Path to the Future


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Xander lay in a motel room bed staring at the ceiling as Audrey Hanson formerly Marcie Ross slept curled up next to him.

Xander smiled as he looked at her. Once they left the Hellmouth she returned to full visibility and he almost crashed the car as she was completely naked.

They had spent the next few days afterward celebrating doing everything she couldn't when she was invisible. And tomorrow she would be leaving to start at UCLA. And he would roam the county for a while training himself to uses all his powers and to keep moving so Pinehurst and Primatech wouldn't be able to find him at least until he was ready.

The open road lay before him and his new Camper having traded his car in and buying a camper from a police auction so the hidden compartments the former drug running owner installed would be useful.

Xander smiled as he saw the sign for San Francisco it was a good place to stock up on supplies.

His first stop was the local gun shop after the battle with the master he needed something with more of a kick a good shotgun was a must. As well as a few gun cleaning kits.

Xander pulled the camper into a Wal-Mart. Might as well restock his Twinkies while he checked out some shotguns.

As he walked down the aisle he couldn't help but check out the red head as she walked past him.

He was glad that he was the one to hear thoughts and that she couldn't hear had he had just been thinking.

As he was slammed against the shelf by the Gentleman behind her he wondered if one this was her father and two could he hear what he had been thinking.

"That's my little girl you were ogling there Bubba." Snarled the father.

"Hey calm down Nash man he couldn't have known." A shorter man next to him tried to calm down the father.

Nash looked Xander over before pulling out a gun.

"There a reason you're packing in a Wal-Mart Bubba?" Nash asked as the short man drew a gun a well a badge now visible on his waist.

Xander rolled his eyes.

"I'm a private investigator carry permit is in my left jacket pocket. And for you information I wasn't checking your daughter out I was observing her as I'm working a missing person case she fits the general description."

The short man reached into Xander's pocket and pulled out a badge and card holder and flipped it open.

"Alex Ross. PI out of L.A. Carry and concealed permits." the short man told Nash.

"Inspector Nash Bridges SFPD." Nash told him as he holstered his side arm.

"Alex I didn't mean to upset you Inspector she just looks like the girl I was looking for she matches the general description but is missing a few things."

Nash nodded

"Keep your nose clean and we won't have any trouble." Smirked Nash as he and the short man walked away.

Xander just shook his head as a thought entered his head. 'Cute' Xander looked up and say Nash's daughter wink at him.

Xander smiled as she walked away. She maybe a hot girl but he wasn't going to go near her with Inspector Nash Bridges around.

Xander sat in his camper as he mounted his new shotgun lock box on the wall.

A knock on the door surprised him.

"Alex Ross you in?" Xander rolled his eyes it was the Cop.

"Yeah it's open?"

Nash Bridges walked into Xander camper.

"Nice place." Bridges told him as he took note of the camper's interior.

"What can I do for you Inspector?"

"I've got a case that I can't technically work. It involves my daughter she says a guy has been following her. The guy following her claims that he can tell the future and he is telling her that some nut bag is going to kill her." Bridges told him.

"So I'm guessing you either want me to crack the nut or follow up what he is telling you to make sure she is ok."

"Smart man. I want to hire you to run down his info. And if it comes close to being true sit on the nut bag until I can find the guy after my daughter. I know you're working a missing kid but I need help."

Xander smiled. "The kid showed up home last night ran off with her boyfriend left him when he slapped her so I'm free."

"What's your rate?" Bridges asked smiling

"We'll work it out later Inspector you have any background information."

Bridges dropped a file on Xander's table. Xander pulled out a notebook and pen and jotted down his cell number.

"Here's my number Inspector I'll get right on this." Xander handed Bridges the number.

"Ok Bubba I'll call you in a few hours for an update, if you need me call me here." Dropping a card on the table Bridges headed for the door.

Xander groaned as he climbed the stairs of this 6th floor walk up to meet with this so-called psychic for Bridges. Maybe using one of the Company's ID kits to make himself a PI to make snooping a little easier wasn't such a hot idea.

As he made it to the top floor he grunted. "I gotta get in better shape if I'm gonna keep doing this shit."

Looking at the file in his hand Xander check for the apartment number. Xander noticed it was apartment 66 on the 6th floor.

'This is not a promising start.' Thought as reached apartment 666.

Xander knocked on the door and it swung opened.

"Really not a promising start." Xander mumbled as he dropped the file and pulled out his gun.

Xander stepped into the apartment. "Anyone here?"

Xander's eyes swept over the room taking notice of the trashed apartment. His eyes froze on the sight of a man shish kabobed to the wall.

Xander backed out of the room and called Bridges.

"Inspector Bridges. This is Alex Ross you need to get to your psychic's apartment right now. He is dead and somebody used him for a dartboard."

Xander stood outside the apartment and listened to the CSI team work as he waited for Bridges and his partner whose name he finally learned was Joe Dominguez.

"This is bad Bubba not only was he nailed to the wall the sick bastard that did this removed the back of his skull."

"So Nash Man what do we do?" asked Joe?

"We have Ross guard my little girl like she was the Mona Lisa while you and I find this nut bag."

"Why have Ross guard her why not our guys?"

"Simple Bubba. Ross I'm paying personal so he knows not too get to close. That and he looks young enough to pass a friend and I need someone to blend in with her incase they have to run."

Xander smirked as he heard a stray thought from Bridges. 'Plus if they're together long enough maybe Cassie will move off Evan.'

"Ross you ready to go?" Bridges called out.

"Ready for what ever you need me Boss."

Cassidy Bridges sat in her dad's apartment. Something had set her dad off in a major way at Wal-Mart the other day and now she was told to wait in his apartment because he needed to talk to her about something serious.

Xander followed Bridges' Cuda to his apartment. During the drive he couldn't help but think the way that man died he had heard about it before somewhere. But where?

Xander walked up to building and saw the gray halls of the building then it hit him.

The file of Sam Gray.

Sam was an evolved human with the power of Intuitive Aptitude. He could sense how anything worked. It also let him copy the power of any one that he had killed he did it by cutting open his victims heads and doing something with their brains nobody knew what it was he did with the brains but it was gave him the powers of those he killed.

That means Cassie maybe one of his kind. This could get messy and fast he was suppose to be avoiding this type of crap not jumping head long into it.

Xander parked his Camper and told Bridges he would follow him up in several minutes first he wants to do a complete Security Check because he needed to check for any signs of this guy having done surveillance on this place.

Xander began checking the line of sights of the building looking for any locations someone could watch the apartment.

Xander walked around the building and checked all the emergency doors for any tampering finding none Xander walked into the building and headed up to meet Bridges and his Daughter.

"I so need to get the hell out of California." Xander grumbled as he headed to the apartment.