Sorry, slash-haters, I had too. =B

Pairing: Castiel & Dean

Show: Supernatural

Note: Remember, I write as I go. =D

Chapter 1

Sad Eyes

It was one of those days again, where everything seems to lose control in his hands. Dean was having a fit that they lost another battle. Sam stayed back in the hotel, wanting his rest to be peaceful as while Dean was out and about, frustrated that their mission was a failure. They could have saved that little girl's life but they were just too late that a demon got hold of the whole family and killed them, one by one leaving the best for last. Dean could still remember her screaming cry in front of him along with Sam beside him then that sudden halt of silence made him cried tears in the inside of his body. As the older Winchester drink his beer and left the bar into the alley, he heard the sound of wings flapping that made Dean grit his teeth as he turned around.

"Hello Dean," His friend, Castiel, the angel appeared looking calm as he always been.

"Where the hell were you?" Dean started to pout.

Castiel looked confused for a bit then he finally realized Dean's body language. "I was busy." The angel replied that made Dean clench his fist.

"That's bullshit, Cas. That's fucking bullshit!" Dean cried but Castiel never moved his face to show guilt or anything. "I even called you too. Where were you, when I needed you, Cas?"

"This was about the family? Wasn't it?" Castiel asked politely.

Dean growled and turned away. "It doesn't matter anymore." He faced his Impala but didn't realize Castiel had enough of his temper.

When Dean was about to unlock his car door, a hand grabbed his wrist and in a sudden, he was shoved into a brick wall that cause Dean to look at his attacker. Castiel wasn't pleased.

"For the last time, Dean, I brought you out of hell; I can bring you back in." As his blue eyes casted, "So I believed I deserve some respect." Castiel let down his mortal friend as he realized he was overreacting.

Dean then sighed and apologized. "Sorry," He said as he noticed he was being harsh on him. As Dean looked up, he saw the blueness in Castiel's eyes. The moment was awkward because Dean didn't seem to want to look away from his angel friend.

"Dean," Castiel broke the silence that made Dean focus back into reality.

"Oh, um…" He began to say as he rubbed his head and moved his hair back. "So, why couldn't you come when I called you?" Dean managed to say that made Castiel huffed aside.

"I was trying to cover up your tracks. Somehow the angels knew you were nearby so I tried to mislead them and it worked."

Dean didn't seem surprised but felt stupid for harassing Castiel earlier. "So Zachariah is still mad that I said no to Michael?"

"Yes," Castiel said as he watched Dean put his hands in his pockets.

"Well then, I guess…I should say thank you." Dean said with a flushed face looking up at him and down once and awhile.

The angel slightly blushed as he looked away hoping that Dean didn't realized his reaction. "That's alright besides it should have been me to say sorry." Dean glanced at him; Castiel didn't even react or even shrug. At this point, the Winchester was speechless. "I should have been there when you called me…but then again, I was worried."

Dean then gave in an awkward look. "Worried about what?" The hunter asked.

"That Zachariah might get you," Castiel turned his head around making a serious eye contact that made Dean flinch.

Dean decided to avoid his eyes when he glanced at the ground. He said. "I see." As he gathered his will power to look at Castiel's face finally he brought up his face. "I think, I should get going," Dean said finally. Castiel agreed.

When Dean climbed into his car, Castiel approached him at his driver side. Once again, Dean had no choice but come in contact of Castiel's sad eyes.

"Before you go Dean," Castiel begun to say. "There something I got to say…"

"Yeah, Cas…?" Dean asked as he looked at him. The angel was quiet for a moment as for Dean; he waited patiently hoping it wasn't bad news and by bad news, it could be there's something up and Castiel wouldn't be at Dean's side for awhile or Castiel is dying that himself didn't know about.

But Castiel said. "Be careful."

With those two words, Dean's heart tingled. Castiel then moved away from the Impala and disappeared before his eyes already Dean felt guilty for not say anything to his guardian angel.

The next morning, it seems like forever that Dean finally got out of bed. Rubbing his throbbing head as he sat on the edge of the bed, Sam greeted him with his toothbrush in his mouth.

"Morning," Sam said.

Dean looked up almost blinded from the light shining through into the hotel room. "Yeah, you too…" Dean responded as he rubbed his eyelids.

"Did you get a hangover?" His brother asked that made Dean chuckled.

"Me?" Dean pointed out. "Seriously Sammy,"

"Just asking," Sam said as he continued to brush his teeth as he went back to the washroom to finish cleaning up, Sam came out to see Dean lay down again but instead of sleeping, Dean seemed zoned out with his eyes to the ceiling. "You couldn't sleep?" The young brother asked.

Dean continued to stare up to the ceiling. "Yeah…I guess you could say that."

Sam then made a face, "Well, can I ask why?"

The older Winchester finally reacted; he sat up and looked at some random direction without looking at Sam. "I don't know maybe it was something what Cas said." Dean replied then he looked up to his brother's face.

Sam looked worried. "What did Cas say?"

Suddenly Dean felt something whack his head for mentioning this to his brother but it was too late now. "Well, he told me to be careful." His little brother looked disappointed as he thought it was something more serious then that but Dean begun to point out that Castiel seemed worried and such.

After his explanation, Sam Winchester foolishly chuckled.

"What's so funny?" Dean asked.

Sam felt bad for behaving this way but he came to a conclusion about Dean and Castiel relationship that he couldn't help himself. "Nothing, I'm just…" He chuckled some more. "Never mind, let's go and grab something to eat."

When Sam left the hotel room, Dean sat there completely confused what just happened.

The Winchesters sat in the café waiting for their food to be served. While Sam was reading the newspaper, Dean was in deep thought. Again, he looked zoned out.

What just happened yesterday? He thought. Ever since, he yelled at Castiel for no reason, he couldn't forget the blueness in the angel's eyes as if he cast a spell on him to look into his eyes forever. Especially when he was caught between the wall and him, Dean felt trapped as if he was forced to give all his respects to the angel that dragged him out of hell. Then Dean recalled him saying. 'I was worried.' What was all that about? Or 'Be careful'. Did Castiel, his close friend cared about him that much? Or is there more to it? Maybe Castiel was hiding something and just won't tell him what it is. Nah, Dean shook his head that brought attention from Sam.

"Dean, is something wrong?"

The other brother looked at him and said. "Nope," Not sounding serious at all, he then glanced out the window to see how his Impala was doing.

Somewhat he wished he didn't, he saw a man in a black business suit across the street, checking out his Impala as he walked by but as he looked up, he saw Dean staring at him. The young man with blond hair smiled as he turned away to faced the direction, he was going. Dean swallowed as he remembered what Castiel said to him yesterday. He looked at Sam as his brother immediately said "What?" Who was easily annoyed when people stare at him, Dean got out from his chair and walked over to the counter and replied to the waitress who finally received his dish and Sam's. Dean replied. "I'm sorry; we have to take that to go."

On the road again, Dean headed back to the hotel. "What's going on Dean?" Sam asked from the passenger seat.

"The angels found us,"

Sam seemed dumbfounded. "Is that the good ones or the bad ones?"

Dean gave him a scowl. "What do you think Sam?" He said very loudly.

Sam choked. "I'm sorry." He apologized then remembered something. "Do you want me to call Castiel?"

Dean glanced at Sam as he recalled back in the hotel this morning. Sam laughed about something but Dean didn't know what. He looked back at the road and rolled up to the parking lot. The older Winchester got out of the car and ordered Sam to watch the car as he goes back to the hotel room for the remaining supplies. When he entered the room, he expected no one as he walked up to a table to grab a duffel bag.

"Hello, Dean." The hunter flinched as he turned around to where the two beds were set and a familiar man with a cheery face standing between them.

Dean huffed. "Hey, Zachariah, it's been awhile hasn't it?" He added boldly.

"Oh yes, I was worried." Zachariah said as he walked around the bed to approach Dean closer. "That you wouldn't come and see me." Face to face, Dean watched Zach's evil glare.

"Well," The hunter then shrugged his shoulders with a smile. "You how my life is, busy, busy, busy..." The mortal continued to joke.

"Right," Zachariah frowned as he backed away from the hunter, he looked at the bed in front of him and he smiled. "Let's get to the point, Dean." He turned around to face the hunter once more. "Are you still saying no to Michael?"

Dean was delighted. "Oh, let me see…" He thought for a moment as he carried out an act. "What was that word again? No." When he said that single word, he was serious but all Zachariah could do was smile.

"You're lost then." The angel snapped his fingers immediately Dean heard wings flapping in a sudden appearance of two angels which one of them was actually the blond business man that Dean saw earlier and…

"Cas!" Dean cried.

Held by two angels, Castiel was pushed down to the bed closest to Dean and Zachariah's stand. Dean choked as he saw bruise marks over on Castiel's face.

"Now answer, yes. Dean." Zachariah ordered that caused the mortal to shiver as Dean continued to stare at Castiel's struggle.

"You, son of a bitch," Dean answered. "And to think, you guys considered yourselves as brothers." The hunter begun to growl but the high class angel showed no pity. Zachariah glared at Dean, studying his emotion of rage.

"Do you think I care? We will sacrifice anything for our paradise."

Dean growled some more. "Maybe you should be used as a sacrifice unless you're scared."

"I would but the other angels need me."

"Bullshit, Zach." Dean nicknamed.

The angel totally had enough of this; he looked at his two companions that held Castiel to the bed. "Rip his wings off."

Dean then choked as he saw the sad eyes that Castiel cast upon Dean.

So what happens next? Who knows, maybe I should stop here. =B