Ch. 1


"Swan!" yelled my director.

"Chief…" I said, approaching him, looking down at the paper from this morning.

"I got an assignment for you…" he said, handing me a 3" binder filled with papers.

"Oh yeah? Where to?" I said, passing him, and heading towards the conference room. I could hear him following me, so I didn't turn around and look at him to make sure.

"Greece… you'll be going with Cullen." He said, as soon as we sat down at the huge conference table. I choked on my words.

"With Cullen? Emmett Cullen?" I asked, hoping it was some other Cullen he was talking about. But, like always, I was right.

"Yeah… that a problem?" Chief Cullen, Emmett's dad, said, arching an eyebrow at me. I shook my head slowly, looking him directly in the eye.

"N-n-no Chief. When are we heading out?" I asked, collecting myself. I could freak out later, but not when my soon-to-be partner's dad, who happens to be the chief, is in front of me.

"Two days from tomorrow… so in other words, on Friday. All the details are in the binder. I need you to know every bit of info in that binder by then. The information will be in your cell and your laptop by then, Mark'll make sure of that, but I still need you to know it." He said, asking his assistant, Jessica I think it was, for a coffee. I asked for one too.

"Okay… who are we looking for?" I asked him, opening the binder to the details about where we're going to in Greece.

"Aleksios Dorcas. Head mobster over in Athens. We made some connections between his mob and some minor terrorist attacks here in the states. We wanna make sure they're actually true before we go ahead and arrest him." Chief Cullen said, looking bored even as he said it.

"So this isn't an 'I might die during this mission' sort of mission." I pointed out. I had been wanting one of those for a while now. Ever since the accident, I haven't been able to.

"No… not at all. There are precautions. You'll always have your weapons and a backup near by, but this isn't a high-priority case. Just an 'I'm making sure because they want me to make sure' case." He said, smiling slightly.

Just then Jessica entered the conference room, a huge smile plastered on her face, and the coffees we asked for in hand. Emmett Cullen right behind her, smiling that boyish smirk of his, which made his left dimple stand out more than usual.

"Morning dad!" he said, nodding towards his father, then his eyes landed on me.

"Well, well, well… look who the dog dragged in." he said, smiling fully. I rolled my eyes.

"That's not the phrase you moron." I said.

"I know… its not dog, but cat. But since YOU'RE the cat, I had to say dog." He explained, shrugging his enormous shoulders.

"That makes no sense. How is she a cat?" Jessica asked, putting my coffee in front of me. I murmured my thanks and looked at Emmett.

"She's feisty, independent, graceful, beautiful, and occasionally falls off things and loses her balance, but still lands on her feet. Oh… and she likes to lick herself." He said, adding the last part, as if it were an after thought. When he said this, I was sipping my coffee, so his addition to the statement made me choke a little.

"Oh my gosh! Ms. Swan are you okay?" Jessica asked, patting me on the back. I took in a deep breath and calmed myself. I nodded.

"Yes, thank you. You're excused Jessica." I said, looking at her crossly. I hadn't meant for it to come out so… mean, but I didn't want her to hear what I was about to say to Emmett. She was the agencies gossip.

"Yes, of course." She mumbled, and she left the room.

After Jessica left the room, Emmett continued laughing about his little remark on me 'liking to lick myself'. All I did was glare at him.

"So…" Chief Cullen said, tapping his fingers on the table.

"You asswhole!" I screeched out at Emmett. He was still laughing. I got up from my chair and went towards him, my hands shaking with fury.

"What the hell is wrong with you? How dare you go around and tell everyone that… that… horrible lie? Do you know how hard I've worked for people around here to respect me? Do you know how hard it is for a woman to be an agent? And now that bitch is going to tell everyone that I like to lick myself!! What the HELL Emmett?!?!" I yelled at him, pushing him back onto a chair, and getting up in his face.

"Whoa! Bella! Calm down baby." He said, putting his hands in front of his face. I poked him in the chest. Hard.

"You. Do. Not. Call. Me. Baby. Do you understand? I may have to work with you on the mission Emmett but I will not take any of your bullshit playing around while over there. This is serious business and I do not like to play around. Do I make myself clear?" I said, poking him in the chest again, just to prove my point. He nodded, his blue childish eyes wide.

"Yes…" he whispered. I was bent over at the waist, leaning into him while he was on the chair. I straightened myself up, so that his eyes were level with my chest, and put my hands on my hips.

"Good. Now… Chief… fill him in. I want him to know what's going on."

And so, the mission began…

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