Naruto: The Ultimate Hunter

Hey people I'm back with a new chapter for Ultimate Hunter. Once again I apologize with the lack of updates but I've been busy with life. And if you're wondering then yes Naruto will be facing the Akatsuki as well as hunting for Orochimaru, Sasuke, and Kabuto. There will also be flashback chapters of his training with his family and the start of his career as a hunter.

Jutsu: Futon: Kaze Ryuu no Jutsu

Jutsu or Japanese translation: (Wind release: Wind Dragon Technique)

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Scroll/Book/Author notes/Event Titles: Village Hidden in the Mist's Bloodline Purge

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Chapter 6: The Hunt Begins Pt. 1

Unknown Location

Inside of a cave were 9 shadowed figures and each of them were wearing black cloaks with red clouds on them. They were standing in a circular pattern until the one with the ripple like eyes spoke up. "Zetsu where you able to find out anything about the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki?" He asks and the half man-half plant shook his head.

"No leader-sama the location of the kyuubi vessel is still unknown. We have searched every part of the nations for his location but it seems it was all for naught. After his banishment from Konoha he just disappeared." Zestu explained while the man's eyes narrowed.

"So he just disappears without a trace? It's possible he's hiding knowing that we are after his bijuu." Kisame says while Itachi remains quiet. "This will take our plans back a little yeah." Deidara says and the hunchback next to him scoffs. "You think? Without the Kyuubi our plan will not succeed and I hate to wait." The Hunchback says.

A figure with green eyes spoke up afterwards. "Sasori stop your complaining. If Kisame and Itachi had gotten the vessel back then we wouldn't be in this situation." He said while Itachi and Kisame glared at him. "Shut up heart stealer. We would've gotten the brat if Jiraiya hadn't showed up. We were no match for him since he is the strongest of the sannin and would've killed us even if more of us showed up." The Shark-man growled.

"Heh so you fuckers just ran away like a bunch of pussies? Pathetic. If it were me I'd sacrifice that old shit to Jashin-sama." A man with purple red eyes said. "Watch your mouth Hidan before I shave you with Samehada." Kisame threatened and Hidan was about to retort until Pein, flared his chakra.

"Enough! Despite the setback we'll still continue with our plans. Diedara, Sasori, you are to head to Suna to capture the Ichibi container. The rest of you have your bijuu to capture also. The Kyuubi container will be the last we go after if we manage to find him. You are all dismissed." He says and the seven members vanish.

Konan looks at her partner and speaks. "This isn't good Pein. With the Kyuubi's disappearance we can't complete" "I know Konan but until the boy shows himself we can do nothing." He says and they also vanish from the cave.

Uzumaki Underground Compound

Naruto was in the armory sitting in a chair sharpening the metal head of a spear with a smooth rock. After doing that for a few minutes he looks at the throwing weapon and analyzes it, looking for any scratches or chipped edges. He then gets up with the spear in his hand and twirls it a few times while he headed to a target.

He stops twirling it in his hands and looks at the target for a while. A smirk appears on his face and he rears his right arm back and then with a quick throw he sends the spear soaring at the target. 'Shuck' The head of the spear hit the bull's eye and went through the target and pinned it on the wall. Naruto looked at what he did and smiles. "Awesome. The spear penetrated the wall." He says as he walks over to the impaled target and pulls it out while the target falls to the floor. He inspects the head of the spear and twirls it. "Not a scratch on it." He says to himself and then places the spear back on the weapon's rack.

He heard a whistle and turned his head to see Anko who was leaning against the wall smirking at what she saw. "Remind me to never get in your line of fire Naruto." She said, getting a chuckle out of him. "I didn't throw it using my full strength Anko. If I had then there would be a series of holes going through the compound."

The Blonde hunter stated. Anko's eyes widen in awe when he said that. "I don't know whether to be impresses or scared. I feel sorry for the bastard that ends up being your prey." She said with a grin on her face. Naruto watches Anko look around and check out the different weapons. "I have to admit, these weapons are pretty amazing. You've been trained in using all of these?" She asks and Naruto nods.

"Hai I have. Kaa-san and Enishi were slave drivers when it came to mine and Kasumi's training." He says. Anko blinks wondering what type of training he had to go through. "Was it that bad?" She asks. "If I had to pick spending my life in the forest of death over their training, I'd pick the forest of death." He answered. Anko nearly fell over when he said that.

"Are you serious! The forest of death is one place you don't want to live in! Why would you pick that over training!" She yelled. Naruto smiled, revealing his canines and spoke. "Believe me when I say the places I've been to and trained in make that place look like a kiddy park." He says while her jaw dropped.

"I can tell you're not kidding. Kushina sensei was a sadist when it came to training me, Nai-chan and Yu-chan. I can't even imagine the torture she must've put you through. You poor unfortunate bastard." She says as she walks over pats him on the back. "I lived and that's what counts. I think she scarred Kasumi for life though. Whenever Enishi-tou mentioned the word dodge she'd twitch and have her hand on her kunai pouch." He replied while in a thinking pose.

Anko's eyes were now owl shaped. "That poor girl." She muttered and her face returned to normal. "Anyway I wanted to know something Naruto." Anko said while she followed Naruto out of the armory and though the lit tunnels. "What is it?" He asks. "Those 'raptors' do they come from a summoning contract?" She asked getting a nod from Naruto.

"Yes they are but they're apart of an old contract that has been around since the age of the Rikudo sennin. It consists of ancient creatures who were apart of the evolutionary chain. Back in their time they were considered the ultimate predators. Raptors are not just hunters, they act as a team and are smart. Facing one of them would be impossible because of their claws but to face more than one is beyond suicide. They'll rip you to shreds before you even have a chance to scream."

"Trust me when I say being killed by a pack of raptors is the worse death you can ever have." Naruto explained. Anko was speechless. "So I guess wandering the jungles here alone would be a bad idea right?" Naruto nods and smirks. "Yes but there are creatures out there that are more dangerous than the raptors." He replies. "Wow and what about your eyes? They changed when we faced you and your sister not to long ago."

Naruto closes his eyes and opens them again, revealing a pair of yellow orange slitted eyes with a red tint around the pupil. "I gained this when I passed the tests of my mother's clan and from the bosses of the Summoning contract our clan has." He answered and deactivated them.

While they were walking through the underground compound, Anko was rubbing her left shoulder and Naruto noticed. 'So that snake left his mark on her too eh? I can get rid of it since it's weaker than Sasuke's version. I'll ask her later if she wants it removed.' He thought and spoke up. "Your neck bothering you?" He asks and she nods.

"Yeah. That stupid snake's hickey is bugging me. I swear when I see that bastard I'm gonna mount his head on my wall. Right after I skin him alive and castrate the fucker." She muttered while Naruto smirks. "It seems that I'm not the only one who wants to hunt that snake. He is on my top list along with the Uchiha brat and Akatsuki." Naruto replies while Anko looks back at him.

"Do you actually think you can beat Orochimaru? The guys a Sannin for crying out loud and manage to kill the Sandaime and Yondaime Kazekage." She states while Naruto scoffs. "Only by mere luck. Orochimaru beat the old monkey because he was old. If he was 10 years younger than Orochimaru would've had his ass handed to him. The Yondaime Kazekage was an arrogant and stupid fool for trusting Orochimaru and paid for it with his life. While Orochimaru is strong he acts like a snake. He waits for his prey to let its guard down and strikes without warning. Plus from the way he fights his style is based more on ambushing the opponent than doing a frontal assault." He stated while the snake mistress gawks.

"Still, do you honestly think you can beat a guy like Orochi-teme?" She asks with a skeptic look on her face. "Considering the fact that he's arrogant and doesn't have the guts to face his someone stronger than him… yes I can beat him." He says and smiles a predatory smile. "Besides I'm pretty sure you'd like to see his head mounted on a wall and displayed as a trophy." He said while a smirk appears on her face.

"That smile suits you gaki. You sure I'm not rubbing off on you?" She asks in a teasing manner while he snorted. "Please. More like my 'roommate' rubbed off on me." He muttered and he swore that Benihime was grinning like crazy while wagging her tails in his mindscape.

Anko blinks a couple of times and shrugs. "Whatever. So what else do you have to do around here besides train and hunt?" She asks. "Aside from that and traveling around the countries and gain bounties… nothing. I've been to almost everywhere in the elemental nations so there's not much to do except visit some friends I made and take job offers from Daimyo's and Company Owners. Heck they even offered me their daughter's hands in marriage as payment and I kindly declined but… let's just say said daughters woke up happy the next day." He said wiggling his eyes brows and Anko gawked.

"You mean to tell me that you… damn gaki you must have balls of steel to screw their daughters behind their backs." She said with a cheeky grin on her face. Naruto looks at her but then smirks. "I didn't. They offered themselves as payment with their fathers agreeing to it." He said causing her to face fault but get up with a blush on her face "WHAAAT!" Anko's voice echoed through the labyrinth.

Kasumi was helping Yugao using physical therapy by helping her stretch and Kurenai was doing the same with Hana until they heard the yell and the red eyed beauty sighed. "Why can't she ever be silent for once?" Kurenai mumbled while Kasumi giggled. "That's nothing. You should see Naruto-nii and Tou-san go at it. Their voices could wake the dead and kill them again." She said. Yugao smiled and Hana giggled. The Inuzuka heiress noticed a red tattoo with a yellow outline on her shoulder and spoke up.

"Hey Kasumi is that a tattoo on your shoulder?" She asks getting the others attention. Kasumi blinks and looks at her shoulder. "Yeah but it's more like a tribal marking than a tattoo." She said. "Can we see it?" Yuugao asks and the girl nods. Kasumi then turns around and grabs the back of her shirt and lifts it, revealing three red marks which ended diagonally at the end of the right side of her torso they also noticed some faded scars on her back and torso area.

Hana's eyes widen as she looked at the tattoo. "Does this represent your right of passage Kasumi?" She asks. The redhead turns her head and nods while pulling her shirt down. "Yes it does. It's a symbol in the Uzumaki clan that states that I am an adult in the eyes of my clan. Naruto-nii has one also but his is a different color." She explained. "We gained this by passing the clan test. It's not easy and doing it can cost you your life. Most of our clansmen died trying to pass this test." She explained getting wide eyes from them. "And those faded scars. Are they proof of your 'test'?" Kurenai asks getting a nod from the girl.

"Yes most of them are from the test but the rest are from hunting." She said. "No kidding." Said a masculine voice behind Kurenai. The genjutsu mistress jumped back and turned around only to see Naruto with Anko standing beside the blonde hunter. "Please don't do that."
She said getting a raised eyebrow from the blonde hunter.

"Don't do what?" He asks making her brow twitch. "Appearing and disappearing out of nowhere. It's creepy." She mumbled while he smiled. "I know. I just like messing with you." He stated making her huff up and fold her arms against her chest while the other three giggled until Kasumi spoke up.

"Hey Nii-san show them your tattoo." Kasumi said with a grin on her face making Naruto's eye twitch. "No." "Why not?" Hana whined wanting to see what his tattoos and body looked like. "Because if I do, a certain someone in this room will rape me." He answered and got slapped on the shoulder by a blushing Anko. "Jerk." She muttered but then jumped when he popped her in the ass with his hand.

"Behave or I'll put you over my knee and spank you." He said wagging his finger in front of her face while she pouted. "Fine I'll behave meanie." She said turned away Kurenai was google eyed when he saw how he was 'taming' Anko. "How? How do you keep her under control like that?" She asked while Kasumi giggles and speaks up. "Naruto-Nii can tame just about any dangerous creature in the jungles here. If he can deal with them then dealing with your friend is not a difficult task." She answered. Naruto looked at Hana and Yuugao and spoke up. "So how is your recovery going?" He asks the two. "Fine. My ribs are close to recovering but it hurts to bend and stretch so Kasumi-chan is helping me using physical therapy." Yuugao answered and Hana nodded.

"Same here. I only have minor headaches now." She responded. "I see. That's good to hear you're both recovering well. You should fully recover in a couple of days just be sure not to strain your bodies." He says and they nod. Kurenai and Anko go and help Hana up. Naruto walked over to Yuugao who blinked but then eeps when he scoops her up in his arms and held her bridal style in his arms.

Said female Anbu had a small blush on her face while Anko, Kurenai, and Hana glared at them while he carried her to the bed and gently placed her down on it. "Th-thank you Naruto-kun." She said. "No problem Yuugao-chan." He said while Hanone leaped onto the bed and curled up into Yuugao's lap and yawned.

Naruto blinks and looks at the ferret. "Hanone, where have you been?" He asks. Hanone looks at him and squeaks making Nauto chuckle and stroke her ear. "You should really stay out of Enishi-tou's secret stash. He'll turn you into a scarf or pelt if he catches you." He says until they hear a loud voice. "DAMMIT NARUTO KEEP THAT WEASEL OUT OF MY JERKY STASH OR I'LL TURN HER INTO A SCARF!" The silver haired merc yelled making Naruto and Kasumi snicker. "Honestly tou-san should know he can't hide anything from Hanone. She can find and steal anything she can get her paws on." The red head said while Naruto went over to carry a blushing Hana over to her bed and gently placed her down while Anko and Kurenai fumed for a while.

"Ano… Naruto-kun?" Hana says and naruto looks at her. "Yes?" He asks. "Do you think it'll be possible for you to send a letter to my Kaa-san about my well-being? I'm pretty sure she's worried sick about me." She asks while Naruto thinks about it and nods. "Sure I'll send her one via summon. It's the least I can do since your mom let me hide in the cabins near your clan's compound when I was younger." He said getting a smile from her.

"Thanks Naruto-kun." She says and he smiles back. "You're welcome." He says and walks over to the table and pulls out a small scroll with an ink brush and ink , opens it and starts to write in it. A few seconds later, he seals it back up, bites his thumb and places it on the ground. "Kuchiyoshi." He says and in a puff of smoke, a green and yellow monitor lizard with yellow slitted eyes appeared.

"You ssummoned me Naruto-ssama?" The lizard asks and the blonde nods. "Yes I need you to take a whiff of the girl with the tattoos on her face's scent and take this letter to Konoha to a Tsume Inuzuka." He orders and holds the small scroll in front of the Monitor's face. Said reptile grabbed the scroll and swallows it before dispersing.

"Well then… I think I'll go visit Gaara and see what he's been up to." He says making the four females blink in confusion. "Gaara? The Godaime Kazekage?" Kurenai asks and Naruto nods. "Yep. I happen to be on good terms with him after that ass kicking I gave him a few years back. Heck I even assist some of his hunter nin and ANBU in missions. Hey sis you wanna go to Suna?" He asks with his answer being a groan.

"No but you'll just drag me with you right?" She asks getting a nod and evil smirk from her brother. "Damn it. I really don't like traveling to Suna. I hate sand. Do you know how uncomfortable sand is when it gets into certain parts of your body? I hate it. That's why I say away from the desert." She mumbled.

"Suck it up you big baby. Don't complain just because you end up getting sand in your trousers and walk around funny." He said but then ducks when a chair flies pats his head and shatters into pieces when it hits the wall. "Shut up! You didn't have to say that out loud you ass!" She yelled with her face as red as a tomato.

"I'm your big brother sis. I can embarrass you whenever I want to." He says with a cheeky grin on his face while a tic mark appears on her face. "I swear one of these days Aniki I'm gonna get you." She mumbles and shunshins away while he laughs. "I look forward to it Imouto." He says and shunshins out of the room also.

Konohagakure Inuzuka Compound

Tsume was sitting on a couch looking at a picture of her and Hana who was 11. She in front of the camera grinning with the Haimaru triplets sitting in front of her. Said triplets were laying on the floor near Tsume and one of them whined while looking up at the sad matriarch and nuzzled her arm with his nose. She looks down and smiled sadly. "I know. I miss her too." She says. Kiba walks into the room limping due to the fact that Kasumi struck him hard in the nuts with her kick and had to be on temporary leave.

Kiba however was pissed and embarrassed because of what happened. "Damn that female hunter. She didn't have to kick me that hard." He muttered as he walked back up the stairs but yelped when he tripped on one step and fell. Tsume chuckled when that happened and felt sorry for her youngest pup. "Hopefully he hasn't lost the chance to have kids from that kick." She says making Kuromaru who was sleeping on the couch snorted.

That was when a puff of smoke appeared in front Tsume, making her, the triplets, and Kuromaru spring up and prepare to fight whatever came out of the smoke. When it clears they see a monitor lizard looking up at them and blinks a few times. "Tsume Inuzuka." He says making her blink a few times.

"Yes?" The matriarch asks. "I have a message from the Ryoushi Joutei about your daughter Hana Inuzuka." He answered. Her eyes widened and had a look of worry in them. "What about my daughter? Tell where he has her now or I swear I'll turn you into a wallet and feed your remains to my partner!" She demanded while Kuromaru growled.

The monitor lizard flicks his forked tongue and tilts his head. "No need for threats Tsume-san I'm just a messenger." He says politely and his neck expands and when he opens his mouth, a scroll comes out and lands in front of Tsume. "That scroll will tell you everything Tsume-san." He says and disappears into a puff of smoke. Tsume picks up the scroll and carefully unrolls it, praying that her daughter's remains weren't in the scroll but to her shock it was a letter and started to read it.

Tsume Inuzuka,

In case you're wondering this is the Ryoushi Joutei and before you freak out I'm informing you that your daughter is safe and sound. She is currently recovering and will be able to head back to Konoha in less than a week. Her injuries were not fatal but they were serious so I treated her and her partner. You also have two choices. I can have my summons escort your daughter back to Konoha so she won't classified as a missing nin or you can head to the Uzu no Mori and my 'friends' will escort you to a hidden location but do not have ANY Konoha nin come with or follow you and DO NOT inform the Hokage about this. I'll trust your judgment and pick wisely.

Sincerely, Ryoushi Joutei

P.S. Thank You for the time you save my life. I owe you and your clan a lot.

Tsume finished the letter. She was glad her daughter was safe but was skeptical. She couldn't inform the Hokage or have any Konoha nin follow her. What was she suppose to do now? But what confused her the most was the thank you for saving his life along time ago. She sat down on the couch and began to think about what she could do to get her daughter back.

Kaze no Kuni Desert

In the windy and sandy desert of Kaze no Kuni, two hooded figures were walking across the desert. They were Naruto and Kasumi. While they were walking, Kasumi was holding her cloak close to her body and her eyes were squinted. "I hate the desert." She says to her self. Naruto rolls his eyes as they kept walking through the windy desert.

"Stop fussing already Imouto. I already told you that we can't summon because it'll cause unwanted attention for us." He stated while she mumbled. "I hate the desert." Naruto just rolled his eyes as they continued onto their destination.

Front Gates of Sunagakure

At the front gates of Sunagakure, two chunin Suna were leaning against the wall looking up at the sky with bored expressions on their face. "This is so boring. Why did Kazekage-sama put us on gate duty?" The one on the left asks while the one on the right side shrugs. "Who knows and cares? It's better than having to do patrol around the borders. I heard there was gonna be a major sand storm coming soon." He said

"Oh yeah that's right. Poor bastards are gonna be caught in it. Now I'm glad I'm not doing border patrol Keiji." He said getting a nod from the other chunnin. "Too true Seto. Though I'm worried about my sister being on border patrol." Kaiji says causing Seto to chuckle. "Keiji , Kiyone can handle herself. She is a jounin and one of the best wind users in our village aside from Temari-sama." He stated.

"I know I know but I can't help it." He mumbled, making Seto chuckle. He was about to say something until he heard a cough which got their attention. They looked in front of them and suddenly gawked. It was the Ryoushi Joutei (Hunter God) and his partner Aka Mashin (Red Devil).

"Hey you two how's it going?" Naruto asks until they regained their composure. "Ryoushi-sama, Mashin-sama how's it going?" Keiji asks only to be bopped in the head by Seto. "Baka! Don't say something so casually to them! Do you want to end up like that missing nin, Taro?" He yelled at his partner who paled.

Naruto saw this and laughed. "Hey now no need for formalities. Me and my partner just came here to meet with the Kazekage if he's not to busy." He stated getting a nod from Keiji. "I see well, the Kazekage is in a meeting right now with the council but you can enter the village if you want." Keiji says. "Alright we'll do that and don't worry we won't cause any problems… just be sure you don't become a missing nin in the future." He said in a mock serious tone.

Keiji paled and started to sweat bullets while Kasumi sighs and hits him lightly in the ribs. "Stop scaring the gate guards. It's bad enough most of the boys my age are afraid of you in this village." She stated, getting a shrug from her older sibling. "Whatever. Let's go find Temari-chan and here gender challenged brother." He says causing Kasumi to snicker as they passed the gate and entered the village.


Two figures wearing straw hats and black cloaks with red clouds on them were walking through the desert heading towards suna. They were Deidara and Sasori. "Heh. It's been awhile since you visited your former home yeah?" Deidara asks Sasori who grunts. "It has indeed. It's a shame my old home has gotten so weak after the wars. To think it has become the weakest of the five major countries." He mutters.

"From what I heard, Suna has regained more of its military force back when the Wind Daimyou gave them more funds and higher ranking missions since they cut off the alliance with Konoha yeah." He explained. Sasori looked back at him and back at the sandy desert. "Interesting. The so called 'Strongest Village' in the elementals is not so strong after all since they banished the Kyuubi Jinchurikki."

Deidara snikers and nods. "Yeah. From what I heard, the kid was a major influence in several countries. The leaders weren't very happy with that and cut off trades and alliances with them. Heh. Onoki-Oji must've had a field day when he heard about that." He says with a grin on his face.

Sasori rolled his eyes at his partner. "Deidara." "What is it?" The blonde bomber asks. "Have you heard the rumors about a merc who goes by the name Ryoushi Joutei?" He asks, makng Deidara stop in his tracks and look at Sasori. "Yeah I have but I thought he was just a myth. Rumor has it that he's never lost a bounty or failed a mission he was given. He also leaves behind the mangled bodies of his victims at the country borders with their heads gone. The way people talk about him… they make him sound like he's the shinigami born of flesh and blood yeah." He answered.

"Correct. I heard that he has a flee on sight order in the bingo book by Iwa, Kusa, and Ame. It is said that his skills rival that of Hanzo the Salamander who was able to defeat the three sannin." Deidara almost fell when Sasori said that. "Stronger than Hanzo? No way! The only one who could match Hanzo and live would've been either the late Shiroi no Kiba or the Sandaime Hokage. I wonder why leader-sama hasn't tried to recruit him?" Deidara asks.

"Simple you baka. If the man has a flee on sight order and is considered to be more dangerous than the Kiiroi Senkou would you approach him? Plus after completing his missions he vanishes. No one knows where lives. They say he's a ghost who comes and goes not leaving a trace of himself behind." He stated.

"Wow. I heard he keeps his victim's heads as a trophy. Hopefully we won't be facing him in the future. I sure as hell don't want my head on his mantle." He said. "I'll gladly do it for you if you don't hurry up. We have a Tanuki to catch and I" "Yeah yeah you hate to wait." The blonde iwa nin said mockingly only to duck to evade a mechanical scorpion-like tail. "You're pushing your luck brat." He snarled as they continued onto their destination.

Naruto and Kasumi were in a dango shop eating some dango and soup when Naruto paused for a moment. Kasumi saw this and spoke up. "What is it Aniki?" She asks. "I don't know but I have a feeling something is gonna happen soon and it's not a good thing." He said. Kasumi frowned and nodded. She knew whenever Naruto paused to do something and had a bad feeling it was something serious.

"I see." Was all she said and they continued to eat, knowing that a storm was gonna hit Suna and it's not a thunder storm.

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