Gibbs was sitting in the rocking chair in the small hospital room holding his daughter close as she slept. He had just gotten back from taking some of the flowers, gifts, balloons, and other trinkets home that they had gathered over the last couple of days. Jenny was scouring the hospital room for any last minute items that they may have forgotten. She had just found her digital camera in the bedside drawer, and now she was looking for Gibbs' reading glasses that he swore he had earlier this morning when reading the paper. Jethro looked down as he felt Emma move her arms and legs as she stretched awake. "Hey princess," he looked down into the small blue eyes that matched his own. He smiled as Emma reached her hand up and took hold of his pinky that he offered to her. His smile was quickly turned upside down when his little girl's face turned a slight shade of red, and she scrunched up her little cheeks. The smell that started imitating from her would rival anything Gibbs had smelt in a long time.

Jenny turned around smirking, "Smells like the little princess is leaving the King a mighty big gift." She laughed as she tossed a diaper and some wipes to Gibbs as he glared at her.

"You told her to wait until I got here didn't you." He shot Jenny his famous stare.

Jenny just laughed, "That, King Jethro does not work on the Queen." She turned back to packing the last few items in her bag.

Gibbs started changing Emma's dirty diaper and muttered under his breath, "Long live the Queen." He grinned at Emma who in turn looked back him; if she were a bit older, he could have sworn she was smirking.

Jenny rolled her eyes, "I heard that." She walked over to the bassinet where Jethro and Emma were, and held up the outfit she was holding. It was a simple purple onesie with Emma's name embroidered on the front with a blue butterfly underneath. The onesie had been a gift from Jackson, and they both agreed that it should be Emma's going home outfit. Gibbs switched places with Jenny, and she started changing Emma's outfit.

Gibbs, who had just sat back down in the rocking chair, groaned when a cracking sound came from under him "I found my glasses."

Jenny turned around to see her husband holding up a pair of cracked reading glasses. She bit back a giggle, "I told you that you would find them." He glared back at her, and she couldn't hold it any longer; she giggled.

Gibbs got up quickly from the chair, and wrapped his arms around his wife and kissed her, "You ready to take this little princess home."

Jenny turned without missing a beat, "I do hope you're talking about Emma, and not yourself." She smirked at him.

He just shook his head; he knew had walked into that one. Before he could say anything else, a knock came on the door. He turned around to see the one that had entered, and noticed that it was Dr. Connors.

Dr. Connors looked up, "It is time for little Miss Emma to go home." She smiled at the baby who was now in Jenny's arms with her hand curled around her mother's finger.

Jenny's eyes lit up with excitement; she was more than ready to break free from the hospital. The white walls were starting to feel like they were closing in on her, and just this morning she had been talking to Gibbs about an escape plan. He had soon talked her out of it, saying that she only had a few hours left of her stay. She turned to the doctor, "Thank you, Dr. Connors."

The doctor smiled, "You're very welcome. May I see the little girl one last time?" Jenny nodded and handed the baby over to the Doctor. Dr. Connors looked down in the little bright blue eyes, "You're a beautiful little girl Emma." She turned to Jenny and Gibbs, "Henry David Thoreau once wrote, "Every child begins the world again" and in this line of work you see that. You two have a beautiful little girl, and I'm proud to be a small part her life. Thank you."

A tear slipped down onto Jenny's cheek. She took her daughter back from the Doctor who she had known for quite some time, and was a family friend, "Thank you Dr. Connors." She gave the doctor a quick one-arm hug.

Jethro shook the doctor's hand, before she had turned back to the chart she held in her hand, and signed off on it. "You are free to go. A nurse will be in soon to help you down to the lobby." The doctor smiled as she left the new parents and baby alone to finish gathering their things.


They had made down to the SUV, after placing Emma in her carseat and the nurse checking it to make sure they had her buckled in correctly, they were ready leave for home. Jethro had carried the carseat down to the SUV as Jenny followed behind in the wheelchair they insisted that she ride in. She wasn't too keen on idea, but Jethro and the nurse had talked her into it after they had promised that she could walk from the main hospital doors to the car. She had reluctantly agreed; she was too excited about going home that she wasn't much in to the fussing mood.

Jenny got up from the wheelchair as soon as they made it to the front doors, and she walked over to the SUV and watched as Jethro placed the carseat in the base in the middle of the backseat. Emma who had fallen back asleep after she had been placed in the seat, woke up and began to cry. Jenny slowly sat down in the seat and grimaced slightly at the movement as she leaned over to soothe her daughter. "Shhh, it's okay Mommy's right here." She took her finger, massaged the little girl's hand, and marveled as Emma started to calm down. Jenny felt eyes staring at her and turned around. "What?" she asked.

Jethro stood in the door, and leaned over to kiss her. "You" came his solemn reply.

Jen looked at him, "What about me" she asked still massaging the little girl's hand as the baby quieted down.

"How little it takes for you to soothe her," he smiled as he closed the door, and walked around to the driver's side of the car. He got in and started the vehicle, and pulled away from the hospital. He looked back at Jenny who was still massaging Emma's hand. He smiled. Three years ago, he would have never thought that he would be married and driving a car with his newborn daughter in the backseat. He knew something within him had changed, and he knew that he would not change this time in his life back to what it was the past few years. He was happy. He couldn't remember being this happy in years; the last time he was this happy was the last time he and Kelly had sanded the boat the night before he left. His mind came back to the present when he realized that he had just turned into their driveway. He turned back to Jenny after turning off the ignition, "We're home."

Jenny grinned up at him and then turned to Emma, "finally home sweet pea." She unbuckled Emma from her seat, and smiled as Emma sighed and snuggled closer to her mother. Gibbs, who had just opened the door, gave Jenny a hand to help her get out of the vehicle, before he reached back in and unhooked the car seat and grabbed their bags. "You ready Jethro," Jen asked as they walked together to the front door.

"Have been for a long time" he smiled at his wife and daughter as he turned the doorknob.

"Every child begins the world again" – Henry David Thoreau

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