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Ivan had been out ever since morning. It was already night, and he was putting Latvia into bed. Both had eaten, bathed and brushed their teeth.

"That man.... I hope he doesn't bring home some weird, creepy thing." Eduard said under his breath as he nested under the covers. Latvia immediately latched onto him, causing him to stiffin a moment before relaxing. The boy's honey coloured curls brushed against his neck, causing a slight shiver to run through his body.

"It would be nice if he didn't come back." Raivis whsipered before drifting off to sleep. Eduard nodded.

"Yeah, then all we have to do is wait for Toris and gain freedom."



It was the middle of the night when he woke up. Small hands were gently shaking his shoulder and sobs met his ears. Panicked, Eduard shot up and looked next to him. Thankfully, his brother was still there, seemingly unharmed.

"Raivis? What's wrong?"

Slurred words and incoherent sobs were all that he got.

"Raivis, calm down, I can't hear you." He said, putting a hand on his shoulder. The younger boy took three deep breaths before blowing his nose on a handkerchief that Eduard handed him and wiping his eyes.

"I-I don't know how to fix it."

"Fix what?"

He saw Raivis bite down on his lower lip and cast his eyes downward. Eduard's eyes fowllowed, and felt the blood rush to his own cheeks.

"E-Eduard.... I don't want I-Ivan finding out.... please.... you have to help me... I'll do anything..."

Oh God, please help. He couldn't possibly guide Raivis through masturbation, and to see Raivis with a hard on saying "I'll do anything..." was too much.

He swallowed before taking in a deep breath and setting both hands on the younger Baltic's shoulders.

"Raivis, please don't hate me for doing this to you."

"For wha-Ah!" Raivis cried out when he felt one of Eduard's hand grasped his weeping member, the thumb giving his tip special attention. The blonde felt numb all over, save fore his lower region and dizzying head. He swayed a bit before letting his head fall onto his brother's shoulder.

"Ah-nmgh.... P-please.... more...."

His blue eyes widened at the request, but egearly complied. He gently pushed the other down onto his back, slipping his hand underneath the shirt and down his pants. Raivis gave a throaty moan and arched his back, his head thrown to the side.

"E-Eduard.... ah....."

His hand began working faster, and wanting to get this done quickly, Eduard gave a hard squeeze. When he knew that Raivis was almost done he pinched the still-crying tip. The little Latvian's body jolted before falling limp, his chest rose and fell with each laboured breath, giving him an edible appearence. Estonia tugged the boy's pants and underwear off, wiping his hands on them in the process.

"I-I'll go put these in the hamper. Stay there, okay?"

"... no..."


"please.... don't go...."

His mouth went dry when he realized that Raivis wanted more. The lusty tone in his voice was unmistakeable.

"Please.... Eduard...." Raivis said, his voice small but clear.

Without saying anything he dropped the bundle of clothes and walked over to him. Hazy Amythest eyes looked up at him, pleading silently.

"I-It's wrong." The Estonian said.

"But you're already like this." Raivis reasoned, sitting up and putting a hand over Eduard's crotch. The blue-eyed boy twitched, but it didn't stop Latvia's fingers from inching towards his waist line and tugging at the hem of his pants. Eduard's hands shook. He could either take the boy here and now. Or. Supress his urges and keep his brother from becoming any dirtier.

The Latvian's hands were already at his pants, why stop him?

He pushed Raivis back down and kissed him roughly, catching the other by surprise. The Latvian arched his back again, pressing his body against the other's, earning a groan. The clicked of a belt buckle sounded before it fell to the floor, along with a pair of pants and shirt. Hands that weren't his unbuttoned the boy's shirt, revealing creamy skin whose spots were only half faded.


Raivs gave a cry when he felt somehting hot rub against him in his nether regions. Hands grasped his hips and traveled upwards in a slow fashion, both thumbs teasing the erect nipples when they got there. Raivis felt the coil in his lowere belly tightening with each touch, and could only let out his frustrations by desperately clutching the sheets as an outlet and moaning his brother's name. Something cold and slick soon fell on his inner thighs, causing him to give a small yelp. But Eduard's warm fingers lathered it off, slickening his fingers.

"Are you sure?" He asked softly, wanting him to say yes. Raivis gave a small nod, and Eduard continued. Pressing his middle finger against his entrance, he pushed the first joint in, testing to see any pain. Raivis's glazed eyes were the only thing he saw, so he pushed the entire finger in, probing at various angles. The Latvian mewled the the intrusion, but saw stars popping when he felt the tip of Eduard's finger brush a certain spot.


Eduard was surprisd to get such a reaction from him, but smiled, and slid in another finger, pushing every spot except for the one that pleasured Raivis the most. The smaller boy looked at him with pleading eyes when he did this, but those eyes rolled to the back of his head when the third finger was inserted. Almost instantly he took them out, pressing the tip of his member against the other's entrance.

Heat surged through Raivis's little body, filling him from crowne to toe with immense pleasure. He didn't feel dirty like he had when Ivan did it to him, and though the guilt wasn't washed away competely, it had gone somewhere far away when Eduard filled him. The Estonian waited a monent, giving the smaller one to adjust before pulling out and pushing back in. He wasn't sure if he could keep himself anymore, he had himself inside of the boy, self control was slipping away.

"Raivis.... please, I... I don't like being gentle like this... please don't hate me afterwards." Was all he could say before pulling out, angling and ramming back in. Raivis screamed, the stars blurring his vision further. Eduard's fingers were digging into him, and there would be bruises to prove it the next morning. His cries grew louder, becoming more broken, but they weren't out of pain. Pleasure melted everything away from him, leaving him in a sense that it was only him and Eduard. Only him and Eduard in the entire world. Only Eduard to hear his screams and only Raivis for Eduard to man handle.

He knew that Raivis was close. He was beginnng to clamp down on him more and more with each ending thrust. His walls puslated around him, and his heat drove him mad. His ears eagerly drank in the cries coming from the younger one, driving him faster to his climax. It only took another thust before he lost it and came into him. Raivis squeezed down on his hilt, making a groan esape his lips.

"E-Eduard.... I love you...."

He could only smile. Pulling out, he leaned down and put a gentle kiss on the other's lips.

"I think I love you too."

"You think?" Raivis asked, feigning hurt.

"Yeah... I think..."

Raivis giggled and wrapped his arms around the Estonian's neck.

"Well you think too much."