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Braxton POV

It has only been ten years since Victor, Darius and I were given leadership of the Coven. We have spent our time much the same way as those before us, preparing and watching for the future, for the day the prophecy would come to pass. These last few months have been the hardest but also the most exciting. We have seen the outcome of Bella's change, and she is more than we could ever expected, more than we had ever dreamed. There is no ending to the power that she possesses. We all have full faith that the outcome of the coming battle will be in their favor. Upon the moment of her awakening, the three of us combined our powers to send her everything we had seen. We hoped that this information would help in guiding her, leading her, so that she along with Jasper would be able to guide those around them.

Our only concern through all of this was Jonas. We have seen the path he is heading down, and though we are happy for him, we worry about the final outcome. In taking this mission Jonas has found where his true destiny lies. Not as our second in command, but as a partner to the vampire he is growing close to.

I was the only one to see this at first, Darius and Victor wanted to bring him back so that he did not follow a foolish path that took him away from the Coven. For the first time since we became the leaders, I withheld things that I saw from them, most of it concerning Jonas. They believed that his place lie here with Bethany, his betrothed. However, as I had never really trusted her I was glad that this path was setting itself before him. They on the other hand were worried about the effect it would have on her. Once again we were conversing about Jonas, and which path he would choose to follow, though we all knew now the correct one for him, we chose not to tell him, because they chose not to admit it.

"But what about Bethany in all of this? She came to us, of her own free will, offering what she knew, and disregarding her own family. How can we let him do this to her?" This was always Victor's line of questioning, as he thought of the girl as a daughter.

"Bethany is…" Darius started but never got a chance to finish as Bethany chose that moment to walk in the room.

"Bethany is… what, Darius?" The sneer in her voice and the expression on her face surprised me. Had she heard more than just that statement and was angered by the knowledge that Jonas was falling for another? "I see that you have figured it out, I had hoped to carry on this little charade a while longer, get more intel, but I guess it is too late for that." She sneered again as she raised her hands pointing them towards Darius.

"What are you talking about Bethany? What charade? We were discussing… NO! Bethany what are you doing?" The fire spread over Darius's body killing him within moments of touching his skin. Where did this power come from? She had told us that she did not carry an active power, that all she knew were the spells.

"Well Braxton it seems I have jumped the gun, but it is too late now. I had thought you all had gotten past the spells that my father put around me to keep your visions at bay. Oh well. Now I will not have to waste anymore time here and can get back to my true home and love." With those words, she pointed her hands at Victor, sending the flames to him, taking him within moments as well. I did not know what to do or say to her, so instead of trying to talk I spent my last moments gathering all the power within myself that I could. I thought over everything that had happened here in this room, not only in the past minutes, but everything that I could gather.

I mustered all my strength and hoped that my plan would work as I thought of Jonas and his vampire Alice. I sent all the thoughts that I could hoping that they would receive them even across this long distance. It was the only thing I could give them in my last moments as I heard Bethany's maniacal laugh and then felt the fire hit my body. Good luck to you all; I wish you the best in the upcoming battle. May the Old Ones be with you. I sent these last thoughts to them and took my last breath praying that they would receive my message.


This life held so much for me than even I realized before deciding to be changed. The prophecy said that I would be powerful, but what I learned while undergoing my change could not have prepared me for this. How was I ever going to learn to control all this power? How was I going to go about explaining everything that I had learned? Then the most important thing, should I tell everything I had learned? I knew that there were many things that I should tell them, but were they ready for the whole truth? Hell, I was not ready, but it was thrown upon me anyway.

Seconds after realizing that I did still have a heartbeat, I was hit with another onslaught of information. I had no idea where this information came from, or how they had filled my mind with it the way they did. All I had to go on was the voice that I heard when the onslaught stopped. "My young Isabella, take care with this information, and with yourself. You are more special than will ever be known." That is all that was said. I could tell that whoever it was, was a male, but I did not know what to make of it. The information that I received did not contradict what Asana had told and shown me, just added to it. Nevertheless, the additions were, well some of them were all out frightening.

As I started moving, I knew that Jasper and Carlisle would have questions for me but I needed time to process everything I was feeling and had learned during my transformation. Most of all I needed time to deal with my fears. To bide my time, I hid my fear well, and had yet to let either of them see it or Jasper feel it, but I knew that I wouldn't be able to hide it from Jasper much longer. He knew me too well.


Bella started moving so we knew her transformation was over. While she gathered herself together I examined her face, her stance, pretty much all of her, not for changes this time, but to see if I could determine her emotions. She seemed to be exuding peace, but there was a slight flaw in the peace that showed on first glance. There was some kind of confusion behind it, but then I could have been imagining it, I had no way of knowing. As a newborn, regardless of the amount of time it took, she should not be this calm though. All my training and experience in this area told me to be wary. However, my heart and mind told me that this was Bella. I could trust her. My own inner conflict must have been showing because Bella raised her hand to stop Carlisle's questioning.

It was minutes before Carlisle or I was able to speak, but the minute we did Carlisle launched into a million questions. I almost wanted to laugh at him, always so curious. I honestly wasn't sure how to take the situation. The last thing I had felt from her was her shock, over her heartbeat or what I wasn't sure, but I couldn't feel anything now. I did not realize it until I had gotten over my own shock at the situation, but it worried me. How was she blocking me? Had her powers grown that much during her short change that she could block me now?

"Jasper, are you ok?" My sweet angel's bell like voice floated through the room, and as much as I wanted to tell her yes, I knew that I couldn't honestly say that. I didn't know how to phrase what I was thinking so I took a couple of seconds before I answered, going with one of my concerns, that amazingly Carlisle had yet to mention.

"How is your thirst Bella? I think before we continue with any questions you should hunt." I was not sure what kind of reaction I had expected from what I had said, but it certainly was not what I got. The gentle smile that had graced her face since she let us feel what she felt was replaced with a look of concentration and a small frown.

"My thirst is..." Before she could finish, Carlisle, being his ever-humorous self right now interrupted.

"Oh Bella, I am sorry, your thirst must be excruciating. I was not even thinking, my excitement got away from me. Jasper, will you be ok taking her by yourself for her first hunt, or would you like one or two of us to join you?" Her frown increased with his words, but instead of explaining why she just let him talk, and stayed quiet. I kept my eyes on her as I answered, wondering why she did not seem happy about hunting.

"I will be fine by myself Carlisle. I do not think having an entourage take her out is necessary. We will be back soon, and then you can continue your questioning." Her expression had not varied much while I spoke to Carlisle, besides a few minor twitches, and I still wondered at the obvious discomfort she was showing at hunting. Instead of questioning it here in front of Carlisle, I decided that I would wait until we were out in the forest away from anyone who could hear.

"If you are ready Bella, we can go out the window." Her expression changed at that statement to one of confusion, and she immediately looked down to her clothes, her expression changing again to one of surprise. I quickly figured out what the problem was and decided to explain. "Alice, she thought that you might be more comfortable when your change was done in something other than your night clothes." It was the truth more or less, I knew when she did it that Alice was hiding something, but she did not give me any further explanation. I did not think Bella needed to worry about whatever that was at the moment, so she got the explanation that I got.


Of course, Jasper had insisted on me hunting first, though it was slightly unnecessary. My bloodlust is non-existent, where I have to hunt possibly once every two weeks. The only time I would need to hunt more would be if I completely drained myself using my powers. What surprised me is that this is the only sustenance that I would need. No human foods, or anything else, just blood every couple of weeks. I knew it would take Jasper time to understand this, and so I will concede, for now. Soon he will understand that I have different needs than they do, and that I do not crave the blood as they do.

I decided to use our hunting trip a way to work through my thoughts. Luckily, since I am a vampire I can process several things at once and never lose a beat. Thinking of my differences and the best way to get Jasper to understand is not why I am here though. I am here to attempt to organize my thoughts on everything I have learned. That and figure out how I am going to tell everyone… everything.

As Jasper went on a hunt of his own, I took a moment to reflect on the hunt I just had.

When Jasper and I left the house and took off, I was not sure at first what to expect. I opened my senses getting a feel for what was around us. I heard and smelled the bear about a mile away from our position and took off immediately. The running almost distracted me from my purpose, but I could still smell the bear, and stayed on track. I stopped when I came within a few feet of it; I could tell that it already sensed danger in the area and that sent a thrill through me. I crouched waiting on the right moment, staying still so that the bear thought the danger passed. It started moving again after a few seconds, and I chose that moment to pounce. I flew through the air landing directly on the bear's back and snapped its neck. As soon, we hit the ground I sunk my teeth straight into its jugular and drained it.

Before I had time to think, the bear was empty and I was full. I should have been proud or happy, or well, hell anything because I got it right on the first try, I knew this, but couldn't bring myself to be.

I was getting nowhere in my thought organization so I decided to watch Jasper hunt. I am glad I did because it was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. The way he moved when he lunged after his prey, all of his muscles shifting throughout his body, making them more prominent in the tight t-shirt he wore. I could not help the lust that flowed through my body. I realized at this point that I had not truly looked at Jasper since I had completed my change. He was even more beautiful than my human eyes could ever see. I realized in that moment, a moment too late, that my emotions were open to him.

Jasper looked up from the deer that he had only half finished, his eyes dark, but I knew that it was not from the thirst. I had not meant to distract him, and I went to tell him that, but he was in front of me in a second putting a finger to my lips to silence my words. I was so caught up in his smoldering expression that I did not realize he had removed his finger until he lowered his face and his lips caught mine. The kiss started slow, but grew with intensity, passion, and desire. I felt his arms wrap around my body and pull me closer to him, all the while pushing me backwards up against a tree. It was a strange but welcome sensation being pushed one direction yet pulled in another, but I would not have had it any other way. His body was flush against mine, and I have never wanted him more than in that moment.


Peter and I were the only ones who knew that Bella's change was only going to take twenty-four hours, we had thought about telling everyone else, but decided against it. In hindsight considering the reactions, or more so the silence, of the two upstairs, and the shocked expressions of everyone gathered with us, we probably should have told them. At the time, we had thought it best that, they find out on their own. I still stick to my visions, which had shown that things would work out better if they found out on their own. Had we told them ahead of time people would have gotten over zealous and frightened Bella, causing unintentional use of her powers. I had a few different visions after we decided to tell them, and all of them ended with one or many of our group being hurt, either physically or emotionally. Something we definitely did not want happening.

Peter and I kept the knowledge quiet and waited with the rest of our family and friends. Knowing it would be complete soon made me impatient. Finally. Jasper has interrupted and Bella is changing to go on her hunt. Poor Carlisle, he has so many questions that he wants answered, but they soon will be. As soon as she and Jasper get back, she is going to meet with everyone here and tell us what she has learned. Unfortunately that is all I know, because as soon as she comes back to the house where the wolves are everything disappears. Only about an hour longer, I can be patient that much longer right? Ugh, I am a vampire, I am used to time passing slowly but this is ridiculous. I went to stand, possibly to start pacing, I felt like I needed to do something, but Peter caught my eye and I plopped back down on the couch next to Jonas.

"Alice, stop it. I am anxious as well, but we both know that we can't rush this, and if we act other than just in shock like the others, they will know that we know something. We need to let them see for themselves. They are hunting now and will return shortly. " I knew that Peter was right; it is just hard to wait patiently. I nodded my head a miniscule amount, just so he would know that I understood and remembered. Twenty minutes later, I was still just as impatient, but I was satisfying myself with watching her future, seeing her hunt, and the utter grace with which she did it. If I didn't know any better I would have thought she had been at this for years. I almost laughed aloud when I saw the look on Jasper's face. He didn't know what to make of it. A smile did make its way to my face though, and I didn't cover it before Jonas noticed. He had just started to ask me what it was for when he cried out, in pain or shock I wasn't sure but I didn't get a chance to ask as my vision clouded over in the same moment with a vision.

I realized quickly that it wasn't just one vision; it was a multitude of them. They were all choppy, and it was hard to tell where some of them ended and others began. Moments after this started though I realized that what I was seeing was not a vision of my own, but some things that were seen by others, and some that were past events. I watched as it all flashed by, visions that had to do with Bella, conversations that revolved around the prophecy, and Bella and Jasper. It was all so confusing though because I couldn't figure out what was what at the moment that it flashed by. Then surprisingly everything slowed down, I was in a strange room with two other men. They were discussing someone named Bethany. Then it all came crashing down. I watched as the two men were set on fire and killed, and then she turned on me. I was screaming as I came out of the vision. Somehow, above my screaming I heard a few final words, "Good luck to you all, I wish you the best in the upcoming battle. May the Old Ones be with you."

My scream died as I heard my family calling my name, and I realized that the fire wasn't really on me, but the person in my vision. No, not just any person, it's the man, Braxton. I had heard that name before, as well as the other two, Darius and Victor. All of them killed by this girl Bethany, who I had never heard of. But the other three… The leaders of the Coven oh shit! I opened my eyes, and the first person I saw was Peter, I could tell by the look on his face that he knew. I wasn't sure if it was by his power or not, but he knew. He wasn't who I was looking for, I searched until I found Jonas, his head in his hands, and a few silent tears falling from his face. Had he seen the same thing that I had? He knew that I was sure of. I wasn't sure how exactly he knew. I went to sit in front of Jonas. He looked up and I met his eyes. I should have said I am sorry, or something, but all I could think to say was "We need Bella and Jasper. Now."


"Oooowwwwww" my entire body was suddenly filled pain, but it was not physical. An emotional pain caused my entire body to go weak. Jasper was holding me up, wrapping me in his embrace that was no longer sensual but protecting. I was not sure what had happened, but I knew it was at home, they needed us. I did not get a chance to tell him this before his phone started ringing.

"Peter?" All I heard was him tell Jasper that we needed to get home now. "We will be there shortly." His eyes were back to their normal topaz color, but also filled with concern as he looked at me. "Can you run?" I nodded my head and he made sure that I was steady on my own two feet before we both took off towards the house. I was not sure exactly what had happened, but the pain that I had felt told me that someone had been lost. Were they attacking early? I was not sure who it was hurting, just that it was our family. This was a power that I knew would need to be honed, learned, perfected, before I completely understood how it worked. I thought of all of this in the short run back to the house. We were a mile out when Jasper suddenly stopped, the urgency in his run turned to fear as he looked at me.

I realized in that moment what he was thinking. The humans in the house and to him no matter how different I was still a newborn vampire. I was about to say something when I felt, not heard but felt, Peter coming towards us. He stopped a few feet from our stare off, looking not at me but at Jasper.

"Jasper man, I understand your qualms about this, but trust me when I say there is nothing to worry about. The humans in that house are safer with her than they are with any other vampire, aside from maybe Carlisle. I know that it is a lot to take in, especially with the urgency of the moment, but…" He stopped looking at me. "Did you not explain to him? Tell him that…" I stopped him there, knowing that I had not explained everything to Jasper yet, and that if he was going to hear it he needed to hear it from me.

"I haven't had a chance yet." I turned to Japer and quickly explained to him that I would only need to hunt every couple of weeks and that even then I would not need much to satiate my thirst which is not really a thirst as much as a need. Jasper gave me a confused look so I continued trying to explain as best I could as quickly as I could. "I do not crave the blood; my throat does not burn for it. However, I need it to survive. The smell of human blood is not appealing to me at all, there are only certain animals actually that are. It is sort of like a human needing a transfusion. It is something that they have to do; they need to do to survive. Is that making sense?" I got a slow nod, and knew that although he did not fully understand he understood enough for us to move on to the house.


I knew that Jasper was still wary of taking Bella in the house with all the humans around, but he was choosing to trust the both of us. I had to give him credit for that, he was going against his instincts, and for the God of War that was definitely something. Though in this situation definitely needed. I wasn't sure of everything that Alice and Jonas had seen, but I knew the leaders were gone, and it was by Bethany's hand. That had to be hard on Jonas. Though I knew that he was falling for Alice whether he wanted to admit it or not, he still cared for Bethany. For her to betray the Coven like that, betray him… I knew he wasn't going to handle this well.

We walked into the house and Bella against Jasper's subtle disagreement went straight to where Jonas and Alice were sitting on the couch.

"What happened?" Bella asked them as soon as she kneeled in front of them. Jonas and Alice both met her eyes for a brief moment with their own pain-filled eyes. Then they turned to each other, and Alice nodded at Jonas, acknowledging that he wanted her to tell what they had seen.

"I am still trying to make sense of everything I saw. Much of it came in choppy bits and pieces, going back many years. It was every vision or discussion that was had about the prophecy, namely you and Jasper. But the last part was the worst. The leaders of the Coven have been murdered. I am not sure who Bethany is, but she is the one who did it. I believe that everything that I saw, and that Jonas saw, was sent by Braxton, the last to be killed." At the mentioned of Bethany, Jonas grimaced, and Bella turned to look at him.

"Who is this Bethany? And why would she kill the leaders of the Coven? For that matter how was she able to get close enough to them to do it?" I knew Bella was not trying to be cruel with her line of questioning, but I didn't believe that it was questions that Jonas would be able to answer at the particular moment.

"Bella, if you don't mind, I can answer the majority of that." She turned to face me and nodded so I continued. "Bethany came to the Coven about five years ago from the Malach Coven; she was seventeen at the time. When she arrived she told us that her father was one of the leaders of that Coven, but that she did not agree with what he was doing. She told us that she had left them to warn us, and if we were willing to let her to join us. At first she was not trusted because, first we weren't sure how she even found our Coven. We were well hidden, and no one but those who already knew of our location should have been able to find us. It was two days after she arrived when Jonas arrived back from a mission he had been on." I paused looking to Jonas who had paled. I didn't want him to think that we blamed him, because no one did. We were all fooled.

"Jonas had met Bethany on his way out, and had spent an entire day and night talking with and reading her before he gave her the location of the Coven. He believed, as we all did, that she was being truthful, and truly did not want any part in her father's Coven. Over the past five years she has managed to gain the trust and confidence of all the members of the Coven. She was integrated into the Coven, but none of us knew that she had an active power." I stopped as Alice interrupted with a bit of her own information.

"Her father had put many spells around her to keep anyone from having visions about her, or to see through her ruse. She was there apparently just to gather information." Bella held up her hand for us to stop, but she was looking at Jonas.

"I think that is all I need to know for now. There is much to consider and discuss. But first there are things to be done." Bella turned her gaze from Jonas. She looked first to Jasper and then to Carlisle. "Jasper, Carlisle, gather everyone together. It is time for me to tell what I saw and found out while undergoing my change. Everyone who has gathered to join and help us needs to be here and I do mean Everyone." I know that my shock showed on my face for a moment, but I quickly hid it there as well in my emotions, though others were not as quick to hide theirs. I don't think anyone missed her point when she said that. She wanted Edward included in this. I looked to Jasper, not knowing how he was going to take it, and I was surprised that his face was completely calm as he nodded at Bella.


I knew that allowing Edward to be here was hard for Jasper, and that we were most certainly going to have a discussion about it later. But right now I didn't have time to worry myself over it. There were still many things to be done and very little time. I turned to Alice whose eyes still held the pain from what she saw, and had just told me. "Alice while they are gathering everyone I need you to come with me."

"But Bella, I can't." She looked to Jonas then back at me to show me why. I called upon the one person who I thought would be the most comforting in her absence. "Esme?"

"Yes Bella?"

"Can you please sit with Jonas until we return? He has experienced something very traumatic and Alice does not wish for him to be left to his pain alone." I was hoping that the way I was phrasing my question would not offend anyone or make Jonas feel any less of himself. Though he seemed too caught up in the pain he was feeling to care what I was saying.

"Yes of course I can." Esme smiled at both me and Alice and then took a seat beside Jonas. Alice still looked reluctant as she stood and came to my side, but I was glad that she was allowing Esme to take her place for this short period of time.

"Come Alice, we don't have much time." I turned and sprinted out the front door knowing that Alice was following behind me. I had left Jasper without a full explanation and for that I felt guilty, but we needed to hurry and get through all of this. For that I needed to know the specifics of what Alice and Jonas saw, so that I could figure out exactly why our time had suddenly been cut short. I had a feeling it was because of Bethany's deflection, but I wanted to make certain. I ran until we were about thirty miles from the house, a good enough distance where we could not be overheard by vampire ears or any other powers. When I stopped I turned to Alice, and I could still see the pain in her eyes, but there was also confusion because she had no clue what was coming.

"Alice during my change, and also shortly thereafter I saw and received a lot of information regarding Jaspers and my past. I also received a lot of information on the prophecy and its origination, as well as the history of the Coven. There is much that I learned while undergoing my change and I will be sharing most of this with everyone. There are things that I learned though that are only for select people's knowledge." I stopped for a moment letting everything I said sink in.

"So am I one of the select people? Is there something that I need to know?" The confusion that she was feeling was apparent in her eyes and face.

"Yes Alice there is some information that I need to tell you. It is in regards to your history, but you must be willing to accept the information. It is not a lot, but it will be difficult to take in. Are you willing?" I was hoping that she would be, because this information was pertinent to me being able to learn what she had seen. I stayed quiet while I let her think over what I said.

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