So Much For Love

This is a really crappy story about a pairing I love in my favorite Christmas Story of all time, How The Grinch Stole Christmas. I have never really been a huge Dr. Seuss fan, but I recently watched the 2000 movie remake of this story and I fell in love with Jim Carrey's portrayal of The Grinch. Anyway, this pairing here is Cindy Lou and The Grinch. I know he's a thousand years older than her in the movies and book, but the age concept in this story I got from someone else. I can't remember where I found it, so I cannot give credit to who ever came up with it. Just know that I did not think of it. Well, this is a one-shot unless popular demand (or pure boredom) compels me to act otherwise. You will have to decide that for yourself. You can tell me what you think in the reviews. Thank you!

And so, whatever the reason,
His heart or his shoes,
The Grinch stood outside his cave,
Hating but one who.

The icy crystals blew through the wind, whipping against his green fur. The cold nipped at the less-hairy skin around his face so harshly that it might have hurt, had he not been so used to it. He had been living up here for at least forty years, so the cutting frost did not bother him anymore. He did not even have to shield the bright green of his eyes.

Often had he come out to stand on the ledge before his cave, although for previous times it had been simply to plot against the residence of the town antecedently hated by his once-cursory heart. More recently it was simply to enjoy the view of it, mostly at this time of year, when it was wholly lit-up with the Christmas lights of the buildings and trees. However, this particular time was not for viewing. This time actually was for hating. It was a hatred he hated having, but the one he hated had brought it upon themselves. Or rather, herself.

The 'herself' in question, he had once thought he loved. That dynamic Christmas Morn, when she had confessed her heart belonged to him, he had thought himself to be the happiest Grinch in Whoville. Of course, he was the only Grinch in Whoville, therefore he could have been entire devastated and still have been the happiest Grinch in Whoville. Now, the Christmas Eve ten years later, and the couple was not so sure of their love.

Shortly after that Christmas, they were married. She had moved up to Mount Crumpit to live with him in his cave. It was the perfect happily ever after in the eyes of the townsfolk, but with every passing day, the Grinch and his new wife came to realize that perhaps they were not meant to be, as everyone had previously thought. Their arguments became more and more frequent. In time he had begun to hide from her, coming out here on the mountain's ledge whenever things got too heated. It might have seemed a little weak, but if one had actually met Martha May they would quickly change that thought. Finally in the past month, he had receded to sleeping on his lounge chair.

It was not until a few days ago, that the bad blood between them really started to spill. The Grinch had come home one night after trying to cool off after a fight with Martha with an evening stroll with a young woman whom he had found to be perhaps his best friend, Cindy Lou Who. Max the dog had silently greeted him at the door, an urgent look in his eye. The Grinch had asked his faithful companion what was wrong. Max led him to the bedroom, where a repulsive sight he hadn't expected in a million years to see stunned him out of speech; Mayor May who with his Martha.

"Grinch!" She had exclaimed, doing her best to cover herself and her adulter.

In a blind rage he had destroyed the place, pulverized the mayor, and all the while terrorized Martha. How dare she try to fool him, try to hide a secret relationship from her husband with the man who served as his contender for her heart. And have the gull to bring the gigolo into his own cave. Never in his life had he been so insulted

After he the Mayor left, The Grinch's temper came back to him. Martha somehow convinced him to keep this a secret so the Mayor could keep his job without any judgment from his "subjects". She did however, leave him and now the marriage was set between her and the Mayor. So much could happen in the minimum of a week. Even so, after it was all said and done, the Grinch realized something. He didn't care. He didn't love her anymore, so his heart did not ache. Only his pride, and so for that he hated Martha. She was the one Who in all of Whoville he hated. Well, aside from the Mayor, but that went without saying.

With Martha out of the way, The Grinch had time to think about some things. Something he found most strange was the way he seemed to notice Cindy Lou more and more, especially the past year.

Then it occurred to him that she was about eighteen years old now. The Grinch himself was no older than twenty, for Grinches never aged past that, he learned. In Who-years he would have been much older. But he didn't look it, nor did he act like it. So technically he was only two years older than the young woman now.

For a moment, the Grinch's thoughts strayed away from hating Martha to going over Cindy Lou a thousand times in his mind.

She was no longer the overly-courageous, smart-alec girl he had once known. She had grown into a wonderfully charming, young, and beautiful Who-woman. He enjoyed their time spent together. Through the tough times with Martha, she had always been there for him.

And now he was finally starting to see her.

And now he was sure of something.

He loved her.