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1. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night- Bon Jovi

Zoro wished he could wipe away some of the sweat and grime from his forehead, but his arms were securely bound to the cross in the marine base yard. This was definitely not one of his better days...

I'm almost there, he told himself. It's only thirty days. Then I'm on my way to my goal again.

This was only a minor setback, a bump in the road on the way to greatness.

This won't stop me, Kuina. I promise!

He closed his eyes to block out the glaring sunlight that beat down on him relentlessly.

In the grand scheme of things, this was nothing.

2. Tom Sawyer- Rush

Chopper watched Zoro fight, breath held in awe. Zoro was amazing! He was everything Doctor said a pirate should be: brave and strong and relentless.

Sanji limped up beside him to watch as well.

"That idiot's letting himself lose too much blood again," Sanji grumbled around a cigarette he was in the process of lighting. "No use telling him that, though."

It was true enough. Zoro didn't really answer to anyone. Sure he'd give in to Luffy on occasion, but if the swordsman made a stand, there was no moving him.

"I'll patch him up later," Chopper said aloud.

3. Closer to the Heart- Rush

Zoro didn't used to believe in changing the world. It was what it was, and a few people couldn't hope to shift the order of things, no matter how badly they wanted it.

Then he met Luffy.

The boy had the will and the heart to move mountains. The world seemed to bend around him, just as he bent himself.

Now, Zoro knew the world could change, because he'd seen it. Luffy did it all the time.

4. Free Will- Rush

Zoro had never held much stock in religion. He didn't have any issues with it, but he didn't buy into it himself. Others were free to do so, if they chose.

People sure believed some ridiculous things, though! Like preordination... There was a crock, if he ever heard one. Things are meant to happen a certain way and there's no changing it? Please.

Life and fate were what you made it. He knew where he was going, metaphorically anyway. No matter what he had to endure on the way, he was going to be the world's greatest swordsman!

Free will was another matter entirely. He could get behind that. Personal responsibility for one's choices made total sense. Zoro personally regretted nothing, and that was how he intended to keep it.

5. No Pain No Gain- Scorpions

Zoro winced as the motion of lifting his weights pulled at his stitches. It wasn't enough to make him stop, but it was a little distracting.

He could see Chopper hovering out of his peripheral vision. That wasn't enough to make him stop either, but he schooled his expression not to show any discomfort.

Pain was a part of the life Zoro had chosen for himself. He couldn't let a few minor, or even not so minor, injuries slow down his training. He was aiming to be the best after all!

6. Endless- Toto

Zoro gazed out at the night sky and took a deep breath of sea air. Everyone thought he spent most of his night watch asleep, but he was actually up most of the time. Clear nights like this one, the night almost seemed endless.

He could pick up an occasional soft sound of snoring from below decks, and he took a moment to think about his nakama.

He never put much thought into love or family, but he knew that he had found both with this crazy crew. Perhaps even more so with one person in particular...

He hoped the adventures ahead would be like this night: endless...

7. Don't Look Back- Boston

Zoro yawned and stretched as he watched the sun peek over the horizon. Another day, another opportunity for moving forward.

Some people didn't seem to understand how he could live his life with no regrets, but it was all pretty simple, really. He lived in the moment. It was pointless to always be looking back, and it was impossible to see all that was up ahead, so it was best to take every day as it came.

No matter how far they traveled, they could never reach the horizon, but it was a hell of a lot of fun to try! Luffy understood that, and the rest of the crew gave it their best. Zoro supposed that was all he could really ask of them.

He shook his head at the philosophical turn his thought had taken, smiling ruefully. He was a fighter, he should leave the deep thinking to poets and romantics. He took one last look at the sunrise and headed off to the crow's nest and his morning weight training.

8. The Trees- Rush

Zoro wiped the sweat from his brow and adjusted the head piece of his disguise. Their break would be over shortly, and then the trek across the Arabasta desert would begin again.

Vivi paced nervously. She'd scarcely rested at all, even though she had suggested the brief stop.

Zoro rolled his eyes as he thought about the country's troubles. Politics! It was all just a lot of finger pointing.

On the one side, the people wanted more water that the government simply couldn't give them.

On the other, the government couldn't understand why the people couldn't trust that they were doing their best to solve things, and angry at the insubordination.

No matter what Vivi hoped, it was going to end in violence.

9. Leave Out All the Rest- Linkin Park

Zoro looked at the tiny, tearful doctor who had just finished bawling him out about his wounds from Thriller Bark again.

"I'm sorry." Was that his own voice? The hell?

"So you'll take it easy? Please?"

"I can't promise that," Zoro sighed. There was a heavy silence. "If I had... died, would you have missed me?"

"Of course!" Chopper gasped.

10. Sad But True- Metallica

Zoro looked down at the fallen marine before him, sprawled on the ground bleeding and pleading for mercy.

Kill him! A voice urged. Paint this whole area with his blood!

Zoro's grip spasmed around the hilt of Sandai Kitetsu. It would be easy to blame the bloodlust on the cursed blade, but he knew that wasn't the truth. Taking a deep breath he sheathed his blades and turned away.

This voice had been with since before he set out on his journey to be the greatest. He tried not to let it control him, but sometimes in the heat of particularly difficult battles he felt himself slipping.

You can't hold out forever, the voice taunted. You need me, and someday you'll have to admit it.

"Not today." He hadn't meant to say it aloud.