Alright, so I just finished Catching Fire today and nearly had a heart attack at this scene because it was just so unbelievably cute, and I thought I'd write it from Peeta's POV. Page 352, hardcover. What I can only refer to as "make out scene." Haha. Hope you enjoy!

"I do," She says. "I need you."

And at once, I know she's being completely truthful. That it would hurt her beyond repair if I died and she couldn't be with me everyday. Couldn't have anyone to be there for her when the nightmares started to console her back to sleep; those private moments I enjoy so much.

But I need her alive.

I open my mouth to start arguing that, no, she needs to be there for her family who'll be crushed if she was gone. For Prim, her mother, and it pains me to think it, but for Gale. Who she'll probably end up marrying, I realize with a pang.

But before I can start my mapped out spiel, I realize that her lips are on mine, her head craning back over her right shoulder to reach me. I realize, as she must, that she has instantly stopped my argument in its tracks; she won't have to hear about it for a while.

Then I stop to think, and maybe, just maybe, this is all for the cameras. Then, I hear her make a slight noise in the back of her throat, and realize it's not at all. That, just like the time in the cave last year, we both feel something from this kiss, and I can't help but want more.

When she pulls away slightly, our foreheads resting on one another, I open my mouth to maybe regain my speech abilities and convince her of my idea. Then, she does it again, and all thoughts of an argument utterly vanish.

I feel her hands in my hair, and sometimes I think she forgets, through all the stress, that I'm still a teenaged boy, and these things she does drive my crazy. I run my hands up her back and I'm playing with her hair, then my hands rest on her cheeks, and I realize that we've turned to face each other, and she just keeps kissing me, and it's the best feeling in the world; the girl I love is kissing me!

This feeling spreads throughout my chest, permeates my whole body. We both want more of it, but the kisses are making the need greater, hungrier.

We hear a crack of lightning, and are instantly brought back to reality, no longer floating on cloud nine. We break apart gently, and look at each other, then the tree. The crack of lightning wakes Finnick; we hear his sharp cry, and both of us turn to him simultaneously.

"I can't sleep anymore," he says. "One of you should rest." Then, he notices my hands still grasping her face, hers still embedded in my hair, and the breathless expressions we probably wear on our faces. "Or both of you. I can watch alone."

I want to laugh, but realize the moment's over. Back to reality and cameras and pretenses that tear my heart out of my chest. I tell him that it's too dangerous, that I'll watch with him, and tell Katniss to go lie down.

I lead her over to where the others are resting and pull the locket from around my neck, placing it onto hers. I rest my hand where our "baby" rests.

"You're going to make a great mother, you know," I say and kiss her once more.

Yes. The moment is most definitely over.