold palms and leaning in long enough for their breaths to intermingle for a quick second before he closed the gap between them.

The instant warmth of Kaname's lips made Zero tremble further. The feeling of self-hatred was nothing but a small shadow, but it was there, reminding him of his sin. As if Kaname seemed to understand, his thumbs rubbed gently against his inner wrists and parted his lips against Zero's. Even with his emotions, his thought, all scattered, touching Kaname was soothing it all. When he pulled away, Kaname breathed against him, his thumbs still stroking comfortingly. "Despite how I feel, I may not be able to resist forever. Do you understand?"

The pureblood sighed against Zero's lips, savoring that dulcet taste, his hands still holding onto Zero's wrists like shackles unwittingly chaining the hunter, thumbs mindlessly stroking gently over the veins that were softly flowing with what he now knew was the most luscious blood in existence. The fact that Zero's blood was calling out to Kaname made the pureblood wary.

Zero was standing quietly, head bowed just slightly, but Kaname could see his eyes were shut. His heart was beating a beat to quickly and his body was still slightly trembling. Beyond that, Kaname couldn't tell what Zero was thinking. And then the hunter's words ran through his head again: I tried so hard to keep from falling in love with you. But your words always seemed to wear me down.

Your words felt cruel to me...I didn't want to bring myself to face what could happen if I lost myself to you.

I was afraid.

"You're really a kind person, Zero. But if you show me too much compassion...I'll definitely take advantage. Because unlike you," Kaname reached out to touch the side of Zero's neck, nails playing along the sensitive skin where his own fangs had sunk deep, and despite his words, there was something soft and warm and pained in Kaname's beautiful eyes that he was unaware of. "I am not a kind person."

Why did you come here, Zero? Why are you finally confessing your love with such a pained expression? There was no going back, Kaname knew, and if Zero didn't-

"I understand," Zero interrupted his thoughts, his lovely voice, quiet but firm.

That self-tormented look on Zero's face made Kaname's heart ache and he stroked his thumbs over Zero's now fluttering eyes, hiding away such an unacceptable look by forcing the silver haired prefect to shut them. With the hunter's eyes closed, Kaname leaned closer to breathe against his ear. "Zero, I really do love you. So much so that you unconsciously make a fool of me."

Zero said nothing, just stood there reminding himself to breathe, the heavenly smell of vanilla and that fresh, florescent scent, the reminder of the warm, sweetness that was Kaname's blood was but a few inches away. The warm hand that was mindlessly stroking his cheek pulled away and Zero shuddered at the loss when the clean scent of Kaname's office wafted through him. It felt colder once Kaname had stepped away.

Unsure of how to respond to Kaname's actions, Zero opened his eyes and took in his surroundings for a moment. The moonlight that unobtrusively spilled through the framed windows danced over Kaname's empty desk, lighting up the titles of the bottom portion of the books on Kaname's bookcase. The trees outside swayed, dancing to the breeze of the cool night air, the stars winking from behind vapor like clouds and the silent muffle of footprints moving away from behind him. His lavender eyes focused on the desk, a distant memory of being pushed down onto it, the day Kaname proposed their deal, of being blindfolded and taken, but not entirely by force.

"You can have my blood...in exchange for something I want."

Zero quietly turned half a step around to follow Kaname with his gaze. The pureblood opened his bedroom door and walked into the darkness without a word, leaving Zero to stare after him. It was strange. Zero didn't know why or how, but he understood the situation perfectly. It was an invitation, but it was also...

His gaze shifted to the front door.

...an offer to escape. Had the situation hurt Kaname just as bad? Zero took in a heavy breath. Ignoring the blatant answer screaming in his face.

Do you honestly think its been easy for me to be with someone who wont return my love?

He took his steps carefully but surely, knowing this would be his final decision, as he went after Kaname. The regal pureblood was seated at the edge of the bed, his figure perfectly silhouetted against the darkness of his room. Zero continued forward, never pausing, until he stood directly in front of Kaname.

Soft, slim but strong fingers caught his own, bringing his right hand up to Kaname's warm lips. The kiss was to the back of his cold fingers. His hand was turned over and the next kiss was to his palm, breath and hair tickling as Kaname moved away. When the next butterfly kiss came, it was to his wrist followed by a comforting hand sliding upwards on his thigh. Even through the darkness, Zero saw Kaname tilt his head back up to see him properly.

"Are you sure?" The words "Because you can't back out anymore" were left unsaid. Kaname's expression, his voice, were guarded. Was he unsure of Zero's sincerity?

With a silent nod, Zero slipped his hands from Kaname's and undid his own shirt, letting it fall off his shoulders and drop with a rustling sounds to the ground. Reaching out, careful and quietly, Zero toed off his shoes and stepped forward, pressing a knee to the bed by Kaname's waist, followed by his other at Kaname's opposite side. Kaname's hands held him gently, the pureblood's gaze focused solely on him, helping to keep Zero steady as the hunter positioned himself on Kaname's lap.

In the same position he'd been in when Kaname had bit him.

He'd been hurt, too, Zero realized with a pang as he stared down at the blank expression on Kaname's face. It wasn't as if, knowing this, it would change much. Zero couldn't bring himself to feel responsible for it, he hadn't been out of line...honestly, neither of them had been. The action was natural to Kaname as a pureblood and the reaction was natural to Zero as a hunter. They were different this way...

There was that look again, Kaname noted, watching, not emotions, but memories, slide through Zero's soft eyes, not with flickers or flashes, but a steady flow. Such amazing eyes hiding beneath strands of silver, such a vulnerable expression outlined with a subtle strength of someone who didn't understand what it meant to fall.

Kaname leaned forward and Zero couldn't help it when he flinched back, his heart picking up a notch with anxiety. Kaname immediately froze. Zero had been lost in thought, he hadn't expected...and then of course, he was still...

Almost gingerly, Kaname lifted his hand to brush his fingers over Zero's cheek, his other hand working up and down against his bare side in comforting strokes, hoping to soothe the racing heartbeat he could sense. Neither said a thing. Zero was unsure if his words wouldn't get lodged in his throat or whimper when they came out; Kaname was aware that nothing he said now would do much but hinder or worsen the situation.

Kaname leaned in again and this time, Zero did not waver. With his eyes locked to those beautiful amethysts, Kaname let his lips whisper over Zero's, inching back as the tension he'd felt in the hunter remained.

A little confused by the subtle graze, Zero sought the answer from Kaname's eyes, but he found nothing but that guarded warmth. He frowned. It was like Kaname was holding himself back, keeping a part of himself away from Zero, and he didn't like that; He leaned forward.

Kaname's lips barely touched Zero's kiss for a quick second before he pulled away again. Zero would have taken offense if it weren't for the pair of hands stroking up and down his bare sides in encouragement. When Zero leaned forward again, he was unaware of the tension in his body ebbing away, he was only feeling a bit victorious when he caught Kaname's lips in a kiss...and then Kaname gently pushed him back with those very same lips.

Zero's gaze was focused on Kaname's mouth, so he missed the tiny spark of amusement in Kaname's eyes, unaware that he was being teased as usual. So when Zero leaned in, Kaname met him half way. They were light, soft kisses to his top and then bottom lip, Kaname's warm hands gliding smoothly up his sides, and then they got longer. Against Kaname's soft nudge, Zero's lips parted slightly and at his tongue's seemingly tentative touch, Zero's fingers tightened on Kaname's shoulders.

Kaname ran the tip of his tongue over his lover's lips, slowly and gently tracing them, taking pleasure in the way Zero leaned closer. Lavender eyes fluttered open just as Kaname took Zero's upper lip between his own, gently sucking. When the action dragged a whispered sigh of pleasure from Zero, Kaname tried the lower lip for just a second before slipping his tongue into Zero's mouth.

For a second, Zero was surprised by the action, before he melted against the tongue caressing his own and with a fleeting beauty, the tongue retreated. The urge to groan in frustration would have come if Kaname hadn't taken his bottom lip between his again, sucking leisurely. Until Kaname's teeth bit down gently, tugging for a brief second as he let Zero's lip slip free.

The groan that escape Zero was of pleasure instead.

Pleased when Zero seemed fully relaxed, Kaname leaned forward and planted a kiss on his forehead, brushing those stunning strands away. His lips refused to budge as he took in the fresh scent of the night that still clung to Zero. When he shifted again, it was only to place a kiss to the back of the eye closest to him and then the other and then to those sighing lips.

For some strange reason, Kaname had always felt rushed and it was quite refreshing being able to savor and taste Zero like this; the hunter so open and willing. The prefect didn't seem at all bothered with how gentle Kaname was being whereas in the past, he would always push away- always afraid of this intimacy.

Kaname watched as his thumb stroked over Zero's lip, his finger shifting under his chin, ushering him forward with nothing but a feather light touch. As their lips met, Kaname glanced up, finding himself staring into smoldered amethyst, hints of quicksilver mixing into an intoxicating look that made the pureblood's mouth water. Without his consent, his lips moved sharply over Zero's, forcing the hunter to groan, shutting his eyes into the sudden passion while Kaname's hand cradled the back of his lover's head.

Lost in a familiar kiss, Zero let himself give in to the pleasure of Kaname's lips, shivering when Kaname's freehand stroked over his chest, his thumb running over his nipple just as Kaname's tongue greeted his. And then the kiss was broken, leaving Zero wondering where he'd land next, but to his surprise, Kaname was hugging him, pulling him closer on his lap. The pureblood's cheek was rubbing against his. Zero almost smiled; Kaname...was weird.

Kaname rubbed his nose along Zero's face, ignoring the confused brows that were furrowing on his lover's face. The pureblood simply took Zero's face between his hands and kissed him gently, small kisses peppering his tasteful lips, his chin, his jaw...down to his neck. He rubbed his nose against Zero's tattoo, the hand at Zero's nape, soothing down his spine.

When Kaname's lips brushed over his neck, it would have tickled, if Zero wasn't suddenly worried. Memories that weren't welcomed in his mind, in this room, here in Kaname's arms, were fighting their way through the defenses of his mind. There was a gentle lick on his neck with the tip of Kaname's tongue. He swallowed, shutting his eyes. Hot breath broke against the skin just below his ear and Zero shivered. Kaname nuzzled against him gently and Zero easily got the message that everything was all right...all right.

As a sign of trust, Zero pressed himself closer to Kaname and turned his face aside to give the pureblood room. The gesture earned him plenty of kisses and nips on his neck, his throat, his shoulders... Kaname ran his lips up the curve of Zero's neck to his ear, sucking Zero's earlobe into his mouth and making the hunter moan.

A hand ran down Zero's chest, slowly coming to an end at his belt, he was so distracted by what that mouth was doing to his ear that he didn't hear nor feel when his belt came loose. However, when Kaname tugged it free from its loops, it was suddenly all the hunter could focus on, the mouth at his ear gone. The belt, gone. His hips jerked with the tug Kaname abruptly made to free the button of his pants, and then Kaname's hands were on his thighs, sliding up towards a single, merging goal.

Kaname's fangs grazed the hunter's neck and Zero's heart, it skipped a telling beat. Before Zero could do anything, Kaname fell back against the bed, tugging him along. Unprepared for the sudden lack of support, Zero's hands dug into the ridiculously soft mattress at the last minute, staring down at Kaname in surprise.

Kaname's hand was at his own neck, blood running over the pair of fingers that had carved into the tender skin. Zero eyed the crimson that was painting down the pale neck shakily, his mouth watering. Still, neither of them said a single word. Zero shifted closer, moving onto his knees over Kaname, his body trembled slightly as though it had forgotten and suddenly remembered how much it craved, desired, and needed this blood. Kaname's blood. Distant words nagged at him about love and blood and vampires, but he paid it no heed at the moment.

With an unchanging expression, Kaname's fingers toyed with the blood on his neck before lifting them to touch Zero's unmarred cheek. His precious hunter flinched as the unconcealed scent drove through his very being. Watching Zero's reactions carefully, Kaname painted his blood over Zero's lips, witnessing a ruby red, then dark crimson completely drown out silver lavender. When his lover still didn't move, Kaname nudged his mouth open with his finger, slipping it into his mouth and smothering a hint of blood over a wet tongue.

The taste exploded in his mouth and with a groan, Zero caught the wrist of those wandering fingers, slamming Kaname's arm over his head as he bent down and mercilessly bit down on Kaname's neck. Zero heard the pureblood wince, but he couldn't stop himself. The blood was rushing into his mouth, his free hand pawing at Kaname's already loose shirt till the buttons popped right off. The grip on Kaname's wrist tightened on and off, all the while Kaname just lied there. Zero's tongue toyed with the fang marks, cleaning them, sipping slightly and teasing, darting out to lap up stray blood or just seeking the taste of Kaname's skin.

Then the world spun around violently and Zero was staring up at Kaname, who was leaning over him. The hand which had once imprisoned Kaname's wrist was now, in turn, imprisoned by Kaname. Their eyes were locked and remained so as Kaname sat up, taking Zero's hand with him, turning it palm up once more.

"Let's start over, Zero." Despite the way both their eyes changed colors- one from red to lavender, the other from sienna to crimson- their gaze was not broken. Even as Zero shivered from the trapped feeling of being prey and Kaname's shudder at the tempting trail of blood he'd finger painted on Zero's cheek himself. "If you refuse, object quickly."

In reply, Zero moved his palm closer, slightly relieved as Kaname's fangs grazed over the plump skin near his wrist. Kaname was going to take it slow on this and Zero was glad for that. He was prepared to allow Kaname, but he was still unsure of how much he would have been able to endure if Kaname had taken from his neck. This alternative instead, it didn't seem as bad to Zero. The hunter winced a bit when Kaname's fangs pierced his skin with a silent pricking sensation. Their eyes remained fixed on each other as Kaname sunk his fangs deeper, watching the discomfort on Zero's face.

The hunter felt the obtrusive fangs sinking deeper, seeming to grow the further they went in, but it wasn't bad. Not even when the pureblood sucked. Especially not when Kaname shuddered, a low groan in the back of his throat muffled against his palm, almost making Kaname shut his eyes away from Zero in pleasure. As the blood began to drip down his arm, Zero forced himself to think of anything besides those bad memories vying for his attention and he settled on the slightly amusing thought of what a messy eater Kaname was being.

Then again, as Zero's blood raced down his uplifted arm, a drop or two splattering on his midsection, Zero thought, maybe he was doing it on purpose? Slowly, Zero felt Kaname's fangs sliding out and he watched them, they were longer than his own, as they slipped from his tingling hand. Kaname dutifully lapped the wounds away, cleaning the smeared blood on his palm and wrist, kissing the cleaned section quietly, the gaze broken. Instead of letting go of his hand, Kaname slipped his fingers between Zero's, holding his hand and keeping it up as his tongue began to lap at the long streams of blood down Zero's arms.

The warm tongue made Zero shiver and reminded him, also, of that time he'd been taken on Kaname's desk. He had bit into his own arm and Kaname had lapped at his blood then. It didn't seem as inciting back then to Kaname, as it did now. But then, Aidou had said the blood of a lover was special. The feeling of utter satisfaction from the blood he'd drank earlier was proof of this. Letting Kaname clean away his blood, Zero let himself relax onto the comfortable bed, not because of how snug it felt, but because it was surrounded with a heady scent that belonged only to Kaname. It had been such a long time since he'd been able to relax; he knew without a doubt that he could easily sleep here. It was tempting...


Zero's eyes snapped open. Kaname was leaning over him, that expression on his face still, even as Kaname leaned down for a gentle kiss. When he lifted his face once more, it was only to stare at Zero, his eyes quietly studying every inch of his face. And then he spoke quietly. "Say it for me one more time?"

For a minute, Zero's face scrunched up in confusion and then understanding dawned on him. There was a hint of a bittersweet smile on Zero's face as he stared up at the pureblood. He knew that Kaname would eventually ask for it again. The hints of desperation on Kaname's face were beginning to melt away that blank expression, taking with it Zero's silent anxiety as well. Zero leaned up to kiss Kaname's supple lips before falling back to the bed. "I love you."

Kaname shivered, his expression faltering as he suddenly leaned down to bury his face in Zero's neck, a muttered, "One more time," against his neck. Zero wrapped his arms over Kaname's tense form, bringing him a little closer to himself. "I love you."

"Once more."

Zero's sigh ruffled Kaname's dark tresses. "I love you."

When the pureblood said nothing else for a long moment, Zero shifted a little, wondering whether Kaname had fallen asleep like he nearly had a few moments ago. However, Kaname lifted himself from his hiding place and stared at Zero, his eyes no longer holding that distant or guarded look, instead open love greeted him and Zero found himself brushing Kaname's hair aside to see them perfectly- almost as though he'd missed them and those annoying words Kaname use to torment him with.

"I wouldn't manipulate you."

Taken aback by Kaname's sudden words, Zero took a moment to really hear them. The utter look of firm honesty on Kaname's face made Zero grimace. "I know."

"Then why would you think that?" Kaname demanded.

"It wouldn't be far from the truth otherwise," Zero muttered. "If you didn't...feel the same way about me."

Instead of denying it, Kaname leaned in, kissing gently at his neck. "Zero...forgive me."

Even with how tired he was, Zero still felt the pleasure sinking into him from those soft lips. "Hm?"

"I'm going to make love to you..." Zero's eyes fluttered open as the bed shifted around him. Kaname easily straddled him, his hands already pulling down the black, now button-less shirt from his shoulders. "Over...and over...and over..." Zero swallowed, watching inch after inch of bare skin being revealed to him once more. His heart was racing and his stomach was fluttering in excitement.

"I haven't slept well," Zero spluttered. Then mentally kicked himself for his stupidity, a blush creeping onto his face in embarrassment when Kaname simply chuckled and leaned down to mumble against his lips. "That is exactly why I apologized beforehand...because I definitely wont be allowing you to get any rest tonight."




Long after their bodies had worn out, Kaname laid, half resting against Zero, his face fitting to the curve of Zero's neck, watching his fingers toying with Zero's. The hunter's breath had evened out quite a while ago, Kaname had thought his lover might have been sleeping, but for the heartbeat that would skip or jolt when Kaname would purposely sigh against him.

Deciding to break the silence, Kaname brought up something he'd mentioned in the heat of the moment. "I was serious about what I said. I wont ever let you go now Zero. No matter what happens next or what you say. I wont ever let you leave my side."

"That almost sounds like a marriage proposal," Zero sighed sleepily, unable to open his eyes. His body was sated, warm and filled with Kaname's blood and other...stuff. He was too content, his mind wasn't racing, his emotions weren't trying to suffocate him and all his worries had simply evaporated. Yeah, he knew in a more stable mind. Kaname's words might have irritated him- especially since he sounded so damn serious. But right now, it only made him want to smile.

Kaname chuckled. "And if it were?"

"You're being too greedy again..."

"Love is never selfish, Zero," Kaname reminded him, his lips pressing against his neck.

Zero sighed. "Shouldn't you be directing those words at yourself?"

"I'm possessive, not selfish," Kaname pointed out making Zero scoff at his logic.

"No, you're spoiled."

"No." Kaname shifted, the movement finally giving Zero strength to pry his glued eyes open as Kaname leaned over him, dark tresses dangling down like vines or blossoms from a tree. Zero lifted a hand to toy with one of the dark locks, watching Kaname's face closely. "I'm in love."

Zero hummed into the kiss Kaname pressed to his lips, his eyes automatically closing. When he felt Kaname shift again, his eyes were being uncooperative.

"And am loved." The next kiss fell over his heart. Kaname heard it skip a beat and glanced up at the light flush on Zero's face with a smile. "You love me, don't you Zero?"

Growling softly, Zero turned his face away, the light tint on his cheeks darkening just a bit. "We should go to sleep, I'm tir-"

"Why? Don't you love me, Zero?"

With a sigh, Zero forced his eyes open again and glared at the smirking pureblood. Damn bastard. "If I say yes will you let me go to sleep?"

"No." Kaname kissed him. "Not until you say it again."

Zero scratched his head in irritation, then glared up at Kaname, pulling him close by the back of his nape. "I don't want to have to repeat it all the damn time, Kaname. Yes, I love you. No, I don't want to do it again. I'm tired and if you ask me to say it again in the morning, I'm going to shoot you in the face."

Kaname was chuckling even as Zero pressed his lips against him for a goodnight kiss. When Zero pulled away, he turned onto his side, giving Kaname his back and sighed. Wrapping his arms around him, Kaname easily fit behind his lover, pulling him close. "I love you, too, Zero."

The sound of the blow dryer was drowning out her thoughts as Yuuki lazily dried her hair, yawning as she finally put the contraption down onto the sink counter of the chairman's guest bathroom. They had returned from the patrol half an hour ago and she was ready to knock out. Lately, things had been so boring- or irritating, rather. Since Zero's 'inactive duty,' she'd been stuck spending more quality time with the chairman.

Honestly, instead of patrolling, he'd sometimes just walk besides her, snapping pictures of her at random moments ("Aww, look at my hard working daughter! This one's for the album!"). Jeez, it was times like these where she really missed Zero. Speaking of which, her expression turned a little sour, she noticed in the reflection. She hadn't seen him in two days. She hoped that he and Kaname-sempai had made up.

A smile tugged at her lips. Even if they had trouble, the two of them looked a bit happier together. It was a shame that they were stubborn and couldn't simply work things out the way they should. Oh well, it was time to put her blouse on. She hadn't wanted water dripping onto it since her hair was soaked. She was just sliding it past her midsection when the door opened and someone walked in. With eyes widened in shock at almost being walked in on half naked, she whirled around and snapped, throwing whatever it was her hand managed to grip on the counter. "Hey! Don't just walk in on a lady!"

The bottle hit Zero square on the side of his head and he glared at the short girl as the half empty bottle dropped to the floor. "What lady? Ladies don't randomly throw things at innocent people!"

"Innocent?" The way she said it made Yuuki sound like she'd just gotten slapped. Despite the fact that Zero was finally standing in front of her, she couldn't stop herself from arguing with him. "The chairman finally fixed the lock, you shouldn't walk in when someone is possibly half naked in here!"

Zero glared at her, looking her up and down pointedly. She glared back, of course she was dressed now, but she hadn't been a second before he waltzed in! And instead of pointed out her obvious state of being dressed, Zero sighed, "Well, did you lock it?"

Yuuki's shoulders suddenly fell, a heavy sigh slipping through her lips. "You haven't been around and even though the lock's fixed now, after having it broken since forever, I guess I just got used to it..."

A small quirk to Zero's lip made Yuuki snap out of her wallowing and she snickered. "You seem happier all of a sudden. Did you and Kaname make up?"

A laugh tried to escape her as Zero glared and then yawned and turned away from her. "Can you get out now? I need to shower."

Despite the grumbles she forced out, she was smiling when she collected her things and began to leave the bathroom. When Zero's words caught her in the door way.

"I'm sorry I haven't been around to help."

She glanced over her shoulder and laughed it off. "It's okay, as long as you're feeling better. But your going to make it up to me! Just you wait!"

"Heh," Zero smirked and began to undress when Yuuki let herself out. Then his smirk turned into a sigh at all the damn marks that still littered his body. Some faded, others bright and glaring- stupid pureblood. He had really meant it when he said he would never let Zero leave his side. For the last two days, he'd been shackled- not literally thankfully- to Kaname's bed with the pureblood leaning over him every second. It had taken Zero a while to sneak away, leaving behind a content and satisfied pureblood.

A week later, Cross Academy and all its students, both Night and Day class, were going through their usual day. The prefect's slept during class, the day class girl's (and one boy) still sneaked around the disciplinary committee in hopes of reaching the night class, and teachers still hated Zero and Yuuki. It was during one of these fine and usual days when Zero was being put to the test with a group of really annoying fangirls. It wasn't that he wasn't used to them, it was what they were saying that was getting on his nerves.

"Kaname-sempai is so hot," one of said annoying girls giggled. "I bet he's a good kisser!"

"I know, he's just got those lips that make you want to lick them all up!"

"Ayame!" One of the other girl's blushed. "You shouldn't say things like that!"

"But you think so, too, right? I've read your diary!" The girls laughed. Except, the blushing girl who deemed it necessary to shout nonsense. "Stop laughing! One day, he'll be my husband, just you watch!"

And then that, after fifteen minutes of listening to that stupid drivel and completely missing the girl's who snuck past him, shocked at their own success, Zero finally snapped. "Will you shut up! Why are you even wasting your time here, go back to the dorms!"

The girls- all of them- suddenly turned to gape at his sudden rage, shocked. The small group his anger had been focused on, huddled together, visibly trembling. "K-Kiryu-kun, you don't have to be s-so mean!"

Zero sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. This was ridiculous, why was he getting so worked up for? It wasn't as if those girl's even had a chance of getting close to the pureblood and besides- argh, love was so frustrating! His damn emotions only got worse, now he was getting possessive like that bastard who had kidnapped him last night!

A smooth chuckle choked his inner hysteria. The girls that were once scared, blushed, the fear being pushed away by excitement. Damn it.

"You shouldn't be so rough on them, Zero," Kaname murmured standing way too close since he could feel that familiar hot breath behind his ear. "Although," he chuckled and leaned closer to whisper into Zero's ear. "It is quite adorable to see you getting so jealous over something so impossible."

Zero growled, his face red as he noticed that they were the center of the attention- the crowds of usually screaming girls was hushed and even the night class was staring. Well, most. He didn't dare look at anyone's expression, and even though he knew he should step away, he couldn't bring himself to move from the comfortable presence behind him.

But he wasn't nice about it, either. "Shut up and-Mph!"

The crowds gasped, some screamed out in dismay, some squealed in delight, some gaped at the sight in shock-like Yuuki, who was flushing red, but couldn't quite bring herself to look away. Kaname held Zero's chin with one hand, turning his face so they could kiss over the prefect's shoulder. And Zero wasn't pushing him away.

"Tch." Aido glanced away, slipping a hand into a pocket and waiting for the lovebirds to pull away. He was happy they weren't fighting anymore and Kaname-sama and Zero weren't trying to kill him in their dark moods, but he'd been walking into awkward moments where he'd catch the two of them together. Like when he went to the bathroom during class and caught them making out in a hallway. Or when he was working on a project till the early morning and was heading off to sleep, turning the corner to see Kaname-sama groping the hunter. It was starting to drive him insane.

"They never stop," Shiki muttered, already walking away to class on his own. Rima and Ichijou smiled, one with a sigh, the other with a grin. "Aw, leave them. Their just happily in love."

"You know he can hear you," Rima muttered, but Ichijou ignored her.

Ruka and Kain followed behind the others, Ruka refused to look their way, but she found it didn't bother her as much as it used to. She still didn't like the prefect, though.

Finally catching himself, Zero pushed Kaname away, breaking free of the kiss after having forgotten where they were. Kaname chuckled, smiling a little smugly at him as he began to walk away. "Work hard, Mr. Disciplinary committee."

Zero growled softly as he watched his lover go. He just knew Kaname was going to look for him during his patrol, too. Damn insatiable vampire.

And then Zero realized it was silent when the sound of a breeze rustling the trees seemed like the loudest sound in the world. And then he noticed everyone was staring at him...

"What are you all standing around for? Don't you have places to be? Go back to your dorms!"

"Ah! Zero, calm down!" Yuuki gasped, trying to calm him down, but the girls were already scattering about, some disoriented with the impossible event they just witnessed.

It was a week later, during dorm inspections, when Zero stumbled upon collections and collections of art and writing works dedicated to him and Kuran. He quickly snatched away everything he could find, red faced after stupidly reading one of the stories. He even tried to confiscate a picture Yuuki had obtained from someone (Aido) of Kaname and Zero just before a kiss. She whacked him over the head, took the picture back and threatened to make copies and give them to the chairman and even Yagari.

Zero let her keep it. As for Kaname, the whole thing was simply amusing to him.

- The End -

~~~~~Omake! Of Sorts xD this thing below is...hm, what do you say when you notice your plumber is bending down...? ah, crack.~~~~

"Finally!" Zero hissed, jumping out of the bed and away from Kaname who took his own time in escaping the bed. They dressed quietly, avoiding each others gaze and trying to pretend that the last eighteen chapter's hadn't actually happened. "I'm glad this is finally over, I don't have to let you touch me anymore."

Kaname grimaced, thinking back to all the endless love scenes. "It wasn't very pleasant for me, either."

"I was the one who had to lay there for you, so stop complaining."

Kaname's brow twitched. "As if you didn't find pleasure in it."

"No way in hell."

"Now, now, settle down you two," Ichijou interceded with a smile as he approached the two. "It was just a story."

"The perverted author finally had enough, huh," Shiki mumbled as he walked on set, glancing around for something that might catch his attention. He muffled a yawn at the reproachful look Kaname-sama and Kiryu gave him.

"I didn't mind," Rima mumbled as she glanced away from the annoyed pureblood and angry hunter. "They seemed to enjoy it."

"I enjoyed it!" Yuuki giggled.

"I enjoyed it, as well," Ruka seconded, albeit in a much quieter voice and a modest flush dusting along her pretty face.

"Me too!" Someone else admitted loudly.

Kain frowned when Ruka gaped at him followed by every pair of eyes in the room- including the murderous pair of the dangerous 'couple.' He carefully glanced over his shoulder at his flushing cousin and let out the sigh of someone forever being punished. "Oi, Hanabusa, if you're going to shout something like that, don't do it behind me."

"Hey," Rima frowned. "What happened to Seiren?"

"Dunno," Aido mumbled heading over to the snack table where there was an endless display of chocolate treats from that one place in town. "She disappeared after the ninth chapter."

"Hm," Ruka looked thoughtful before glancing up at everyone. "Perhaps she'll return during the sequel?"

Both Kaname and Zero whipped around to glare at her as they demanded, "What sequel?"

When everyone tensed and looked away from them, Kaname sighed. Finally dressed and ready to leave this story, he calmly walked over to the blond who was glancing over a table littered with quite an unhealthy amount of chocolate and sweets. When Aido noticed him, he frowned, straightening up. "Hm? Kaname-sama, is something wro-" ~Slap~

The echo made Zero wince, almost pitying the blond moron who was looking at Kaname in shock. "But...why?"

"...ask the reviewers."

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