Naruto: The Ultimate Hunter

Hey everyone out there this is Namikaze09, out with a new fic called Naruto The Ultimate Hunter. I got this idea with the help of Legend of Kyuubi . It'll be a Naruto/Godzilla fic but it'll be different from all the others. Trust me, you'll love what I have in store for this story and no Naruto will not be with Hinata, Sakura or Ino because they're used too much.

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Jutsu: Futon: Kaze Ryuu no Jutsu

Jutsu or Japanese translation: (Wind release: Wind Dragon Technique)

Normal speech: I hate paperwork. I bet Minato died just to escape this.

Scroll/Book/Author notes/Event Titles: Village Hidden in the Mist's Bloodline Purge

Demon/Summon or Fusion speech: Finally, I am free. In your face Minato!

Human Thinking: Oh, Shit.

Demon/Summon or Fusion Thinking: Oh, Shit is right! You are royally screwed bitch!

Chapter One: Banishment and Reunion

(Konoha Council Chamber)

After getting the report on the failed Sasuke retrieval mission, the council was in an uproar. The civilians and elders were blaming the failure on Naruto Uzumaki while the Clan heads and shinobi council where defending him. "That demon brat is the reason why we lost Uchiha-sama! I say we execute him as a warning to all of our ninja who fail important missions!!" A merchant civilian said while the rest agree.

The clan heads, Tsume mostly were releasing murderous intent on these power hungry fools. "How dare you! That boy has done nothing but stay loyal to this village and just because he failed to bring back that Uchiha you want to execute him!?" She yells because she respects Naruto for his loyalty to the village that has scorned him since he was borm while Shibi nods.

"I see no logic in executing the boy for a failed mission. I agree with Tsume-san on this." Yasha Haruno snorted. "Like we care what you freaks think. That boy is the reason why we lost the most powerful bloodline in our village." Shibi's hand twitched while Tsume snarled at the pink haired slut. "I'd rather be freak than a money hungry slut and if you insult me one more time Haruno I'll rip out your vocal chords." She said while flexing her claws to prove her point.

Shikaku decided to speak up. "Just because you can't tell the difference between the fox and the boy doesn't give you the right to execute him. For all we know it could result in the fox breaking free and continuing what it started 13 years ago." The Nara stated. "What would the Yondaime think if he saw how you fools where dishonoring his last wish?" Inoichi asked.

"Who cares what he thinks. He's dead and it's because of that brat!" another civilian council member says. The arguing continued for 15 minutes until Tsunade slammed her fist on the table. "Enough! Naruto will not be executed because he falls under my jurisdiction due to the fact that he's a ninja. You civilians have no say in the matter." The last Senju said.

"No but if the majority of us order his banishment then you can't do anything about it Hokage-sama." Danzo said with a smirk on his face as do the elders. Tsunade and the clan heads look at them in shock. "What?!" she yelled.

"We should do a vote. Hands raised for Naruto Uzumaki's banishment?" Danzo asked. He, Koharu, Homaru, and the civilian council raise their hands. "Hands raised against the banishment?" Tsunade and the clan council raised their hands but frowned as they were out voted.

The others smirked as they finally got rid of the demon brat. " Naruto Uzumaki is banished from Konohagakure and Hi no kuni and if he's not out of the village or country in less than three days he'll be declared as a missing nin and killed on sight." The war hawk stated. Tsunade clenched her fists and growled but then smiled at them making them shiver.

"Fine. Naruto Uzumaki will be banished from fire country. Now as for the Uchiha, he will be put into the bingo book and will be declared as a b-ranked missing nin with a kill on sight order. And for compensation for his actions, his clan's treasures, scrolls, money, and property will be taken and split up upon the clan heads and his status as a clan member will be null and voided by order of the Godaime Hokage." She said while inwardly smiling because she hated the Uchiha's. The clan heads smirked at her actions while the civilians went into an uproar demanding that she change her decision until she yelled. "SHUT THE HELL UP RIGHT NOW OR I'LL HAVE YOU ALL REMOVED FROM THE COUNCIL!!" She roared as they all shutted up.

"You fools praise that traitor as if he was kami yet you treat the hero of this village like he was the devil reincarnated. My decision is final and this meeting is over. I have to go tell our hero that he's been banished by the very people and village he swore to protect." She said before walking out but then turns around to look at them. "You better pray that this doesn't come to bite us back in the ass because if it does, you have yourselves to blame."

Tsunade then walks out of the council room while tears run down her face and cursing herself for not doing more for the boy she thought of a her grandson.

Naruto's Hospital Room

The boy stared at the ceiling with a blank expression on his face. Sakura came in earlier yelling at him for not bringing back her sasuke-kun and said that she never wanted to see him again and walked out. His so called Sensei didn't even bother to come check up on him and probably blames him for not bringing Sasuke back.

"Didn't I tell you kit? No matter what you do these ningen will never accept you. You should leave this hellhole and be done with them. To hell with your dream, they would never accept you as their kage. You know I'm right." Kyuubi said as she heard the boy grunt. He hated to admit it, but she was right. They would never let him be hokage no matter what he did. "Could this day get any worse?" he said to himself until he saw Tsunade walk in his room with a sadden expression on his face.

"What's wrong oba-chan?" he asked. "I'm sorry Naruto but, you are banished from the village by order of the council. You have 3 days to leave the country or you will be declared a missing nin and killed on sight." she choked out. Naruto's eyes widen but he then hangs his head down and tears fell from his face. "So they finally found a way to get rid of me huh? I should've known this would happen sooner or later. Oh well, at least I'm finally out of this shit hole."

He gets out of the bed and gives her a hug. She hugs him back while her tears fell on his blonde hair. "Goodbye Okaa-san. And give Nee-chan and Tonton a hug for me." He says and lets go of her as she sobs while clutching her arms. Naruto then heads back to his apartment and packs everything he has but burns all of those jumpsuits he had and puts on a black one on. He then sneaks out at night but not before blowing up his apartment complex as a distraction.

He then heads out of the gate without looking back at the village because it was no longer his concern. He was free to live his life and didn't have to worry about people glaring at him or trying to kill him on his birthday. He smiled a true smile and muttered two words. "I'm free." Ha said as he vanished into the dark forest.

At the Hokage tower

Tsunade was sitting in her office drinking her sake while Shizune sighed. That's when Jiraiya appeared in a puff of smoke grinning. "Hey hime how's it going?" He asked in a cheery voice. "Jiraiya please I'm not the mood to deal with you right now." She said while looking out the window. The toad sage looks at her with a confused look on his face.

"What's wrong? Did the gaki switch your sake with toilet water again?" he asked and snickered at the memory. Tsunade looks up at him and glares. "No you baka it's worse. The retrieval mission failed and those bakas on the council blamed him for it failing and they banished him." She cried and slammed the sake bottle on the desk.

Jiraiya gave her a look of shock. "I must've had something in my ear hime. Care to repeat that?" he asked again. "They banished him dammit! He's gone Jiraiya gone!!" She yelled while tears fell from her face. "THEY WHAT?! THOSE BAKA'S! THOSE SHORT MINDED IGNORANT SELF CENTERED BAKAS! DO THEY HAVE ANY IDEA WHO THEY JUST BANISHED?!"

He yelled releasing murderous intent like no tomorrow. "Jiraiya" Tsunade started to say but then he glared at her. "Tsunade please. I don't want to hear it. Not now. Minato you stupid fool you should've let me or sensei seal the fox into your son." He growled and then left the office but not before slamming the door hard scaring Shizune and Tonton who was hiding behind the med nin.

"Well that went well." She mumbled. That was when Koharu and Homura walked in like they were in charge but Tsunade looked up at them with hate in her eyes. "If you've come here to tell me to take that traitor out of the bingo book then you better get out before I decide to use you two as my personal punching bags." She said in a dark tone and then cracked her knuckles.

They both gulp and then leave in fear not wanting to face her wrath. "Damn vultures." She mutters and grabs her sake bottle and drinks out of it. Naruto was now at a shinobi store in a village in river country buying some more shinobi gear including weights and scrolls.

He was happy because he finally had decent weapons. After paying for the items he heads out of the village and heads to Marsh Country but little did he know that Danzo's ROOT ANBU were tailing him. "Kit, we're being followed." The vixen warned while Naruto nodded. "I sense 10 of then. He says as he pulls out a few smoke bombs out.

He then throws them to the ground and they explode into a black smoke screen. Naruto takes this opportunity and runs into the forest at top speed. "There's no way I'm fighting those guys. He muttered as he continues to run. Back in Konoha Jiraiya was pissed. No he was beyond pissed. He was no mad that if looks could kill, no one would be alive right now.

He was so tempted to summoned Gamabunta and let him raze this village to the ground but couldn't. He went from pissed, to angry, to sad. He failed. He failed Minato and Kushina, and failed his Godson. To make it worse, he believed Sarutobi when he said he would make sure Naruto was taken care of. "I can't believe that I thought sensei would look after him. I'm such a fool. I never should've believed him. I should've taken him with me when Kushina disappeared. Some godfather I turned out to be. I'm sorry Minato, I failed." He said as he headed out of the main gate. This village was beyond saving. It is nothing more than a rotting leaf what will wither away.

With Naruto

The blonde jinchuurikki is not having a good day. He was tired, exhausted, and pissed. His black jumpsuit had tears, scorch marks, and cuts on it and blood was coming down his face from his forehead. He was clutching onto his right arm that had a gash on it and couldn't get it to stop bleeding because the sword one of the ROOTS use was coated with poison that stopped his healing abilities.

Right now he was backed up against a tree and was panting heavily. He managed to kill one of them but the rest where closing in on him. "This is it. I'm gonna be killed. Damn it I can't let it end like this. But what do I do?" Time begins to slow as the root members charge at him with their blades poised to kill but then they suddenly stop when they heard growling then more growls are heard around the dense jungle.

"What kind of animal sounds like that?" A male root anbu asks as he looks around. They suddenly tense up as they see a pair of glowing red slitted eyes staring at him from the bushes. Then more appear only the eyes range from green, yellow, orange, and red. The ROOT ANBU were surrounded by the glowing eyes and were waiting for them to attack.

The first pair of eyes appear out of the bushes as its growl increase. Danzo's drones had look of shock, awe, and fear. "Wh-what the hell is that?" A female root asked as she readied her ninjato to kill this strange creature. The creature was in a way repltilian. It was six feet tall, 13 feet long and weighed around 200 pounds. Its skin tone is a blackish brown color, had a two light blue stripes starting from its neck to the end of its tail and was white on the bottom.

The creature also had a crest on the middle of it's nose that was red and it had feather quills on the back of its head that stopped to the end of its neck. Red eyes with slit were staring the ROOT down. It also had a long thick tail that it could probably be used for combat, but that's not what freaked them out.

On its long arms were three pairs of long black curved claws that appeared to be razor sharp and on its feet were three claws but the third one was longer and stood straight up and looked like it could cut a person open with a mere twitch. The creature then snarled and opened its maw, revealing a pair of razor sharp teeth that could rip through flesh like it was paper. This creature was a Raptor. A predator beyond predators.

It then crouched down a little while growling and then leaped into the air, shocking the ROOT and Naruto, not believing that a creature of that mass could jump so high. It then landed between Naruto and the drones and looks at Naruto with a calculating eye. Said blonde felt like pissing his pants as it moved its large head towards his and sniffed him a few times. It eyes widen a little but then return to normal and then turns its body towards the ROOTS and snarls at them.

It then lets out a high pitched roar shocking everyone. It lasted for a few seconds and to the ROOTS fears, 13 more of then appear from the bushed and in different colors. Some were dark brown with green slitted eyes, others were whitish grey with blackish brown spots and yellow slitted eyes, and the rest were orange with tiger-like stripes and orange slitted eyes. They had the ROOTS trapped and were approaching them with caution.

The raptors snarled and hissed at them, saliva was dripping from there teeth and their claws were poised to attack. Each one was anxious to rip them apart and to have the taste of flesh and blood in their mouths. Adrenaline was pumping through their body. They were excited at the fact that they'll eat well since there is plenty of food for them.

They were waiting for their leader to give the command. They were ready. These ningen had the nerve to intrude in their territory and now they were prey. The ROOT were trembling in fear but held their ground with their swords ready to strike. The Alpha in Naruto's opinion looked like it had a grin on its face, almost as if it was mocking the masked humans who thought they were the dominant species.

The predator snorted at the thought. His species are natural born killers. They know the surroundings of this place through their genes. He will admit, the ningen he's faced, killed, and eaten may have gained unique abilities, but they were still weak in his opinion. Not to mention that they are cowards who will betray each other at the last second.

For some reason, Naruto felt sorry for the ROOTS. He also prayed to kami that the leader wasn't saving him for last because he didn't want to be on the menu. That was when the leader let out a loud roar the probably meant attack. The raptors roared back and then charged at the ROOT with the intent to kill. One ROOT rushed at one of them and trusted his blade forward and having it impale the creature's head.

The raptor to the shock of the masked ningen dodged the blade and lunged forward with it's maw opened, ready to crush his head while the ningen tries to block the attack with his arm. Big mistake. The raptor clamps its jaws shut on his arm. He screams out in pain at the pressure from the bite and tries to use the sword in his free hand to stab the predator in the throat but another one appears behind him and bites down on his shoulder.

Blood sprays on its face. The ningens screams grow louder as the one on its arms shoves him to the ground and they proceed on ripping him apart with their claws and teeth an a fast rate. The female ROOT barley managed to evade the jaws of one and swung her blade at it only for it to stop the attack with its teeth and shattered the blade. She steps back in shock while another swings it tail at her and knocks her to the ground.

The other raptor leaps and lands on her. Its sickle claw then impales her stomach and rips it open and her insides and blood spills out. She lets out a cry of agony while the other starts to rip out her entrails out and the other one held her down. Naruto watched in horror as he saw these creatures rip apart the ROOT whose screams echoed through the jungle.

One was dragged into the bushes by two of them and was torn apart. The sight of blood and organs were spraying all over the vegetation and Naruto couldn't help but turn green at the sight. Never before has he seen something so graphic. Other ROOTS had their arms and legs ripped off forcefully. These raptors were vicious, fast, and merciless and were also very smart because they avoided being hit by their weapons.

10 minutes later the place was quiet and the pack of raptors were feasting on the dead bodies of the roots. Naruto who watched the whole thing did the only thing he could do. He fainted which made the leader look at him wondering if he was still alive. He then approaches the blonde and nudges the unconscious boy for a while. He then barks at one of the male raptors who approach him and tilts his head over at the boy.

The orange colored predator looks at Naruto for awhile and blinks. The Alpha growls and chirps at the male who nods his head walks over to Naruto. He picks the unconscious boy up by his hood with his teeth and places him on the leader's back who runs off into the deep jungle with the boy.

Kyuubi, who was watching the scene through naruto's mind chuckled. "I should've known that contract was still around. Only his family's blood were able to summon him and his kin. Perhaps this boy will be the one to destroy that man and his clan's accursed eyes. Madara Uchiha. You and your clan are a plague to this world and I'll make sure every single one of you end up in the stomach of the Shinigami." She growled and her eyes glowed red.

Cabin in the jungles of Marsh Country.

Naruto groaned as he slowly opened his deep cerulean eyes. He woke up to find himself in a bed and his jacket and shirt were gone. He had his pants on but his chest, right arm, and forehead was bandaged. He look over on a desk and saw a bowl of fruit and cooked meat on a plate.

Naruto got up but grunted out in pain because of the pain in his arm. He then walked over to the plate and took a piece of meat off it and sniffed it. He then licked it with his tongue and took a small bite out of it. After he swallowed it, he then took a bigger bite out of it and proceeded to eat that and the fruit.

After he ate it he found a pair of blue cargo pants and a white shirt laid out for him. He puts that on and walks out of the room. "Did you sleep well?" a feminine voice asked. Naruto turned his head to see a female wearing a blue cloak with a hood covering most of her face but she was smiling. She wore a red shirt with a black flack jacket and red cargo pants.

"Who are you and where is that creature I saw earlier?" He asked wishing he had a kunai on him. The hooded woman sighs and replies. "Those were my summons. I usually have them patrol this area. I'm sorry if they scared you." She apologized. Naruto grinned sheepishly. "Yeah, I'm just glad they didn't have me for dessert."

She chuckles but then her smile drops and tears fell from her eyes. "Naruto. I'm sorry." She says while he looks at her with a confused look on his face. "How do you know my name and why are you apologizing for?" "For not realizing that you've been alive this whole time. I'm sorry I didn't come back for you b-but those bastard elders told me you died when the kyuubi attacked and I was so distraught and hurt when I lost your father that I didn't even bother to come back for you." She then walks over to him and pulls him into a hug and cries on the top of his head.

"Please. Don't hate me Naru-chan. I swear I didn't know. I didn't know." Naruto blinks for a while and was a little uncomforable with a stranger hugging him. "Who exactly are you?" He asked. She then lets go of him. "Naruto if I tell you who I am will you promise not to explode on me?" "I won't I promise and I never break my promises." He says.

"Naruto I'm your kaa-san." She says as she removes her hood revealing a woman with red hair, blue eyes, and the face of an angel. Naruto's eyes widen and his hands hang down to his side."She's been alive this whole time but why didn't she come back for-wait. She said some bastard elders in Konoha told her I died but why would they? Who is my father anyway? Oji said my parents died when Kyu attacked."

His head hung down and his hair covered his eye's. "K-kaa-san. Can you do his one favor for me?" he asked with a shaky voice. Kushina looked at him and knelt down to his level. He looked up to at her with tears in his eyes. "C-can I have another hug?" he asked her and she instantly hugged him even tighter while he sobs onto her shoulder and returns the hug hoping that this wasn't a dream or illusion.

Right now he was happy. Happy that he had family in this world even if it's just his mother. Kushina kissed him on the forehead and told him everything was going to be okay now. After that little reunion Naruto told her how his life was in Konoha and to say she was pissed was an understatement. "How dare those fools do this to my son. Worse they dishonored Minato-kun's dying wish!! I'm so glad that I took Minato's inheritance with me. They will pay. I swear konoha will pay for this." She said.

"Don't worry about them sochi. They can't get to you anymore. So tell me did any good things happen to you?" She asked and Naruto's grin grew. He told her about all of the awesome parts of his life. Kushina's jaw dropped and her eyes where ready to bulge out of her head. Her face returned to normal and she grinned.

"So my boy not only had a bridge named after him, he is also the hero of not one, not two, not three, but four countries? Hah! Take that Fugaku-teme my son is better than yours." She said while pumping her fist in the air. Naruto sweat dropped as did kyuubi. "So she's who I get my energy from." He mumbled.

After that Kushina told him who his father was and Naruto couldn't help but be happy. It hurt him that his father the Yondaime had to give up everything for that village but understood his reasons. "I'll make you proud dad. I'll become even greater than you. Even if I can't become hokage, I'll be the strongest ninja in the world." He said while Kushina smiled.

"Naruto-kun I'm taking you back to my former home whirlpool country to train you in the ways of the hunter and assassin." She said while he looked at her in shock. "Let me explain. See before my homeland was destroyed, the Uzumaki clan was a clan of hunters and assassins who were unrivaled. We usually take on missions that not even ANBU would do due to the high death risks involved. We also have a kekkei genkai called Shinkokei (Spiritual blessing)."

"It is a chakra based bloodline of the Uzumaki clan, this bloodline make's it so an Uzumaki clan member has 5 times the regular amount of chakra control one has, making even ninja with kage level status look weak in comparison but the downside is that with the amount of chakra control means a person needs to have a near supernatural physical endurance and physical energy or else the control won't make a difference without any power to go with the used technique. Do you understand so far son?" Kushina asks while Naruto nods in shock she smiles back.

"Good. Also you should know that you also have your father's bloodline also. It's what gave him his title the Kiiroi Senkou (yellow flash.) It's called Shinsoku (God Speed). I don't know much about it but from what Minato-Koi told me it's a bloodline trait of the Namikaze clan that had been given to them by the Shunshin (Flash Goddess) herself. The bloodline grants the person the ability to move at godlike speeds and some could go just as fast or faster than the speed of light itself."

Naruto's jaw was on the floor as she finished explaining his tou-sans bloodline trait and can't help but grin like a madman. Kushina saw this and laughed. "So when do we start traning Kaa-san?" He asks while she stops laughing. "Soon son but first let me tell you about our summoning contract because it was also the reason why Whirpool Country was nearly wiped out."

Our contract was considered the strongest and oldest of any other and has been around since the Rikudo Sennin (Sage of the Six Paths) founded ninjutsu and created the shinobi world. This contract is known as the Ancient Creature contract. The creatures in this contract are beings that have lived since the forming of the world and even before the bijuu were known."

"Not only that, but the creatures who created this contract are capable going toe to toe against any summon or bijuu with their leader being on par with the Kyuubi." Kushina explained while naruto's eyes widened. 'A summon whose power is on par with the kyu? Unreal!' "Wow. So can you summon him Kaa-san.?" He asked while she shook her head. "No but I can't summon his mate who is the second boss and she is one who you do not want to piss off sochi." She said shuddering at the thought.

Naruto blinked a few times and realized something. "Wait, you said he has a mate who's the second boss. I thought there's only one boss for a contract." "Most do only have one boss but there are a few rare ones that have two who are mates and there are also sub bosses who the main boss or bosses leave in charge of a certain group of summons."

Naruto scratches his head in confusion and Kushina couldn't help but giggle at her son's face. "Don't worry son once we start your training I will help you with the more difficult things. Shouldn't you know most of this stuff already?" she asked Narto looks down at the floor. "No. My academics in the ninja academy were screwed up by those teachers and my sensei was to busy sucking up to the uchiha." He muttered while Kushina was shocked that they would go so far as to ruin his ninja career.

She puts a hand around her son to comfort him. "Don't worry sochi because when I'm done with you, no one, not even the sannin will be a match for you." Kushina then gives him a serious look. "Listen Naruto, the training I'm gonna give you is not something you should take lightly. I'm gonna work you to the ground and to the point where it'll hurt for you to blink. It's possible that you could die during this training. Do you still want to do this Naruto?"

Naruto looks at her and can tell that she is not kidding. He ponders for a moment and then nods. "Yes. I want to do this kaa-san. I don't care how tough the training is. I want to make you and dad proud of me. I will surpass tou-san and I will become so strong that even the Heavens will know my name. I swear on our family's name that I will not let you down Kaa-san." He said as his blue eyes burned with strength and determination

Kushina couldn't help but smile at his determination. She then walks over to the couch and picks up a black coat that has white fur around the collar (The nidaime's outfit minus the armor). "Here son. Put this on. We're going to whirlpool country to start your training. I also know a few friends in Kirigakure that can help you also. I know about this Akatsuki group that's after you so we should get going."

Naruto nads but is curious about something. "I thought whirlpool was destroyed Kaa-san." Said Namikaze rubbed the back of her head in embarrassment and a blush appeared on her face. "The village yes but not the environment. There are still plants and animals there but most of them are dangerous and full of creatures that most people haven't seen."

Naruto sweat drops at his mom forgetting something important. "Oh." He says and puts the coat on. "Shall we get going Kaa-san?" Naruto asks while she nods. "Yes lets go and start your tor- I mean training." She said with a glint in her eye that made a shiver go down Naruto's spine.

"For some reason I keep seeing the image of the Shinigami hovering over my mother's head pointing at me." He thought while Kyuubi was laughing her head off in the cage feeling sorry for her container.

In Konoha

When word got out in the village that Naruto was banished the villager's partied saying that they were free of the demon brat but most of the younger generation was confused at why they called him a demon when he hasn't done anything wrong.

Sakura didn't care that he was gone and was glad that she didn't have to look at that idiot for the rest of her life. Iruka was pissed that this happened and when he heard Kakashi say that he didn't deserve to be a ninja due to his lack of skill and talent, he punched the man right in the face and sent him flying into a building and threatened to cripple him if he ever said anything bad about Naruto.

The same went with everyone else who insulted Naruto. Tsunade, who read Kakashi's reports on the team's progress, was pissed. He only taught Naruto and Sakura tree climbing while he taught Sasuke the chidori, some fire jutsu, and lee's taijutsu style.

Hokage Tower

Tsunade was giving the son of the white fang her most cold and icy glare while he was shifting his feet around nervously. The other jounin senseis were in the room looking at Kakashi wondering what he did to piss of the Female Sannin.

"I've read the reports on your squads progress Hatake and I have to say this is the biggest load of crap I've ever read." She said while he looked at her nervously. "Wh-what do you mean Hokage-sama?" he asked but then jumped when she slammed the report on the desk making Shizune and the others cringe.

"Cut the bullshit Hatake! I'm talking about how you trained your students! What the hell have you been doing with them?!" she demanded while Kakashi gulped "W-well you see I" he started to say but then was cut off by the leader of Konoha. "Shut up! I don't want your stupid ass excuses! I want the truth! Now tell me why you only taught Naruto and Sakura tree walking while taking that Uchiha brat off for private training?"

Everyone's eyes grew wide when they heard that. "What do you mean Hokage-sama?" Asuma asked while looking at Kakashi who had a bead of sweat going down his face. Tsunade then looks at the other jounin senseis. "Tell me Gai. You have the most experienced team right now so tell me, what have you taught them for the last year?" she asked.

Gai then rubs his chin for a while then answers. "I've taught them the chakra control exercises, had them work on their teamwork and offered them some extra training if they wanted it as well as gave them advice if they needed anything." The spandex wearer answered. Tsunade nodded and looked at Kurenai. "And you Kurenai?" The Genjutsu Mistress thought for a moment and replied.

"The same as Gai and if I couldn't help them with their questions or give them good advice I would recommend another person to help them." She answered and the last Senju looked at Asuma. "Same here Hokage-sama but if I may ask what does our form of training have to do with Kakashi?" He asked while Kakashi gulped.

"Simple Asuma, compared to all of you Kakashi here is a fuckup." She said while the copy nin flinched. "Hatake here spent the last 9 months giving the now traitor private training while leaving his other two to rot and practically end up getting themselves killed. It was by pure luck that they survived their first A ranked mission as well as their first chunnin exam. What's worse is that when the now banished Naruto Uzumaki asked him for help when he had to face Neji Hyuuga for the chuunin exams he refused to help him and left him with a jounin who was like most of the villagers."

They all looked at him in shock and Kurenai narrowed her eyes at him. "Is what the Hokage said true Kakashi? Did you neglect two of your students just to train the Uchiha?" She asked saying the traitor's name with venom in her voice while the silver haired Jounin just looked away. "Answer her question Hatake did you or did you not neglect your two students for the Uchiha?" Tsunade commanded while Kakashi sighed and looked at Kurenai.

"Yes I did but my reason for doing it was" SMACK! He tried to explain but ended up getting slapped hard in the face courtesy to Kurenai Yuuhi. Tsunade just watched and the male jounin looked at her with wide eyes. "Reason? Reason?! You have a fucking reason for neglecting two of your students!?" Yelled Kurenai while the males in the room backed away, not wanting to face her wrath.

Kakashi had a look of shock on his face and slowly turned his head towards an angry Kurenai. "Tell me your reason for neglecting two of your students and don't give me any bullshit because right now I feel like beating the shit out of you." The genjutsu mistress said while releasing murderous intent on the frightened man.

"I-I did it b-because Naruto didn't show a-any talent as a ninja and d-doesn't deserve to be one. H-he only managed to get this far by l-luck." He replies. When those words came out of his mouth the room temperature dropped. Tsunade, Kurenai, and Shizune were glaring holes into the scarecrow's head.

"That's it? That's your reason for neglecting his training? Because you thought he didn't have any Talent?" She said in a low voice Kakashi nodded. Big Mistake. Kurenai suddenly grabbed him by the collar of his flak jacket and slammed him into the wall. "YOU FUCKING IDIOT!! THAT'S THE BIGGEST LOAD OF SHIT I'VE EVER HEARD!! NO TALENT?! HE BEAT NEJI AND THAT KID FROM SUNA AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO SAY HE DOESN'T HAVE ANY TALENT?!" She roared.

Kakashi was struggling to remove her hands. "Kurenai I" SMACK! He wheezed out but then got slapped again by her. "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU PATHETIC EXCUSE OF A NINJA!! YOU'RE ALWAYS SPOUTING THOSE WHO BREAK THE RULES ARE TRASH BUT THOSE WHO ABANDON THEIR COMRADES ARE LESS THAN TRASH WELL GUESS WHAT!? YOU'RE LOWER THAN TRASH!! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'D DO THAT TO HIM ESPECIALLY WHEN THESE SHORT MINDED FOOLS MADE HIS LIFE A LIVING HELL!! THE YONDAIME WOULD BE DISGUSTED WITH YOU!! YOU"RE NOTHING BUT A DAMN HYPOCRITE!!" She yelled while Asuma and Gai struggled to get her off of Kakashi when they do, Kakashi falls to the ground gasping for air while Kurenai gives him her deadliest glare and spits on his face and calls him scum.

Gai and Asuma release her and she storms out of the room and slams the door while they just stare at the door. While Asuma rubs the back of his head. "Uh, sorry about her outburst Hokage-sama." He says while the last Senju waves it off. "Think nothing of it Asuma I don't blame Kurenai for snapping like that. You and Gai are dismissed." She said and they nod but send Kakashi their own glares and then shunshin out of the tower.

Tsunade then gets up and slowly walks towards Kakashi who was still on the ground with his head down. She then grabs him by his hair and lifts him up till his eyes meet hers. "Consider what Kurenai said to you as a form of mercy. As for your punishment you are being demoted to chuunin status and you be spending the next two years doing double guard duty and will also be doing c ranked missions and your pay will be cut in half after every mission."

"After that you'll be teaching at the academy until Ideem you fit for the jounin rank. Now get out chuunin. Your shift starts tomorrow and if you're late even once I'll have you thrown in jail for insubordination and your porn books will be burned by Kurenai Yuuhi or any other Kunoichi I pick. And tell that pink haired brat outside to enter." She said as she released him and he walked out with his shoulders slumped. After he walked out Sakura walked in with a nervous look on his oops I mean her face. "Y-you wanted to see me H-hokage-sama?" She asked while the Senju walked back to her desk and sat down. "Yes I did and I want to let you know that your shinobi license as of right now suspended." She said while said girl jumped out of her seat with a shocked look on her face. "What why!?" she yelled out.

"Shut up and sit down brat!" Tsunade ordered and she did while whimpering. "Look at you. You're pathetic and an embarrassment to kunoichi everywhere. You young lady are going back to the academy to get re-educated and also you'll be doing solo D ranked mission without pay.

Depending on how you progress I might reinstate your license. And you can forget about being my apprentice because you don't deserve it. Now get you sorry ass out of my building." She ordered and the pink haired girl left the office wondering what she did to deserve this.

Tsunade sighs and looks out the window and can't help but think that Naruto's banishment will come back to bite them in the butt and that is one bet she will no doubt win.

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