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"That's not true."

"Then why do you hang around him so much?"

The younger nation bit down on his lip. "I don't have a choice. I'd rather be with you or Toris."

The other gave something like a snort at this and propped his glasses. "So you say. Then let me ask you this: Why do I catch you staring at him while we're eating? Or during the world meetings?"

The younger one turned a brilliant red.




"Answer me Raivis."

The said boy began fumbling with the hem of his sleeve, a sign that showed that he was nervous. "Well, because, I was just thinking. Toris and I are closer, and you're closer with the Nordics... So I, started to wonder what it would be like if you wre with them instead of us. And then, the thought of being with Russia-san more often started to bug me, and now I just feel really glad that it's not just Toris that's here."

Raivis looked up at the Estonian.

"Estonia, you wouldn't leave me with Russia-san, right?"

Something made Eduard's heart twinge at the look that Raivis was giving him. He felt heat rising into his ears and quickly brought a hand up to prop up his glasses.

"I, well, we may not get along all of the time, but it doesn't mean I hate you... or that I'll just leave you."

God this conversation was weird.

But what made it weirder was when Raivis hugged him.

Eduard was never good with this sort of thing. Finland hugged him a lot, but that was different. When Raivis hugged him, it was just..... off. So the book boy just stood there, letting the younger nation hold onto him.


"I can't understand what you're saying Raivis."

The boy put his head to the side, letting his ear press against where the other's heart was. "Thank you so much Eduard."

"Uh, sure.... can you let go?"

"Eh?" Raivis looked up at him. "But you let Finland hug you." He said, his eyes boring into the other's. Eduard gave a slight shiver. Those orbs were eerily similar to Russia's, but the boy was a complete opposite of the man; Weak, honest, unvarnished. The fact that it was creepy still lingered, but Estonia gave a sigh and leaned in, wrapping his arms around the small nation's body.

"Guess there's no helping it then."

He could hear Latvia grin and tighten his bind. Really, the boy was too affectionate.



The timings were bad. Toris was leaving to be in custody of America, and there was nothing the two could do, but make sure to watch out for one another. Eduard didn't expect to have Raivis rescuing him, so it meant that he woudl have to own up to the job of keeping him in one piece.

"E-Estonia, it's cold without Toris."

"I know."

Night had fallen, and the two were in bed. It was the first night without Lithuania at the end of the bed, but they were managing.


"What is it now?"

"I... can I sleep with you?"

The older (?) nation hesitated. 'Why does he do this?'

"Please? I don't want to be alone, especially tonight..." He said in a shaky voice, eyeing the door. Estonia sighed and scooted over to the edge of the bed, making room for the smaller boy. Quickly, Raivis made out of his own and nested beside his Baltic brother. A small thank you was all that he managed before drifting off.

He was probably half asleep when he did this, but after a while Eduard felt the other wrap his arms around him and his legs twine with his own. Well, at least he wasn't cold anymore.


They were lucky the first night, but the next didn't go as well as they had hoped. It was eleven, Eduard had always had an uncanny sense of what time it was, but around that hour the door burst open. Ivan stood in the doorway, the light that pooled in from behind him made it difficult to see what his facial expression was, but by that time it didn't really matter. Eduard felt Raivis's small body beginning to quake as the Russian let himself in. The covers were soon pulled off and Raivis was thrown over the Soviet's shoulder like a sack of potatoes, and carried out of the room.

"Wait, Ivan sir!"

The man didn't stop, and Raivis began to sob. Leaving Estonia all alone in a sense of dread.

What he was heard next was something he had always feared.

It was done on purpose. The walls were thin so that if you talked at the volume that Poland did, everyone in the house would hear you, maybe even in the basement. It was to make sure that no suspicious conversations would take place. The ceilings were tiled here and there with sound amplifiers that would make a pin drop sound clearly, so that if there was a continuous sound of pen scratches going from one person to another, it would be enough to be used against you.

"N-No! ----vn----please! I-----No!"

Most of the words were lost, but the most important ones happen to come through. Eduard shook as he lay in his bed, fisting his hands hard enough to have his nails break into his skin as he listened to what was happening.

"I-Iv-n! P---se! St-"

Raivis's voice ended there, making Estonia sit up and press his ear to the wall. What made him stop mid-sentence? He could hear Ivan's voie, but only vaguely. It seemed to be gentle at the moment, and there were no sudden thumps or bangs, which was (hopefully) a good sign.


The Baltic turned cold at this. Ivan wouldn't be.... No, he wouldn't. No matter how cross he was, he would never vent out stress on Latvia like....that. But another moan followed, crushing his theory.

"Protect each other while I'm gone, okay?"

Oh God how he failed Lithuania at the most crucial times. His body began to shake in both anger and fear. Would the same happen to him? He highly doubted it since the Russian didn't pay attention to him like he did with Latvia and Lithuania.

"I-Ivan! Ah.....Ahn!"

He hastily covered his ears, hating himself and the world more and more. Why did it have to happen to Raivis? He was just a boy that loved affection.... he didn't deserve any of this.

For the rest of the night, he sat against the wall with his ears covered, silently pleading for the days to pass quickly.



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Oh, and my school has sound amplifiers since it's a music school. You know how music school can be.