Chapter 10- The Near Future (Final Chapter)

Byakuya frowned slightly as he leaned back to back with Rukia as they faced off with their own mini Chaos. His eyes narrowed as his small chaos cried out before disappearing. "What just happened?" Rukia asked as her own small chaos also disappeared. Byakuya looked down to the large block of ice as he put his sword away. Rukia did the same.

"It appears to be over." He said before he looked around as the other soul reapers also looked around as their mini Chaos disappeared into the wind after releasing small cries. Rukia released a heavy sigh as she put her sword away before allowing a small smirk came to her lips.

"Ichigo." She said.

"No." Byakuya said and she frowned as she turned around to face him. "Hitsugaya." He said and she blinked a few times before following his eyes down to the large block of ice. She nodded her head with a small frown before her eyes widened slightly as she watched enrage Ichigo grab Toshiro up by his shirt and punch him in the face.

"Ichigo stop!" she yelled and quickly rushed down towards them. She landed in between them as the other soul reapers also gather around. "What's wrong with you!" she yelled as Hitsugaya pushed himself up off the floor. His eyes down cast as his cheek turned red and blood ran down his chin.

"Get out of my way!" Ichigo shouted and easily pushed Rukia out of his way before he grabbed up Hitsugaya again. "Tell me why you did that! That was my sister!" He yelled as he shook him, rage and tears in his eyes as he shook the younger boy. Hitsugaya said nothing as he kept his eyes downcast. "Answer me!" Ichigo yelled as his spiritual pressure began to rise with his rage.

"Because she asked me too!" He said as he looked back to Ichigo who's eyes widened slightly in shock. "She said she didn't have much longer to live anyways and that it was the only way. I only did what she asked. You should be proud that your sister was brave enough to even think about giving her life to kill something that could destroy this world." He said.

Ichigo clenched his teeth tightly as his grip on Toshiro's shirt tightened. "Then I should have been the one…I could have been the one to attack him from behind! Karin didn't have to die!" He shouted as more tears filled his eyes. "Not Karin…"He whispered before he shoved him away quickly, Toshiro stumbled a bit but caught himself. He balled up his fist tightly and clenched his teeth as he looked away from Ichigo once again. Silence filled the now still air.

"Ichigo…" Rukia whispered with a deep frown before stepping towards him.

The sound of the ice creaking quickly drew their attention towards it and they watched as it melted quickly as flames engulfed it. "Karin." Ichigo said and quickly stepped towards it. The ice quickly disappeared and Karin stood still behind Chaos though he was no longer moving. His body began to creak before flames bust through him from the inside.

Karin slowly lowered her sword before it dropped from her hand. She dropped forward on her knees before falling flat on her face. Ichigo clenched his teeth before he lunched forward and to her side. He gently rolled her over and cradled her in his arms. "Karin." He said as the others drew closer as well. "You'll be alright. Just hang in there." He said before he quickly looked up. "Orihime!" He shouted.

Orihime jumped slightly before rushing forward. "Sōten Kisshun." She said. Ayame and Shun'o quickly shot from her hair pin and formed a bright oval shield over Karin. Karin opened her eyes then and looked over to Ichigo. She allowed a small smile to come to her lips.

"We did it huh." She chuckled and he nodded his head with a small smile before he frowned as he noticed she was starting to become transparent. He looked to Orihime.

"What's happening! Why isn't she healing!" He yelled in panic.

"I-I don't know." Orihime said as her eyebrows knitted together.

"Orihime ability isn't really to heal but to return it back to the state it was in before…If I was from this time my wounds would do just that but I'm not…"She said before she turned her head away as she began to cough up a bit of blood. Ichigo held her a bit tighter despite the fact that she was disappearing even faster now. "Her ability is to return something…And that's what its doing…I'm returning to the future." She said as Ayame and Shun'o returned to Orihime's hairpin.

"Karin…" Ichigo whispered as he stared down at her. He closed his eyes tightly as the tears formed in them. "I'll stop this…I won't let you become a soul reaper!" He yelled and she chuckled softly before she began to cough again and he opened his eyes to look down at her quickly. "I'll protect you from all of this!" He said as the tears slowly ran down his cheeks. She shook her head slowly before swallowing down a bit more blood.

"I will become a Soul Reaper by the time I reach my teens Ichigo." Karin whispered as she gripped onto his black robe and pulled him down towards her a bit. "And there is nothing you can do about it. My first teacher out of three will come to me." she said with a small smile. "By the time you figure it out I will have long ago made up my mind. Try as you might. There is no stopping me from becoming a soul Reaper…or a vizord." She whispered and Ichigo clenched his teeth as he held her tighter.

"Don't speak anymore." he whispered.

"See ya later Ichigo. In the near future." She said with a soft smile as her eyes softened before she disappeared completely and his fist balled up as he clenched his teeth and the others watched as the tears streamed down his cheeks.

Fifteen Years into the Future…

"Karin! Karin wake up!" Older Karin clenched her teeth tightly as her eyebrows knitted together before she slowly opened her eyes. She was met with Older Ichigo's staring down at her. His long orange hair hanging down in front of his narrowed brown eyes and a frown on his lips. She allowed a small smile to come to her lips as she pushed herself up. She looked down at her body and took notice that her wounds where completely healed. "How was the mission?" He asked.

"A success. I did everything you told me too." She said with a nod of her head as she looked around at the others that where also standing around her. Orihime was the second closest to her having healed her wounds as soon as she reappeared. She looked back to Ichigo. "Chaos is gone now all that's left is the creatures. But their not a problem for us." She said and he nodded his head as a small smirk came to his lips.

"I'm proud of you Karin." He said as he placed his hand on her shoulder and she nodded her head. She chuckled lightly.

"I know. But your past self would be really upset with you if he knew you were the one to send me into the past in the first place." She said and he released a throaty chuckle before he nodded his head.

"Yeah I know. But he'll understand when he's older." He said and she nodded her head with a small smile.

"Let me though." A voice said before they all looked up as Hitsugaya pushed though the squad members. He was reaching six feet with his hair long in a ponytail down his back. That single strand still dangling in front of his face. He kneed down in front of Karin who smiled slightly at him. "I'm glad to see you're alright." He said before he held up a white jacket for her. "Captain of Squad Three." He said.

She nodded her head as she rose to her feet and slipped her jacket on. "Thanks for looking after my squad for me Toshiro." She said and he frowned slightly as his eyes narrowed and he rose back to his feet.

"It's Hitsugaya…,"He mumbled.

"That's not what you said last time." She said as she smirked over at him. He looked away from her and she reached over to pinch his cheek. "I forgot how cute you was when you were little." She said and he slapped her hand away quickly. "Your just plain handsome now!" She said with a chuckle and his eyes narrowed on her.

"I'll see you at home." He mumbled before he turned away and pushed though the third division to leave. She chuckled slightly before she looked back up at Ichigo who was shaking his head as well.

"He's still a bit upset that I still sent you. He'll get over it." He said as he looked back to her. "All that matters is that you're back down." He said and ruffed the top of her head like she was still a little child. She slapped it away with a roll of her eyes. "Good job Karin." He said as he began to walk away as well.

"Thanks Ichigo." She said as she watched him go with a small smile on her lips. Her eyes falling to the back of his white Captains coat that held the symbol of the first division. "And thank you Orihime." She said as Orihime moved to follow Ichigo. The older woman smiled to her sweetly with a nod.

"I'm sorry I couldn't heal you the first time around…,"She said and Karin nodded her head.

"Don't worry about it. You weren't met to in the first place." She said as she waved her off.

"Yeah but still." She said with a small shrug of her shoulders. Karin offered her a small smile and Orihime returned it before following after Ichigo in her Captains coat as well with the symbol of the fourth division on it. Karin sighed as she stared at the door for a moment before looking at her division.

"Home sweet Home."


Yoruichi frowned slightly with her arms crossed as she watched Ichigo who stayed slumped down towards the ground with his head down, his teeth clenched and silent tears running down his cheeks. She looked down at Karin who was lying by her. She turned around and picked the small girl up. She looked over her with a small frown. She looked up to see Toshiro to see the younger boy also staring at the small child in her arms with a deep frown.

"Ichigo." Orihime whispered from across from him with a frown of her own and small tears in her eyes. They all watched him in silence before he suddenly stood up and whipped his tears away with his sleeve. He turned towards Yoruichi who looked away from Toshiro to look at the oldest Kurosaki. He began to walk towards them with his head bowed and a frown on his lips. His fist balled up tightly.

"I'll take her," he said as he stopped in front of them. Yoruichi nodded her head slowly before handing the small girl over to him .Ichigo stared down at her as her head rested against his chest and she slept quietly. "I'm going home now." He said as he began to walk down the street as the sun began to rise and they all watched him leave with his little sister in silence.

Yoruichi crossed her arms with a deep frown as she watched him go with the others. "I hope you'll find a way to forgive me Ichigo." She mumbled to herself before she turned away and using her shunpo disappeared in the wind as the others continued to stare in silence before they began to take their leave as well.

Four Months Later…

Karin frowned as she walked out of the school with Yuzu by her side. Yuzu did most of the talking as they walked down the side walk towards their home. It wasn't long before they were walking along the river side. Karin frowned slightly as she stared down at it before some thing caught her eye.

A Black Cat.

Her eyes widened slightly as she stopped walking. Yuzu stopped as well and looked to her sister. "Karin? What's wrong?" she asked and Karin looked back to Yuzu and shook her head before she offered her a small smile.

"Nothing. I just thought…I'm going to go to the field today." She said as she removed her book bag and pulled out her soccer ball. Yuzu frowned slightly as she watched her. "Don't worry. I'll be home for dinner but I really need to practice. We have a game coming up and I really want to be ready." She said and Yuzu nodded her head.

"Alright. Be careful." She said and walked off towards their home. Karin watched her go before she put her ball away and though her bag back over her shoulder. She jumped down the hill and to the side of the river. She smirked. "Hey sensei." She said as she jogged over to her. She kneeled down in front of the black cat.

"I was thinking it might be better to train you right after school rather then during the night. I noticed you seem a bit tired during the day. It can't be good for your health." She said as her tail wagged slightly behind her. Karin nodded her head as she pulled out a mod soul. She popped one into her mouth and was immediately thrown out of her body.

Yoruichi watched as Karin rose back to her full height and reached up to grip the red and black handle of her sword. "I'm ready." She said with a small smirk. Yoruichi nodded her head.

"Then lets go. You have a lot of training to do."

The End

Well that's it. This story really wasn't suppose to be a Karin and Toshiro story but seeing how I had a lot of people who really wanted that I thought I'd though in the small bit that hints them being together in the future. :) I was thinking of writing a second story that centers around Karin coming into her Soul reaper powers and her Vizord powers. However, I'm not sure if I'm going to…I don't think it'd be as exciting as this one. If I did the three teachers that she mentioned would be in that story but just in case I don't write it I think I should at least let you know who they where and what they trained her in.

First Teacher: We all know its Yoruichi. She trained her in her Soul Reaper powers and taught her all that stuff.

Second Teacher: Kukaku Shiba. Karin later has problems controlling the flames of Toraneko and it becomes a bit of a problem so Yoruichi takes her to see her old friend and fire export Kukaku!

Third Teacher: Lisa Yadomaru of the Vizords. Of course all the other Vizords help her to control her enter hollow too but Karin takes a special liking to Lisa and Lisa does the same spending extra time to help Karin control her enter hollow.

All three help her to become as strong as she is and their all very important to her. Anyways that's the end of this story. I hope you all enjoyed it and thank you for reviewing and everything!