Challenge WOW: Belt

Summary: Dean has a nightmare, and little brother's here to help. Wee!Chesters Dean: 7 Sam: 3

Big Boys Don't Cry

He heard the small moans from across the room. He heard the quiet whimpers that Daddy was too asleep to notice. He sat up, a chubby hand rubbing sleepy eyes. He pushed the covers back and hopped off the bed. He waddled toward the other bed where his brother was sleeping, gingerly stepping over a pair of jeans with a belt still in the loops and a t-shirt from when Dean changed into his jammies. He moaned again, some tears sliding down his cheeks. He glanced at Daddy, who was still sleeping on the couch. He stood on his tip toes so he could reach Dean's face and touched his cheek.

"Dean," He whispered. "'S otay, Dean. Wake up."

"Mommy…" Dean whimpered. "Mommy…" He shook Dean's face, wanting him to stop being so scared. Dean didn't get scared. Dean didn't cry. Dean was like Daddy. Daddy didn't cry either. They were big boys. And they were real brave, like Superman.

But Dean looked real sad, and real scared.

"Dean, pwease wake up."

Dean's eyes opened. He wiped off his face as soon as he saw his baby brother's brown eyes peeking at him.

"What are you doin' up, Sammy?" He asked.

"You was cryin'," Sam whispered. "'Bout Mommy." Dean sniffed.

"I'm okay, Sammy, go back to bed." He assured. But he knew he was lying. He lied a lot about stuff like this. To make Sam feel better.

He shook his head, brow creasing.


"Sammy…" Dean sighed. Sam jogged to the end of the bed and hoisted himself up, kicking his short legs to gain some sort of leverage. He crawled next to Dean and hugged him before he could say anything. "I'm okay, Sammy," He said. "Really."

"Lyin's bad, Dean."

"Sammy, I'm-"

"'S otay for Big Boys to cry sometimes." Sam whispered. Dean stopped breathing for a second. Sam hugged him tighter.

Dean hugged him back after a minute. He held Sam close, crying into his hair.

"'S my turn to make sure you're otay, Dean. You'll be otay."

John woke up in the middle of the night. The noise he had heard was nothing more than tree branches on the window.

He stood when he saw Sam's empty bed, completely alert in a second. He rushed forward silently, as he had learned to be. He looked at Dean's bed, intending on waking him.

He saw them then.

Sammy was hugging Dean, and Dean was clinging to Sam for dear life. He took the baby blanket off of Sam's bed and covered him up with it, brushing his bangs out of his face. He rubbed the back of Dean's head.

He stood back, looking at his sleeping boys. He hoped they'd stay this close, forever.

He heard the small moans from across the room. He heard the quiet whimpers. He sat up, hopping off the bed. He walked over to the bed where his brother was sleeping. He moaned again, some tears sliding down his cheeks.

He reached out and touched his cheek.

"Dean," He whispered. "It's okay, Dean. Wake up."

"No…" He moaned. "Alastair, please…" He shook Dean's shoulder, wanting him to escape this nightmare. Seeing Dean this scared scared him, a lot. Dean didn't get weak, he didn't cry and he was never vulnerable. Not like this.

"Dean, please wake up."

Dean's eyes opened. He looked at Sam, ashamed but still scared.

Sam sat down next to him, hugging him.

"Sammy, I'm-" He said hoarsely.

"It's okay to cry sometimes, Dean."

Dean clung to his little brother for dear life.


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