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He left. Now my life the is the blackest blasphemy. My heart feels as if it had been torn from my chest. Why do I need to live anymore since I lost the only thing I breathe for? I thought. I looked to my hand which was trembling. Calm Bella, calm.

"Bella, you need to snap out of this depression. It is driving me nuts." Charlie yelled at me. I felt nothing still. The numbness in my body was still at its climax. "Bella, do you even hang out any of your friends now?" I stayed silence. "Bella, answer me." Charlie commanded in his officier voice.

I took a deep breath and nodded.

"Who?" He interrogated.

"Um, Jessica Stanley. We were planning on going shopping this weekend." I lied.

"Bella, you hate shopping." I shrugged in reponse. "Bella, if you don't start getting normal I will ship you off to Jacksonville." Then he walked out the door. I scoffed as he walked out.

"Hey, Jesicca." I waved at her. She kind of seemed shock from my gesture.

"Um, hi Bella." She looked around us to find that no one was paying attention. "So are you back to normal?"

"I guess. Um, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go shopping this weekend? My dad told me had I to go do something or he will ship me to Jacksonville" I laughed nervously as her jaws hung open.

"W-W-Why are you asking me? I would be thinking that you would be asking Angela." She stammered.

"Um, I just thought that you would a very good person to shop with. I mean the way you put your style together is fabulous." I tried to give her a comment. It seemed to work because she got a cheerful face back on.

"Okay, I can pick you up at 4. Then we can head out to Port Angeles with Angela." Jessica told me cheerfully. I nodded and put on a fake smile but I still felt pain in my chest. Like my heart has been ripped from my chest. "Okay, I guess that I will see you later. Okay, um, bye Bella." She waved then walked to her first hour.

After I made my arrangements with Jessica, I feel different. Like a lot of weight has been taken off my chest but the pain was still there. Like a knife is plunged in and out of my heart. But what heart is there whe the one you love left you.

Then I heard Jessica honk her horn. I put my most cheerful smile I could manage and walked out the door.

"Hi Jess. So what store are we heading to first?" I asked.

"Well, Bella I think we should go to the dress store first because the New Year Prom is like in three weeks. We have to get some good dresses for the dance before all the good ones are gone...." Then she continued talking the whole way. This is the normal Jessica I thought.

"Bella, so what is your spending limit?"

"Um, I have four hundred with me right now. What about you?"

"I have three hundred. Dang, with our, money will find a perfect dress." I nodded in agreement. Then we walk into Port Angeles.

"Jess, I think I found the perfect dress."

"Me too."

I brought out a blue sation prom dress (On profile). It had silver thread weave flower on the bottom and on the fold. The top had the same design as the bottom thread did. The satin reached the floor. Edward, always said that I looked beautiful in blue. Stop. I told myself. Then I looked to find Jessica lookung at one dress. It was red ball gown that had a full skirt. That had plain but pure beautiful (On profile).

"Damn, Jessica, that would look perfect on you. The red will will bring the color out of your eyes. Mike will be speechless when he see you in that. I guarantee it."

"Bella, do you really think so? I mean I love the dress but do you really think that it will have Mike speechless?"

"Jess, he would be an idiot if he didn't think so." I reassured her then sighed. "Jess, if you don't buy the dress I will never go shopping with you again." I threatened her.

"Okay, I'll buy it. Oh by the way I haven't seen the dress you are getting." I held up the dress to show her. She was speecless.

"Um, Bella, I don't think no one will be staring at me, but they will be staring at you." She nodded to herself. "Bella, get the dress."

A/N: I know that this chapter was a bit boring. But I promise you things are going to start changing at the prom.