Glimpse into the Future

Chapter 1- The Mysterious Soul Reaper

The sound of the bouncing ball filled the air as it hit off the ground, then her knee and then her heel before hitting the ground once again. The bounces controlled and practiced. The sun was shining and there as a nice breeze. It was a beautiful day for the Kurosaki sisters to play outside. Yuzu sat on the small step in front of their door and watched as her twin bounced the soccer ball around as if it was the easiest thing in the world. To her it probably was.

Yuzu sighed. "I wonder were Ichigo is." She said as she rested her chin on the palm of her hands while her elbows pressed on her knees. She let out a sigh. "We barely see him anymore.' She said with a pout as she looked to Karin who seemed to not pay her much attention.

"He's a teenager. He's probably out hanging with his friends. Leave him alone." She said with a roll of her eyes and not missing a beat with her ball before something caught her attention and she looked up from her ball to the end of the road. There stood a woman.

A soul reaper.

Karin's mouth opened slightly as she stared at her. Her ball dropped to the ground and rolled a little and Yuzu looked to it before she looked to her sister who was just staring ahead. She fallowed her eyes down the street but saw nothing and frowned as she looked back to Karin. Karin stared at the soul reaper. She was pretty far away but the girl was looking at her. She was sure. Her hair was long and black but she couldn't make out her face. A rather long sword was on her back. She frowned.

"Karin?" Yuzu said and Karin quickly snapped out of her gawking as she looked to her sister.

"Huh?" she mumbled.

"What are you looking at?" she asked as she once again looked down the road to see what had got her sister's undivied attenion for the pass couple of minutes and Karin stared at her sister for a moment. Could she not see her? She looked back to the end of the road to see that the soul reaper was gone. Maybe that was why Yuzu didn't see her. She frowned as her black eyebrows came together. Her fist balled up a little.

"Nothing. It was nothing." She mumbled as she picked up her ball. She looked to her sister with a small smile. "Hey, how about we go to the park?" She asked and her sister smiled as she stood up and nodded her head. "Alright. Just go in and tell dad." She said and she nodded again as she rushed into the house. Karin quickly looked back down the end of the street. She sure she wasn't seeing things. there had to have been a girl standing down there. she had a feeling run threw her when she saw that girl. Maybe she felt it before she even seen her. But why did she leave before Yuzu could see her?

"I wonder who that was?" she mumbled to herself before a crushingly large spiritual pressure hit into her. Her eyes widen as it felt like something was crushing her. Sweat was quick to gather on her body and roll down her temple and to her jaw dripping off to hit the ground when she clinched her teeth. She took a deep breath and fell to her knees unable to stand the pressure that was being put on her. "What's going on." She whispered as her eyes narrowed. It was so close to her. Could it have been that girl she had just seen? Or maybe even a hallow that that she had been seeing a lot recently.

Ichigo's eyes opened as the spiritual pressure hit him. He frowned. "This feels like a soul reaper." He said as he got up from his spot at the top of the hill of the river. He looked towards the direction of his home. He clinched his teeth. It was too close to home. He quickly came out his body and it flopped to the ground motionless. He glanced to it before he let out a small growl. He was just going to have to leave it. But if anyone saw him they would think he was dead. He'd have to worry about that later. this spirital pressure was high and if there was a batttle close to his home his family could be in danger. He jumped off towards his home.

Once he reached were the spiritual pressure was coming from it was only a block away from his home and had descreased steadily. He stopped at seeing the soul reaper in front of this creature. That didn't look like a hallow. It was dead that was for sure and it's blood was all over the place. He couldn't take his eyes off it.

"Ichigo." Rukia said as she quickly appeared next to him. Her eyes widen as she looked at it. It was strange. "W-what is that?" she asked as she stared at it before she looked to the soul reaper. "Hey!" she said and the girl shifted as she put her bloody sword away. It was long. Like Ichigo's but as thin as hers. "Who are you!?" she yelled. The girl looked over her shoulder at them and their eyes widen. She had a white mask on with black lines going across the left side and appeared to look like a tiger mask. Her eyes all black and her iris gold.

A vizord?

"Ichigo." She said threw her mask and they stared at her as she turned fully towards them. "She's in danger. Protect her." she said before she disappeared.

"W-Wait!" Ichigo yelled and stepped foreword but she was already gone. Their eyes fell on the creature and they ran up to it. "What is this thing?" he asked as he looked over it. It didn't have a mask or a whole or anything. It was just a large weird looking creature. Rukia quickly pulled out her cell phone.

"I don't know but I think it's for the best to inform the soul society. Maybe they'll send someone to exam it." she said her eyes focused on the cell phone she was holding. Ichigo got down next to it as he looked it over. It looked like the organs and everything was on the outside and it was slimy. He reached his hand out to touch it. It had large octopus legs and multiple stab wounds were it was bleeding out something white as well as dark blood close to black looking ink. If it was a hallow it would have disappeared when she took the final blow but it was still lying here. "Don't touch it Ichigo." She said.

"Why not? It's dead." He mumbled as he walked around it examing it more.

"And we should look up someone in the thirteen court guard that has a Zanpakuto that size. I never heard of anyone that has a sword like that besides you." She said as she looked it over and he nodded his head. "How long do you think that thing was by the way? It was much longer then yours." She said and he nodded again as he looked in thought. the bigger the sword the more spiritual pressure one had well that's what Rukia had told him but others had learned to control the size of their Zanpakuto. So they had two things in common already unusually large Zanpakutos and a Vizord mask. But she talked as if she knew him.

"But what do you think she was talking about? She even knows my name." He said as he remembered her words. "Who does she want me to protect?" he mumbled as he rubbed the back of his neck. He frowned. "She should be more specific if she wants me to do something for her." He said with a sigh before he put his hands on his hips closing his eyes for a moment.

"Well I'm going back to soul society. If we want any answers about what this is I think we need to find out who she is first and what's she doing here. And as soon as we find her we can get answers" She said and he nodded his head. "I'll be back soon." She said before she disappeared. He let out a sigh before he looked to the creature again.

"Hey wait! What am I suppose to do with this thing!?" He yelled to no one. He sighed and rubbed the top of his orange hair. He looked back to it and let out another sigh. He disappeared as well and just as quick appeared back at the river were his body reminded. He jump back into it with a sigh. At least no one saw him. It probably just looked like he was sleeping anyways. He rubbed his head as he looked around.

He walked home and as soon as he was home he got a kick to the face by his father. He hit the ground with a loud thump before he looked back up at his father who was laughing and going on about family and straight and cheese cakes and Yuzu's cook. Ichigo didn't even like Cheese Cake. Which might be the reason why he was talking about it. just to get on Ichigo's nerve.

"Shut up you stupid old man!" he yelled at him as he shot up and gave his father a nice right hook into his face causing him to go flying into their wall. He sighed as he turned his attention to his two sisters that sat at the table. Yuzu smiled and held up his bowl for him and he smiled as he took it and sat at the table with a sigh before he looked to Karin who was staring down into her bowl and appeared to be in deep thought about something with this frown on her face. He didn't like it.

"Hey Karin." He said and she looked up at him. "Is everything alright?" he asked and she smiled to him though it didn't reach her eyes and this didn't go unnoticed by him. He frowned and she chuckled slightly.

"Everything is fine. Why would you ask something like that?" she asked and shrugged her shoulders before she stood up. "Um I'm really not that hungry so I'm just going to head up for bed." She said with a sigh before she excused herself from the table. They watched her leave in silence. Yuzu frowned as she looked down at her own food. She didn't like it when her sister was upset. She seemed to have been taking after Ichigo with her keeping secret all the time.

"Hey Yuzu." Ichigo said next and she looked to her older brother. He was frowning and his eyes showed his worry. "What's going on with your sister?" He asked and she let out a sigh as she shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't know. She's been acting like that scents this morning. She was just staring out into the open and when I asked her what she was looking at she said nothing." She said and shrugged her shoulders as she looked back to the table. Her hands making fist on her lap. He nodded his head before their father shot up with tears pouring down his cheeks. A nice size red not sitting on the top of his head from where he had slammed into the hall and his cheek red and swallen from where Ichigo had punched him.

"What could be wrong with my poor baby!" he yelled as he rushed towards the stairs. "It must be a boy! She's too young to be going threw the emotion state of heartache!" He yelled as he rushed up the stairs. Ichigo ignored his father as he stared at the table. Could Karin had seen a hallow?Could that have gotten her so upset? After all she did know about them and even knew about him being a soul reaper. Maybe she had seen that creature. It was more repulsive then a hallow. It might have scared her.

He rose from the table and Yuzu looked to him. "I'm going to go have a talk with her." He said and Yuzu nodded her head as he walked towards the stairs. Leaving her alone at the dinner table. Ichigo stopped at the top of the stairs at seeing their father crying and banging on Yuzu's and Karin's bed room door. He quickly elbowed him to the side of his head and he dropped the floor before Ichigo knocked lightly on the door. "Yo Karin it's me. Open up." he said as he gripped the handle and shook it. It was locked but it wasn't long before he heard a click. He pushed the door opened and stepped inside, slamming it shut as their dad tired to crawl in. "What's going on?" He asked as he sat down on Yuzu's bed across form her.

"Nothing." She said and shrugged her shoulder. His eyes narrowed on her.

"Listen Karin I know something's up." He said and she looked up at him.

"And I always know something's up with you but you refuse to answer me questions when I ask you what's going on with you! Why should I answer you!" she snapped back at him and his face never changed as he stared at her. She gripped the bed sheets at his intense glace before she looked away form him and her body relaxed. "It's nothing leave me alone." She mumbled.

"If it has to do with hallows Karin I need to know. It's important" He said and she looked to him. "It's my job to know these things and keep you and this town save." He said and she looked to her lap.

"It was a soul reaper." She mumbled and his eyebrows came together as his frown increased and his eyes narrowed. "I saw her earlier today. I had seen Soul reapers before but she…" Her eyes softened slightly. "It felt like I knew her. It felt like she knew me. Almost like we were connected. But it was only for a moment that I felt it. and it's been bothering me ever scents." She said and he nodded his head.

"A soul reaper huh? Are you sure?" He asked and she nodded her head as she looked up at him.

"She had the black outfit and the sword. It was really long too and she had long black hair but I couldn't see her face to well." She frowned and looked back to her lap. He nodded and stood back up to his feet. He put one hand in his pocket it.

"Alright." He said with a sigh. "I'll look into it but for now I want you stay out of trouble." He said and she raised an eyebrow as she crossed her arms.

"And what kind of trouble would that be? I'm not going to go out and look for her if that's what you mean." She said and huffed out her cheeks somewhat. "I'm not that stupid Ichigo." She said with a roll of her eyes.

"Good because by the way you described her she's the same girl we've been looking for and I think she's dangerious so stay away from her." he said and she sighed as they stared at one another before he looked towards the door. "Try and forget about all this alright. It's not something you need to get involved in." He said and she looked up at him once again but her older brother refused to meet her eyes. "Night Karin." He almost mumbled it before he walked out the room closing the door behind him. She stared at it long after he was gone before looking down at her lap once more with a frown.

Ichigo laid in his bed. The lights out and his window open. But he was wide awake and staring at the ceiling. The soul reaper or Vizord had been in contact with his sister. His eyes narrowed. He didn't trust her and she now knew where his family lived. He had to find her before she came back and did who knows what to the people he loved. But something else deep inside him told him other was. Told him that he should trust her. After all she didn't put her hands on Karin but she did make her uncomfortable and that was never a good sign.

"Ichigo." She said threw her mask and they stared at her as she turned fully towards them. "She's in danger. Protect her." she said before she disappeared.

Her words echoed in his head. Who did she want him to protect? That had been bugging him for a while now. Not only that but her voice sound familiar and that nipped at him from the back of his mind. Did he know this girl from somewhere? She did know his name. There was too many questions and not enough answers!

He let out a growl as he shot up right in his bed ruffling his own hair in frustration. "Would you keep it down some people are trying to sleep here!" Kon yelled as he jumped up onto Ichigo's bed and onto his lap. "Learn to have some respect Ichigo!" He yelled pointing his stuffed arm at Ichigo and waving it about as Ichigo stared at him blankly. Kon continued to go on and on though Ichigo didn't appear to be paying much attention.

"Ah Shut up Kon." He said as he gripped the stuffed animal but its head and tossed him across the small room. He slammed into the closet door and slid down it before he hit the ground as Ichigo rolled onto his side towards his window and pulled his white and blue blankets over him. Kon shot back up to his feet.

"You'll pay for that Ichigo! Wait until my Rukia hears about this!" he yelled but Ichigo didn't budge as he reminded on his side. Kon let out a huff before he marched off. Ichigo stared at his wall. Still frowning as his thoughts drifted back to this mysterious soul reaper. What was she doing here? And what did she want? His eyes narrowed slightly. And what did she want with his sister? Karin's depressed look flashed in his head. He didn't like it when one of his sisters were upset. He sighed and closed his eyes. It looked like he wasn't going to get much sleep tonight and unknowing to him his younger sister wasn't going to get much sleep either.

The next day Rukia was there to greet him. Telling him that members of squad 12 had come to take the creature away that was surprisingly still lying there but was decaying unusually fast and that some members of squad 2 had come to search for this mysterious soul reaper. There had been know data in their data base that fit the description of her Zanpakuto. Therefore she was a protental threat and had to be brought in for questioning especally seeing that she was a vizord.

"So what do we do?" He asked her next.

"We could go down and check to see how their doing in checking the area or help them look for this girl." She said and he nodded his head as he rose from his bed with a sigh.

"Yeah. Let's go do that. I got a lot of questions I'd like to ask her." he said as his eyes narrowed on the ground and Rukia frowned as she watched him.

"what's wrong Ichigo?" she asked.

"I talked to Karin last night…" He started.

"Your sister?" she asked and he nodded his head. "Did something happen to her last night?" She asked. He shook his head.

"No she-" he was cut off as his door slammed open and his father rushed in fallowed by his sisters.

"Ichigo my son it's time to get up!" He yelled as he dove at him. He side stepped his father who smiled into his bed before looking to Yuzu who had stepped up to him with a smile.

"Breakfast is ready." She said and he nodded his head before he looked to Karin who was staring at something. He quickly looked to Rukia who was staring back at his younger sister.

"Hey Karin." He said with a grin and she looked to him. "So how are you feeling? Much better then yesterday I hope." He said and she nodded her head as Yuzu rapped her arms around her older twin sister.

"Yup. She wake up back to her good old self. Maybe all she needed was a good night sleep." She said and he nodded his head.

"Alright. Well I'll be heading out to school" he said and rushed out as Rukia fallowed behind him.

"But Ichigo what about breakfast." Yuzu yelled after him never seeing Rukia.

"I'll eat on the way. Thanks Yuzu!" he yelled back as he rushed down the stairs. Rukia hot on his heels.

"Ichigo!" she yelled as they ran out into the street. "Your sister was staring dead at me." she said as she fallowed him to school. "Could she see me? How is that even possible!?" she yelled from behind him.

"I don't know. That's what I was trying to tell you! She had been able to see soul reapers for sometime now. I'm just worried that it might get her in trouble some day." He said as his eyebrows came together and he nodded his head. "She saw that Soul reaper yesterday." He said with a frown.

"Did she see her face?" She asked.

"She said she didn't get a good look but that she got a weird feeling around her." She said and she nodded her head.

"you need to find out more Ichigo. Your sister might be the only one to help us find out who this girl is." She said and his eyes narrowed as they continued to run towards his school. Though he had no idea why he was still running. They stopped once they reached the school.

"I don't want to get my sister involved in these things" He said as his eyes fell to the ground.

"But Ichigo-"

"No Rukia! I won't ask her anymore then I already have. She said she never saw the girl's face alright? I won't let her get hurt like she has in the past." He said remembering the first hallow that had attacked his house, gripping little Karin in his fist and then Grand Fisher also hurting his sisters. His fist balled up and his teeth clinched. "I won't allow it. It's my job it protect them and I won't allow her to get involved." He said. Rukia let out a sigh before she nodded her head.

"Fine. We'll find another way." she said and looked away from him.

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