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The Prophecy


"One shall come to be, a Witch, her powers, though unknown, will be greater than any of those who have come before her. She will join with and be turned by he who can control those around him and his coven. Their mating will be of that which is unheard of yet, a witch and a vampire. Her powers will only come into light when she has found this one and his lips touch her; until that time has come she will be as any other human. When the light of their power is known the fight will come, the outcome of this fight is unknown, as is the parties involved. The pair must fight to keep what they love lest all shall perish. This pair with their coven shall become the order in our supernatural world, should the battle be in their favor."

What?! What did I just see? I closed my eyes trying to search for more.

"We shall take our leave now, this is all we know"

Damnit! What was that? I could not see who was speaking, but I saw who they were speaking to. Aro, Caius, and Marcus. The Volturi.

Shit. That was the past I have never seen the past before. What is going on?