Once Stephanie left Rude set to work putting his plan in motion. The first part of that plan involved making damned sure that Reno hadn't broken anything while he was gone. The place was surprisingly clean even though Reno had been left alone by himself for over a week. Rude had seen Reno's apartment and had been afraid that his own wouldn't be in much better shape but thankfully Reno had been gentle on his apartment.

The second part of his plan involved going out and grabbing enough beer to keep them both plastered for a month. Rude didn't want Reno drunk but considering that it took about three cases of beer before Reno seemed to feel anything he figured a few beers wouldn't hurt. The third part of his plan was to order the pizza he had been craving for weeks. He then waited on the sofa for Reno to get home and for the pizza to arrive. He was apprehensive but excited as he watched the clock on the wall click farther away from six o'clock.

He almost had a heart attack when Reno burst through the front door and jumped on him.

"You're HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!" Reno yelled with glee as he jumped on Rude's lap and wrapped his arms around his head.

"Reno!" Rude's voice was muffled by Reno's shirt.

"What's that Rude?" Reno let Rude's head go.

"Stop yelling!" Rude wasn't entirely surprised by the enthusiasm of his greeting, however he was surprised to have Reno straddling him already. He had planned that for later on.

"I'm not yelling I'm SCREAMING!" Reno jumped off Rude's lap and ran to the kitchen. "Yo you got the booze! YES!"

"Reno if you don't quiet down my neighbors are going to kill me." Rude got up and shut the door to the apartment.

"Fine yo don't pretend you're happy to see me!" Reno threw Rude a can of beer and then sat down at the table with an expectant look on his face.

"What?" Rude asked as he opened his beer and sat down.

"Food?" Reno cocked his head to one side like a quizzical dog.

"On it's way." Rude smiled as he took a sip.

"Pizza?" Reno's grin stretched from ear to ear.

"What else would I get?" Reno pumped a fist into the air in triumph.

"I love how you know exactly what I'm thinkin' yo!" Reno chugged his beer and grabbed another.

"Slow down Reno you haven't even eaten yet." Reno shot Rude a cocky grin as he took a slow sip of his beer.

"Where's the fun in going slow?" Reno calmed noticeably though as he reclaimed his seat at the table. Just then the doorbell rang and Reno was immediately up and running screaming, "PIZZAPIZZAPIZZAPIZZAPIZZA!"

Rude shook his head and followed to find himself face to face with a nervous looking delivery girl.

Rude handed her the gil and took the pizza as Reno clapped and continued screaming 'pizza'.

"Is he okay?" The girl asked as she pocketed the gil.

"It's normal. Trust me." Rude spared her a friendly smile and then shut the door. "What did I say about being quiet Reno?"

"What your neighbors do to you is not my concern." Reno winked as he began eating pizza.

"What I do to you after my neighbors are done with me is very much your concern." Rude smirked as he began to eat.

"What movie shall we taunt tonight?" Reno asked after he had eaten his fill.

"You pick. I don't care." Rude sat on the couch and set his beer can on the end table.

"Random choice it is then!" Reno grabbed the first video that he saw and popped it into the player before jumping onto the couch with Rude, not once setting down his beer.

They watched for awhile, Reno spouting criticism and insulting the actors with enthusiasm. Rude even threw in a few remarks himself.

Reno laid back on the couch and laid his feet in Rude's lap. "I missed this yo."

"Me too." Rude looked over at Reno and flashed him a grin.

Reno suddenly felt his pulse sky-rocket from the look in Rude's eyes. Reno's mouth suddenly went dry as the look continued. How the hell did I get this hot from just a look? Reno questioned as he sat up slightly, propping himself on his elbows.

Rude decided to enact his plan then. He stood up and then bent his face over Reno's, giving him one last grin before he claimed those lips for his own. He ran a hand through crimson locks before gripping them and pulling the red-head deeper into the kiss.

Reno's heart stopped at the contact. His brain function stopped as well and for a moment he simply sat there completely not understanding what had just happened. His baser instincts kicked in though and he pressed his mouth firmer against Rude's and began kissing back. He head Rude moan slightly as he tangled his hands in his hair. He could feel Rude nibbling playfully at his lips and he closed his eyes and pulled Rude down on top of him.

Rude began to kiss every part of Reno's face and neck he could reach before he whispered gently into his ear, "Gods I love you Reno."

Reno moaned at that and Rude scraped his teeth along the sensitive lobe earning a delightful shudder from the smaller man beneath him. "Rude you have no idea how glad I am to hear that." Reno ran his hands along Rude's chest before placing a small bite on his collar bone.

Rude chuckled, "I think I do actually." He ground himself against Reno's growing erection earning a hiss of pleasure from Reno.

Reno struggled to collect himself but before he could think of a suitable reply Rude's hand was running under his shirt and talking was forgotten. Reno arched at the feel of Rude's lightly calloused hands rasping along his skin before he pulled the man down for another kiss.

Rude worked quickly to unbutton Reno's shirt and reveal the smooth muscle underneath. He placed a kiss in the center of Reno's chest before flicking a taut nipple with his tongue. Reno arched and Rude took the hardening nub between his lips to tease it with his teeth. Reno's fingernails dug into his shoulder as he worked his way across the smooth expanse of pale skin to the other pink pleasure center.

After being so sufficiently teased Reno pulled Rude's face to his own, determined not to bottom without a fight. He slowly brought them back into a sitting position as he slipped Rude's shirt off over his head. He traced the hard muscles on Rude's chest and whispered in his ear, "I really wish they hadn't taken your earrings yo, I'd have something to play with right now. Since my preferred toys are gone I'm just going to have to make due with what's left." Reno nipped Rude's ear before gently sucking on it.

Rude gave a low sound, half amusement, have pleasure, as he pushed Reno's shirt off his shoulders, tracing his back with his fingers as he went. He hooked his thumbs into Reno's waistband and drew him into his lap as he placed a gentle bite on his shoulder. "I think you have plenty left to play with." He said this as low and seductively as he could, grinning as he felt Reno shudder against him.

Reno chuckled and then hissed with pleasure as Rude's hand stroked his inner thigh. "You aren't playin' fair." Reno panted as his eyes widened in pleasure while Rude continued the motion.

"All's fair in love and war." Rude sucked and nipped at Reno's collarbone and Reno grabbed his head to try and pull him closer.

"And is this love or war?" He asked pulling back slightly to see Rude's reaction to his words.

"Love. War is a bit more bloody yes?" Rude grinned toothily before pulling Reno down to his mouth.

"This could be bloody to if you like it that way." Reno murmured as he nipped his way down Rude's throat.

"Not this time Reno." He pushed the red-head back down to the couch, removing his belt as they went.

"Is that a promise for more yo?" Reno gazed seductively at Rude as he hooked his thumbs in the other man's waistband and pulled his pants down.

"What do you think?" Rude stopped Reno's mouth with a kiss as they finished undressing each other.

"I think that I really hope that was a promise." Reno hooked his legs around Rude's hips.

Rude pressed his forehead against Reno's letting his breath play over the man's parted lips, "Then it's a promise."

"Good." Reno leaned up and closed the gap between them.

Rude pressed himself into the kiss. It was almost as if his lips were blistering at the contact and yet the only way to sooth the burn was simply to touch more of Reno.

"The bet?" Reno murmured against Rude's lips.

"Forget about it. The bet's off." Reno smiled and pulled Rude closer.

Authors Note: I got them halfway, I can't write anymore without blushing and giggling like a little school girl so you might want to shoot me but I think you can use your imaginations and figure out where it goes from here. Be as pervy as you like, Reno & Rude would appreciate that. ;p